2011-01-02 GnuCash IRC logs

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06:55:26 <Blade> Hi! I started using gnucash and built my accounts tree. COming from other software that used categories and payees I understood that gnucash has accountsinstead of categories. But how can I track money in the same account, but to different payees?
06:55:37 <Blade> example: I have restaurants
06:56:04 <Blade> how can I keep track of how many money goes to a single restaurant?
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08:05:36 <warlord> Blade: the payee == Transaction Description
08:31:55 <Blade> Ok, thank you warlord
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10:34:18 <jmd> I'm trying to use the online actions in Version 2.3.17. I set up the accounts successfully, but when I run Get Balance or Get Transaction, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
10:43:21 <fell> jmd: do you see any error messages on the console or in your logfiles?
10:43:51 <jmd> fell, Nothing on the console. Where are the log files?
10:44:11 <fell> depends on the OS
10:44:22 <jmd> GNU/Linux
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10:46:14 <fell> jmd: /tmp/gnucash.trace
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10:47:07 <jmd> In there I see * 16:45:18 WARN <gnc.backend.dbi> [gnc_module_init_backend_dbi()] No DBD drivers found
10:47:52 <fell> if you store in xml file that is not the problem.
10:49:34 <jmd> I should correct myself. When I say "Nothing Happens", I do get prompted for a PIN, and I get asked if I want to accept certificates etc. But I don't get the balance/transaction updates that I'm expecting.
10:49:47 <LMS|Mura> Hi! I have a smal question: How to print a account page in 2.2.9??
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10:59:18 <fell> jmd: didn't you verify and accept the certificate, when you set up aqbanking?
10:59:36 <jmd> fell, Yes. I did all that. It seemed to work ok.
11:00:23 <fell> But then it shouldn't ask again for the certificate, if it didn't change.
11:00:58 <jmd> Well it does. Maybe I can set it up again.
11:06:31 <fell> LMS|Mura: reports->transaction report?
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11:08:03 <jmd> The "Get Server Keys" button is now greyed out. So I suppose gnucash thinks it has already got it.
11:12:48 <fell> jmd: try to follow http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/AqBanking#Debugging
11:13:07 <jmd> OK. I'll look at it. Thanks.
11:23:34 <LMS|Mura> @ fell: Thank you very much.. Sometimes i am confused..
11:23:34 <gncbot> LMS|Mura: Error: "fell:" is not a valid command.
11:23:42 <LMS|Mura> fell: Thank you very much.. Sometimes i am confused..
11:26:11 <fell> LMS|Mura: if I am online "fell:" works, if I am offline "@tell fell " is right.
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11:50:45 <LMS|Mura> thx
11:53:59 <sfalanga> I have an opening equity balance of 34.18 and am reconciling the account. For some reason GnuCash thinks I have a -150.00 opening balance. I cannot reconcile unless I figure out how to get the opening balance at 34.18 where it belongs. Ideas?
11:59:32 <fell> sfalanga: you should use Equity:Opening Balance at the begin of your books.
12:00:34 <sfalanga> I did, that's the confusing part. It is RIGHT THERE in opening equity that I opened the account on Jan 01, 2010 w/$34.18.
12:01:01 <fell> Later transactions (profits from closing books) should go to another subaccount of equity.
12:01:31 <sfalanga> I realize that this is not 2011 but no matter what statement date I put as the "statement date" it wants to start with -150.00 as the opening balance.
12:03:28 <sfalanga> So .. this account never existed until January of 2010 - when I opened it using an opening equity balance of 34.18. Later I configured AqBanking and periodically pulled transactions.
12:03:43 <sfalanga> I have not reconciled the account in a year.
12:04:17 <sfalanga> Today I'm trying to go through a years worth of statements and get everything reconciled. But the opening balance is wrong when i reconcile.
12:05:38 <sfalanga> ... I stopped using AqBanking to pull transactions half way through the year (just as info). I have no idea why this software thinks my opening balance in Jan 2010 is -150.00. Any idea where I should look besides Opening Equity Balances?
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12:06:30 <fell> Which transactions do you see, if you open opening balance?
12:09:28 <sfalanga> Assets:Current Assets:Business Checking - on the increase side it has 34.18
12:11:36 <fell> Nothing else?
12:12:21 <sfalanga> There are a lot of accounts in there. I have 14 credit cards two mortgages, two checking accounts, etc.... but only one Business checking
12:12:57 <sfalanga> Only one line pertains to the equity opening balance of this particular account and it has 34.18 on the line
12:14:58 <fell> Has your "equity:opening balances" subaccounts?
