2011-01-14 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:28:42 <kimmo> I remember warlord muttering something about not tampering with the backends directly
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02:50:37 <strk> hello
02:51:01 * strk is considering gnucash for the second time. first time got beaten
03:00:08 <strk> basics-accounting1.html (doc) is _very_ useful
03:03:22 <strk> there's a bug in the doc "Come altro esempio si puo' avere un aumento del proprio patrimonio se a esso corrisponde un aumento delle passivita'"
03:03:34 <strk> http://code.gnucash.org/docs/guide-it_IT/basics-accounting1.html
03:04:03 <kimmo> you're most likely the only italian-speaking person here
03:04:10 <strk> uhm
03:04:40 <strk> well, it says "you can have a raise in 'activity' by having a raise in 'passivity'"
03:04:54 <strk> might be correct, I don't really grok it
03:06:04 <kimmo> that means that you can increase your assets if you increase your debts
03:06:30 <kimmo> like, when you take out a loan from a bank, you increase both the liability to the bank and the assets in your bank account
03:06:59 * strk goes looking for a dictionary and switches to english manual
03:07:15 <kimmo> the money in your bank account in the proprio
03:07:28 <kimmo> and the money you owe to the bank is in the passivita
03:09:51 <strk> "proprio" ? I guess you mean "attivita'"
03:09:53 <kimmo> yeah
03:10:02 <kimmo> my bad in google translate :)
03:10:45 <strk> ok, I have the english manual now
03:10:56 <strk> "assets", "liabilities", "equity", "income", "expenses"
03:11:03 <strk> have to admit I kind of understand these terms better :)
03:11:12 <kimmo> I think the "proprio patrimonio" should indeed be "attivita"
03:11:25 <strk> that's "asset" most likely
03:12:32 <kimmo> SUM(proprio patrimonio, passivita) == attivita
03:12:52 <strk> damn, the italian equality is different from the english one !!!
03:13:01 <strk> english goes: assets - liabilities = equity
03:13:11 <strk> that is (1) - (2) = (3)
03:13:22 <strk> where numbers are the order of the "accounts" listed
03:13:26 <kimmo> yeah
03:13:31 <kimmo> and that's correct
03:13:37 <strk> italian goes attivita' - passivita' = capitale netto
03:13:47 <strk> which is (1) - (2) = (3)
03:13:51 <strk> uhm... it's correct
03:13:52 <strk> sorry
03:14:07 <kimmo> capitale netto is same as proprio patrimonio?
03:14:09 <strk> I'm confused beween "patrimonio netto" e "capitale netto"
03:14:22 <strk> dunno, its confusing
03:14:28 <strk> "proprio" means "own"
03:14:31 <strk> your "own capital"
03:14:35 <strk> "proprio capitale"
03:15:08 <strk> really, I'll go on using the english manual, feels safer
03:15:10 <kimmo> yeah, some accounting translations (such as finnish) literally translate "liabilities" => "foreign capital" and "equity" => "own capital"
03:19:04 <strk> "you can increase your equity through income, and decrease equity through expenses"
03:19:33 <strk> is that cause "income" increases "Assets" and expenses increase "liabilities" ?
03:19:44 <strk> or I'm off-track there ?
03:20:43 <strk> ah, yeah, the english part agrees
03:21:02 <fell> kimmo: passiva= equity+liabilizies.
03:21:05 <strk> " if you receive money in the form of income you must see an equal increase in your assets"
03:21:30 <fell> kimmo: passiva= equity+liabilizies. (it wrong in many of our translations)
03:21:38 <strk> but I'm still stuck on the second example, still unclear in english
03:21:47 <strk> "As another example, you could have an increase in assets if you have a parallel increase in liabilities."
03:21:59 <strk> ah, now I get it
03:22:17 <strk> you get a loan increasing what you have (you have loaned cash)
03:22:35 <strk> but you got that by increasing your liabilities, rather than getting an income
03:22:39 <strk> makes sense
03:23:00 * strk tries to avoid loans as much as possible, only has a mortage
03:23:22 <strk> fell: passivita' is liability in italian
03:24:33 <fell> strk: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stato_patrimoniale
03:25:37 <fell> Passivo = Patrimonio netto + Debiti +...
