2008-09-23 GnuCash IRC logs

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06:30:55 <Rolf> Anybody around who has already successfully used the new SQL backend?
06:31:19 <Rolf> Whenever I try to save to a MySQL backend, I get an error
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06:34:29 <Rolf> The error message is in German for me, translated rougly as "gnucash was unable to deal with the following URL: /home/rolf/.gnucash/data/mysql:,,localhost:gnucash:$someuser:$somepassword
06:35:03 <Rolf> I tried different user:pw combinations that I am quite certain should work
06:35:20 <Rolf> There is no gnucash database in mysql, yet
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08:56:40 <warlord> Rolf: It's quite possible that the database has to already exist (but it should be empty)
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10:06:22 <fell> warlord: what do you think about http://lists.gnucash.org/logs/2008/08/2008-08-30.html#T21:25:19
10:08:04 <warlord> Linking through a "current" symlink is a bad idea.
10:08:14 <warlord> The documentation structure can change from version to version.
10:09:15 <fell> but for the general link from faq an dde/faq
10:11:42 <warlord> ??? dde/faq?
10:11:53 <fell> and de/faq
10:12:40 <warlord> i'd rather the faq point to old docs than point to a dead link.
10:14:20 <fell> old infos might be more worse than no infos, at least in some places.
10:15:40 <warlord> no, a '404' is NEVER better.
10:16:05 <warlord> if you're updating the faq then feel free to update the link to the docs simultaneously.
10:20:46 <fell> ok, if I have some time, i will scan wiki/de and you can scan wiki (en) ;)
10:21:04 <warlord> yeah, in my copious amounts of free time.
10:24:19 <fell> something else: is there some known reason, that the pricedb is not updated for bonds, even though FQ offers prices?
10:29:30 <warlord> No idea.
10:35:13 <fell> So I must continue my tests on commodities/currencies ...
10:42:47 <warlord> ok.
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12:43:30 <ben_goodger_> hello, is anyone here from the United States?
12:43:50 <ben_goodger_> I'd like to ask a grossly off-topic question.
12:45:15 <jsled> sure. pm if you like.
13:15:16 <warlord> jsled: so was it an intresting question?
13:15:50 <jsled> yes, I suppose.
13:16:04 <jsled> In a couple of respects.
13:21:44 <warlord> ok
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15:28:42 <TauPan> hiho
15:30:09 <TauPan> I'm using gnucash 2.2.6 with experimental support for the new libchipcard/libaqbanking libs and I'm happily using online banking for the first time. Now I'd like to split up the transactions I get from the bank between several expenses accounts.
15:30:42 <TauPan> e.g. I used to manage my loan transactions with scheduled transactions for the gross amounts, taxes, insurances etc.
15:32:12 <TauPan> I remember I found some very detailed documentation on scheduled transactions some while ago (which explained how those variables worked) but I can't find it any more
15:33:28 <warlord> It's not in the gnucash docs itself?
15:33:37 <jsled> nope.
15:33:38 <jsled> FAQ
15:33:49 <warlord> ah. ok.
15:34:01 <TauPan> there's an FAQ?
15:34:13 <jsled> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ
15:34:14 <TauPan> oh
15:34:15 <TauPan> *blush*
15:34:25 <TauPan> well, silly me, I clicked on "documentation" first...
15:39:18 <TauPan> so my idea was that I could create scheduled transactions which closely resemble the transactions I match from my bank, so gnucash will be able to match them to each other and keep my detailed breakdown, but correct the date of the booking given by the bank... is that possible?
15:39:45 <TauPan> err, that sentence was garbled
15:40:24 <warlord> No.
15:41:54 <TauPan> meaning: my company books "Acme Ltd. salary 06/08" every month and I create a scheduled transaction "Acme Ltd salary" with the details
15:43:25 <warlord> You would need to post the SX before you import.. But the importer might not let you match it as a dup.
15:50:25 <TauPan> yeah... the importer matched my "Rent" SXs, but the subject exactly matched... while the company adds the month and year in the subject
15:50:41 <TauPan> I've the bayes matching algo enabled, will that help?
15:58:56 <warlord> Eventually..
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16:22:40 <TauPan> well, I'll see it in a week or so, when the salary arrives... I've arranged it so that the SX will be created before the salary arrives, but on an approximately correct day.
