2011-01-20 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:26:54 <khider> Greetings all, I have used Gnu Cash to generate invoices for my business, and lately--after I spend a couple of hours inputting my client list, when I restart the program I found the whole client list gone
02:27:16 <khider> It seems GNU cash can no longer save clients in the program
02:27:42 <khider> I have used it before, since 2007---but in recent installs, I cannot trust it to save any information
02:28:14 <khider> I tried it both on Slackware and Ubuntu--my client list cannot be retained
02:28:26 <khider> Rather glitchy program
02:44:29 <khider> Also, the field 'income account' keeps blocking me from processing an invoice
02:44:50 <khider> I just type whatever so I can continue with the invoice
02:50:43 <khider> While I conk out, if someone can suggest solutions to 1) saving clients in the program so I do not have to re-enter at each launch
02:51:09 <khider> 2) Deal withe the annoying 'income account' field so I can print an invoice already
02:51:14 <khider> Thanks
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02:52:35 <strk> ok, time to reimburs a liability.. how do I do that ?
02:52:45 <strk> tried transferring from liability to expense
02:53:04 <strk> but it seems the equity decreases, which I didn't expect
02:53:13 <strk> wouldn't equity be the same ?
02:53:33 <strk> the liability should decrease, shouldn't it ?
02:56:37 <strk> uhm, from checking account to liability seems to be fine
03:04:18 <strk> now.. paid invoice, does it take two transactions to record the fact that part of the invoice is VAT ?
03:07:00 <gjanssens> strk: it doesn't take two transactions, but one transaction with three splits instead of the default 2
03:07:15 <gjanssens> you create such a transaction by
03:08:00 <gjanssens> 1. entering date, description and one transfer account, the total amount
03:08:10 <gjanssens> 2. click on the split button in the toolbar
03:08:39 <gjanssens> 3. adjust the amount after the transfer account to exclude VAT
03:09:20 <gjanssens> 4. add one more split for the VAT, this split will transfer to your VAT account (in liabilities)
03:10:27 <gjanssens> khider: I'm not sure what happens for you. I don't have any problems with inputting and saving customers
03:10:47 <gjanssens> khider: what version of GnuCash on which platform ? And how are you inputting them ?
03:12:30 <strk> gjanssens: the total amount has no destination ?
03:12:37 <strk> I'm still confused
03:12:52 <strk> total is 30, income is 25, vat is 5
03:13:08 <strk> all of 30 are "physically" in the checking account after the fact
03:13:17 <strk> but I owe 5 to state (vat)
03:13:45 <strk> I'm naming this transaction after the invoice name
03:13:55 <strk> and have two columns: Charge and Income
03:14:07 <strk> (in the account Income:Services)
03:15:15 <gjanssens> strk: ah, my explanation was as if you created the transaction from the checkings account
03:15:29 <gjanssens> if you start from Income:Services, you have
03:15:45 <strk> uhm, it seems what I have now is fine
03:15:55 <strk> was likely adjusted automatically
03:16:23 <gjanssens> ?? I don't think anything adjusts automatically
03:16:28 <strk> the overall transaction Income is 25, in the split I see 30 toward the checking account (charge),
03:16:40 <strk> then 25 in the Income:Service
03:16:45 <strk> and 5 in the liability
03:17:11 <gjanssens> That seems to be ok indeed.
03:17:16 <strk> yeah
03:17:17 <strk> I've checked
03:17:25 <strk> the checking account raised by 30, which matches reality
03:17:48 <strk> the VAT liability raised by 5 (I owe 5 more to state) - which is correct
03:18:03 <strk> and Income:Service increased by 25, which is what I really got out of the job
03:18:15 <strk> good, for now
03:18:32 <strk> truth is, this invoice used to be an Account:Payable, but I gave up on first obstacle and re-wrote it :)
03:18:36 <gjanssens> Ok, the thing is, you can enter a multi-split transaction from any account involved. The only thing you have to keep in mind is which value to enter in the first line.