03:25:44 <strk> that's too far for me, don't want to change my core business yet
03:26:06 <fell> Debiti=liability
03:27:12 <strk> I don't get how "patrimonio netto" can be considered "passivo"
03:28:14 <fell> Passivo= right side of Stato patrimoniale
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03:42:10 <strk> opening balance... now I wonder what to put in there. Can I change later ? (I'm at the setup phase)
03:42:31 <kimmo> yeah
03:55:05 <strk> what's the common extension for gnucash files ?
03:56:39 <kimmo> .gnucash
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04:00:37 <strk> uhm... can't find how to set an opening balance after the fact
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04:19:03 <strk> prepaid cards ought be considered "cash" ?
04:27:17 <strk> ah, transferring from Equity.OpeningBalances does the opening balance trick
04:27:44 <strk> is there a way to specify a different directory for backup files ?
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05:37:47 <kimmo> not that I know of
05:38:08 <kimmo> I created a small crontab entry that cleans out any .xac and .log files older than 30 days
05:43:13 <strk> uhm, maybe I should link the file to somewhere else
05:43:20 <strk> as I've a dir which I use to backup
05:43:27 <strk> and don't want to backup the backups
05:48:15 <strk> uhm... hardlink didn't work
05:48:28 <strk> budget.gnucash.20110114114719.xac ended up being the symlinked one
05:50:28 <strk> same with symlink
06:12:30 <strk> uhm, doc about scheduled transaction show "Tot Funds In" and "Tot Funds Out" columns, while the actual code have "Debit Formula" and "Credit Formula"
06:14:50 <strk> so, which is which ?
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07:40:02 <warlord> indigo: THOU SHALT NOT MODIFY A GNUCASH DATABASE DIRECTLY.. Please don't give people the impression that they can.
07:40:31 <warlord> aindilis: Please ignore indigo's suggestion about being able to modify the gnucash database directly. You must use the gnucash API (C, Scheme, or Python) to modify data.
07:40:45 <warlord> However, good news --- in 2.4.1 there should be an Invoice Importer.
07:44:17 <warlord> kimmo: no need to set up that cron job. Edit -> Preferences and you can specify the #days to keep logs/backups.
07:44:52 <kimmo> ah
07:47:44 <indigo> warlord: maybe i just want to encourage you to deploy proper constraints
07:47:53 <warlord> strk: Generally Debit is "In" and Credit is "Out"
07:48:08 <indigo> but i thought he was wanting to read the database to import invoices to something else
07:48:09 <warlord> indigo: maybe I dont want you give users bad information.
07:48:28 <warlord> Um, no, he very clearly was asking about importing invoices INTO gnucash.
07:48:47 <indigo> clearly scheme has fried my brain
07:49:13 <strk> damn, I did the contrary
07:49:26 <strk> (Debit for out and credit for in)
07:49:52 <strk> for 5 scheduled transactions
07:50:47 <strk> uhm.. when re-opening the scheduled transaction I get the in/out nomenclature
07:50:53 <strk> but on first edit, they become debit/credit
07:51:01 <strk> pretty weird and annoying
07:51:09 <strk> this is 2.2.9
07:51:32 <strk> not even sure I'm doing things write at all
07:51:43 <strk> for the split transaction
07:52:00 <strk> Assets:BankAccount <--- money go out
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07:52:09 <strk> Expenses:BanService <--- money go in
07:53:00 <strk> ah, it's in/out when outside the split details
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07:54:05 <warlord> one way to see for sure is to take a regular transaction in the register that is "correct" and then convert that into an SX
07:54:29 <strk> they are all yet to happen
07:55:15 <warlord> strk: okay, so you want to credit your Bank and debit Expenses.
07:57:42 <strk> do I need to fill the "Action" column ?
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07:59:16 <strk> so by "crediting" someone you're taking money off it ?
07:59:23 <strk> sounds twisted, doesn't it ?
07:59:47 <strk> ah, you "credit" someone as in "he becomes your creditor"
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08:00:02 <strk> uhm.. still twisted
08:01:40 <kimmo> even after 14 years of accounting, I still use the more user-friendly labels
08:02:11 <strk> what are them ?
