2008-09-25 GnuCash IRC logs

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14:22:52 <jesh> hello
14:23:14 <jesh> i wonder if anyone would be intrested in very incomplete translation
14:23:51 <jesh> ie. i would like to try if gnucash would be adequate for my needs
14:24:14 <jesh> i need a couple of reports out of it, among other things
14:24:40 <jesh> and those reports needs to be translated
14:25:02 <jesh> but i'm too busy/lazy to translate anything else
14:27:58 <jesh> so, do you have use for such a translation?
14:28:28 <jsled> If you can improve the translation, please do.
14:29:00 <jsled> See http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Translation , get in touch with the existing translator, &c.
14:31:14 <jesh> there is no existing translation, and hence probably no translator
14:31:29 <jesh> ..finnish translation
14:37:24 <warlord> Well, incompletely translations are better than none.
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14:40:01 <jesh> i made the translation by downloading en_GB.po file (with wget) and changing some strings
14:40:38 <jesh> is that somehow a problematic approach?
14:41:05 <warlord> You should start with the gnucash.pot, not another translation.
14:41:27 <jesh> would you care to explain, why is that?
14:42:59 <warlord> Because you dont want the other translations -- you want untranslated strings to default to the original text.
14:46:15 <jesh> for technical reasons or other reasons?
14:46:55 <warlord> technical reasons -- it's harder for you to tell what strings are not translated.
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14:50:06 <jesh> i guess it's hard for a string checking tool too
14:50:22 <warlord> Yep.
14:51:00 <warlord> So yes. You should start with gnucash.pot.
14:51:05 <jesh> it's just that the british english translation is otherwise good base (understandable for a finnish)..
14:51:58 <jesh> maybe i should take another look at that wiki page
14:54:56 <jesh> is there a recent pot file available on svn?
14:55:38 <warlord> No, the .pot file is always generated.
14:56:59 <jesh> would anyone care to generate one for me? into pastebin?
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15:13:31 <warlord> jesh: you can generate one yourself from SVN.
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15:18:15 <warlord> Have you read the Wiki on Translation?
15:18:43 <jesh> yes i took a look at that
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15:24:05 <jesh> ..is there any shortcut to create pot file, or do i have to fight through autogen.sh; configure?
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15:35:35 <jesh> it's unfortunately a bit time consuming task without pre-installed working build system :(
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15:55:35 <warlord> jesh: what distro are you on?
15:56:02 <jesh> slightly broken mandriva :)
16:01:03 <warlord> Oh.
16:03:23 <warlord> it shouldn't be too hard to pull in the deps via mandriva's equivalent to 'yum'
16:04:50 <jesh> no it shouldn't, but it is
16:05:00 <jesh> i wonder what i need for libtoolize
16:05:50 <warlord> rpm -qf /usr/bin/libtoolize
16:05:50 <warlord> libtool-1.5.22-11.fc7
16:07:02 <jesh> okay..
16:07:50 <jesh> **Error**: automake failed.
16:08:14 <warlord> Probably missing some .m4 macros -- what errors/warnings did you get?
16:08:14 <jesh> and 140 lines of error messages :)
16:09:03 <warlord> If you can't read the README.dependencies file then your next bet is to pull down the tarball and work from there.
16:09:14 <warlord> (you ARE working from the 2.2 branch, right?)
16:09:24 <jesh> 2.2, yes
16:11:30 <jesh> http://pastebin.com/d132844ff
16:11:44 <jesh> i'll check the tarball
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16:17:54 <jesh> the tarball seems to have gnucash.pot
16:18:29 <jesh> is it ok to use that?
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16:22:05 <Finswimmer> my online banking has worked for a long time. but then all the preferences were disappeared. so i tried to configure it. but now gnucash does not accept the certificate from my bank. firefox accepts it. how can i try to find the problem?
16:23:12 <warlord> It would be better to use the version of svn.. But yeah, I think using the 2.2.6 tarball .pot file would work in a pinch.
16:23:40 <warlord> Finswimmer: sorry, I dont know much about hte online banking support.