03:18:58 <gjanssens> That should always be the amount that should go into the account you are starting from
03:19:01 <strk> in this case I'm not 100% sure I did write 25 in the first line
03:19:10 <strk> (which is why I mentioned "auto adjusted?")
03:19:20 <strk> but I'll trust you
03:19:28 <gjanssens> If you start from your Income:services, you should enter 25
03:19:40 <gjanssens> If you start from checking, you should enter 30
03:19:59 <gjanssens> Or even, if you start from your liability (less obvious), you should enter 5
03:20:10 <gjanssens> And then adjust the remaining splits.
03:20:12 <strk> now, if I could only understand why my bank report tells me I've 1k more than gnucash things...
03:20:30 <gjanssens> Did you enter an opening balance ?
03:20:39 <gjanssens> For your bank account in GnuCash I mean
03:20:53 <strk> yeah
03:21:08 <strk> oh, that was my impression too
03:21:10 <strk> I must have entered a wrong one
03:21:29 <strk> it's right one day before a transfer of 1k indeed
03:21:50 <strk> should I just modify the opening balance you think ?
03:22:35 <gjanssens> That depends. You can determine that by comparing your bank statements with what you have entered in your checkings account in GnuCash
03:22:55 <gjanssens> If all transactions match, you have probably mad a mistake in determining the opening balance
03:23:22 <gjanssens> The opening balance can also be derived from your statements normally though.
03:32:24 <strk> argh, webbank down
03:32:50 <strk> does anyone here actually shares the gnucash file with the accountant ?
03:32:54 <strk> successful stories of that ?
03:42:17 <gjanssens> No I don't. I do my day to day accounting in GnuCash, but afterwards transfer what is needed to my accountant's preferred program
03:47:25 <strk> are there facilities in gnucash to do the extraction/conversion ?
03:47:41 <strk> (my accountant should have no problem opening an ods)
03:55:38 <gjanssens> Don't know for sure. I hand type whatever I need.
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03:55:58 <gjanssens> You can export reports to html
03:56:38 <gjanssens> I have also read on the ml about people copy-pasting report contents into OO Calc and post-process from there.
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04:25:10 <strk> uhm.. the italian community around gnucash seems dead
04:25:11 <strk> http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-it/
04:25:27 <strk> taht's a pity, there's so much localization issues in such an accounting software
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08:50:27 <bonez> so I have 2.4.0 installed and running...where can I find documentation about network access, to allow others on my LAN to access it?
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08:59:38 <gjanssens> strk: perhaps the mailing list gnucash-it isn't used much, but we do have an active Italian translator (Cristian Marchi)
09:00:05 <gjanssens> He's not usually on irc, but he's active on the gnucash-devel mailing list if you wish to get in touch with him
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09:35:12 <warlord> khider: the income account is required due to the double-entry accounting requirement. You need to say where the money is coming from when you post the invoice. As for not saving customers; what version of gnucash are you running?
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09:37:26 <warlord> bonez: that is out of scope of this channel or our documentation. Depending on how you store your data you need to set up a file share or DB access.
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10:43:10 <indigo> after upgrading to 2.4.0, one of my credit card accounts has all the "Online Actions" menu items disabled, dispite having been set up in the online banking druid. Running the druid again doesn't seem to help. Any idea what else I can try?
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12:44:00 <Antisoche> Perplexion: I expesed an action I paid out of pocket (postage). In my Expense:Postage account I have the expense form number, but the description is simply my name. When I view splits, I see the accounts but I can't type in the Memo field. The description is in the expense report so it's available, but I'd like to have it here as well. Is that possible?
12:44:35 <Antisoche> GnuCash 2.2.9 / Ubuntu
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14:00:45 <khider> warlord,
14:00:50 <khider> You there?
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14:01:48 <khider> I am running Gnucash 2.2.9 on Ubuntu 10.10
14:01:59 <khider> Well, Kubuntu rather
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14:02:33 <khider> The problem with income account is that information is not saved there either!