12:15:35 <sfalanga> No sub-accounts to equity:opening balances - no
12:17:18 <fell> and the only transaction you can see in "equity:opening balances" has a value of 34.18?
12:18:53 <sfalanga> Yes, but I just went back to my 2009 copy of GnuCash (from when I closed the books on 2002) and I found an item in the assets:accounts receivable for $150.
12:19:09 <sfalanga> *2009
12:22:17 <sfalanga> I closed the books at the beginning of 2010 and wrote off the 150 as part of an expenses:write offs entry
12:23:00 <sfalanga> Is it possible that that's carried forward? Is it supposed to be if I closed the books?
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12:26:09 <fell> It depends on which accounts you have choosen in the close books dialog.
12:26:35 <sfalanga> Apparently I was mistaken. The account existed in 2009 and is fully reconciled for that entire year. When I closed the books on 2009 I wrote off $150 from that account as an expense:writeoff.
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12:27:09 <fell> It might be, you had choosen equity:opening balance instead of equity:retained earnings.
12:27:47 <sfalanga> Oh yeah?
12:28:05 <fell> for Income or Expense Total
12:28:20 <sfalanga> I'm getting ready to close the books on 2010 is there a "howto" with any tips for noob non-accountants?
12:29:31 <sfalanga> I think the functionality was a little new in 2009 so I'm not sure what (if anything) was asked during the process.
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12:30:02 <jmd> This is odd. I've set up aqbanking and everything seems to connect just fine. But whenever I do "Get Transactions" it tells me that there are none. Which is clearly not true.
12:32:03 <sfalanga> It's customary to use (...) after a menu selection if there is going to be another dialog. There is no "Close Books ...", only "Close Books" so I hesitate to click it now - not knowing if it will ask for equity:opening balance or equity:retained earnings. Can you verify that there is a secondary selection dialog of some sort?
12:32:37 <sfalanga> ... or is all this selected ahead of time - like perhaps within preferences.
12:34:09 <fell> sfalanga: I don't know a how-to, probably you could search the mailing list or google.
12:34:35 <fell> before you close 2010 you should fix 2009.
12:35:32 <fell> at least in 2.4 there is an dialog.
12:37:24 <fell> jmd: search the log files mentioned in the debugging section.
12:38:50 <fell> btw, which bank are you asking?
12:39:20 <jmd> VRBank
12:39:42 <jmd> fell, You want me to paste that log somewhere?
12:40:25 <sfalanga> I'm using 2.2.9 - when I closed the books at the beginning of 2010 it only carried forward the opening equity balance of 32.18 so I have no way to fix 2009
12:40:39 <jmd> fell, http://pastebin.com/dRJ6Ui5H
12:41:47 <sfalanga> So I will have to create a $150 deposit in Jan 2010 just to make the reconcile work, right?
12:43:35 <fell> I am not the hbci expert. That is Martin, whom you can contact at aquamaniac.de, eventually also in irc.freenode.net #aqbanking.
12:44:24 <fell> sfalanga: No you should move the misleaded transaction to the right account.
12:46:40 <jmd> Seems a bit empty there.
12:46:55 <fell> jmd: 1. didn't you install [lib]ktoblzcheck?
12:48:19 <fell> 2. your AqBanking cert store is broken.
12:49:12 <fell> did you install different versions of aqbanking?
12:51:49 <jmd> So far as I'm aware, I have only one version installed.
12:57:24 <fell> jmd: eventually you first would like to install [lib]ktoblzcheck, which does the magic between bank name and BLZ number.
12:59:02 <fell> then you should search your home directory for the hidden directories .banking (old version) and .aqbanking.
13:03:24 <jmd> OK. I've installed ktoblzcheck
13:03:39 <jmd> and I have a .aqbanking dir, but no .banking
13:04:18 <jmd> Also it seems that aqbanking is looking for a file called bankdata.txt.
13:04:56 <jmd> This file is in /var/lib/ktoblzcheck1 but gnucash looks for it in /usr/share/ktoblezcheck1
13:05:46 <jmd> I set up a symlink between the two, which gets rid of that particular error messagse, but unfortunately it still doesn't actually work :(
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13:40:52 <fell> jmd: sorry, got a call. pastbin?
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13:46:36 <jmd> fell, What do you want me to paste?
13:46:44 <fell> sfalanga: select the chart of account, doubleclick equity:opening balance and search the 150.