08:02:47 * strk has just added the "yet-to-be-given-back" mortage capital into Liabilities bringing his equity to hard red
08:02:56 <kimmo> there's an option for those, so in asset registers you have "deposit" and "withdrawal" instead of debit and credit, etc
08:03:15 <strk> I wonder if I should add the "market value" of my house into the assets to get some better balance
08:03:35 <strk> ah, I'll try to find those options... Preferences?
08:03:39 <kimmo> yeah
08:03:56 <kimmo> you should use the purchase price + applicable title fees and taxes as the valus of the house
08:03:59 <kimmo> value
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08:04:21 <kimmo> (so that when you sell it, you will then get the profit)
08:04:36 <kimmo> dealing in imaginary money is relatively silly IMO
08:06:38 <strk> is there any non-imaginary money ?
08:07:23 <strk> so... you have NO liabilities accounts in order not to deal with "imaginary" money ?
08:08:02 <strk> I still dunno exactly how to use this tool, just trying to keep an eye on how much we spend, how, and possibly setting budgets for topical expenses
08:08:10 <warlord> Most of the registers use normal headings. Only the SX one uses Deb/Cred by default.
08:20:40 <strk> I can't find any way to change those headings ..
08:21:23 <strk> the mortage reimbursement druid is nice, but doesn't know about EURIBOR :/
08:28:13 <warlord> strk: the preference turns off the nice headings and turns on accountant headings. The 'nice' headings are the defaults.
08:28:23 <warlord> (I'm not sure what EURIBOR is, either)
08:28:46 <strk> reference interest rate, for variable rate mortages
08:29:13 <strk> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euribor
08:29:36 <warlord> Ah, Gnucash doesn't do 'variable rate' mortgages. When your interest rate changes you need to change the SX
08:30:06 <strk> the druid did show a variable rate support
08:30:09 <strk> lemme check what it was
08:30:23 <warlord> anyways, I need to run. I'll be back this afternoon
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08:30:33 <strk> ARM ?
08:30:37 <strk> 3/1 Year ARM
08:30:46 <strk> 5/1, 7/1, 10/1
08:31:25 <strk> guess it's not based on an external index
08:33:41 <strk> so, do you guys use the Liabilities for mortage or is it just an expense ?
08:47:08 <natanoj> strk: i have both, the mortgage itself as a liability which receives the amortizations and then i put interest costs as an expense
08:47:23 <natanoj> don't know if that is good or bad in any way...
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08:50:56 <strk> natanoj: when you pay one mortage rate, you take money out of a bank asset and put it in (1) expense for interest and (2) liability for residual capital ?
08:51:00 <strk> I'm lost...
08:51:38 <strk> I've put in liabilities the "residual debit"
08:52:34 <strk> that should be the amount of money I owe to the bank if I reimburse the whole amount right now (not considering the expenses of that operation)
08:52:52 <jsled> strk: "debit" and "credit" can be counter-intuitive w.r.t. some accounts: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-entry_bookkeeping_system#Debits_and_credits
08:53:06 <jsled> the principal amount you own on the mortgage is a liability.
08:53:15 <jsled> the interest payments and other expenses are Expenses.
08:54:12 <indigo> are macros like GNC_HOW_DENOM_FIXED accessible in scheme? if so, how?
08:58:20 <kimmo> warlord, EURIBOR is the EURopean InterBank Offered Rate, most ARM's are the 360 day euribor + a fixed margin
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09:00:50 <strk> kimmo: yeah, there's a margin too with my mortage (they call it "spread")
09:01:18 <kimmo> yeah
09:01:26 <strk> jsled: ok, so a scheduled transaction would: (1) credit bank (2) debit expense for interset (3) debit liability for residual capital ?
09:01:30 <kimmo> what kind of spreads do they offer in italy?
