2011-01-10 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:33:29 <Quick-Nic> hello
11:33:35 <Quick-Nic> I have a question
11:33:58 <Quick-Nic> I just upgraded from 2.2.9 to 2.4.0, running on mac os x
11:34:50 <Quick-Nic> I'm trying to get my decimal separator character changed from . to ,
11:34:58 <Quick-Nic> But can't find out how to do it
11:35:47 <Quick-Nic> (Already changed it in my system settings on osx)
11:36:15 <Quick-Nic> i'm running with LANG and LANGUAGE set to nl_NL.UTF-8
11:36:38 <warlord> If that's not working then your locale is broken.
11:36:38 <Quick-Nic> (which should logicaly default to , as decimal separator)
11:36:56 <warlord> Indeed, an nl_NL locale should give you , as decimal sep.
11:38:34 <Quick-Nic> hmm
11:39:27 <Quick-Nic> My OSX system is set to English though, only changed the LANG and LANGUAGE in the Gnucash script file
11:39:59 <Quick-Nic> works for the menu's, but maybe not for the number settings?
11:40:25 <Quick-Nic> (Used to work properly in 2.2.9)
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11:47:15 <Quick-Nic> warlord: any hints on where I could look to check my locale settings?
11:49:10 <warlord> Quick-Nic: sorry, was on the phone. How/where did you change it only for GnuCash. I think the method might have changed from 2.2.9 -> 2.4
11:50:15 <Quick-Nic> i changed it in the file Gnucash file in Gnucash.app/Contents/MacOS
11:50:24 <Quick-Nic> added 2 lines
11:50:32 <Quick-Nic> export LANG=nl_NL.UTF-8
11:50:32 <Quick-Nic> export LANGUAGE=nl_NL.UTF-8
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11:51:47 <Quick-Nic> The docs say something about an environment file on windows, but I can't find something similar on osx
11:51:52 <warlord> I'm not sure that's the right way in 2.4; on all other platforms there is an "environment" file.
11:52:10 <warlord> On Windows and Linux it's in '.../etc/gnucash/environment'
11:52:19 <Quick-Nic> (It works for menu language and stuff)
11:53:16 * warlord shrugs
11:53:19 <warlord> I don't have a Mac
11:53:24 <warlord> So ... Can't really help you.
11:53:25 <Quick-Nic> hehe
11:53:40 <warlord> You could try asking on the gnucash-user mailing list; jralls is the guy you need to talk to.
11:54:30 <Quick-Nic> does he use irc?
11:56:03 <warlord> not often
11:56:10 <warlord> which is why I said "mailing list"
11:57:17 <Quick-Nic> I'm not so handy with mailing lists ;-) but will try it if I can't find anything
11:57:20 <Quick-Nic> thanks
11:58:45 <Quick-Nic> ah
11:58:59 <Quick-Nic> managed to create an environment.sh file which is loaded by default
11:59:40 <Quick-Nic> put the 2 export lines in, works for menu's but still no decimal ,
11:59:52 <Quick-Nic> would there be any other variables that would need to be set?
12:01:23 <Quick-Nic> i think 2.2.9 had things like LC_MONETARY, don't know if 2.4 has variables like that (although i never had to do anything with them in 2.2.9)
12:01:44 <warlord> It does, but LC_MONETARY should only be necessary if it's different than LANG/LANGUAGE
12:03:18 <Quick-Nic> hmm
12:05:13 <Quick-Nic> oh wow, fixed it
12:05:59 <Quick-Nic> by changing my osx system region from custom to dutch
12:06:43 <Quick-Nic> strange but true :-)
12:06:48 <Quick-Nic> thanks again warlord
12:07:51 <Quick-Nic> is this something I should file a bug report for?
12:21:41 <warlord> i dont think so.
12:22:45 <blathijs> Ey, Quick-Nic!
12:23:46 <blathijs> Quick-Nic: Perhaps OSX only actually generates the locale when you select it in some GUI thingy? Apart from selecting it with LANG, the locale also actually has to be available (on Debian, you have to check it at dpkg-reconfigure locales, for example)
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13:09:00 <Quick-Nic> hey blathijs :-)
13:10:46 <Quick-Nic> could be, I don't know how OSX locale stuff works
13:11:04 <Quick-Nic> Will add a section to the docs about setting language in OSX
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13:11:53 <warlord> Quick-Nic: docs? or wiki?
13:11:58 <Quick-Nic> wiki
13:12:09 <warlord> ok
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13:23:39 <Quick-Nic> ok section is up on the wiki
13:24:24 <warlord> Did you make sure to keep the older 2.2.x info?
