2011-01-03 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:34:27 <blathijs> warlord-afk: I was thinking that removing it would be bad, but leaving it around to break other features is probably worse. I can have a go at extending the counter method with get and set methods (making some educated guesses at the exact requirements), but I guess it would be better to just pull it out right now, and then re-introduce it after giving it some proper thought from the multi-user SQL perspective (seems that the entire KVP thing ...
03:34:33 <blathijs> ... will probably be reconsidered anyway)
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06:43:51 <ArtVandalae> Hi guys, I'm trying to get my "projected" Net Worth for 2011. I'm keeping it simple, and I just have my salary entered in as a scheduled transaction. I then go to Reports -> Assets & Liabilities -> Net Worth Bar Chart. The issue is my total net worth is constant. Does GNUcash take into account that I will be receiving this salary, and adding to my total assets?
07:02:51 <kimmo> AFAIK, scheduled transactions aren't entered until the date happens
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07:15:18 <ArtVanda1ae> kimmo, is there a way that I can view a "forecast"?
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07:17:40 <kimmo> I input all my expected transactions as regular transactions (without using the scheduled txn feature)
07:18:41 <ArtVandalae> kimmo, okay. Do you ever require projections?
07:24:05 <kimmo> sure, and with the regular txns they work just fine
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07:35:01 <warlord> blathijs: I disagree. I think the better approach would be to properly implement it in the SQL.
07:35:26 <warlord> ... although then you need some way to do the proper conversion from SQL<->XML..
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07:36:01 <warlord> ArtVanda1ae: Unfortunately no, none of the reports take SXes into account.
07:36:09 <warlord> @op linas__
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07:37:02 <ArtVandalae> Sorry, that's the second time the power has gone out today and my Internet connection has dropped
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07:45:08 <warlord> ArtVanda1ae: Unfortunately no, none of the reports take SXes into account.
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09:58:08 <blathijs> warlord-afk: I agree that doing it right in SQL would be the more proper way, but that's quite out of scope for this patch
09:58:25 <blathijs> warlord-afk: And removing it now won't make it any more difficult to implement in the sql later on
10:11:25 <indigo> so is it just me, or is the budget report not terribly useful
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10:14:07 <blathijs> warlord-afk: You might want to comment on the report I created, cstim marked the "remove counters" patch as commit_now already
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10:54:33 <warlord> blathijs: Bug #, please?
10:55:38 <warlord> (I'm sure it's in my email -- I'll get to it)
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11:16:50 <blathijs> warlord: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=638543
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11:19:37 <warlord> blathijs: thanks
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11:23:44 <blathijs> warlord: Hmm, just realized that moving the counters later on might not be so easy as I thought, at least if you want to preserve the editing capabilities my patches add...
11:24:25 <warlord> Yep
11:24:47 <blathijs> warlord: Since the current option framework is really focused on editing kvp values, but for sql you'll want to store the counters in a different place
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11:26:00 <blathijs> unless you only have some special api for atomically incrementing and still just store the counters as kvp's
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11:26:55 <warlord> Well,the theory was that the database would perform the auto-increment for you.
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13:57:55 <natanoj> i have gnucash 2.2.9, can i turn off the automatic adding of accounts when i enter stuff in the general ledger?
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13:58:16 <warlord> What do you mean "automatic adding of accounts"?
13:58:28 <natanoj> i.e. when i enter a description that is already present gnucash copies all the transactions from that previous entry into my new one
13:58:34 <natanoj> which almost always is wrong for me...
13:58:51 <natanoj> this is prabably present for entry in single account tabs as well
13:59:43 <warlord> Oh, you mean autofill. No, there is no way to turn off autofill/autocomplete. HOWEVER, you can just type an extra space, then backspace, and then TAB -- that might do it.
13:59:57 <warlord> Or you can right-click and then "Delete Transaction Splits"
14:00:43 <natanoj> oh ,ok, will try it out, thanks
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14:07:13 <natanoj> hmm, neither works completely, the space-backspace does not work at all (gnucash still finds the string)
14:07:30 <natanoj> removing transaction splits seems to be an action i need to perform per split(?)
14:07:44 <warlord> No, it should remove all the splits.
14:07:59 <natanoj> ok, trying again...
14:08:47 <warlord> You might need to expand the transaction, then right-click in one of the splits that you want to keep, and "Remove Transaction Splits"
14:08:54 <natanoj> ah, it keeps one row ofc but the rest are cleared, is there a keyboard shortcut for it (i don't generally like to use the mouse more than necessary)
14:09:10 <warlord> No
14:09:35 <natanoj> ok, thanks anyway :)
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14:09:40 <warlord> because, frankly, if you have different transactions you should consider using different descriptions.
