2011-01-22 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:23:02 <pianolady> Hello i have a problem "Unable to retrieve quotes" since a few months ago. I thought by upgrading to GN 2.4.0 this will be resolved
02:23:17 <pianolady> I'm windows user. please advise what i need to do to fix this
02:23:28 <pianolady> unable to retrieve quotes only for currencies. I can retrieve quotes for stocks.
02:28:22 <patricke> Do you know which quotes are not being retrieved?
02:33:24 <patricke> I recently had this problem with the TSP quotes. I found the fix for my problem on the CPAN web site.
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07:24:07 <pianolady> Hello sorry i was away patricke
07:24:18 <pianolady> It didn't retrieve the CURRENCY quotes
07:24:26 <pianolady> however the quotes for stocks are fine
07:24:44 <pianolady> please help
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12:21:36 <dbueno> how can I get 'auto-split ledger' to be the default view for all accounts?
12:28:05 <indigo> it's somewhere in the preferences
12:37:52 <dbueno> k, thanks
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12:58:04 <goblin> hrm, I'd like to track Bitcoin income in gnucash... warlord said to use a Stock or Mutual Fund for tracking bitcoins, but these are Assets, not Income type accounts...
12:58:23 <goblin> would it make sense to add Bitcoin to the list of currencies and recompile in my case?
12:58:35 <goblin> I don't like the 'other (XXX)' option either
12:59:10 <goblin> (to clarify: I don't necessarily invest in bitcoins, I just have them generated and I treat it like income from my servers/miners)
13:06:56 <Antisoche> I'm not sure how you'd account for creating money out of thin air. It seems like treating the servers as an investment that pays dividends makes sense.
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13:09:15 <pianolady> Hi I'm a windows user. Since a few months ago my gnucash 2.2.9 couldnt retrieve quotes for CURRENCY. I now installed 2.4.0 and this problem persists. Please advise how I can solve this.
13:12:32 <Antisoche> pianolady: I don't use this feature. Have you followed http://code.gnucash.org/docs/guide/invest-stockprice1.html#invest-stockprice-auto2 ?
13:14:06 <goblin> Antisoche, kinda like income to me... you get money out of "thin air" for doing work
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13:14:30 <Antisoche> pianolady: That page talks about stocks, but it's linked from http://code.gnucash.org/docs/guide/currency_howto1.html
13:14:43 <goblin> I could probably use some 'hack' like investments, but I'm new to gnucash so I'm not sure what the best way is
13:15:45 <Antisoche> goblin: I'm new to accounting altogether, but I'd treat it as a dividend. The question is what does the tax man call it? :)
13:16:03 <goblin> heh, I wish I knew that ;-)
13:16:19 <weirdo> Hello folks
13:16:29 <goblin> (I'm new to accounting too)
13:17:47 <weirdo> I've just downloaded gnucash 2.4 and installed it. But I have no clue how to set it up to use a SQL database.
13:18:45 <weirdo> The available documentation is for v2.2 only. Could you guys shed any light on this?
13:20:08 <goblin> hmm, SQL would be cool...
13:20:17 <Antisoche> goblin: Well, if you own a mine and are refining metal your 'profit' is whatever the spot price is at the time. Until you have some sort of currency (via sale or exchange) I think you have an investment.
13:20:37 <goblin> Antisoche, mhm, makes sense
13:21:48 <Antisoche> The SQL backend is simply a replacement for the XML backend. It doesn't (yet) offer any new features.
13:22:12 <Antisoche> weirdo: What kind of problems are you having setting up the SQL backend?
13:22:51 <goblin> yeah, that'd be cool, I wouldn't have to generate XML in my import script...
13:25:42 <weirdo> Antisoche, I installed on Win32. The website says the binary installs everything. But I am not so sure. Should I install a MySQL server? No help is available on the Website yet.
