2008-09-29 GnuCash IRC logs

00:01:43 <scottman> it's not loading.
00:01:48 <scottman> I've tried several times.
00:02:13 <rafaelmf> :(
00:02:16 <scottman> I can ping it but the response time is very high.
00:02:22 <scottman> about 90 ms
00:02:45 <scottman> I'm looking for help with split transactions.
00:03:14 <scottman> what are you looking for, rafael?
00:04:03 <rafaelmf> some documentation... i'm new to gnucash
00:04:12 <scottman> Me too.
00:04:21 <scottman> But I've got a lot of it going already.
00:04:34 <scottman> I can download transactions, and split new transactions I enter.
00:05:01 <scottman> But sometimes transactions i download don't behave right when i try to split them.
00:05:35 <scottman> What do you want to learn?
00:05:46 <scottman> I might be able to help until the other guys come back.
00:06:04 <rafaelmf> for example, if exists some way to delete employee
00:06:20 <scottman> Oy.
00:06:24 <scottman> That's way advanced for me.
00:06:31 <scottman> I'm working on the consumer side of it.
00:06:39 <scottman> I just want to balance my checkbook.
00:06:52 <scottman> Seems like you should be able to delete the employees.
00:07:07 <scottman> But you might not be able to if you have transactions that relate to them.
00:07:53 <scottman> Why do you want to delete the employees?
00:08:08 <scottman> You might need them to create 1099s or w2s later.
00:08:33 <scottman> I guess the rest of the group is on autopilot.
00:08:40 <scottman> they don't seem to be responding.
00:08:47 <scottman> what is the best time to hang around here?
00:10:23 <scottman> this isn't happening so i gotta go.
00:10:28 <scottman> Good luck, rafael.
00:10:30 <rafaelmf> should be on working time, perhaps?
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00:10:35 <rafaelmf> for you to
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00:11:22 <scottman> sorry about that, rafael.
00:11:25 <scottman> what did you say?
00:11:41 <scottman> I was just leaving when you posted your question.
00:11:58 <rafaelmf> dont worry... i just think if on work time they respond...
00:12:05 <scottman> ah.
00:12:07 <scottman> perhaps.
00:12:11 <rafaelmf> and i wish good luck to you to
00:12:13 <scottman> I will be back tomorrow morning.
00:12:15 <scottman> thanks.
00:12:21 <scottman> time for sleep.
00:12:24 <rafaelmf> yep
00:12:33 <rafaelmf> bye
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07:01:52 <kennyyu> hi there, i've found that the placeholder "asset" shows 0 in the 'balance sheet' no matter there are quite a few items under "assets"... a bug right?
07:04:02 <kennyyu> for this reason, total asset shows zero... and total libilities and equity shows zero as well... in the balance sheet.
07:14:31 <kennyyu> i must let you a look of the following so that you see the abnormalies that i'm finding... http://hkusua.hku.hk/~h0695222/my-accounting.png
07:14:33 <kennyyu> thanks...
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07:18:32 <cortana`> is there any way to copy a transaction to the clipboard in a way it can be pasted into another program?
07:28:23 <jesh> kennyyu: you probably have your conversion rate set wrong, HKD 428 equals $0..
07:33:26 <jesh> cortana`: you can copy from account transaction report
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08:05:35 <warlord> @tell rafaelmf You cannot delete any business objects: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_can_I_delete_an_Invoice.2C_Customer.2C_Vendor.2C_or_Employee.3F
08:05:35 <gncbot> warlord: The operation succeeded.
08:06:44 <warlord> @tell scottman After you import the transaction you should be able to open up the register, select the transaction, click on the Split button, and then restructure the Debits and Credits as necessary.
08:06:44 <gncbot> warlord: The operation succeeded.
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08:56:48 <scottman> Hi
08:56:48 <gncbot> scottman: Sent 50 minutes ago: <warlord> After you import the transaction you should be able to open up the register, select the transaction, click on the Split button, and then restructure the Debits and Credits as necessary.
