2011-01-01 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:19:25 <gour> morning to everyone and wish you a happy new year!!
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08:44:26 <warlord> midnightmonster: This sounds like the libdbi fastmath bug.
08:45:18 <warlord> Mer|in: Yeah, SQL storage is definitely the way to go.
08:45:29 <gour1> this is in regard to sqlite3 problem?
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08:51:33 <fell> warlord and all others: HNY!
08:52:42 <edgy> Hi, I configured account chart so that there is an equity section with Capital, partner 1, Capital, partner 2, now AFAIK, when I close the books I should distribute the profit between these two capitals and not used retained earnings at all, but gnucash doesn't give me an option to divide the closing sum between them, am i doing something stupid?
08:57:39 <fell> edgy: IMHO the name "retained earnings" is not the best choice, one can work with it...
08:59:23 <fell> after you have seen the earnings, you can emit parts to the partners according the size of their capital.
08:59:53 <fell> in a new transaction
09:07:05 <edgy> fell: I think yes I can do that but though i am newbie to accounting principles, the docs I read on the net says retained earnings for corporations and capital for each partner is for partnership !
09:07:21 <edgy> I would mainly like to learn the correct procedure
09:10:40 <warlord> gour: Yes.
09:10:47 <warlord> fell: thanks, and HNY to you too
09:12:01 * gour hopes it will be resolved soon considering we would like to use sqlite back-end
09:12:42 <fell> I fear, it depends also on your local law. e.g. in german business accounting is a whole class of accounts G&V (P&L) for the closing of the books.
09:14:01 <warlord> gour: unformation it requires rebuilding libdbi
09:14:02 <fell> But the logic is: 1. how much is the profit; 2. who gets how much?
09:14:04 <warlord> unfortunately
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09:21:33 <edgy> fell: thanks for the hints
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10:19:41 <edgy> Hi, I am back ;)
10:20:36 <edgy> I now want to close my books but before that I guess I should print my reports like income statement. But the income statement report shows only zerossssssssss!
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10:27:59 <edgy> is this a bug? shall I update to the new 2.4 and retest?
10:28:12 <edgy> warlord: ping
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10:32:37 <edgy> fell: pong. my manager is waiting for the report ;)
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10:49:39 <edgy> can some one please help before i do something stupid
10:50:24 <gour> edgy: afaik, it's bug in libdbi
10:51:25 <edgy> gour: ah! but i didn't notice it before. do you know if there is a deb for the new 2.4 version?
10:51:54 <gour> edgy: no idea, check mailing lists, it was reported there...i use archlinux
10:52:23 <edgy> gour: do you have a link to the bug? i googled but can't find it
10:53:25 <gour> edgy: wait a moment
10:54:44 <gour> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=611936#c28 https://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-devel/2010-August/029141.html https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=638414
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11:34:32 <edgy> gour1: thanks a lot for the links but sqlite isn't even installed in my pc, this means I am not using it, no?
11:38:50 <fell> edgy: probably you should check your setting for the accounting year and the report options...
11:41:09 <edgy> fell: I checked those but alas no use. Now, I get bored and closed the books and when I check the income statement which reads "Income Statement For Period Covering 01/01/2011 to 31/12/2011" I get income and expenses in negative numbers!
11:41:41 <fell> after running close book, P&L will be zero, if the date of closing book is in the report time range.
11:42:06 <edgy> fell: the report now says: Income SAR 0.00
11:42:06 <edgy> Advertising -SAR 2,200.00
11:42:28 <edgy> fell: yes income and expense is now zero but the report of income statement shows negative numbers!!
11:42:29 <fell> yep set period to 2.1.11-31.12.11
11:42:50 <fell> in the report / settings
11:42:59 <warlord> edgy: well, that's because you have no income for 1/1/11 -> 12/31/11. And you should probably use 1/2/11 -> 12/31/11 if you closed the books today.
11:44:27 <edgy> warlord, fell: aaah! I didn't notice the year part, I should use 2010 not 2011. love you all
11:44:44 <warlord> :)
11:45:25 <edgy> warlord: there is no problem in printing the reports whether after or before closing, right?
11:45:46 <warlord> edgy: so long as you do not include the closing date in the reports.
11:45:55 <warlord> ... and have no real transactions on the closing date..
11:46:04 <edgy> warlord: logic
11:49:36 <edgy> I improved a lot in my basic accounting experience since I used gnucash and I owe this to you
11:49:53 <edgy> warlord and the other good folks, really thanks
11:55:39 <warlord> You're welcome, edgy
12:04:46 <zokum> i have to say the same
12:04:54 <zokum> really helpful piece of software
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18:24:31 <adorilson> hi
18:25:19 <adorilson> I'm trying to install the repo SVN version. but the automake has failed
18:26:28 <adorilson> here is the output: http://pastebin.com/rCsB9Km5
18:26:41 <adorilson> I'm on Ubuntu 10.10
18:26:51 <adorilson> anybody help me ?
18:32:18 <fell> adorilson: did you follow http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Building#Ubuntu_10.10_.28Maverick_Meerkat.29 ?
18:33:00 <adorilson> fell, not. I'll ckeck now.
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