16:25:28 <Finswimmer> i am using r17427 on 2008-09-21. do you know if there was a great change about the certificate check, or why do you suggest me to use svn?
16:25:50 <jesh> svn comment was for me
16:26:57 <Finswimmer> jesh: ah. ok. i see
16:29:07 <jesh> warlord: i would assume "better than nothing" approach would be fine for this, so i'll use that tarred pot
16:29:20 <jesh> thanks
16:30:01 <warlord> np
16:33:35 <Finswimmer> is there a way to get morge debug messages? i only get "3:2008/09/25 22-32-40:qt3_wizard(2546):cppgui.cpp: 524: Checking cert". but this does not help...
16:38:01 <warlord> Um, I have no idea.. That's deep inside AqBanking
16:38:10 <warlord> You might need to ask them
16:39:34 <Finswimmer> thats a good idea.
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16:40:04 <Finswimmer> warlord: do you know if they have a irc channel?
16:40:19 <warlord> Sorry, I dont know. They might?
16:40:25 <warlord> (probably over on freenode)
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20:03:15 * dbreiser ponders expressions of user frustration
20:03:42 <dbreiser> I hope I wasn't that, um, ...absurd in earler times.
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20:54:48 <warlord> heh
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21:06:58 <rfm> good evening
21:07:38 <rfm> im searching for a quickbooks alternative, moving the office to linux
21:07:49 <rfm> havent read the documentation yet
21:08:28 <rfm> was just wandering if gnucash was mature and comperable for enterprise
21:08:42 <rfm> small business to be exact
21:10:32 <warlord> ENTERPRISE? no. Small Business.. Maybe.
21:10:37 <warlord> Depends what features you're looking for.
21:11:07 <rfm> we use QB to inventory and do payroll for about 100-150 people
21:11:56 <warlord> then no. GnuCash has no inventory OR payroll..
21:12:14 <warlord> (e.g. it wont actually compute your payroll taxes, witholdings, etc, for you)
21:12:40 <rfm> ok thank you very much for your time. =(
21:13:03 <rfm> ill definately read the docs and check this out, it looks pretty cool nonetheless
21:14:22 <rfm> apparently quickbooks will run on suse 10.2 , but the clients have to be windows users, how sad
21:17:45 <warlord> Ah, yeah, QB "Server".
21:17:50 <warlord> It really is still a windows app.
21:18:04 <warlord> Linux is just a "file server" to your windows clients.
21:22:51 <rfm> you would think with the amount of money involved in payroll software, somebody would pony up some money for research
21:29:20 <warlord> you would think.
21:29:47 <warlord> It's something I'd like to see done, but it's actually a slightly harder problem than you'd think at first. Straightforward, but still complicated.
21:30:36 <rfm> I should just start learning how to code then maybe I would understand
21:31:01 <warlord> :)
21:31:14 <rfm> my mac has ruby, i wonder if that would work =]
21:31:37 <rfm> my math skilz sucketh
21:32:27 <rfm> i was looking at the postgres-ledger project at linuxfest this year
21:32:48 <rfm> but im not sure what they were talking about really :)
21:36:32 <warlord> nope.
21:36:35 <warlord> C and Scheme
21:37:10 <warlord> It's called sql-ledger
21:37:29 <rfm> oh yea, oops
21:37:48 * rfm googles Scheme
21:38:35 <rfm> hmm, haven't heard of that
21:38:48 <rfm> related to LISP
21:38:50 <rfm> ?
21:39:32 <warlord> yeah
21:39:35 <warlord> We use Guile.
21:39:44 <rfm> ahh
21:39:58 <warlord> about 17% of gnucash is in guile. 80% in C
21:40:11 * rfm nods
21:40:31 <rfm> better start with C
21:42:08 * rfm can't even discipline myself to learn SQL heh :)
21:42:58 <warlord> Heh
21:44:02 <rfm> do you use emacs?
21:44:12 * rfm is reading the guile site
21:44:53 <warlord> yes, i do
22:05:09 <rfm> I think its time to pack up and go home, latter...
22:05:18 <warlord> okay.
22:05:18 <warlord> later
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