13:24:29 <warlord> (thanks)
13:26:56 <Quick-Nic> yeah, only added a new part about language on osx in the same style as the language on windows
13:26:59 <Quick-Nic> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Translation
13:27:39 <Quick-Nic> least I can do back for the community (and people with same problem as me ;-) )
13:29:04 <warlord> Quick-Nic: oh, translation... that's more for people who are working on the translations. That's not generally for end users.
13:29:10 <warlord> Look in the FAQ page.
13:29:15 <warlord> (and make adjustments there)
13:33:04 <Quick-Nic> ok will also add it on the FAQ page
13:34:13 <fell> warlord: LANG setting is in many places. I was thinking about moving the most recent section from translation in an own page and link all other occurrences.
13:36:14 <warlord> fell: sounds good.
13:36:43 <warlord> Note that IMHO the "Translation" page should really only contain information for translators. It should point the "HowTo" to somewhere else.
13:38:09 <Quick-Nic> updated the FAQ
13:38:34 <fell> It started as a quick note for new windows translators and became over time THAT reference. :-)
13:38:45 <warlord> heh.
13:38:47 <warlord> Time to restructure?
13:38:58 <fell> 5 min.?
13:39:24 <Quick-Nic> sounds like it
13:39:51 <Quick-Nic> when searching how to fix my problem google brought me to the translation page, and not the FAQ ;-)
13:40:57 <warlord> fell: no, now now NOW! ;)
13:41:02 <Quick-Nic> would you guys like me to also add instructions for osx on 2.2.9 or only leave it for 2.4?
13:41:09 <fell> heh
13:41:15 <warlord> Quick-Nic: notes for 2.2 and 2.4 would be nice, please.
13:41:32 <Quick-Nic> ok :-)
13:48:19 <Quick-Nic> oke also up for 2.2 now
13:50:53 <warlord> Thanks!
13:51:40 <Quick-Nic> my pleasure :-)
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13:53:54 <fell> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Local_Settings
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14:07:47 <warlord> FYI, This is wrong:
14:07:50 <warlord> LANG={en_US}
14:07:50 <warlord> LANGUAGE=en_US
14:07:56 <warlord> It should be:
14:07:59 <warlord> LANG=en_US
14:08:04 <warlord> LANGUAGE={LANG}
14:08:15 <warlord> literally. The {...} is a variable-expansion.
14:08:51 <warlord> (I'll go fix that)
14:11:04 <warlord> done
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14:41:28 <blathijs> warlord: Shouldn't that be ${en_US} ?
14:46:45 <warlord> Nope
14:50:44 <blathijs> ok :-)
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14:54:50 <jim> I have gnucash installed on a windows desktop using mysql as the backend on a linux server. However, from a ubuntu 10.10 laptop there is no option to open a mysql connection. What am I missing?
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14:55:38 <jsled> what version of gnucash on your ubuntu laptop?
14:56:01 <jim> 2.2.9
14:56:12 <jsled> 2.4 is the first (stable) version with db backend support
14:56:23 <warlord> jim: 2.2 cannot read mysql
14:56:30 <warlord> You need 2.4
14:57:02 <jim> looks like I need 2.4, didn't realize that was a new feature
14:57:07 <warlord> Yep
14:57:10 <jim> thanks for the help
14:57:16 <jim> off to d/l now
14:57:27 <warlord> Good luck!
14:57:48 <warlord> (note that there is a known problem with libdbi on UB10.10)
14:59:55 <jim> how long does it take for the current version to be available in software center list?
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15:18:48 <BigR> There is a GnuCash v2.4 "tip of the day" that says "Warning!! This is a DEVELOPMENT version ..."
15:18:58 <BigR> and I didn't see in my quick glance at bugzilla
15:19:26 <BigR> is this a feature, or a bug, and is it know? ;)
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15:19:51 <warlord> Not known. It should be removed from the release. Please file a bug report.
15:20:17 <BigR> ok
15:20:31 <warlord> Thanks
15:21:27 <BigR> it's the least i could do.
15:21:47 <BigR> For all the work put into this softwares.
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15:26:13 <natanoj> my search (web and installed files) fails at locating where the diagram reports are defined/executed
15:26:32 <natanoj> is there a way to customize the look of the generated charts (besides the GUI options)?
15:26:47 <natanoj> i want to have a smaller font in the legend for example
15:28:01 <warlord> natanoj: I do not believe that is easily customizable. I'm not even sure it's something that's easily changed by hacking the scheme. frankly, i dont know where the label fonts are defined.