08:56:57 <scottman> Are there any experts on split transactions here?
08:57:59 <scottman> ?
08:58:23 <scottman> My problem is that I get an error message.
08:58:37 <warlord> what error?
08:59:31 <scottman> It says "This transaction is already being edited in another register. Please finish editing it there first."
08:59:55 <scottman> This is a downloaded transaction from my bank, and I want to split it.
09:00:07 <scottman> But each time I try, I get that error.
09:00:16 <warlord> What version of GnuCash?
09:00:24 <scottman> Then I fumble and Gnucash wipes out the amount of the transaction.
09:00:33 <scottman> I don't know. Let me check.
09:00:51 <scottman> 2.2.24
09:01:01 <warlord> There is no 2.2.24
09:01:02 <scottman> the build date says 2007
09:01:10 <warlord> Do you mean 2.2.2? or 2.2.4?
09:01:16 <warlord> (in any event, 2.2.7 was just released)
09:01:25 <scottman> The GnuCash personal finance manager. The GNU way to manage your money! This copy was built from r16997 on 2008-03-27.
09:01:31 <scottman> gnucash 2.2.4
09:02:20 <scottman> Do I need a newer release?
09:02:25 <warlord> Hmm.. *tries to remember if this bug was corrected*
09:02:31 <warlord> Well, you should try a newer release first.
09:02:36 <scottman> ok
09:02:42 <warlord> In a pinch you could save your data file, exit gnucash, and then restart.
09:02:50 <scottman> I'm using the Ubuntu package manager for updates.
09:02:53 <warlord> Or it could still be an open bug.
09:03:02 <scottman> is that ok?
09:03:11 <warlord> I'm afraid I know nothing about Ubuntu so I don't know where updates would be.
09:03:20 <scottman> Ok.
09:03:42 <scottman> I'll compare the version on my machine to the version offered b y the website for gnucash (which happens to be down at the last check)
09:03:52 <scottman> This might just be a bug then?
09:03:54 <scottman> not user error?
09:04:02 <warlord> the website is up.
09:04:05 <warlord> I checked this morning.
09:04:08 <scottman> ah, good.
09:04:13 <warlord> It's not user error, no.
09:04:14 <scottman> I couldn't get to it last night.
09:04:21 <scottman> whew!
09:04:26 <warlord> Yeah, I was asleep at midnight.
09:04:40 <scottman> thanks for the info.
09:05:14 <warlord> You're welcome.
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09:06:23 <scottman> This is my first time in a long time to do this with anything.
09:06:38 <scottman> The last time I did something like this, was when I had an Amiga.
09:06:55 <scottman> Have a great day...
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11:17:51 <kennyyu> jesh: thanks. but anywhere can i set the 'conversion rate'?
11:40:01 <jesh> right click, edit exchange rate
11:41:55 <kennyyu> right click on which? right now my balance sheet has fewer 0s but there are still 3...
11:42:02 <kennyyu> http://hkusua.hku.hk/~h0695222/my-accounting.png
11:42:12 <kennyyu> no... 4
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11:45:03 <kennyyu> and in fact right-clicking the transaction and choosing "edit exchange rate" has no effect at all... @@
11:47:29 <kennyyu> i suppose it should show a dialog box but it doesn't...
11:47:39 <kennyyu> a bug? @@
11:48:54 * kennyyu has just retried but with no success
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11:53:50 <warlord> kennyyu: what version?
11:54:04 <kennyyu> 2.2.7
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12:17:10 <warlord> Interesting! What account do you have open? What's that account's currency setting? What's your locale currency?
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12:18:32 <kennyyu> warlord: Common Account; HKD; USD
12:18:43 <kennyyu> but i've changed the default setting to HKD...
12:19:16 <kennyyu> i mean the default setting in the application (the OS's locale currency has been USD)
12:22:01 <kennyyu> and my balance sheet --> http://hkusua.hku.hk/~h0695222/my-accounting.png
12:22:14 <warlord> I dont care about your balance sheet.
12:22:19 <warlord> That's irrelevant here.
