2011-01-13 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:57:09 <Madcat> Hello. I currently have an older release on my system and want to update to the new release. I have downloaded the source code, but have yet to install. My question is should I remove the existing installation before installing the current release?
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01:58:43 <Madcat> If it makes a difference; I am using PCLinuxOS, Mini-Zen Gnome
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02:41:45 <Madcat> I have reviewed the public logs and found that my question was answered previously. Backup data files, uninstall, and install.
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04:28:59 <mesut> hi al
04:29:04 <mesut> all
04:29:37 <mesut> i need help about gnucash
04:31:01 <mesut> there is our account plan
04:31:19 <mesut> it has customer
04:32:46 <mesut> where can i add my customer ?
04:33:12 <mesut> our account plan or by New Customer way?
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08:53:17 <warlord> mesut: It depends whether you want to use the business features. If so, then you don't need to add accounts per customer.. But then you need to enter all your customer transactions through the business feature interfaces.
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09:07:41 <fell> warlord: what is the source for configure?
09:24:26 <warlord> configure.in?
09:24:33 <warlord> or configure.ac
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09:33:55 <fell> thx
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10:05:28 <mesut> warlord: Thanks for your advice.
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10:45:49 <indigo> hmm so, http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Custom_Reports talks about adding some scheme to "config.user" to load custom reports; i'm assuming the full path would be ~/.gnucash/config.user, but it appears to not have any effect. Are those instructions still current?
10:48:48 <warlord> indigo: not needed for 2.4; just drop the report in the directory with all the other reports.
10:49:12 <indigo> still running 2.2.9 here
10:49:21 <indigo> also i'd like to keep the report in ~ somewhere
10:49:38 <indigo> though, i'm looking at gnucash.trace now, and it is loading the report, i think, but somehow encountering an error
10:50:54 <indigo> * 10:45:05 WARN <Gtk> Refusing to add non-unique action 'BudgetReportAction' to action group 'MenuAdditions'
10:50:57 <warlord> Ah, in that case then (load-from-path ...)
10:51:30 <indigo> the wiki says don't do that
10:52:08 <indigo> "For older versions of GnuCash (before 2.1.x ?) load-from-path was suggested to load reports instead of load, but this is not compatible with the module definition that is now found in all reports."
10:52:46 <indigo> hearts.scm: http://pastebin.com/TtpDfUnu ; i have the module definition at the top
10:53:20 <warlord> oh, sorry.
10:53:26 <warlord> do what the wiki says
10:53:38 <indigo> ok, then i get the error about BudgetReportAction :)
10:54:00 <indigo> i was looking at the budget report as an example, but i don't see where i could have copied anything from it
10:54:08 <indigo> probably something stupid
10:55:20 <warlord> probably
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10:56:23 <fell> indigo: did you generate a new guid for your report??
10:57:11 <indigo> no, where do i do that?
10:57:42 <indigo> oh, i think i see
10:57:49 <fell> gnucash-make-guids 1
10:58:52 <indigo> hrm...i don't see guids in any of the standard reports, maybe it doesn't apply to 2.2.9?
11:00:28 <warlord> I thought 2.2.9 still used guids in reports.
11:00:58 <indigo> the wiki says "Make sure your report has a unique name (for GnuCash 2.2.x and before) or a unique id (GnuCash 2.3.x and later). These are set at the end of your code in a gnc:define-report statement"
11:01:26 <indigo> regardless, i don't see any guid in the standard reports referenced near gnc:define-report
11:02:02 <fell> search for (gnc:define-report
11:03:06 <indigo> i see where it is called
11:03:09 <indigo> i don't see any guid there
11:03:43 <indigo> unless... my custom report needs one, but the standard reports do not?
11:05:15 <fell> No, reports were identified in old versions by name, later by guids.
11:05:43 <warlord> indigo: you have to understand that most of us haven't been running 2.2.x in well over a year.
11:05:52 <warlord> (or two!)
11:08:58 <indigo> i think that error about BudgetReportAction isn't anything i'm doing
11:09:28 <warlord> Well, you could test it by removing your config.user and see if you still get the error.
11:09:54 <indigo> i changed hearts.scm to just (define-module (gnucash report hearts)) and i still get the error
11:10:09 <indigo> but also notably i see the output of a (display "woo!") i put in config.user
11:10:37 <indigo> i think previously it was failing before it finished loading hearts.scm, but i've no idea where
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11:15:55 <indigo> ok, turns out it was a syntax error. should that be logged somewhere?
11:35:45 <warlord> Depends.. Maybe in the gnucash.trace file
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13:55:12 <indigo> so, trying to understand how reports generate html, i've found references to a report-html.txt for documentation. However, it seems to exist no longer. Is there another place I can look?
13:56:52 <warlord> It's in ./src/report/report-system/doc/report-html.txt
13:58:25 <indigo> ah, thanks
14:36:41 <indigo> so, is it accurate to say that html-text is just a container that aggregates one or more other html markup items into one?
14:36:59 <indigo> i'm a little bit confused, because html has another thing called text objects
14:41:04 <warlord> I have no idea. I just always copy existing reports and modify as-needed.
15:04:40 <fell> indigo: google for selfhtml for good explainations.
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15:39:44 <Silly> Is there any problem with opening a file from both windows and linux (not at the same time)?
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15:48:53 <jsled> Silly: nope, there shouldn't be
15:49:43 <indigo> i'm struggling to figure out how i can make a <ul> with each <li> containing both a link and some plain text, like <ul><li><a href="...">foo</a> bar</li></ul>
15:50:42 <indigo> i can make the link, but gnc:html-markup-ul takes a list of html objects, and i'm not sure how i append the links i made with plain text so each can be an element in the list i give to gnc:html-markup-ul.