13:47:07 <fell> jmd: the last log
13:49:00 <jmd> http://pastebin.com/9SsuRGPJ
13:50:34 <fell> There is still: Can't check permanently accepted certs from invalid AqBanking cert store.
13:51:25 <jmd> Is that a major problem? It just means it has to download them each time?
13:52:22 <fell> As I said, I am not the expert. you could move ~/.aqbanking to .aqbanking.broken and redo the aqbanking setup.
13:52:48 <jmd> I'll try that.
13:53:05 <fell> sorry, time for meal.
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14:19:42 <blathijs> Am I right in observering that there are currently two backends: xml and dbi?
14:20:18 <blathijs> And that neither of them defines a "counter" function for accessing some internal counter?
14:20:55 <blathijs> Is there some other reason for the existence of this function in QofBackend that I'm missing, or was it added "just in case" ?
14:22:02 <blathijs> (The reason I'm asking, is because I'm working on a GUI for editing the current value of the various business counters and that obviously conflicts with having a backend-specific increment-and-get function like "counter")
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14:46:39 <blathijs> warlord-afk: Any idea about the counter method in the backends (see above). Seems you implemented it in r6759, but I can't find any revision where it actually got implemented in a backend
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16:30:08 <natanoj> noticed that 2.4.0 has dbi support, nice job! :) now, is there any more info to this, db schema to use (postgresql), can i import existing xml into sql (well of course i can, but is there any helper script for it)?
16:31:09 <natanoj> i plan on running a central postgresql for the backend storage and then (hopefully) we can run several gnucash instances against the same database for simultaneous input?
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16:33:10 <fell> natanoj: No, Gnucash is still a single user app.
16:33:46 <fell> You could help implementing the locking. ;-)
16:36:51 <natanoj> oh, sorry to hear that :(
16:37:29 <natanoj> i would certainly like to help, pretty much out of time though (family and house seems to take pretty much every ounce of time when i'm not at work...)
16:42:12 <natanoj> anyway, is there any info (besides the source) of how to set up a new db (schema, initial values etc)?
16:42:52 <fell> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/SQL
16:49:11 <natanoj> had a look at that earlier, is it valid for the new dbi backend?
16:49:23 <natanoj> thought it was just for the older stuff from 2006
16:49:43 <natanoj> page seems to be fresh at least, will try it out later then
16:50:28 <natanoj> now i really need to get a few hours of sleep before it's time to be waken up by my son...
16:50:48 <natanoj> fell: thanks for your answers anyway :)
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16:52:10 <fell> Wellcome and sleep well.
16:58:17 <blathijs> fell: Any ideas about my counters backend method question above?
16:59:04 <fell> No, I didn't dig in that code.
17:05:07 <blathijs> fell: Ok, thanks
18:06:01 <blathijs> warlord-afk: I've remove the counter() method in my patch series to fix the problem, see https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=638543
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20:39:51 <warlord> blathijs: the counter API was added back-in-the-day in preparation for the sql/dbi backend, in order to make an atomic coounter. I don't know why they didn't use it.
20:40:41 <warlord> natanoj: File -> Save As
20:41:56 <warlord> blathijs: that API was added before the SQL was implemented, and there was very little reason to implement it in the XML backend. I don't know why Phil didn't implement it in the SQL backend. Removing it would be a *BAD* thing, especially when dealing with a multi-user SQL system.
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20:47:40 <becky> good evening; I am having a really weird issue on my wifes machine- we just upgraded to 2.4 and have been using it no problem all weekend. I just was unable to open file and I get the error that says gnucash can't get a lock on the file
20:48:12 <becky> but there does not appear to be anyone/anything else with a lock. I was able to copy via nfs to another machine and it runs just fine
20:48:37 <becky> however, I can't get gnucash to even come up; it opens, displays the error and then closes itself!
20:49:03 <becky> I am running it under Ubuntu 10.04.1 and version 2.4. Any help greatly appreciated!
20:49:57 <warlord> becky: what is the exact error message?
20:50:50 <becky> it's bob now (her husband); GnuCash could not obtain the lock for file:///home/becky/Financials/Financial-home/txxxx.20100411101442.xac.
20:55:12 <fell> Why are you trying to open the backup file?
20:55:29 <fell> Did you work on that in your last session?
20:56:37 <becky> was in the process of creating a new file/set of accounts for our corporation and when I went back to our personal file I selected the wrong one (4mo earlier version) which of course opened and then I was unable to do anything else because of the lock error
20:56:42 <warlord> becky: (I realize it's bob, but "becky" is your nickname here).