15:28:49 <BigR> Bug 639172 filed for "tip of the day"
15:33:46 <warlord> thanks.
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15:47:43 <BigR> oops
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15:53:30 <natanoj> warlord: ok, well, i don't care that much about it being "easy"... if someone has a tip for where to start looking for it that would be nice
15:53:45 <warlord> which report, exactly?
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16:16:59 <natanoj> warlord: two actually, expense barchart and expense piechart
16:17:59 <natanoj> ok, so this might be a strange use case, but i (we) show all expense accounts (23 i think)
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16:18:29 <natanoj> this is just for personal use, kind of a follow-up on our personal economy, year by year
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16:19:08 <natanoj> actually, what could suit this better would be to export the data series for the given reports so that i can use another tool for the graphing
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16:19:55 <natanoj> i kind of like software to do one thing and do that one thing good... (note, not saying gnucash is not good, it is great!)
16:20:35 <natanoj> for the expense piechart, if i show all 23 accounts the actual chart is hidden by the legend (which has grown to be 2 columns wide...)
16:20:56 <natanoj> if i make the report area larger all that happens is that the text is magnified...
16:21:44 <warlord> Ah, I think in the expense piechart you can adjust the scheme to increase the size of the pie image.
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16:29:30 <natanoj> warlord: thanks, will take a closer look after some sleep, getting late here. a quick glance didn't catch anything right now, but then again, i should probably take the time to finally learn some scheme properly
16:30:46 <natanoj> guess i could probably write a report that will just export my numbers to a csv file somewhere and then i can roll over that with say gnuplot or similar... later though, now sleep.
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16:34:02 <warlord> Well, it could be something contained in the master scheme files, or encoded in a 'number'
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16:38:43 <natanoj> well, as far as i can see the account-piecharts.scm only receives and sets the width and height given from gnucash directly to the chart object. and the legend is just added to the chart
16:39:25 <natanoj> so either the font sizes are set somewhere else or it is just some default
16:39:49 <natanoj> now i really need to go to bed before i'll fall asleep on the keyboard, thanks for the help
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16:46:02 <warlord> okay.
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20:19:37 <fell> Hey native speakers: Is http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Local_Settings or Locale_settings the right spelling?
20:24:54 <warlord> It depends whether you're trying to set the Locale (LANG/LANGUAGE) or these are settings for various (local) sites.
20:26:17 <fell> Ah, then I will move the page (with a redirekt for people like me)
20:29:13 <warlord> Heh. Okay.
20:35:43 <fell> finished! with breaks 8 hours to join the knowledge of 3 pages.
20:42:33 <warlord> :)
21:38:26 <bonez> I am encouraged after entering several receipts..my question: I run gnucash on my linux box but my wife logs on to her mac book and my son logs on with his win xp pro machine to our home LAN: How can I get them both access so they can enter accounting data on gnucash too?
21:39:24 <warlord> bonez: set up a network file share
21:39:45 <warlord> (note that only one person can be using gnucash at a time.. and they have full access to the whole data set)
21:40:10 <warlord> Your other option is to upgrade to 2.4 and set up a MySQL or Postgres server and use that.
21:40:17 <warlord> anyways, I'm off for the night.
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21:41:43 <bonez> thanks
21:42:19 <jsled> note that the db backend has the same serialization constraint
21:51:11 <bonez> jsled: was that meant for me?
21:51:30 <jsled> yes
21:53:03 <bonez> ok.. I was wandering around in the .bz2 archive, reading up on how best to install 2.4 on my ubuntu 10.04 system
21:53:23 <bonez> this is great news.. the networked sharing.
21:54:24 <bonez> the documentation says, oh, just use the Ubuntu Software Center.. but it doesn't want to update to 2.4.. which I expect with debian derivative.. but I'll do the tarball from source...
21:54:42 <bonez> I don't yet know what the serialization constraint is.. but I'll find out
21:55:09 <jsled> only one instance of gnucash can have the data{file,base} open for edits at any time
21:55:55 <bonez> right.. so if I have it open, to write and read, will others trying to access get a Read Only notice? they can read but not write?
21:56:26 <jsled> I can't recall if there's an "open read-only" mode
21:57:07 <bonez> I'll find out.. this will allow me and wife and son and others to all access accounting data
21:57:24 <bonez> this is a huge step in right direction
22:06:59 <fell> bonez: 2.4 is to fresh for the stable ubuntu repository, but there might be others like testing, experimental or similar.
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