2011-01-17 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:30:57 <RAB> Need help with crash.
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11:37:18 <mishehu> *crickets chirping*
11:37:45 <RAB> GnuCash has crashed, and I need to recover my data.
11:38:12 <mishehu> RAB: i'd suggest you explain your crash instead of waiting for somebody to appear. this isn't always a very active channel.
11:39:25 <RAB> reconciled an account, and the main account list went blank. i am unable to access the file, or run the last log - it gives me "unable to save to database"
11:40:32 <mishehu> ah unfortunately this is beyond my area of expertise. I've not yet updated to the 2.4.x series
11:40:47 <mishehu> but if you wait around somebody who can help might show up.
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11:50:39 <RAB> it is too bad that the board is not more active. this is some thing that is extremely important. software support, that is. it is one area that is difficult with open source software.
11:58:31 <mishehu> there's folks around here. you just have to wait.
11:59:07 <RAB> i understand. but this isn't some thing that can wait.
11:59:20 <mishehu> well, I'm sorry, you obviously have no other choice.
11:59:26 <mishehu> you get the service that you paid for.
11:59:48 <RAB> you are correct, on both accounts perhaps.
11:59:57 <mishehu> which, in my opinion, is still way better than the service that my clients have paid for in the past with Intuit...
12:00:23 <mishehu> I'd be pretty dang surprised if you had to wait more than 24 hours to hear back from somebody here on the channel.
12:01:05 <mishehu> out of curiousity, what databse backend are you using?
12:01:20 <RAB> i can not disagree. database backend?
12:04:43 <mishehu> yeah, is it using xml file, sqlite, mysql, etc
12:05:15 <RAB> you have me on that, how do i determine that?
12:05:55 <mishehu> ok it's probably either of the first two.
12:10:19 <mishehu> anyway, if warlord pops around, he might be a good one to ask.
12:10:42 <mishehu> of course, if you have a backup of your datafiles, you might want to try and see if you can replicate the problem.
12:10:56 <RAB> i have no idea. there is no file extension on the accounts file. gnucash will not read it. i just asked for an accounts report, and the program shut down. warlord left after i logged in, so he must be busy.
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12:13:02 <RAB> it may be mysql - there is a confiq file for that
12:13:36 <mishehu> well he does have -afk attached to his nick
12:13:39 <mishehu> so he's not around
12:14:26 <RAB> brief me on what -afk means?
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12:15:01 <warlord> Away From Keyboard
12:15:14 <warlord> ( good morning all )
12:15:22 <RAB> ah - ok
12:15:42 <warlord> So, "main account file went blank" --- Meaning you don't see a Chart of Accounts page?
12:15:52 <RAB> yes sir
12:17:20 <warlord> Have you tried View -> New Accounts Page ?
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12:18:31 <RAB> option isn't there, i have just toolbar summary bar and status bar, and refresh
12:18:53 <warlord> What version of GnuCash are you running?
12:18:59 <warlord> (It might be under File -> New -> New Accounts Page )
12:19:15 <RAB> File> New accounts page?
12:19:16 <RAB> 2.3.4
12:21:08 <RAB> ok - it has brought up the accounts, looks like it is missing some transactions . . . looking
12:21:14 <warlord> 2.3.4!?! Um, I hope you're using the XML file backend and not one of the SQL backends
12:21:29 <warlord> 2.3.4 is OLD OLD OLD and BUGGY
12:21:34 <RAB> how do i find out???
12:21:47 <warlord> Well, how did you save your file initially?
12:21:56 <RAB> i see there is a new version out. can't wait to update.
12:22:18 <warlord> (I don't think there's a good way to tell if you're running XML vs. SQLite)
12:22:26 <RAB> i just hit the save icon. several versions ago.
12:22:44 <warlord> Did you start with 2.2.x? (why are you running 2.3.4? 2.3.x was a testing series)
12:23:19 <RAB> i don't recall - wish i did now
12:23:39 <warlord> You're on windows?
12:24:14 <mishehu> 2.3.x was the development tree of what became 2.4.x now no?
12:24:37 <RAB> windows xp sp3
12:25:04 <RAB> it looks like accounts might be alright. can i / should i update?
12:25:18 <warlord> mishehu: yes, but the early 2.3.x series had many many MANY SQL bugs, and no, you cannot just upgrade the SQL from those 2.3.x series to 2.4.0
12:25:50 <warlord> RAB: it depends if you're using the old file backend or a SQL backend..
12:25:59 <RAB> what is the best course of action now?
12:26:00 <warlord> Unfortunately I don't know (on windows) how to figure it out.