20:56:49 <warlord> 1) As fell asked, why are you using a backup file?
20:57:23 <warlord> 2) What happens if you click "Open Anyways"? -- this message tends to happen if GnuCash crashes or if you shutdown the system without cleanly shutting down GnuCash first.
20:58:30 <becky> 1) I was trying to get to the "actual" most recent data because I pulled up an old file with transactions from about 4 months ago that she still had in the directory.
20:59:08 <becky> 2) it thinks a moment and then closes out completely. I used the system monitor to watch and the process just exits itself completely when trying "open anyways"
20:59:09 <warlord> becky: the "actual" data file would be called "txxxx"
21:00:17 <becky> no; the actual data file has our last name which I didn't want to post on irc but it starts with t
21:02:10 <warlord> becky: Yes, I realize that. My point was that your real data file would be "txxxx", not "txxxx.20100411101442.xac"
21:03:12 <becky> hmm, let me take a look right now. I've always used the .xac files when moving between machines or networking the data; is this an error or not best way to handle?
21:03:15 <warlord> (I replied "txxxx" because *you* said "txxxx" -- I figured you were smart enough to replace the string appropriately)
21:03:23 <fell> probably in 2.4 "txxxx.gnucash"
21:03:28 <warlord> The .xac files are always backup files.
21:03:35 <warlord> And yes, in 2.4 it would be "txxxx.gnucash"
21:04:14 <fell> and the date is 2010-04-11 10:14:42
21:05:13 <warlord> Yeah, so that backup file is from April 11, 2010... A long time ago.
21:05:21 <warlord> (not sure why you have a backup file from that long ago)
21:07:36 <fell> warlord: could /tmp/gnucash* give a hint for the crash?
21:07:50 <becky> me neither which is part of my frustration ;). Ok, i do not find a plain xxx.gnucash file in the directory we are using. There is a new and nearly empty file for the corporation that I was in the process of creating when I somehow managed to screw this up. The proper file should be in the same directory?
21:09:40 <fell> it depends on what you said in "save as ..."
21:09:53 <becky> /tmp/gnucash.trace shows: * 20:29:00 WARN <gnc.backend.dbi> [gnc_module_init_backend_dbi()] No DBD drivers found
21:09:55 <warlord> fell: gnucash.trace might help.
21:10:06 <warlord> becky: What OS/Distro is this?
21:10:15 <warlord> (that just means you cannot use the SQL backend)
21:10:19 <becky> ubuntu 10.04.1 fully upgraded
21:11:04 <becky> no other gnucash entries in /tmp
21:11:06 <fell> eventually you have different states in the ~/.gnucash directory of your different computers.
21:11:49 <warlord> there will only be one /tmp/gnucash.trace file.
21:11:58 <warlord> (and it will be overwritten if you start gnucash again)
21:12:16 <warlord> Yeah, you could try to move ~/.gnucash out of the way, in case the problem is a broken open report...
21:12:46 <becky> there were open reports at the time I was working as we had just finished going over an income/expense report
21:13:23 <becky> by move out of the way do you mean rename or change something so gnucash doesn't look at that directory?
21:14:14 <warlord> I mean move out of the way. E.g. mv ~/.gnucash ~/.gnucash-bak
21:14:38 <becky> there are 3 files in the ~/.gnucash/books dir; the corporate.gnucash, txxxx, and txxx.xac
21:15:07 <becky> gotcha. will try that right now
21:15:34 <warlord> Yeah, those are metadata files, like open reports, etc.
21:16:10 <becky> ok completed the mv operation. Shall I try restart gnucash now?
21:16:21 <warlord> Please
21:17:05 <becky> same error screen just came up
21:17:27 <warlord> Click "open anyways"
21:17:39 <warlord> (that error screen just means there's a .LCK file left from the last crash)
21:18:49 <becky> ok came up with the .xac file in the top title bar and all data appears to be there from our last series of work on the accounts.
21:19:15 <becky> should I be handling the files differently ie not using the xac files ?
21:19:32 <warlord> Yes. You shouldn't ever touch the .xac files.
21:19:36 <warlord> You should only touch the master file
21:20:06 <becky> ok, what do I do to save this and create a contemporary backup file now?
21:20:24 <warlord> (the .xac files are backups, in case something goes horribly wrong.... in which case you can copy a backup to a new file and then File -> Open it.)
21:20:31 <warlord> File -> Save As ?
