2011-01-11 GnuCash IRC logs

00:01:12 <bonez> fell: the lure of networkability built in to gnucash is too tempting for me..
00:02:40 <fell> I could imagine getdeb has the bleeding edge.
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01:27:01 <dbueno> is there any way to get a notification when an account goes negative?
01:27:49 <dbueno> I do a kind of envelope thing where a "budgeted cash" account balances against various "envelopes" (e.g. I have an account for my food budget from the last paycheck)
01:28:04 <dbueno> I'd like to know when I've overcharged (e.g.) the food budget, even if there is budgeted cash left....
01:28:13 <dbueno> I was hoping for a pop-up or something.
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08:50:13 <warlord> dbueno: it can show up red in the Chart of Accounts, but other than that there is no notification per se.
08:51:06 <warlord> bonez: I believe there is 2.4.0 in Debian-experimental
08:51:20 <warlord> (but I dont know what new dependencies it pulls in)
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09:55:27 <warlord> Hmm, do I have to restart apache for it to take a new cert?
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10:06:02 <natanoj> warlord: probably, but a graceful restart should be enough i think
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10:07:01 <warlord> I'll worry about that later. The existing cert is valid for a bit longer.
10:08:20 <natanoj> don't do now, what you can do later :)
10:10:11 <warlord> heh. yep
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11:05:09 <indigo> hard work pays off later, but procrastination pays off now.
11:05:56 <warlord> :)
11:06:10 <warlord> If I have to restart the server I'd prefer to 'announce' it.
11:06:22 <warlord> (The current cert is still valid for 2 days)
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11:18:31 <bonez> warlord: Is there any directive, any documentation on moving from 2.2.x to 2.4 ? I have 2.2.9 installed and running, but I want to install and work on 2.4 instead.. How do I correctly transition from one version to the next?
11:26:56 <fell> bonez: It is alway good to have a backup of the data file. then unistall 2.2.9 and install 2.4.0
11:27:32 <bonez> ok..
11:32:05 <warlord> bonez: what OS/Distro? generally, just exit 2.2.x and start up 2.4.0
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11:38:51 <bonez> ubuntu 10.04 lts
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11:51:24 <warlord> bonez: well, you can try pulling the debian/unstable 2.4.0 build, or you can build it yourself. Just exit 2.2 and run 2.4 and you should be all set. You might want to backup your data file first just to be safe.
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12:43:58 <riyas50> hi
12:44:17 <riyas50> i'm using gnucash 2.2.9
12:44:26 <riyas50> only one currency i'm using
12:44:35 <riyas50> how do i close the books for 2010
12:44:43 <riyas50> can any one help me out?
12:45:47 <warlord> riyas50: why do you feel you need to close your books?
12:46:08 <riyas50> 31/12/2010 was my closing date for the accounts for that year
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12:47:52 <warlord> Sure, but... why do you feel you need to "close the books"?
12:48:03 <warlord> What exactly are you expecting the process to accomplish for you?
12:48:41 <riyas50> i want the net profit for the last year to be added to equity and continue accounting
12:49:38 <warlord> Have you run a Balance Sheet report?
12:50:17 <riyas50> yes I run balance sheet report
12:50:28 <warlord> And that's not sufficient?
12:51:03 <warlord> GnuCash does have a "Close Books" tool; it will migrate all you Income and Expense into an Equity account. HOWEVER, if you run it then many reports wont work if you "cross the closing date"
12:51:38 <riyas50> is it ok for me to continue without closing the book for the last year?
12:51:53 <warlord> Of course.
12:52:00 <warlord> I haven't closed my books in 7 years
12:52:09 <warlord> The reports will calculate your yearly amounts.
12:52:25 <warlord> Between the P&L and BS reports you get all the info you need.
12:52:43 <riyas50> so if i take balance sheet for the current year, does it include my last year net profit also?
12:53:42 <warlord> Yes.
12:53:50 <riyas50> then its fine for me.
12:54:06 <riyas50> I thought it is necessary to close the books every year
12:54:36 <warlord> Nope.
12:55:07 <riyas50> thank you for your help
12:55:12 <warlord> ypu're welcome
12:55:15 <riyas50> i have another question
12:55:50 <riyas50> can i upgrade to 2.4.0 from 2.2.9?
12:56:04 <jsled> (no topic is set, here)
12:56:46 <warlord> riyas50: yes
12:57:07 <warlord> jsled: here, either. let me try to reset it.
12:57:08 <riyas50> does it affect my current data in anyway?
12:57:19 <warlord> riyas50: it shouldnt
12:58:06 *** warlord changes topic to "Free GPL Personal and Small Business Accounting || Please don't ask to ask, just ask and wait! || publically-logged channel || latest stable: 2.4.0 || www.gnucash.org"
12:58:08 <riyas50> ok
12:58:26 <warlord> Always make a backup.
12:58:45 <riyas50> what folder i have to backup?
12:59:52 <warlord> Your data file
12:59:58 <warlord> .. wherever you store it
13:00:21 <riyas50> ok, i know the location of those files
13:01:25 <riyas50> thank you for all of your help
13:01:29 <riyas50> actually i
13:01:42 <riyas50> actually i'm using IRC for the firt time.
