2011-01-05 GnuCash IRC logs

00:15:23 <mishehu> fell: that's the failing of the PSTN... if you do VoIP calls you can get CD quality audio even
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09:35:18 <Askarii> Is there a function used to close accounts in a book for year-end closing?
09:35:23 <Askarii> or is it done manually?
09:36:55 <blathijs> Askarii: There is an item in the Tools menu, that takes the sum of all income and expense accounts and books them to a single (balance) account
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11:09:19 <longelas> Hello all, first of all Happy new Year!!! can anyone tell me please if there is a manual(help documentation) in Romanian and if it is where can I fond it? Thank you very match.
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12:28:30 <fell> longelas: Nobody gave us a romanian manual. The closest we have, woould be italian in http://code.gnucash.org/docs/
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12:48:11 <indigo> is anyone actively working on the budget functionality?
12:53:21 <warlord> indigo: nope
12:55:02 <indigo> i'm strongly tempted
12:55:28 <warlord> go for it
12:55:53 <indigo> i've never really done a budget so i don't know really what's missing
12:56:01 <indigo> but, i'm thinking two simple changes to start
12:56:16 <indigo> 1) add a total for all the periods in the budget editor
12:56:32 <indigo> so i can set my monthly budget expenses, and see the year total, for example
12:57:00 <indigo> 2) for each budget period, calculate and display income-expenses, and assets-liabilities
12:57:29 <warlord> #1 would be C + glade-UI, #2 would probably be scheme
12:57:51 <indigo> i'm wanting #2 in the budget editor
12:58:02 <indigo> the use i have in mind is to help me answer two questions:
12:58:09 <indigo> 1) is my proposed budget going to make me any money
12:58:31 <indigo> 2) have i budgeted assets and liabilities to pay for the expenses and income i expect to incur
12:59:29 <indigo> does the budget editor hit scheme at all? or just the report?
12:59:42 <warlord> I'm pretty sure the editor is all C+Glade
12:59:51 <warlord> But I've never looked there, or used it.
12:59:57 <indigo> that's good, because i don't know scheme.
13:00:49 <warlord> Eh, scheme is easy
13:02:10 <indigo> yeah, probably
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13:11:59 <mib_qjc8du> hello, can anyone tell me if it's possible to reorder entries that are all on the same date? i thought i may be able to do this by editing the time of the entry but i can't seem to find how to do that. any ideas?
13:13:10 <warlord> transaction order is: post date, number, date-entered.
13:13:23 <mib_qjc8du> i'm using 2.2.9 atm (but very much looking forward to trying out the newer ones with mysql support - props to the devs for that)
13:13:27 <warlord> So, you need to enter them in order, or use the 'num' column to order them
13:14:49 <mib_qjc8du> ah ok. so does the date ordering take a time part of the date into account?
13:15:46 <warlord> There is no 'time' in the post-date, there is a timestamp in the 'entered date'
13:16:51 <mib_qjc8du> oh. i've been entering dates as `YYYY-MM-DD [HH:MM:SS]` - is the time part just ignored for those?
13:17:15 <warlord> yes
13:17:39 <mib_qjc8du> oh i see. ok thank you for the info
13:17:45 <warlord> you're welcome
13:22:27 <mib_qjc8du> i seem to be experiencing different behaviour to that though. 2 entries with the same date, and changing the "num" is not changing their order
13:24:03 <warlord> The 'num' column is compared numerically. What did you put in there?
13:24:19 <mib_qjc8du> erm... though resetting the date to the same as it already is has fixed it
13:24:47 <mib_qjc8du> 6666 & 7777
13:25:37 <mib_qjc8du> anyway, not a biggy - i can certainly work around this
13:26:01 <warlord> Hmm, not sure what that didn't work.
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13:26:16 <warlord> Anyways, it will usually order the transactions based on the order you enter them.
13:29:03 <mib_qjc8du> ok. thanks again
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17:35:47 <Karen_m> does anyone know of a free invoicing tool for ubuntu that I can use temporarily until I get gnucash from crashing?
17:35:47 <gncbot> Karen_m: Sent 18 hours ago: <warlord> the job creation crasher is a known issue with a known fix. Definitely fixed in 2.4.0
17:35:51 <Karen_m> gnucash will keep on crashing
17:36:03 <Karen_m> how do I upgrade to 2.4.0 on ubuntu?
17:40:39 <Karen_m> i found getdeb.net, trying that
17:40:42 <Karen_m> merci
18:06:02 <warlord> Karen_m: the 'new job' crashing bug fix is just a change to an xml file..
18:06:15 <warlord> I would have told you that 18 hours ago, but you only stayed online for 3 minutes.
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18:20:54 <warlock_mza> hi guys, just wondering if there's a commandline interface to gnucash ?
18:21:16 <jsled> no
18:21:24 <warlord> warlock_mza: sorry, no
18:21:40 <warlock_mza> warlord, web interface ?
18:22:20 <warlord> nope.
18:22:22 <warlord> it's a desktop app
18:23:31 <warlock_mza> warlord, yeah, I've used it for about 3 years now, the thing is that I use 4 machines on a regular basis and I'd like to input from all 4 of them withouth having to worry about sync'ing the archives, any ideas ?
18:26:44 <warlock_mza> is there any way to tell gnucash to run against a central server ?
18:26:57 <jsled> no
18:27:18 <warlock_mza> any plans for the near future ?
18:27:19 <jsled> you can use traditional file sharing, but access to the datafile is serialized
18:27:21 <warlord> sure, there is... NDS
18:27:22 <warlord> NFS
18:27:36 <warlord> But yes... you need to serialize access. Only 1 system at a time
18:27:49 <warlock_mza> ok thanks then
18:30:37 <Karen_m> warlord, what is the change? I am sorry, i was forced to go yesterday lol
18:31:38 <warlord> Karen_m: It was a change to one of the glade files. Hold on..
18:35:04 <warlord> Hmm... I can't find the changeset.
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18:39:38 <Karen_m> k
18:43:56 <warlord> I'm pretty sure it was fixed...
18:44:12 <warlord> But my memory is getting worse as I get older.
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