09:02:02 <strk> 1.75% as of 2003
09:02:07 <kimmo> wow
09:02:15 <kimmo> my mortgages are with a 0.25% spread
09:02:37 <kimmo> couple that with 50% of my debt being tied to 1 month euribor
09:02:38 <strk> this is Euribor 1 month
09:03:04 <strk> but has a max limit
09:03:14 <kimmo> it was ridiculous when the total rate was something like 0.640% last summer
09:03:16 <strk> 1.85% min 6% max
09:03:54 <strk> not sure but could be 0.85% atm
09:04:24 <strk> for a total 2.60%
09:05:01 <strk> uhm, can't be
09:05:56 <strk> gah, I've no idea how to compute what I should be paying :/
09:06:27 <strk> I know what's the amount I pay more or less every month
09:06:40 <strk> so could setup an approximated scheduled transaction
09:06:53 <strk> if could only get it right
09:07:18 <strk> debiting the liability sounds wrong as it should decrease, not increase
09:08:03 <natanoj> no that's right, you debit the liability when you amortize
09:08:37 <kimmo> it's easiest when you do the split, you put the money going away from bank account on one side, and everything else on the other side
09:08:48 <strk> yeah
09:08:52 <natanoj> a liability is a negated account...
09:09:04 * strk hopes he got the sides right :)
09:09:31 <strk> all is left wuld be an estimate on the value of the house
09:09:46 <strk> to get out of that unpleasant big read equity
09:10:00 <strk> I've two sub-accounts of Assets: Current and Pending
09:10:14 <strk> maybe the house would be a mmm.... payable ?
09:10:30 <kimmo> Pending
09:10:45 <kimmo> Current assets are the assets that you can "immediately" transform into cold cash
09:10:47 <natanoj> yeah, i haven't put any assets in yet, total assets are way below the zero line...
09:11:16 <kimmo> like money, receivables from bank, and exchange listed stocks and funds
09:11:33 <kimmo> anything that takes more than 3 days to materialize into money in your account is not a current asset
09:11:37 <kimmo> (fine line)
09:12:18 * strk adds a "real estate" subaccount
09:12:46 <strk> so, for my house I'd give the full market price, right ?
09:12:58 <strk> as the mortage reimbursement is already accounted for in the liabilities
09:13:25 <strk> wow, now I'm reach
09:13:31 <strk> must have done something wrong
09:14:02 <kimmo> well
09:14:28 <kimmo> IMO, the house _should_ be valued at the original price paid, plus any directly related title taxes etc
09:14:31 <kimmo> no more
09:14:39 <kimmo> (regardless what is the market value of the house)
09:15:39 <strk> still too rich.
09:15:49 <strk> my wife must be right I'm scrooge :/
09:16:00 <strk> ah... too few liablities
09:16:07 <strk> (only one... the mortage)
09:16:09 <strk> that's the fun part
09:16:37 <kimmo> (That would be proper accounting; if you do this for personal stuff only, you just might get away for valuing the house at market value, but I'd advice against that, always better to be a bit pessimistic)
09:18:24 <strk> yeah, that's my policy too
09:18:39 <strk> don't like bad news
09:19:48 <strk> notn sure I got the mortage liability right though
09:20:21 <strk> I wrote just the debit, but I know by the end (20 years) I'd have given them more then twice what they borrowed me
09:21:12 <natanoj> isn't that the interest you are accounting for?
09:21:25 <natanoj> which to you is just an expense right?
09:21:45 <natanoj> and no, i'm no economist...
09:22:24 <strk> yeah
09:22:35 <strk> but the interest is not visible in my equity, even if known in advance
09:22:53 <strk> wouldn't that be a kind of planned expense too ?
09:23:01 <strk> I mean.. it's still something I owe to someone
09:23:10 <strk> unless I sell the house and close the whole thing
09:24:12 <strk> this whole thing is getting too complex to be useful
09:25:36 <kimmo> only the capital is a liability
09:25:56 <kimmo> the interest expense isn't expense yet, it would not happen if you went out and paid your debt in full tomorrow
09:26:18 <kimmo> (just like the "income" on house appreciation hasn't materialized yet)
09:26:19 <strk> great. now this is a good use of such a system
09:26:23 <strk> how can I tell if I can do that ?
09:26:33 <strk> looking at current assets
09:26:46 <strk> capital - current_assets
09:26:54 <strk> no, can't :>
09:27:12 * strk adds more of current assets : clothes, computers....