12:22:35 <warlord> "default setting" in the app is also irrelevant.
12:22:35 <kennyyu> oh?
12:23:07 <warlord> Is the problem that your cross-currency txns have a '0' on one side? Or that your BS is out of whack?
12:23:12 <warlord> what are you complaining about?
12:23:38 <kennyyu> hmm... my complaint has been that http://hkusua.hku.hk/~h0695222/my-accounting.png shows some unexpected 0s...
12:23:54 <kennyyu> i suppose they should be zeros....
12:24:19 <kennyyu> s/should/shouldn't/
12:24:32 <jesh> the image has changed from what it was earlier, there's no dollar conversion anymore
12:24:57 <kennyyu> jesh: ya this is a new one
12:25:13 <jesh> there's "omit 0 figures" option there
12:25:18 <kennyyu> jesh: but i don't know why are there still zeros
12:25:51 <warlord> kennyyu: are there 0's in your transfer accounts?
12:25:52 <kennyyu> jesh: i observed it... but...
12:26:35 <jesh> i agree that it could be nice if there was option for "omit all 0 figures, if they're on palaceholder accounts"
12:27:15 <jesh> that 0 there is sum of transactions in that account, not including subaccounts
12:27:35 <warlord> jesh: that option exists in some reports.
12:27:37 <kennyyu> jesh: so it's normal now?
12:28:29 <jesh> i'm just a newbie user, but i get the same results :)
12:29:03 <kennyyu> hmm.. another problem is that i cannot do what jesh has suggested before, to right-click and choose 'edit exchange rates'. i suppose there should be a dialog popping up but there isn't one.....
12:29:53 <kennyyu> jesh: i see. then i feel safer :)
12:30:37 <kennyyu> i was just afriad if there will be some miscalculation because i have some wrong settings
12:31:45 <warlord> kennyyu: that option is only available in certain circumstances
12:31:51 <kennyyu> but do you mind me regarding this as a bug? since i'm just sticking to the original (default) view of the balance sheet of the 'Common Accounts', I shouldn't expect to see those zeros in the placeholders :)
12:32:02 <kennyyu> warload: understood..
12:32:08 <warlord> No, that is not a bug.
12:32:15 <warlord> there should be 0's in the placeholders.
12:32:20 <kennyyu> warload: why so?
12:32:55 * kennyyu supposes his current asset should include the coins in his own wallet
12:33:18 <warlord> well, how much money is actually in the placeholder account proper?
12:33:38 <kennyyu> proper?
12:33:39 <warlord> (and who is "warload"?
12:33:49 <kennyyu> :)
12:33:51 <kennyyu> sorry
12:34:29 <warlord> yes, "proper"
12:34:41 <warlord> How much is in the Placeholder Account itself (not including subaccounts)?
12:35:23 <kennyyu> would there be such a possibility?
12:35:46 <jesh> kennyyu: i guess you already noticed the "parent account balances" option
12:38:17 <jesh> (without taking any stance what is good default, using that will probably produce what you want)
12:38:59 <warlord> kennyyu: Of course it's a possibility -- you can have transaction in the account and *then* turn it into a placeholder.
12:39:43 <kennyyu> warlord: O_o complicated
12:39:49 <warlord> Not at all.
12:39:52 <warlord> It's actually a feature.
12:39:57 <warlord> It's a way to make an account ReadOnly.
12:40:04 <kennyyu> warlord: need some time to digest. ;)
12:40:19 <kennyyu> ah i see
12:40:22 <kennyyu> ya
12:40:55 <jesh> warlord: btw, is there any easy way to move all transactions to another subaccount in such a event?
12:41:14 <kennyyu> warlord: thanks ;)
12:41:25 * kennyyu nearly has typed 'warload' again....
12:41:48 <warlord> jesh: try "w a <tab>"
12:42:08 <warlord> um, the only way to move txns en-masse is to delete an account and it will ask you where to move them.
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12:42:28 <jesh> okay..
12:43:16 <kennyyu> warlord: heh, it works
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