14:10:24 <natanoj> yes true, this is currently only for personal use (no business yet), so i tend to just enter the name of the store or similar
14:11:04 <natanoj> you're probably right that this is a non-issue for some other (better) use cases
14:11:17 <warlord> And you find you have significantly different split transactions from the same vendor?? How many splits are you finding you make? The most I've ever made for anything (except my salary) is like 3 or 4.
14:12:05 <warlord> It's pretty easy to remove a split by clearing out the values in the row; just get to the first column, then [del] [tab] through the row.
14:13:16 <natanoj> well, its like 3 or 4, what i generally do is i have a receipt from say the grocery store, i enter the total amount withdrawn from my credit card and then i enter splits for different categories (like candy, hygiene, other) and the rest goes to food
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14:13:35 <natanoj> yes, the tab del tab stuff is what i do now
14:14:19 <natanoj> don't want to waste your time with it really, just thought there might be an option to turn the autofill off, if there isn't i'll just learn to live with it
14:14:20 <warlord> Well, you could just leave the others with 0 value. So this time you only bought candy, so you just put $0 into the candy split. So the splits remain the same, but the values change from txn to txn
14:14:28 <natanoj> until i make my own patch for it...
14:14:31 <warlord> Nope, there is not. It's considered a feature.
14:14:40 <warlord> I dont think such a patch would be considered.
14:14:57 <natanoj> ok, then i'll keep it to myself then :)
14:15:27 <natanoj> thanks for your time anyway, need to go away for a while now
14:15:33 <warlord> okay. take care.
14:15:38 <warlord> happy gnucashing
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14:23:35 <jmd> Wouldn't it be nice if the source for 2.4.0 was available for download.
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14:30:54 <warlord> jmd: um, it should be...
14:31:57 <warlord> jmd: the download link certainly works for me...
14:34:50 <bmsatierf> Well, I'm here just to say that you guys made a really good software.
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14:36:03 <jmd> warlord, The most recent one in the stable directory is 2.2.9
14:37:28 <warlord> jmd: URL?
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14:37:36 <warlord> jmd: the link off www.gnucash.org works fine
14:38:56 <jmd> ~$ wget http://ftp.at.gnucash.org/pub/gnucash/sources/stable/gnucash-2.4.0.tar.bz2
14:38:56 <jmd> --2011-01-03 20:38:17-- http://ftp.at.gnucash.org/pub/gnucash/sources/stable/gnucash-2.4.0.tar.bz2
14:38:57 <jmd> Resolving ftp.at.gnucash.org...
14:38:57 <jmd> Connecting to ftp.at.gnucash.org||:80... connected.
14:38:57 <jmd> HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
14:38:57 <jmd> 2011-01-03 20:38:17 ERROR 404: Not Found.
14:40:20 <jmd> The other download address also doesn't work:
14:40:26 <jmd> $ wget http://www.gnucash.org/pub/gnucash/sources/stable/gnucash-2.4.0.tar.bz2
14:40:26 <jmd> --2011-01-03 20:39:33-- http://www.gnucash.org/pub/gnucash/sources/stable/gnucash-2.4.0.tar.bz2
14:40:26 <jmd> Resolving www.gnucash.org...
14:40:26 <jmd> Connecting to www.gnucash.org||:80... connected.
14:40:26 <jmd> HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
14:40:27 <jmd> 2011-01-03 20:39:35 ERROR 404: Not Found.
14:40:49 <jmd> :(
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14:49:07 <warlord> well, at.gnucash.org isn't ours, and isn't maintained. So no clue where you got that URL.
14:49:23 <warlord> As for www.gnucash.org, yeah, it's not there -- we use SourceForge for distirbution.
14:49:29 <warlord> Go to http://www.gnucash.org
14:49:35 <warlord> Click "download"
14:49:54 <jmd> I got that URL from www.gnucash.org
14:50:43 <warlord> Where?
14:50:53 <jsled> it's on the download page.
14:50:56 <warlord> I go to www.gnucash.org and there's this big window that says "Download GnuCash 2.4.0"
14:51:00 <jmd> Under the heading Download GnuCash->Stable release (2.4.0)->Source code
14:51:34 <warlord> Oh, the "USA Mirror" and "European Mirror"
14:51:38 <warlord> We should just remove those links.
14:51:49 <warlord> If you clicked on ANY OTHER LINK it would be there.
14:51:59 <warlord> Of course you chose the only two that don't work.
14:52:04 <warlord> (or possibly the only one)
14:52:19 <warlord> ((okay, two -- USA mirror doesn't work either)
14:54:20 <warlord> jmd: could you please do me a favor and file a bug report and say that those two links are broken?
14:55:05 <jmd> ok.