09:27:24 <kimmo> clothes? hardly an asset
09:27:25 * strk adds dog & wife
09:27:30 <strk> .... mmm still not there
09:27:32 <kimmo> wife, a clear liability
09:29:33 <natanoj> huge liability :P
09:29:42 <natanoj> (as well as asset...)
09:29:46 <natanoj> should go for both
09:29:50 <natanoj> equity zero?
09:29:51 <natanoj> ;)
09:29:53 <natanoj> got to go
09:30:07 <strk> don't forget expense
09:31:13 <strk> alright, time for some real work, or I'll never put any number in the Income account...
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10:55:37 <kimmo> stupid natl rail
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12:07:08 <indigo> what's the best way to get an integer option in a report? I know how to make numeric options, but not how to convert them to integers, or, is there a different option type that might be better?
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12:12:08 <sfalanga> I'm billing customers state sales tax. In the tax table editor should I put it under expenses:tax:statesales or is that for tax I pay personally? Does it matter?
12:12:36 <indigo> if you are collecting tax that you later pay to the state, it's a liability for you.
12:13:34 <indigo> expenses are ways you spend your money, decreasing your equity
12:13:56 <sfalanga> Okay. There is a liability:accounts payable - should I create a 'state sales tax' account under that?
12:14:32 <indigo> i don't know.
12:14:46 <indigo> i'm assuming you are using the business features, which i never have
12:15:09 <sfalanga> Thank you for your help indigo. TTYL
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12:39:55 <Bluh> Hey
12:50:20 <Bluh> Is there a way to input my Gross pay and have GNU take the takes out?
12:50:30 <Bluh> taxes*
12:51:06 <jsled> Bluh: something like the example at http://code.gnucash.org/docs/guide/txns-registers1.html#txns-registers-multiaccount2 ?
12:54:45 <Bluh> I think so, Thank you :D
12:59:06 <indigo> so, i'm trying to calculate my expenses over a given interval in a report. I'm looking at gnc:account-get-pos-trans-total-interval, and it says it "only counts transactions with non-negative shares". What does it mean to be a transaction with negative "shares"?
13:00:02 <indigo> does that apply only to mutual fund and stock accounts? Why would one want to ignore transactions with negative shares?
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13:58:34 <warlord> indigo: Yes, they are accessible. grep the existing scheme code for examples. s/_/-/g
13:58:34 <gncbot`> warlord: Sent 31 minutes ago: <gjanssens> Just in case you haven't noticed/heard yet: the certificate for svn.gnucash.org has expired yesterday. When I run svn update on Windows it warns me about that
13:59:31 <warlord> indigo: a numeric option will give you a number. If you want it an integer then say so in the declaration of the option.
14:00:10 <gjanssens> Shouldn't gncbot have op privs ?
14:00:33 <gjanssens> gncbot is gncbot` atm
14:00:34 *** jsled sets mode: +o gncbot`
14:00:39 <jsled> @nick gncbot
14:00:39 *** gncbot` is now known as gncbot
14:00:47 <gjanssens> @op
14:00:47 <gncbot> gjanssens: Error: You don't have the #gnucash,op capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
14:01:05 <warlord> @nick gncbot
14:01:21 <jsled> warlord: already did
14:01:21 <warlord> gjanssens: Ah, I think I need to kick the server for it to take the new cert.
14:01:29 <warlord> Ah, so you did jsled
14:02:09 * warlord is kicking httpd
14:02:46 <warlord> Okay, new cert in place..
14:03:07 <warlord> You will need to re-accept any old exceptions.
14:03:24 <gjanssens> Obviously. Thanks
14:04:04 <warlord> i made the new cert 2 days ago,,,
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14:05:06 <olli0578> Hallo
14:05:57 <olli0578> Kann mir mal einer helfen HBCI einzurichten...Komme nicht weiter.
14:07:26 <olli0578> ?? Keiner da ??
14:08:52 <gjanssens> @op
14:08:52 *** gncbot sets mode: +o gjanssens
14:10:56 <olli0578> ????