14:03:00 <khider> I could input information until the dogs come home, and I have to re-enter the fields all over again
14:03:53 <khider> At this point I don't bother even trying to save info, I just print nvoices as I need them. But issues like this almost want to make me go to Microsoft
14:04:10 <ska> Refunds: in the past i made a new invoice with the refund amount as negative, and then paid the balance with their refund check. Is this ok?
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14:07:42 <warlord> Antisoche: If you de-select the checkbox that adds everything together then the line-item description will go into the Split memos
14:08:13 <warlord> khider: Are you sure your disk isn't full?
14:08:20 <khider> warlord, Yup
14:08:30 <warlord> There's absolutely no reason that 2.2.9 wouldn't save your data, unless you're not clicking "save"
14:08:54 <khider> warlord, I have used GNUcash before and have not previously had this issue
14:08:57 <warlord> Check your data directory for additional .xac files
14:09:07 <warlord> run 'df -i'
14:10:02 <ska> The other way is to simply use the Asset:Refunds in this way. Post to refunds account with The expense-account and checking acct as transfer.
14:10:23 <ska> This is easier and less headaches
14:10:56 <ska> Although it doesn't reflect the vendor's real expenses, it gets the job done.
14:12:00 <ska> warlord: does this make sense to you?
14:20:57 <khider> warlord http://pastebin.com/zgR4FVfh
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14:23:01 <khider> warlord, for 'income account' that probably has to do with the setup process --these days I am just trying to slam out the invoice. So when I type up my company info--the account types are probably somewhere in the settings or something...
14:23:46 <ska> Ok, I see it now.. SOrry..
14:38:40 <warlord> khider: if all you want to do is print an invoice and you dont care about accounting, then gnucash is not the right tool for you. Gnucash is primarily about accounting; actually printing invoices is secondary.
14:39:16 <warlord> khider: ls -lt /path/to/your/datafile/directory | head
14:40:37 <warlord> ska: you're better off following the suggestions that were alluded to on the mailing list today/yesterday. You need to use the biz functions or all your reporting numbers will be off.
14:42:51 <Antisoche> warlord: Oh no you don't - a "check the box" answer isn't going to cut it this time. ;-)
14:43:54 <Antisoche> warlord: The entire record appears to be read-only. If I select "double-line" mode, I can't even type in the notes. (My default view is auto-split)
14:44:34 <Antisoche> To clarify/reiterate: I'm looking at an expense from the account the expense was charged to.
14:44:59 <Antisoche> Expense ==> "Expense Voucher" Entry
14:46:25 <Antisoche> The only place I can type is below the last expense ("Action" field = "Expense") entry.
14:47:12 <Antisoche> As though I were adding another item to the expense voucher
14:56:30 <khider> warlord, I want to use the whole dang system--I am just operating on survival mode until I can figure out what the heck went wrong
14:57:04 <khider> warlord, My computer has a terrabyte drive, 3.6 Ghz dual core processor, 8 gigs of ram--about 500 gigs free space, back up terrabyte drive...i think i am good
14:57:20 <khider> spec wise
14:57:43 <khider> Just having bad luck with gnucash....
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15:12:40 <warlord> Antisoche: I'm talking about the checkbox when you post the vendor bill. If you want to make changes to the transaction you must unpost, make the changes in the vendor bill, and hten repost. The checkbox it in the post screen.
15:13:11 <warlord> khider: apparently. There's absolutely no reason that it should stop saving unless there's a file system problem.
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15:25:48 <ggergely> hello
15:25:58 <ggergely> how can i switch off gzipping the xml datafiles?
15:26:11 <jsled> ggergely: it's in Preferences
15:29:03 <ggergely> ah foundit
15:29:28 <ggergely> is it global, or "project specific"?
15:30:44 <jsled> that's "global"
15:36:09 <ggergely> i see. thanks
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18:56:18 <Antisoche> warlord: It's not a 'vendor' item, it's an employee expense report. I have an 'Active' checkbox but unposting doesn't seem to be an option.