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15:55:48 <PeterM> hi all, is there a way to automatically import transaction into a split
15:56:11 <indigo> import from what?
15:56:49 <PeterM> OFX file for cashflow, operation account and credit card
15:57:43 <PeterM> I want to automaticaly split transaction and put 50% in a receivable account
15:58:49 <PeterM> either when I import them or I could do it one transaction at a time in the context menu...something like "Split with ABC account"
16:00:02 <indigo> i don't know of a way to do that
16:00:29 <indigo> well, besides importing your transactions then editing each one.
16:00:54 <PeterM> would it be easy to program you think
16:01:29 <indigo> i have no idea
16:02:39 <PeterM> my case is pretty simple...I gave my GF a 2nd cc with my name and I when I import the bills each month I want to put 50% of everything in her receivable account
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16:37:21 <warlord> PeterM: No, the OFX importer cannot import Split transactions
16:51:13 <indigo> hm so, the report i'd like to write involves calculating the change in balance of an account for each of the past 30 days. I've found gnc:account-get-comm-value-interval, and gnc:get-today, but where do i look for means to calculate yesterday, and so on?
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16:52:04 <indigo> i see date-utilities.scm references a bunch of procedures starting with tm: ; what are these, and where are they documented?
16:53:53 <warlord> probably in the sources.
16:54:51 <warlord> There is a xaccAccountGetBalanceAsOfDate() function that you can possibly use.
16:55:16 <warlord> I suspect that gnc:account-get-comm-value-interval uses that function.
16:55:22 <indigo> tm:* isn't anything in the gnucash sources, at least as far as ctags can find
16:55:46 <warlord> Where do you see these "tm:" functions used/defined?
16:56:07 <indigo> i see them used in src/app-utils/date-utilities.scm
16:57:25 <indigo> generally, i haven't really figured out how to get documentation on an unknown thing in scheme yet. In python, i'd run "pydoc THING", or in C, "man THING"; is there something like that for scheme?
16:57:29 <warlord> tm: are standard guile things
16:57:38 <warlord> guile
16:57:38 <warlord> guile> tm:year
16:57:38 <warlord> #<procedure tm:year (obj)>
16:57:38 <warlord> guile>
16:57:53 <warlord> google?
16:58:00 <indigo> so if i wanted to find documentation on that without bugging you, how would i do that?
16:58:14 <indigo> yeah, google works sometimes
16:58:24 <warlord> The first hit in google for "tm:year" was: http://www.gnu.org/software/guile/manual/html_node/Time.html
16:58:33 <indigo> ok, it works in this case :)
16:58:43 <indigo> but it doesn't work for say, "apply", or "let*", or "-"
16:59:04 <warlord> apply and let* are seriously basic scheme-isms. Have you read the MIT Scheme Reference ?
16:59:15 <warlord> '-' is, well, '-'
16:59:15 <indigo> not the whole thing, but yes
16:59:25 <warlord> apply, let*, and - are all in there.
16:59:35 <warlord> but (- 4 3) gives you '1'
16:59:39 <indigo> yes, i've found them all, eventually, but not without a lot of searching
16:59:49 <warlord> Maybe your google fu is weak?
16:59:59 <indigo> maybe
17:00:09 <indigo> so, what you are saying is scheme doesn't have any documentation index
17:00:29 <indigo> it's ok, not every language can be great.
17:00:31 <jsled> that manual linked there is one
17:01:01 <warlord> True, the URL I posted above has an index of all the guile methods.
17:01:09 <jsled> it's not quite as nice as your standard javadoc-style html index
17:01:20 <warlord> true
17:02:06 <jsled> but, for instance, let{,*,rec}: http://www.gnu.org/software/guile/manual/html_node/Local-Bindings.html#Local-Bindings
17:02:12 <indigo> probably this will be less of an issue for me after the basic things aren't the things i'm trying to find
17:02:19 <jsled> true
17:02:27 <indigo> let, for example, isn't in that index
17:02:46 <jsled> I just said it is. :)
17:02:57 <indigo> it's in the manual, yes, but it's not in the index.
17:03:00 <jsled> ah
17:03:10 <indigo> if i don't know what let is, it's difficult to know where in the manual to look
17:03:20 <indigo> and it's a common enough word it's hard to find with a general search engine
17:03:22 <jsled> er, yes it is: http://www.gnu.org/software/guile/manual/html_node/Procedure-Index.html#Procedure-Index
17:03:54 <indigo> ok, i sit corrected.
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21:21:18 <Gayle> Newbie traumatized by 15 plus hrs with Quicken tech support, no resolution. Now I remember why I stopped using Quicken years ago. Not a geek, a grandmother, can anyone coach me through gnu's interface for online banking? I found all the info but it isn't downloading accounts. (I have been online banking with my bank for years)
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23:04:56 <aindilis> I am wondering if there is a way to script invoices with Perl so that I can write a function that auto-generates invoices from gnotime or ktimetracker data.
23:06:05 <aindilis> there are some scripts out there for reading the gnucash xml file which could help to populate the clients and projects of gnotime and ktimetracker
23:06:59 <indigo> aindilis: i don't know about perl, but scheme, C, and I hear Python bindings are available to the gnucash api.
23:07:13 <aindilis> thanks, will google
23:07:43 <indigo> also the latest version supports a postgresql and sqlite backend, which you could access from perl.
23:08:08 <aindilis> okay, thanks a bunch, I think this will be sufficient
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