14:16:46 <warlord> olli0578: hi, this is generally an English channel.
14:18:01 <Bluh> Is there a way to add to an account without showing where? Like if I had this much when I started or is it to late?
14:18:33 <jsled> Bluh: you do indicate where; the transaction will be against Equity:Opening Balances
14:18:44 <jsled> and you can pre-date the transaction to the appropriate time
14:19:19 <jsled> that's all the "opening balance" input does when you create the account or merge in a pre-defined account tree: it creates a transaction against Equity:Opening Balances with the appropriate date
14:20:13 <Bluh> Ah, I had some cash in my wallet and I didn't know how much till just now.
14:21:01 <Bluh> So I'll put it against equity?
14:21:33 <olli0578> OK. I will try it in english. is there anybody who can help me to configure hbci in gnucash?
14:25:12 <warlord> Ah, um, you might have better luck sending email to the gnucash-de mailing list
14:25:52 <olli0578> Ok thanks
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14:39:17 <Bluh> What is the "Num" and "R" columns? And is it wierd for me to use the bill I used as spent then whole $ back into my cash?
14:39:59 <Bluh> change that is a whole bill back into my cash in wallet*
14:41:02 <jsled> Num is just a number; it's optional, usually blank. maybe it's a check number if you're using a paper check
14:41:08 <jsled> R is the reconcilation status column.
14:41:20 <jsled> I cannot parse your other question; please restate
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14:47:06 <Bluh> Currently for "cash in wallet" I use split transaction, If I bought something for $18.77 I would put it as "spent $20" then put back $1 in the account and the $0.23 in a change jar.
14:47:30 <jsled> why would you do that?
14:48:04 <jsled> if you buy something for 18.77, then make a transaction for 18.77 and let the account balance get modified appropriately
14:48:42 <warlord> Bluh: I sorta do that. I just say I spent $19 and I dont count my change.
14:49:05 <warlord> You can do what you suggest, but it's a lot of work.
14:49:22 <Bluh> I put change in a change jar so I figured it would be easier to do $20, put $1 back and rest in my change jar account.
14:50:44 <Bluh> And this is only with "cash in wallet", I know it's odd.
14:50:45 <jsled> I'd suggest leaving the $1 out of it
14:51:01 <jsled> but do what you like. :)
14:56:09 <Bluh> How to you sort the same day actions? Like shop, ATM, Shop?
14:57:06 <jsled> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_do_I_order_transactions_in_a_register_so_deposits_are_before_withdrawls.3F
15:01:38 <warlord> Bluh: enter them in order.
15:08:29 <Bluh> Thanks :D
15:08:46 *** Bluh has quit IRC
15:11:07 *** ErKa has quit IRC
15:13:14 <warlord> WTF is 'PAD'?
15:13:27 <warlord> (PAD polling error on Uberdownload?)
15:28:51 <indigo> pad thai?
15:31:40 *** Anthony has joined #gnucash
15:37:47 *** Krumar has joined #gnucash
15:46:29 *** sjc has joined #gnucash
15:52:33 *** Anthony has quit IRC
15:56:14 *** rpg has quit IRC
16:13:22 *** gnucash has joined #gnucash
16:42:45 *** sjc has quit IRC
16:45:18 *** gnucash has left #gnucash
16:50:46 *** sjc has joined #gnucash
16:51:51 *** Bluh has joined #gnucash
16:52:00 <Bluh> Hey again
16:53:24 <Bluh> I'm getting this error opening my gnu file "Can't parse the URL file://E:\PortableApps\GnuCashPortable\Data\Profile\Testing" Am I screwed?
16:58:09 *** fbond has quit IRC
17:01:18 <warlord> Bluh: No clue; you should ask the portableapps folks
17:01:23 <warlord> (but possibly)
17:01:35 <warlord> .... unless you made a copy of your data file somewhere?
17:01:55 <Bluh> I can't open it with full one as well
17:03:08 <warlord> Are you sure that's where you stored your data file?
17:03:13 *** sjc has quit IRC
17:03:19 <warlord> (as opposed to MyDocuments?)
17:03:59 <warlord> But my guess, based on the error, is that if you do not have another copy of your datafile then yes, you are screwed.