14:55:13 <warlord> thank you
14:57:23 <jmd> I avoid sourceforge if possible, because I have to suffer the adverts, and it's often slow.
15:00:14 <warlord> It's MUCH faster than any other mirror we have.
15:00:24 <warlord> As for the adverts, NoScript and AdBlock are your friend.
15:02:49 <jmd> But sourceforge has a deliberate delay before the download starts. You HAVE to look at the ad before you can download. And it's difficult (impossible?) to use wget .
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15:05:26 <warlord> As soon as that page comes up you can just immediately click on the 'direct download' link.
15:08:58 <warlord> Last I checked, www.gnucash.org was sitting on a 1mbps DSL link. I don't know what gnucash.at sits on.
15:16:22 <jmd> The URL I was looking at was at.gnucash.org
15:17:27 <warlord> Yeah, no clue what that host sits at. I don't even think it's a valid mirror for the website anymore.
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15:26:30 <jmd> So one is tempted to ask why the link was updated to mention 2.4.0 only a few days ago ...
15:27:33 <warlord> jmd: because 2.4.0 was released.. and that link is parameterized.
15:27:47 <warlord> (all the version #s on the website are parameterized)
15:29:03 <warlord> Anyways, I gotta run.
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18:36:33 <fell> ftp.at.gnucash.org. 249379 IN CNAME gd.tuwien.ac.at.
18:42:46 <fell> I will mail that guy and ask, if he will pull 2.4.0
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20:44:58 <mezimezim> hi!
20:45:50 <mezimezim> I would like to start a new gnucash file, with a hierarchy of account that I already created...is that possible or do I have to start from scratch all over again.....?
20:47:00 <mezimezim> if not, I am considering switching to KmyMoney...
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21:01:42 <warlord> well, geeze, if you only stick around for 2 minutes how do you expect to get an answer!?!
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22:39:30 <felle> warlord: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=502066 and 637003 complain the same symptom in different reports.
22:40:46 <felle> In fact all business reports ecxept invoices have this.
22:42:23 <felle> Should I a) mark 637003 as dupe, b) assign them to reports or business?
22:42:58 <warlord> felle: mark as dups
22:48:08 <warlord> Just make sure the open bug says the problem is in both places.
22:55:44 <warlord> (thanks!)
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22:57:39 <felle> warlord: keep them in business or report component?
22:58:01 <jakob_> newbie with irc looking for help with check printing problem in gnucash 2.4.0
23:00:18 <warlord> felle: Either way; doesn't matter to me.
23:00:38 <warlord> jakob_: please just ask your question
23:02:47 <jakob_> I have been unable to print checks since upgrading to 2.4.0. Using both the pre-configured check types and a custom check that I was using in 2.2.9. The checks are coming out blank. Any idea what I'm missing?
23:03:52 <warlord> What OS/Distro?
23:04:50 <jakob_> Vista home premium. The gnucash is 2.4.0 that was built from svn r19971 on 2010-12-21.
23:05:21 <warlord> Oh, Windows. Umm...
23:05:32 <warlord> I dunno. I don't do windows.
23:05:53 <warlord> What if you print to PDF?
23:06:16 <jakob_> Are you aware of anyone else encountered this problem?
23:06:28 <warlord> No, but 2.4.0 is new.
23:07:40 <warlord> You can try asking on the gnucash-user mailing list
23:08:34 <jakob_> Let me add some other details... Reports print OK. If I choose "custom" in the check format, and enter new values the check is printed. But once the custom settings are saved it no longer works.
23:08:53 <warlord> Hmm. that sounds weird.
23:08:59 <warlord> Maybe report a bug?
23:09:12 <warlord> (sorry, I need to take off)
23:09:14 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
23:09:38 <jakob_> I have been monitoring the gnucash-user mailing list and have not seen any reports related to my situation. I will post it there.
23:09:53 <jakob_> Thanks for listening.
23:10:18 <jakob_> I'll monitor this chat for a while incase anyone else has a suggestion.
23:24:37 <felle> jakob_: there were (other) issues with printing under windows in other versions of GnuCash...
23:25:45 <felle> probably the reports in the faq and the windows page of the wiki would help you.
23:25:56 <jakob_> I am not familiar with those issues. But I have been printing checks using a custom format with gnucash 2.2.9.
23:29:53 <jakob_> So far, the FAQ and the online documentation (such as I could find) have not been helpful. But I was not looking for printing problems with earlier versions of gnucash.
23:37:26 <jakob_> I have posted a report of this problem on the gnucash-users mailing list.
23:37:48 <jakob_> Thank you for your suggestions.
23:44:05 <jakob_> I have an update.. the checks are printing, but the text is microscopic (literally) in the upper left corner of the page. I found a mailing list post by a windows 7 user having the same problem. No solutions posted so far.