18:56:39 <Antisoche> 'Active' checkbox is in 'View Expense Voucher'
18:57:54 <Antisoche> Sorry, ignore 'cannot unpost'
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20:44:23 <LoneClock> is there any easy way to set up gnu cash for online account access?
20:46:14 <LoneClock> anyone here?
20:52:43 <jsled> LoneClock: I don't know about easy, but http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Setting_up_OFXDirectConnect_in_GnuCash_2 might be helpful to you
20:53:18 <LoneClock> have you tried mint?
20:53:45 <jsled> I'm familiar with it, but no I have not
20:54:50 <LoneClock> oh well i have tried it and it is very easy but i wanted to try out gnu cash because it seems more flexible...mint is really cool though
20:58:20 <LoneClock> how can i check what version of gnucash I have currently?
20:58:26 <warlord> Antisoche: expense voucher and vendor bill are close enough to be the same
20:59:20 <Antisoche> warlord: I was overlooking the 'unpost' button. Clicking it warns me about some kind of tax table modifications so I just hit cancel.
21:03:07 <warlord> well, if you don't unpost then you can't repost to change the checkbox. ;)
21:05:58 <LoneClock> how do you name accounts? I want to rename "savings account" to something else
21:06:11 <warlord> LoneClock: edit the account.
21:06:58 <LoneClock> warlord: thanks...what does account code mean?
21:07:27 <warlord> It's for historical reasons, like if you have "numbered" accounts.
21:07:33 <warlord> But most people don't need it.
21:08:55 <LoneClock> not my account number though right?
21:10:56 <warlord> Correct.
21:11:35 <LoneClock> how can i set it up to have 2 initial checkings and savings with initial balances? can I give an initial balance after creating the accounts?
21:12:09 <warlord> Transfer from Equity:Opening Balance
21:12:48 <LoneClock> can i set multiple opening balances in equity or should i add up all my account totals and make that my opening balance?
21:13:10 <warlord> Each account should have its own opening balance transaction to Equity:Opening Balances
21:15:44 <LoneClock> sorry i dont understand....if i have two banks with checking and savings in each is there a way to set a separate opening balance for each?
21:16:56 <warlord> Of course
21:17:18 <warlord> In each account (each checking, each savings) you set the opening balance by a transaction to Eq:Op-Bal.
21:17:44 <warlord> If you open the Eq:O-B account you'll see 4 transactions (one for each of the Asset account opening balances)
21:18:12 <warlord> All the "initial balance" entry does when you create the account is create this transaction; you can create this transaction by hand later.
21:20:46 <LoneClock> so I create a transaction from each checking or saving to equity:op-bal?
21:22:20 <LoneClock> i think i figured it out
21:22:35 <LoneClock> ill ask more questions if i didnt lol
21:30:02 <LoneClock> can i rearrange the order the accounts are in?
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22:23:49 <Antisoche> warlord: Okay, I unposted and reposted and deselected "Accumulate Splits". Now I have descriptions where I expect them. However, in "Double-Line" mode, there is still a field called "Notes" that is not editable. It's also empty, though the expense voucher does have a note attached.
22:24:19 <warlord> Yes, that note doesn't get copied anywhere.
22:24:35 <warlord> .. and there is no way to fill in that field in the transaction.
22:24:40 <Antisoche> warlord: I hesitate to click with abandon since I barely know what I'm doing ... :-/
22:25:38 <Antisoche> In the 2.4 versions, are the searching options a bit saner? Less clicky?
22:25:40 <warlord> And yes, posted invoice transactions are read-only.
22:25:44 <warlord> no
22:25:51 <warlord> Well, sorta..
22:25:55 <warlord> They might be a little better.
22:27:37 <warlord> anyways, I need to run to dinner.
22:27:43 <Antisoche> I guess it's just the invoicing where it bothers me most - I have the number, but I _must_ use the search.
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