17:04:14 <Bluh> :/
17:04:14 <warlord> However it's only a guess; portableapps does their own thing.
17:04:23 <warlord> You *might* be able to use a backup file.
17:04:44 <warlord> But you should definitely move it out of the GnuCashPortable directory
17:06:47 *** rpg has joined #gnucash
17:10:39 *** sjc has joined #gnucash
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19:13:04 *** felle has joined #gnucash
19:13:05 *** gncbot sets mode: +o felle
19:18:42 *** kpreid has joined #gnucash
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20:07:56 *** Krumar has joined #gnucash
21:10:57 *** hasnainj has joined #gnucash
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21:46:01 *** queso has joined #gnucash
21:47:36 <queso> What is the 'R' column for in the general ledger? With values 'n' and 'c'?
21:57:41 <pcroque> queso: I think you're talking about the 'Reconciled' column.
21:57:56 <pcroque> Check here for more info: http://code.gnucash.org/docs/guide/txns-reconcile1.html
21:58:06 <queso> pcroque: Great, thank you.
21:58:18 <pcroque> no problem
22:08:52 *** zehrique has joined #gnucash
22:09:48 <zehrique> warlord, ping?
22:31:00 *** Niner has joined #gnucash
22:31:29 <Niner> Could someone PLEASE give me simple instructions for installing 2.4.0 onto Ubuntu 10.04?
22:36:55 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
22:38:59 *** gnucash has joined #gnucash
22:39:11 <pcroque> Niner: Well...in Ubuntu 10.10 I used the package at getdeb.
22:39:41 <pcroque> Looks like they have Gnucash 2.4.0 for 10.04 too: http://www.getdeb.net/updates/Ubuntu/10.04/
22:42:47 *** hasnainj_ has joined #gnucash
22:45:50 *** gnucash has left #gnucash
22:49:00 <Niner> pcroque----- It didn't install 2.4.0. Don't know why?
22:49:20 *** hasnainj has quit IRC
22:51:53 <pcroque> Niner: hmmm...weird. In 10.10 I just clicked on the 'Install this Now' under Gnucash 2.4.0-1~getdeb1 and the package manager came up and installed it.
22:52:55 <Niner> It installed 2.2.9 but not 2.4.
22:52:55 <pcroque> There are instructions on the site for how to add the getdeb archive also.
22:53:07 <Niner> Ok...I'll look that up.
22:53:50 <pcroque> Look for the link labeled: 'Click here to learn how to install applications from GetDeb'
22:56:53 <zehrique> felle, ping?
22:59:21 <Niner> Got it!!!
22:59:22 <Niner> Thanks.
22:59:36 <pcroque> Sure...glad it worked.
22:59:40 <Niner> Man....I thought I'd be workin' on this for another year!
22:59:47 <Niner> Thanks for the help.
22:59:58 <Niner> Say, do you like 10.10?
23:00:50 <pcroque> It's been great for me.
23:01:12 <pcroque> A few problems...but nothing big.
23:02:03 <Niner> Is it much different in appearance than 10.04?
23:02:46 <pcroque> Not sure...I change the theme and move things around so I'm never sure what the default is.
23:03:16 <pcroque> Are you planning to use the SQLite backend with gnucash 2.4?
23:03:47 <Niner> I don't know what it is.
23:05:13 <pcroque> You're probably OK then. There's a bug with 10.10 that affects that part of gnucash 2.4.
23:05:31 <pcroque> But if you don't use SQLite...it has no effect.
23:05:37 <Niner> Oh boy....thanks.
23:06:02 <Niner> I'm great at wrecking computer. I just LOVE entering commands in Root and seeing what happens.
23:06:18 <pcroque> Hope you're good at backing up too.
23:06:42 <Niner> That's why most of my stuff doesn't work....so I sit around cursing the programmers and blame them for everything that goes wrong on my system.
23:06:51 <Niner> Back up? That's for sissies.
23:07:28 <Niner> Thanks again....good night
23:07:30 *** Niner has quit IRC
23:07:36 <pcroque> Sure...good luck.
23:32:56 *** nomeata has joined #gnucash
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