16:25:23 <warlord> note that you can get the SX to prepost
16:25:50 <TauPan> yup, done that before
16:25:50 <warlord> So you can have it dated on 9/15, but have it appear on 9/1
16:26:10 <TauPan> yes... I like to do that with all my fixed costs and the income, so I can see in advance what I have left
16:27:04 <TauPan> and also it leads to knowing your fixed costs, which makes a good impression on the bank clerk when you ask for a loan... :-D
16:32:31 <warlord> ok
16:47:17 <TauPan> I can't use format strings or patterns in the SX's or something? like %02d/%02d or [0-9]{2}/[0-9]{2} for matching stuff like 07/08?
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16:50:27 <warlord> no.......
16:51:19 <warlord> But you could do "monthly on the 8th"
16:52:29 <TauPan> yes, but I meant for the subject... so I could match the 07/08 in the subject of the transaction from the bank, or put in "Rent 07/08" in my transfers etc.
16:55:15 <warlord> Nope, doesn't work that way
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16:56:16 <TauPan> hmkay... might be neat
16:56:33 <warlord> Why? With Bayesian matching it just doesn't matter.
16:57:40 <TauPan> is bayesian matching documented in the manual? I didn't read about it, I just enabled it and it looks like "magic". It looks like it strongly prefers the text I give to the text from the server.
16:59:08 <warlord> It should be documented. Indeed, it should get turned on by default.
16:59:16 <warlord> There's no magic in it.
16:59:33 <warlord> I dont know what you mean by "strongly prefers the text [you] give it"...
17:01:07 <TauPan> well for example I had an SX called "Rent"... and I got a transaction from my bank saying something like "Scheduled transaction to Elmer Fudd, Rent", and my ledger ended up saying simply "Rent"
17:01:45 <TauPan> so it properly matched to my SX, and kept my description instead of filling in the blanks from the bank transaction
17:02:03 <warlord> A) it's not an SX at that point.
17:02:18 <warlord> B) the importer doesn't "fill in the blanks".
17:02:43 <warlord> when you mark a txn as a dup you're saying "this txn that I'm trying to import is the same as this txn that's already on my books"
17:03:10 <TauPan> so it simply throws away the old transaction?
17:03:13 <TauPan> err, the new one?
17:03:31 <warlord> It's not a new txn.
17:03:39 <warlord> It's a duplicate of an existing txn.
17:05:08 <TauPan> well, the german screen text says "Abgleichen" which means "reconcile"
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17:05:37 <TauPan> that gave me the impression that the information from both transactions would be merged
17:05:57 <warlord> Then that's an incorrect translation.
17:07:28 <TauPan> sorry, I can't find any documentation on how bayesian matching works
17:07:38 <TauPan> http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/help/trans-online.html#id2772333
17:07:45 <warlord> This has nothing to do with Bayesian matching.
17:07:52 <warlord> Your issue is the "duplicate matching"
17:08:48 <TauPan> http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/help/set-prefs.html#prefs-online
17:08:51 <warlord> Bayesian matching is a learning process that maps text in the OFX txn to accounts.
17:09:09 <TauPan> so where is this documented?
17:09:25 <warlord> Actually, come to think of it, I dont know if bayesian matching is used for dup checking...
17:10:00 <warlord> http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/guide/basics-prefs1.html
17:10:16 <warlord> http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/help/set-prefs.html
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17:10:31 <TauPan> yes, that was the page I just pasted
17:10:51 <TauPan> saying "Checkbox to enable/disable the use Bayesian algorithms to match new transactions with existing accounts."
17:11:26 <TauPan> doesn't tell me what it is or what it does, now
17:11:51 <warlord> UTSL
17:13:16 <warlord> (but I dont think bayesian matching is used for dup checking, only for account mapping)
17:14:28 <TauPan> ok... so now the point has come where I say "The documentation is a bit lacking." and where you reply "Feel free to write more/better documentation."
17:15:49 <warlord> yep
17:16:15 <jsled> (or, if you can improve the documentation rendering process, then people might have an easier time in a contribution feedback loop in the future)
17:16:28 <TauPan> I can think of funnier ways to spend my time at the moment.
17:16:28 <jsled> specifically, getting either nice HTML or PDF from the docbook sources.
17:16:32 <jsled> indeed! :)
17:16:49 <warlord> jsled: Someone (Tom?) is working on prettier PDF docs
17:17:41 <TauPan> seriously, I do contribute to open source projects now and then, but I wont help with *every* free software I use, I hope you understand.
17:18:07 <warlord> you could always just add a FAQ entry on the wiki
17:18:26 <TauPan> that said, gnucash is a nice piece of software and it has saved my ass a few times
17:18:40 <warlord> good to hear!
17:18:40 <TauPan> so maybe later :-)
17:20:22 <warlord> ok
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18:00:52 <ben_goodger> I wonder if it is advisable to replace a known nick with a new one
18:04:51 <warlord> probably
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