12:26:04 <mishehu> I'm still using 2.2.x so yeah, I'm not in the know on that
12:26:32 * warlord ponders the question
12:27:34 <warlord> Can you open the directory where your data file lives?
12:28:00 <RAB> yes sir, just closed it (sorry)
12:28:46 <RAB> back open
12:30:00 <warlord> Okay, do you see a bunch of files of the form <YourFileName>.YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.xac ? (where that's a string of numbers, like 20110117123012.xac)
12:30:57 <RAB> no, mine end in .log
12:31:27 <warlord> so you only have .log files, no .xac files?>
12:31:39 <RAB> i don't see any.
12:32:45 <RAB> i am running a search to see if they might be some where else.
12:34:40 <warlord> No, it wouldn't be somewhere else.
12:34:44 <RAB> i found 2, in a different location, from 2008. about the same time i started using gnucash.
12:34:51 <warlord> Hmm, no .xac files. Hmm.
12:35:26 <RAB> no 2009 .xac files, no 2010 or 2011 .xac files
12:35:31 <warlord> If you were on unix I would suggest running "file" against your data file. BUt on Windows.. I'm not sure how to get windows to tell me what the underlying files are.
12:36:08 <warlord> I don't think GnuCash logs whether the file is XML or SQLite.
12:36:14 <mishehu> it's really hard to help somebody who doesnt' even know how they configured the program for use...
12:36:26 <RAB> it will give me the extension if there is one, but this file does not have an extension
12:36:47 <warlord> Here's my fear: You're running SQLite.. But 2.3.4 is so old and buggy you might not be able ot get all your data out. The extension is meaningless.
12:37:37 <RAB> can i export the data?
12:38:03 <RAB> to a file type that the newer version can read?
12:38:09 <warlord> Maybe. maybe not. There were bugs that caused the File -> Save As [XML] not to work with all data out of a SQL backend.
12:38:21 <warlord> .. and some bugs where some data wasn't stored in SQL.
12:39:01 <warlord> If you knew for sure that you started with 2.2. Or knew for sure that you were using XML instead of SQLite, then we'd be fine... But you MAY be in a situation where you'll have to verify every piece of data in your datafile.
12:39:13 <warlord> (2.3.4 is old enough that I don't recall its issues)
12:39:23 <RAB> oh boy . . .
12:39:38 <warlord> Well, that's the issue with running an early alpha-test release.
12:39:43 <warlord> You get what you get.
12:39:57 <warlord> Are you willing to email me your data file so I can take a quick peek?
12:40:04 <RAB> This copy was built from svn r18266 on 2009-08-19
12:40:35 <warlord> Version 2.3.4?
12:40:49 <RAB> I can do that. yes sir on the ver #.
12:41:02 <warlord> my email is warlord at mit dot edu
12:42:30 <RAB> it's in the mail. my brother is an MIT grad.
12:43:59 <warlord> cool.
12:44:33 <warlord> I'm sorry to say, it's SQLite.
12:44:51 <RAB> yeah, i remember driving out there several times. sorry to hear about the file. ideas?
12:45:04 <warlord> So, here's what to do: File -> Save As
12:45:07 <warlord> Choose XML File
12:45:24 <warlord> Then save it to a new name (GF-xml)?
12:45:48 <warlord> Then quit gnucash, restart gnucash, and then go over your data file to see if it's missing anything..
12:46:19 <RAB> saved, restarting.
12:46:48 <RAB> open the xml file?
12:47:57 <RAB> wow, it automatically opened the xml file, and it looks golden.
12:48:19 <warlord> Yes, it should auto-reopen the XML file.
12:48:38 <RAB> update and import the xml file into the new version?
12:48:40 <warlord> Please take some time to check the data and make sure it's not missing anything. There may be some subtle data losses.
12:49:00 <warlord> Once you update you probably wont be able to open the old SQLite file anymore.
12:49:42 <RAB> i will do that. btw, in windows, when using "save as", it did tell me that i had an sql file, so that is interesting.
12:50:18 <warlord> Did it? I think 2.3.4 just defaults to SQL..
12:51:14 <RAB> it did. would it default to the file type the software is using?
12:52:46 <warlord> No, I do not believe it does.
12:52:58 <warlord> (again, 2.3.4 is old; I dont recall what that specific release did)
12:53:06 <warlord> I know that we reverted the default back to XML
12:54:11 <RAB> well, the initial crisis and problem is resolved, thank you!
12:54:39 <warlord> You're welcome.
