2011-01-04 GnuCash IRC logs

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10:04:02 <jakob_> Has anyone had a problem with printing checks from gnucash 2.4.0 running on Vista? The text is printed as microscopic characters in the upper left corner of the checks?
10:07:32 <warlord> jakob_: Didn't you ask this last night? There was a report of the font being way too small.
10:09:53 <jakob_> Yes.. I did ask about this last night. I am checking again today thinking there may be more (or different) people using the irc channel now.
10:13:09 <warlord> Nope.
10:18:15 <warlord> It's most certainly a font problem, possibly related to choosing the 'default font' for printing.
10:18:53 <fell> jakob_ you should check the wiki, the mailinglist and bugilla, IIRC that issue had been reported and resolved before.
10:19:11 <fell> bugzilla
10:19:35 <warlord> fell: It might not have been resolved if he's seeing the problem in 2.4.0
10:20:41 <fell> wrong fonts as default, fontsize, ... some stupid setting probably.
10:22:38 <fell> it must not be the same, but it could be similar.
10:27:04 <jakob_> I tried selecting a different font. No joy. But it did show that the problem is not just the font size. The text of the entire check is appearing in an area of about 1 inch square.
10:27:30 <warlord> I wonder if it's a printing problem due to the change to WebKit?
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13:12:44 <Askarii> ahhh goody
13:12:48 <Askarii> so happy 2.4 is out
13:13:09 <Askarii> but I can't use a different language in the interface.... the process in the WIKI no longer works.
13:13:21 <Askarii> How do we change the language of the interface?
13:18:21 <warlord> Askarii: what OS/Distro?
13:18:53 <warlord> (I'm guessing Windows -- the process did change -- look for the 'environment' file in the gnucash installation)
13:21:49 <Askarii> yes windows
13:21:51 <Askarii> windows 7
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13:24:55 <Askarii> warlord: ?
13:26:54 <warlord> Askarii: yes?
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13:28:16 <Askarii> so i'm looking for "environnement" .what?
13:28:26 <warlord> there is no dot.
13:28:27 <Askarii> I add the same lines as I woudl ahve in gnucash.cdm?
13:28:29 <Askarii> cmd*
13:28:36 <warlord> read the file; it has instructions
13:28:42 <Askarii> kk thx
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13:44:25 <Askarii> doesn't seem to be working
13:45:16 <warlord> What did you do/change?
13:45:32 <Askarii> uncommented the two language lines
13:45:37 <Askarii> changed to fr_CA
13:45:51 <Askarii> nothign changed in the interface
13:45:56 <Askarii> also tried with fr only
13:46:01 <warlord> Did you restart GnuCash?
13:46:15 <Askarii> I close it, change environment file, then re-open it
13:46:57 <warlord> Reboot?
13:47:03 <warlord> (this is windows, after all)
13:47:12 <warlord> Where did you find the file?
13:47:31 <Askarii> etc/gnucash
13:47:45 <Askarii> c:/program files/gnucash/etc/gnucash
13:47:51 <warlord> That looks right;
13:48:09 <warlord> Sorry, I don't use windows.
13:48:15 <Askarii> LANG=fr
13:48:15 <Askarii> LANGUAGE={fr}
13:48:18 <Askarii> thats my language lines
13:48:19 <warlord> So I don't know why it's not working.
13:48:30 <Askarii> hmm
13:48:33 <warlord> Oh... Remove the {}
13:48:36 <Askarii> mk
13:48:46 <warlord> Or replace it with LANG
13:48:56 <warlord> The {LANG} was supposed to remain as-is
13:49:02 <Askarii> kk
13:49:05 <warlord> So it should read:
13:49:07 <warlord> LANG=fr
13:49:10 <warlord> LANGUAGE={LANG}
13:49:25 <Askarii> loadsplash looks french
13:49:27 <Askarii> alrighty
13:49:29 <Askarii> its french :D
13:49:34 <Askarii> thx again warlord
13:49:44 <warlord> You're welcome.
13:49:59 <warlord> Can you update the wiki, please?
13:50:09 <Askarii> will do
13:50:13 <Askarii> I had a quick Question first
13:50:30 <Askarii> the webkit1.1.90-win32.zip file
13:50:38 <Askarii> do I need it for anything in windows?
13:50:43 <Askarii> im not sure on what it is for
13:51:29 <warlord> no, you do not need it; where did you find it?
13:54:32 <Askarii> oh boy, I don't remember
13:54:37 <Askarii> sourcefroge I think
13:56:24 <warlord> oh, that's just there for the build system; you don't need it
13:58:06 <Askarii> kk
13:58:07 <Askarii> wiki updated
13:58:39 <warlord> Thanks.
13:58:57 <warlord> (hopefully you left the 2.2 instructions in there and just added the 2.4 instructions) ;)
14:00:22 <Askarii> oops
14:00:32 <Askarii> dont the admins have access to the change history?
14:01:42 <fell> everybody can see http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/index.php?title=Translation&action=history
14:02:24 <jsled> yes, but there will be a period of overlap where some people will be using 2.2, some 2.4.
14:11:07 <Askarii> fized
14:11:11 <Askarii> fixed*
14:12:34 <warlord> thanks
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16:09:53 <jakob_> Warlord & fell: My check printing problems (microscopic printing) on Vista seem to be covered by Bug #631611. Thanks for your comments.
16:11:18 <warlord> ok
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18:24:50 <fell> jakob_: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Windows#Font_problems doesn't help?
18:26:40 <fell> can you print to a pdf file and then send that to the printer? How does it look?
18:30:30 <jakob_> I'm note sure how to print a check to a pdf file. I did try changing the font in preferences from 'Sans' to 'Ariel' but it had no noticeable effect.
18:32:00 <fell> select printer: file: pdf or similar.
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22:52:22 <Karen_m> I cannot add a "new job". Everytime I do, gnucash crashes. I'm using Ubuntu and the latest version that ubuntu supplies. What is the solution?
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22:55:18 <Karen_m> sigh. I will try and find a replacement... it's so bad having it crash
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22:57:36 <jakob_> fell: (Re: microscopic check printing on Vista) You suggested printing a check to a pdf document to see if the pdf check looked normal. I was able to print to an XPS file. The file showed the same results as the printed checks. The whole three part check printed in about a 1 square inch area.
22:59:57 <fell> jakob_: you should add that to the bug. I can not help anymore, because I dropped windows in the previous millenium.
23:00:32 <jakob_> OK.. Thanks for the suggestion though.
23:02:15 <fell> But you are shure you didn't scale 10 pages on one?
23:08:41 <warlord> I hate it when people leave after only a couple minutes, especially when it's a known issue that they are having and it's a simple fix to work around it. *shrugs*
23:12:50 <fell> warlord: many hotlines keep you longer than 3 minutes in the wait loop, but they have music - in soundblaster 8 quality ;-)
23:30:50 <warlord> heh
23:34:15 <warlord> okay, bedtime.
23:34:53 <warlord> @tell karen_m the job creation crasher is a known issue with a known fix. Definitely fixed in 2.4.0
23:34:53 <gncbot> warlord: The operation succeeded.
23:35:00 <warlord> (just in case)
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