13:01:49 <riyas50> thank you once again.
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19:00:53 <indigo> warlord: i'm curious, if you don't close your books, are you able to reconcile things like interest accounts with savings statements, mortgage statements, etc?
19:01:34 <indigo> i've always added closing entries so the balance showes YTD that corresponds with the statements, and i reconcile the closing split against my IRS forms
19:01:49 <warlord> indigo: of course you can.
19:02:03 <warlord> the P&L report will give you year-to-date income and expenses.
19:02:20 <indigo> i'd think the reconcile tool wouldn't work, though
19:02:59 <indigo> is that right?
19:09:16 <warlord> Eh? Reconciliation works fine.
19:10:03 <indigo> hm...maybe we aren't thinking of the same thing
19:10:42 <indigo> on my mortgage bill, it shows interest paid YTD
19:10:59 <indigo> i reconcile this (with the reconcile tool) against Expenses:Mortgage Interest
19:11:50 <warlord> Why would you do that?
19:12:04 <indigo> well, seemed like a good idea at the time :)
19:12:13 <warlord> Just run the P&L report and look at the total and see if it matches your statement.
19:12:15 <indigo> mostly because it has tax consequences
19:12:35 <indigo> and i like the extra protection against accidental changes that having the transaction marked as "reconciled" gives me
19:13:19 <indigo> but i understand what you are saying; just wanted to make sure there wasn't a trick i was missing :)
19:16:57 <warlord> yeah, I see what you're saying. I think that's a particularly unique case. I tend not to trust reconciliation to prevent accidental manipulation -- there are still plenty of ways to change reconciled transactions if you know how
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19:55:06 <mishehu> I trust reconciliations to verify what my bank has on file. nothing more or less. :-)
19:59:04 <warlord> mishehu: right, but a P&L can verify that the interest is correct, and honestly you're entering the amounts off the mortgage statement anyways so really there isn't much to reconcile.
20:29:02 <mishehu> I guess I dont' go into THAT much detail heh
20:29:10 <mishehu> on my reconciliations
20:35:36 <warlord> Right. I dont either
20:35:49 <warlord> I reconcile my asset and liabilities; not my interest payments.
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20:56:32 <talexb> I've just dumped a transaction report .. it's in HTML by default I guess. Does GnuCash dump in any other format? I'm thinking I'd like to be able to pull this into a spreadsheet.
20:58:48 <warlord> You can generally pull the html into a spreadsheet; it has the appropriate html table keys to do so
20:59:25 <indigo> well, in my case my mortage payments are created by SX, so when I see reconciled = Y, I know I actually verified it against a statement.
21:02:56 <talexb> warlord Yeah .. tried just opening it in OpenOffice and it ignored the open spreadsheet program and opened it in Writer/Web.
21:03:54 <talexb> OK -- I'm an idiot. Insert Sheet From File did exactly what I needed.
21:04:57 <warlord> indigo: I just check it every month anyways.
21:05:20 <warlord> talexb: there you go
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21:29:13 <indigo> so speaking of mortgages...i'm having a hell of a time getting the repayment druid to agree with the amortization schedule provided by my mank.
21:31:27 <warlord> could be #sigfigs, accrual method, ...
21:31:43 <indigo> hrm
21:32:03 <indigo> it must not be calculating interest the way i'm expecting
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21:32:15 <Zarly> Worldwide Protests for free speech and a free press is happening on January 15th - support us, join us, check it out at http://operationcelebration.net/wiki/ and http://whyweprotest.net - thank you and we look for your support
21:32:18 <indigo> the rate is 6.5%, and the principal is 102392.64
21:32:41 <jsled> Zarly: spam by any other name is still spam. leave
21:32:52 <indigo> 102392.64 * 0.065 / 12 = $554.63 due in interest for the first month, i figure
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21:33:19 <indigo> the druid is calculating 553.97 for the first payment
21:33:21 <indigo> in interest
21:34:43 <warlord> how about the second payment?
21:35:16 <indigo> $553.32, it says
21:35:48 <indigo> and actually, i've been twiddling the numbers one way or the other by one month to see if i can get it to agree
21:36:26 <indigo> but regardless of the number of payments i tell it i have remaining, the first payment should be the same if it's calculating interest the way i'm expecting
21:37:23 <indigo> for example, I know I have N payments remaining, but I had to tell the druid I have N+1 to get the review step to list them all
21:37:35 <indigo> otherwise it lists one payment too few
21:37:50 <warlord> accrual at start v. end of month>
21:37:51 <warlord> ?
21:38:26 <indigo> perhaps; i tried twiddling the payment formula in the druid, but it doesn't seem to have any effect on the review step
21:39:59 <indigo> does the review step calculate values using the payment formula, or does it ignore that, and calculate values using its own formula, using the inputs i provided elsewhere?
21:40:33 <warlord> i have no idea
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22:09:46 <stixl> in "Find Vendor" I noted that in the displayed result, vendor #16 onwards have company name and contact top half truncated. Anyone have similar issue?
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23:42:29 <indigo> you know what...i think i can never get the loan SX to work for me, because i have made additional principal payments
23:43:19 <indigo> consequently my interest expense is lower, but my monthly payment (interest + principal) is fixed since the start of the loan