12:55:00 <warlord> Once you verify your data then yes, you can uninstall 2.3.4, install 2.4.0, and then it should just open your data file, or you can File -> Open it .
12:57:10 <RAB> ok - i will work on that today. thanks again, i can't say how much i appreciate the help.
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12:58:04 <RAB> first time irc user, too
12:59:31 <tlatoani> Hi guys! I have accounts in two different currencies USD and Mexican Pesos, I would like to track expenses from either currencies, but I see that an account can only have transactions of its configured currency. How would you recommend I handle this, having expense accounts like Expenses:Groceries:USD and another like Expenses:Groceries:MXN?
12:59:32 <Quick-Nic> :-) irc support is supernice
13:00:12 <tlatoani> Or what do you recommend to track expenses of different currencies into one expense? In my examples the Expense and Groceries accounts would be USD and the MXN is pesos, so everything would convert to dollars in the parent accounts.
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13:08:50 <pcroque> tlatoani: I think the way you do it is the best way. The other option (that I use) is to keep all expense accounts in your home currency, and let GNC convert when you enter the transaction.
13:09:29 <pcroque> But I have run into a few problems with that approach (mostly involving investment transactions).
13:14:54 <tlatoani> pcroque: Thanks for your response. Your suggestion would be good for grouping purposes, the way I'm dividing the accounts doesn't let me group the expenses in the reports. Right now I see two expense accounts for groceries (for example) one in USD and another in MXN.
13:15:29 <tlatoani> It would be nice if the reports showed the parent account with all amounts converted to one currency.
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13:19:38 <pcroque> tlatoani: I think gnucash will do that. Run an income statement and play around with the 'Parent Account Balances' and 'Parent Account Subtotals'.
13:19:53 <pcroque> That should give you what you want.
13:20:55 <pcroque> 'Parent account subtotals' set to 'Show subtotals'
13:24:07 <tlatoani> pcroque: Thanks! I'll take a look at that option.
13:24:21 <pcroque> Good luck.
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15:59:29 <Mikhail9> Hello. Running Win7, I upgraded from 2.2.9 to 2.4.0. Online transaction retrieval now fails on both existing credit card account. gnucash.trace shows "A TLS packet with unexpected length was received.". Tried enabling ForceSSLv3 on the accounts, but the same error occurs. Rolled back to 2.2.9 and all is fine. Any suggestions, or should I stay at 2.2.9 until a few point releases have come and gone? Thanks.
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20:25:04 <nelson> Hello, I just upgraded from 2.2.9 to 2.4.0 and now the program is all in German. I can speak a little German, but not at this level! I've looked for an option to set the language but could not find it. Help!
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20:26:06 <warlord> @op
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20:26:14 <warlord> nelson: What OS/Distro?
20:26:33 <nelson> warlord: sorry; Mac OS X Snow Leopard.
20:27:06 <nelson> warlord: I am fluent in Linux however.
20:27:47 <warlord> nelson: Ah, AFAIK GnuCash chooses the language based on the list in your system localization & languages settings/
20:28:22 <nelson> warlord: As it should, but something is goofing it up, I think. I'll check my settings
20:28:38 <warlord> There is an ordered list..
20:29:06 <nelson> warlord: Right, in the Language & Text system preferences.
20:29:15 <warlord> Maybe.
20:29:27 <nelson> warlord: However, Deutsch is at the bottom of the list\
20:29:35 <warlord> What's above it
20:30:24 <nelson> warlord: U.S., Canadian, British & Australian english, then plain English
20:30:24 <nelson> \
20:30:53 <warlord> Hmmm.
20:31:11 <warlord> I suggest you email the gnucash-user list; jralls can help you.
20:31:24 <nelson> warlord: Thanks
20:31:43 <warlord> Sorry I couldn't help more
20:31:43 <nelson> warlord: Is the email address on the www.gnucash.org web page?
20:32:03 <nelson> warlord: that's ok. And I see the e-mail address
20:32:04 <warlord> yes
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21:54:55 <dbreiser> are the gnucash .la files needed to run the program? I heard a rumor they used to be needed for dynamic loading (on macs, anyway)
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22:26:28 <Mikhail9> Hello. Running Win7, I upgraded from 2.2.9 to 2.4.0. Online transaction retrieval now fails on both existing credit card account. gnucash.trace shows "A TLS packet with unexpected length was received.". Tried enabling ForceSSLv3 on the accounts, but the same error occurs. Rolled back to 2.2.9 and all is fine. Any suggestions, or should I stay at 2.2.9 until a few point releases have come and gone? Thanks.
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