21:21:24 <becky> ok; and should I save to the same directory we have been working in or do you recommend having the xac files separately? I must have screwed this up ages ago because I can only remember seeing xac files in the titlebar
21:22:15 <warlord> The .xac files will always get put in the same dir as your datafile. So, it doesn't matter where you put it; the xac files will follow ;)
21:23:15 <fell> if you look in that directory with your file manager, you should be able to find the time, where you mixed it up.
21:23:37 <becky> gotcha. Ok, is there some methodology I need to follow when working with separate sets of books; what I was working on tonight was essentially creating 2 new sets to split our personal and corporate up
21:24:08 <becky> meaning can you simply select "new" in the file menu or will it lead to tonights dance?
21:25:47 <becky> fell: looks like they are all xac files in the working directory; since this was a new computer to her last christmas I suspect that was when I went astray
21:26:39 <fell> and on the old one?
21:27:10 <becky> her old computer is dead and on my bench downstairs for parts salvage :)
21:27:13 <warlord> If you're dancing with multiple data files, the 'recently opened file history' in the File menu will help
21:27:34 <warlord> (hopefully you don't have > 4 files in the dance)
21:27:58 <warlord> If you do, well, never open a file named xxxxx.YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.xac
21:28:09 <becky> do I need to close open reports prior to switching which data file I am working on? No, we will end up only with 2 (or I'm going to be staring down my own 45 barrel :))
21:28:59 <warlord> No, no need to close the reports; they should re-open when you re-open the data file.
21:29:06 <warlord> I think the problem here was the 2.2 -> 2.4 open reports.
21:29:23 <warlord> (we've had a couple .. ahem.. reports .. of open-report problems)
21:29:38 <fell> ~/.gnucash/books has a longer history of books..
21:30:09 <becky> warlord: not following you completely; are you saying there were probably open reports that were in the datafile when I upgraded from 2.2.9 to 2.4.0?
21:31:27 <becky> fell: ~/.gnucash/books lists only the 3 files noted above: the corporate.gnucash, txxx, and txxx.xac
21:32:15 <fell> ah, you didn't copy that from the old machine.
21:33:28 <warlord> becky: yes
21:34:19 <becky> ok, since we are doing so well on the "unscrew-bob's-screwed-up-and-massively-misunderstood-gnucash-paradigm" how should I transfer the files between computers? Becky works on her netbook and then we were copying the xac files to the home and business server when she was in each place. I was then transferring the xac files to my computer if needed since it was my understanding that you really couldn't network this program per
21:34:19 <becky> se. How should I be doing this?
21:35:19 <becky> warlord: ok. thanks for all the help; i thought i was actually doing well with this until tonite and now waaaay more apparent that i still am lacking understanding about this program despite using over 2 years!
21:35:19 <warlord> becky: you can continue to copy the file, but don't copy an .xac backup file, just copy the main data file back and forth.
21:35:25 <warlord> OR set up an NFS server.
21:36:25 <becky> warlord: a couple of years or 18months ago I asked about using nfs server and i thought you told me no-can-do. Can we do this now? I already have nfs4 servers setup here and at office
21:37:39 <warlord> Did I? NFS should work just fine. SAMBA has a few problems, but NFS should /generally/ work.
21:38:23 <becky> so put main file on the server and then just run off that as the datafile, yes?
21:38:31 <warlord> Yes
21:38:49 <warlord> And then you need to be more careful about the lockfile, because the other person *could* be using it!
21:40:03 <becky> gotcha. using that format though she would be restricted to using on the one server unless i set up some sort of scp or rync between home and office nfs servers or unless she access via net to the original server?
21:42:56 <fell> it is always a good idea to mirror in different buildings.
21:43:46 <becky> fell: yeah, I'm in the process of trying to setup that exact issue between our office servers and my home servers but as you probably can tell my base of knowledge is still limited!
21:44:24 <becky> Plus, I live out in the sticks and the connectivitiy/bandwidth is limited right now
21:44:28 <warlord> becky: yeah, that's certainly true. You could use sshfs, but I don't know how well gnucash works over that.
21:46:02 <becky> well, what fell said is probably the best bet; set up some way to at least mirror our critical financial data between the 2 locations and then always point to a separate /nfs/financial dir to keep the datafiles in
21:48:23 <becky> I'll have to see if I can export the shares such that I can mount only those exports not the entire export from the server in question to the /nfs/financial dir
21:48:32 <warlord> yeah, just be sure you only modify one at a time between syncs; if you modify both the sync will probably screw it up.