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13:26:50 <Antisoche> weirdo: Well, I'm just skimming the gnucash-user mailing list and (so far) nobody on Win32 seems to be having SQL problems. Were I you, I'd use sqlite as the backend as it should be the simplest.
13:27:21 <Antisoche> If you want to use MySQL, I expect you would need a MySQL server somewhere...
13:28:48 <weirdo> ok Thank you. I can install a MySQL server. But how about the gnucash database? Should I simply create a new account set and the db will be created?
13:33:50 <Antisoche> weirdo: Sorry, I have no idea.
13:38:28 <Antisoche> pianolady: What version of perl do you have installed? http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-user/2011-January/038302.html
13:42:37 <Antisoche> weirdo: It looks like GNUCash does most everything automatically, but MySQL may have an (innocuous) issue: http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-user/2011-January/038386.html
13:44:14 <weirdo> Antisoche, no pb. Thank you anyway. v2.4 was released just 4 weeks ago. I guess most users still use files and haven't switched to SQL yet.
13:45:21 <Antisoche> weirdo: If you read the thread, the user started with no tables, and GNUCash created everything necessary. It presented an erroneous error, but worked fine.
13:46:27 <Antisoche> weirdo: Or are you saying that you have no data to convert?
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13:52:06 <weirdo> Sorry Antisoche, I was away for a while... Yes I have no data to convert. I will set up a new Account Hierarchy
13:54:26 * Antisoche looks at the "Tax Related" fields and cries.
13:59:52 <gjanssens> weirdo: in principle it doesn't matter if you start with a new accounts hierarchy or from an existing xml file
14:00:24 <gjanssens> when you choose save as (or are presented with a save as window) you can choose mysql and set the proper connection settings
14:01:20 <gjanssens> the db user you set does require db creation priviliges if the db you want to use doesn't exist yet
14:01:21 <weirdo> Ok - I will install a MySQL server and try to set up a new account hierarchy in gnucash and see how it goes. Hopefully it will be fine :)
14:02:08 <gjanssens> if you create the db beforehand (simply an empty db) your db user for gnucash only needs privileges in that db
14:03:34 <weirdo> yes the db does not exist yet. I'll need to create a db user with the necessary authorities.
14:11:58 <weirdo> ttyl guys... Bye!
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14:26:58 <lastm> Greetings.
14:28:12 <lastm> I'm using the Generic import transaction matcher to import a QFX file from Wachovia. The transfer accounts are incorrect and I can't seem to find the "Select Import Action" referenced in HELP to change the transfer destination. Any hints?
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15:47:25 <lastm> who
15:50:10 <goblin> Antisoche, hm, actually, bitcoins are much more liquid than coal or other minable stuff.. you can spend them directly, without having to convert them into other currencies...
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16:38:32 <lastm> What is the best tag to use for assigning the transfer account destination in the OFX/QFX file?
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17:43:48 <Antisoche> goblin: That's true. It seems it should be its own currency then. It may very well make the most sense to treat it as an interest bearing account. Interest is just paid irregularly.
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18:29:29 <Bert^> goblin: there still isn't a need to recompile. If you use the income account to account for a generaton and offset it with an asset account, then you can treat the bitcoins just like regular income. You also book wages through an income account and book them aganst assets (e.g. a bankaccount). You could even make an account for every BC address. If you enter it through the investment screen as suggested, you don't need to recompile and the g
18:29:29 <Bert^> eneral view will still list the unit of measure as bitcoins. As an added advantage, you can track the bitcoin exchange rate against (e.g.) the USD to get an accounting in your native currency.
18:30:15 <Bert^> for example, 20 shares in a mutual fund are still counted as 20 MFA (where MFA is a made up MutualFundAbbreviation)
18:30:20 <Bert^> the same would apply to bitcoins
18:30:32 <Bert^> it's elegant and doesn't require a recompilation
18:30:39 <Bert^> I wouldn't make things more complicated than they are
18:36:57 <Bert^> but I'm off again
18:36:58 <Bert^> best of uck
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