21:50:08 <fell> and many sync programs work much better with uncompressed files.
21:51:18 <becky> thankfully the datafile is only like 550K right now and that is going to be split into 2 going forward. Any recs for sync programs/daemons to do this with?
21:54:43 <becky> one last gnucash specific question: given what I am doing is there any way to import in the previous account information? Or can I simply do a "save as" and then delete the uneeded corporate accounts from the personal file and vice versa by deleting the uneeded personal accounts from the corporate file?
21:55:52 <becky> or should I start from scratch on both new files?
21:57:42 <warlord> The method is up to you. File -> Save As will retain all the data (accounts, transactions, etc). File -> Export Accounts will export only the account tree (sans transactions, etc)
22:00:37 <becky> Since there are no direct transfers between corporate and personal accounts, if I delete the unneeded accounts will that in any way cause an imbalance or screw up the equity beginning balance accounts or anything like that?
22:01:14 <becky> and if I use the File->Export option which Import option do I use in the new file?
22:04:19 <fell> hm, I belive in a first step, I would work on the old file and move the accounts in two different trees: company & private.
22:05:12 <fell> then I would check the transactions. That which cross the trees must be solved.
22:06:31 <fell> by e.g duplicating and adjusting, so they belong to one tree.
22:07:12 <becky> fell: gotcha. do you know of any way to move all the transactions from one account to another ie. i have 2 accounts both of which have transactions that really should all be in one account. None of those cross trees so it really is only about getting them into one account within the same tree
22:07:45 <warlord> Yes, deleting the accounts does not delete transactions.. And if you ask it to it will only delete those transaction splits (and leave a bunch of imbalanced transactions)
22:08:33 <becky> warlord: wil it prompt to ask where I want those transactions to go to or are they simply "floating"
22:09:41 <fell> if you delete an account, you can assign all remaining transactions to one other account.
22:10:09 <warlord> It will prompt you for an account to move the transactions when you delete the account. But there's not a good way to completely delete the whole set of transactions en-masse
22:10:28 <warlord> (and as fell said, you can move them all to only one account)
22:12:11 <becky> that should work well for what I want to do. The only remaining problem will be that Becky just reminded me that we do have one instance where money goes between the trees; when the corporation directly pays to our credit card for corporate expenses. I guess I'll need to figure out how to set up a reimbursement account as this is not really income to us per se and don't want to count it as such
22:14:14 <fell> a) 2 different credit cards
22:15:08 <fell> b) assign the credit card to that tree where most transactions belong and do reimbursement for the rest.
22:16:25 <fell> ... a) and b) as alternatives.
22:16:54 <warlord> I just do CC -> Assets:Business Expenses and then A:B E -> Checking
22:17:12 <warlord> (and on the biz side, A/P -> Expenses, Checking -> A/P)
22:18:50 <becky> when I add transactions to A:B E where does the money originate? equity opening balance?
22:19:49 <warlord> like I said: CC -> A:BE
22:19:56 <warlord> (you're paying with your credit card, or so you said)
22:20:13 <warlord> So instead of CC -> Expense, it's CC -> A:BE (because it's a biz expense, not a personal expense)
22:20:31 <warlord> .. so personally it's just a transfer to an asset, because you expect the biz to pay you back.
22:21:07 <warlord> Then when the biz pays, you transfer back from A:BE to either Checking (if you get a check from the biz) or back to the credit card (if they pay it directly)
22:23:36 <becky> <<lightbulb goes on!>> ok, that's great and makes good sense on the personal side. Now if we want to categorize the business expenses then individually add the charges into A/P so we can move the expense into the proper account ie consumables, dining, etc?
22:24:01 <warlord> In the biz side: A/P -> whatever-expense-it-is
22:24:18 <warlord> .. and then when your biz pays you (or the CC), it would be Asset (Checking/Bank/etc) -> A/P
22:25:37 <becky> Gotcha. Many many thanks guys! This has been both helpful and educational. Have a good night while I go about setting up the new books!
22:26:32 <warlord> Enjoy! Happy new Year.
22:26:49 <becky> Likewise!
22:26:52 *** becky has quit IRC
22:30:24 <fell> Good night!
22:30:40 <warlord> see ya fell!
22:30:57 <fell> cu warlord
22:31:12 *** fell has quit IRC
22:31:13 <warlord> I'm about to head off myself. Got an early morning (although probably not as early as you!)
22:31:15 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk