2008-09-17 GnuCash IRC logs

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08:01:04 <krhovi> what's up
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08:02:29 <kimmo> is there any way to use cost centers on income/expense accounts and then get both a combined and separate income statements?
08:02:52 <kimmo> err, cost centers on individual splits in transactions
08:03:58 <kimmo> I tried looking in the wiki, but there was no mention of cost centers, and I couldn't think of another search phrase...
08:05:26 <kimmo> it's mentioned as project goals in some stuff by Linas in the year 1, but what about the current situation?
08:23:37 <warlord> GnuCash has no explicit "cost center" support.
08:23:55 <warlord> You could create cost centers by making separate Income/Expense trees for each Center.
08:24:18 <warlord> Or you could try to use something like the split Action to tag txns.
08:24:29 <warlord> .. or put it into the txn description, or notes fields.
08:28:53 <kimmo> I found a script on the web (http://lindi.iki.fi/lindi/darcs/gnucash/cost-center/cost-center) that implies that someone's been there, but that references to the <slot:key="notes"> node, for which I can't find any input boxes in the GUI...
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08:29:19 <warlord> Turn View -> Double Line Mode
08:29:21 <warlord> on
08:29:42 <kimmo> ah
08:29:44 <kimmo> thanks
08:29:50 <warlord> (that's in the docs)
08:29:54 <kimmo> this is sufficient
08:30:01 <kimmo> I couldn't figure that one out
08:31:39 <kimmo> if I didn't have 2 jobs, I might want to fix the situation
08:32:55 <warlord> patches always welcome.
08:35:24 <kimmo> diff -R -c fine?
08:36:02 <kimmo> hmm, are the reports still in .scm?
08:38:12 <kimmo> how far out in time is 3.0, and is 2.2 branch still seeing active development?
08:40:17 <warlord> "svn diff"
08:40:32 <warlord> Yes
08:40:38 <warlord> 3.0 isn't even on the timeline.
08:40:55 <kimmo> 2.4 then?
08:40:58 <kimmo> or 2.2?
08:40:58 <warlord> 2.2.7 is due any day now
08:41:08 <warlord> go look at trac
08:41:35 <kimmo> will do
08:42:00 <warlord> Must... not... mock... stupid... question....
08:42:39 <kimmo> heh
08:43:52 <warlord> seriously, "is XXX seeing active development" is just a stupid question.
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10:00:18 <jsled> I don't think it's a stupid question at all.
10:01:13 <warlord> a quick look at trac would show that yes, there is active development.
10:09:16 <Rolf1> I haven't yet given up on compiling deb packages with pbuilder straight from a git repo (tracking svn via git-svn). The current failure is http://rafb.net/p/p924hW27.html Apparently, the build process is trying to create /usr/share/gnucash outside the build chroot and is correctly denied to do so.
10:09:35 <Rolf1> Is my configure call incorrect?
10:09:45 <Rolf1> env LDFLAGS="-L/usr/X11R6/lib" GUILE=/usr/bin/guile-1.6 CFLAGS="$(CFLAGS)" ./configure --disable-static --enable-ofx --enable-aqbanking --enable-hbci --enable-locale-specific-tax --sysconfdir=/etc --prefix=/usr --mandir=/usr/share/man --infodir=/usr/share/info --libexecdir=/usr/lib --libdir=/usr/lib/gnucash --disable-error-on-warning
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10:13:20 <warlord> Rolf1: what was the 'make' command that failed? It looks like it's trying to install some docs?
10:15:01 <Rolf1> warlord: thank you for your support
10:15:11 <Rolf1> I am not sure what make call it was exactly
10:15:24 <andi5> hm... how can something try to create files outside a chrott
10:15:27 <Rolf1> I can only see what was on the console and is in the paste now
10:15:33 <andi5> chroot, it does not see the world outside of it
10:15:50 <Rolf1> andi5: I am not sure if pbuilder uses a real chroot
10:16:02 <Rolf1> It was an idea of what might be going wrong
10:16:06 <andi5> does it uses a DESTDIR instead, maybe we missed something?
10:16:16 <Rolf1> not sure
10:16:21 <Rolf1> trying to figure this out
10:16:27 <warlord> Rolf1: try collecting the whole 'make' log output.
10:16:41 <Rolf1> warlord: I'll try
10:16:52 <Rolf1> Unfortunately, pbuilder deletes logs by default, it seems
10:17:12 <andi5> the buildd logs that can be found on the source package site from ubuntu and debian, are those pbuilder builds?
10:18:53 <warlord> Rolf1: it deletes them even on failure?
10:18:59 <warlord> That sounds like a bug.
10:19:39 <andi5> warlord: i think pbuilder remove the complete source tree directory by default... it is nasty, somewhat
10:19:47 <Rolf1> yes
10:19:50 <Rolf1> that is what happens
10:20:05 <Rolf1> andi5: what ubuntu logs exactly?
10:20:19 <andi5> one can instruct it not to do it and bash into it, but i cannot remember exactly
10:20:35 <warlord> So what you're saying is that pbuilder saves the 'make' log output to a file (and doesn't display it to you), and then deletes that file when it exits even if the make fails?
10:20:50 <andi5> :)
10:21:35 <andi5> Rolf1: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnucash/2.2.6-2ubuntu1/+build/718060
10:22:58 <Rolf1> andi5: that is basically the console output of pbuilder. That is what I pasted above.
10:23:27 <Rolf1> To troubleshoot this, we need the more verbose logs from the build process itself
10:23:29 <andi5> otoh, this build succeeded :)
10:23:44 <andi5> run make -d ;-)
10:23:56 <andi5> better not run it, it is not fun
10:24:58 <Rolf1> That run succeeded because it does not build from svn/git
10:25:10 <Rolf1> I can build fine with pbuilder from the tarball
10:25:25 <Rolf1> I want to build regularly from git/svn
10:28:31 <andi5> from trunk?
10:28:58 <andi5> i do not know why that should make a difference, but have you tried to build from 2.2?
10:32:58 <Rolf1> README.svn has the information on how building from a tarball and from svn are different
10:33:20 <Rolf1> this is from trunk, yes
10:33:31 <andi5> i mean the difference between those two branches :)
10:33:38 <andi5> and yes, i have built from svn before ;-)
10:35:10 <warlord> Rolf1: without more of the error log I dont think we can help you.
10:36:58 <Rolf1> I'm looking on how to tell pbuilder not to delete them
10:43:02 <warlord> there's clearly got to be a way because launchpad does t.
10:43:03 <andi5> Rolf1: maybe http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/software/pbuilder-doc/pbuilder-doc.html contains some information... i have already seen some bits and pieces that would have helped me a lot before :(
10:43:03 <warlord> it
10:43:27 <Rolf1> warlord: again, that is not the log you are looking for
10:43:44 <Rolf1> that is just pdebuild|tee /tmp/log
10:44:03 <Rolf1> I pastebin'd that stuff (last couple of lines at least)
10:44:26 <andi5> did you run pbuilder as root?
10:45:13 <warlord> Rolf1: it certainly looks like it to me (based on andi5's link)
10:45:24 <warlord> http://launchpadlibrarian.net/17638470/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-i386.gnucash_2.2.6-2ubuntu1_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz is definitely waht I'm looking for.
10:45:43 <warlord> Rolf1: you didn't pastebin enough.
10:46:09 <Rolf1> OK, I was retrying this on a faster machine
10:46:18 <Rolf1> the first one was ubuntu
10:46:26 <Rolf1> the faster one is debian
10:46:43 <andi5> i would call that a benchmark ... and the winner is: debian ;-)
10:46:48 <Rolf1> I don't even get as far on debian as I do on ubuntu although debian/ is the same
10:47:02 <Rolf1> andi5: no, not a benchmark
10:47:13 <andi5> yep :)
10:47:23 <Rolf1> but a Via C3 600 MHz machine vs. QuadCore 2 GHz
10:47:32 <Rolf1> nothing to do with OS
10:47:40 <Rolf1> anyway
10:47:48 <Rolf1> back to the trouble on debian
10:50:22 <Rolf1> BTW, I think pbuilder won't even run as root. It relies on fakeroot to do the things necessary.
10:51:06 <Rolf1> http://rafb.net/p/ORcD7K64.html is the failure on the debian machine
10:51:26 <warlord> Rolf1: what happens if you do: svn checkout; ./autogen.sh ; ./configure ; make dist ; pbuilder from gnucash-<vers>.tar.gz ?
10:51:36 <Rolf1> I think the build process is somehow getting into the non-svn branch
10:51:56 <Rolf1> warlord: I can try that in a minute for testing purpose
10:52:02 <andi5> warlord: have you tried to run `make dist` on trunk recently? i have not yet.
10:52:05 <Rolf1> for general use, I'd like to avoid it
10:52:26 <warlord> andi5: "make dist" should work. "distcheck" might fail..
10:52:32 <warlord> (but no i aven't tried on trunk recently)
10:52:38 <andi5> ok
10:52:57 <warlord> Rolf1: well, that means that gnc-svnversion is failing to find the "svn version" number.
10:53:53 <andi5> i suppose git is not installed in the chroot
10:54:27 <warlord> that would be my guess.
10:54:44 <andi5> what are the consequences?
10:55:01 <warlord> the build fails. ;)
10:55:07 <Rolf1> git-core is in depends
10:55:17 <Rolf1> build-depends
10:56:21 <warlord> there's a "building from SVN" branch of the build system that needs to run (in particular lots of the swig stuff and pulling out the revision number).. But it ONLY runs if you're building from SVN.
10:56:41 <Rolf1> I somehow managed to get it to run on ubuntu
10:56:49 <warlord> Those files are included in the dist; so if you're building from the tarball then you dont need to run swig or try to find the revision.
10:56:50 <Rolf1> and I do remember you and me talking about this
10:57:18 <warlord> s/lots of the swig stuff/all of the swig stuff/
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11:05:30 <Rolf1> warlord: can git pull the svn version number?
11:06:26 <andi5> there are ways to do that, but gnc-svnversion simply takes the head's ref
11:06:54 <Rolf1> in this case, it does not seem to work
11:07:00 <Rolf1> or does it?
11:07:08 <andi5> please, give us a paste
11:07:17 <Rolf1> of what?
11:07:25 <andi5> of all you have
11:07:52 <Rolf1> you want 230.123 gigs of my HD?
11:07:54 <Rolf1> ;-)
11:07:57 <andi5> yes
11:08:21 <Rolf1> I don't think you either want that, any pastebin will accept nor am I going to try
11:08:37 <Rolf1> seriously, what do you need
11:08:39 <Rolf1> ?
11:09:04 <andi5> some command seems to break for you.. i would like to see everything starting from its invocation
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11:16:34 <Rolf1> I doubt what I will show you in a minute will have the information you need and the old paste did not, but hang on.
11:16:51 <Rolf1> $ pdebuild |tee /tmp/pdebuild.log
11:17:00 <Rolf1> $ pastebinit /tmp/pdebuild.log
11:17:11 <Rolf1> http://rafb.net/p/GPgVtb45.html
11:17:59 <Rolf1> brb
11:20:24 <andi5> well, gnc-svnversion fails, just as warlord supposed
11:23:34 <andi5> you need to find out why it does that, either by looking at config.log or running gnc-svnversion $sourcedir yourself inside the chroot ... you will need the .git directory and git, i think that should suffice
11:25:26 <andi5> W: Unmet build-dependency in source ... would that mean that git or swig are not installed?
11:29:18 <HM2K> hey guys, sorry to ask again
11:29:31 <HM2K> but there's more people active now...
11:29:44 <HM2K> has anyone had any experience in migrating from sage to gnucash?
11:29:51 <andi5> not me
11:30:11 <andi5> i thought warlord had answered you already?
11:31:10 <warlord> I did.
11:31:21 <warlord> HM2K: I haven't seen any email from you to -user........
11:31:53 <HM2K> he did, i thought i'd try once more before i commit my life away to the mail list ;)
11:37:00 <warlord> MUCH wider audience on the list.
11:45:51 <HM2K> i realise that, i'll give it a bash a bit later
11:46:58 <warlord> ok
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12:09:47 <Rolf1> re
12:10:03 <Rolf1> andi5: swig and git are installed. look at line 800.
12:10:17 <Rolf1> some packages are installed later than others
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12:10:47 <andi5> oh, ok
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12:14:13 <andi5> hm... line 129: -> copying [../gnucash_2.2.6-1ubuntu1~svnr17535.tar.gz ... i thought we were talking about an existing git repo?
12:14:31 <andi5> 1129
12:17:04 <Rolf1> I can only guess that this is automatically created by pdebuild
12:17:24 <Rolf1> and I am quite sure that is a correct assumption
12:17:33 <Rolf1> svnr17535 hints at that
12:17:51 <andi5> hm... but how does it determine a revision number then?
12:20:52 <Rolf1> the .git directory is part of the tarball
12:21:11 <andi5> but not .svn, right?
12:21:34 <warlord> is there a .svn in a git checkout?
12:21:46 <andi5> yes, that is the question i wanted to ask ;-)
12:22:04 <warlord> don't you use git?
12:22:16 <andi5> i just wanted to make sure there is no .svn
12:22:25 <andi5> i made it up myself
12:23:21 <warlord> ok
12:23:28 <Rolf1> There is no .svn
12:23:40 <Rolf1> .git is packaged on my ubuntu machine
12:23:44 <andi5> ok, so i guess we need config.log or shell access, right?
12:23:44 <Rolf1> but not on the debian one
12:23:51 <andi5> ohhh:)
12:23:55 <Rolf1> so I guess that cries for a closer look
12:24:15 <andi5> i thought we were talking about the machine that produced the pastebin you send us :)
12:34:08 <Rolf1> yes
12:34:21 <Rolf1> what makes you believe that is not the machine we are talking about?
12:34:34 <Rolf1> machines
12:34:38 <Rolf1> one debian machine
12:34:42 <Rolf1> one ubuntu machine
12:35:22 <andi5> the latest pastebin you sent, is that ubuntu or debian?
12:35:31 <Rolf1> and the reason that ubuntu gets farther seems to be that I had once called ./autogen.sh and possibly even configure inside that directory, but this was not showing in "git status" due to .gitignore
12:35:42 <Rolf1> the latest should be from debian
12:36:06 <andi5> ok, and then you said that .git is inside a tarball, was that the debian or ubuntu machine's tarball?
12:37:17 <andi5> i use to run "git clean -x -d -f" when trying to build from a fresh source directory
12:40:49 <Rolf1> debian had no .git, ubuntu did
12:41:19 <andi5> ok... but i suppose that is outside of the gnucash's realm.... where do we want to continue?
12:44:55 <Rolf1> trying to find what realm it is
12:45:10 <Rolf1> I for one am not yet sure it's not gnucash's realm
12:45:30 <Rolf1> It looks like I ran either autogen.sh or configure in debian, too
12:45:30 <warlord> What is building the tarball to copy it into the chroot?
12:45:38 <Rolf1> cleaning out both dirs and retrying
12:46:02 <Rolf1> warlord: could be debuild -S or one of the helper scripts
12:46:08 <Rolf1> why?
12:46:21 <warlord> because that is your current culprit
12:52:11 * andi5 smites his forehead.... i have tried to get the register print 1/6 in the shares column of a stock account... i even changed the commodity's fraction.... i did not change the account's scu though..... arrgh
12:52:20 * andi5 wants his time back
12:52:25 <warlord> heh
12:52:57 <andi5> but now i have a 2.2.6 build again that i can use for other tests, so at least one good thing about it
12:53:26 <warlord> cool
12:54:16 <andi5> my reviews are quite expensive somehow... previously i just checked for "syntactical correctness"... now everything is so slow :(
12:54:42 <warlord> better to be slow and thorough
12:55:20 <andi5> you are a professional, how can one make a security audit within a few days or weeks? ...
12:55:38 <andi5> you cannot sit down and check every line of code...
12:56:31 <warlord> depends on what you're looking for.
12:58:09 <andi5> hehe
12:58:45 <warlord> generally a short audit does not do a check of every line of code
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13:01:26 <andi5> well, maybe i should become a security guy in a few decades, when my brain has completely melted, just to get a better feeling for it :)
13:22:34 <warlord> LOL
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13:57:20 <andi5> ok, let us continue tomorrow
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18:46:06 <cedayiv> andi5: I found a problem with r17533
18:46:28 <andi5> just a quick question: is it reasonable to add a lzma archive? in the best compression rate (which takes rather long to compress, but is comparingly slow with decompressions) it takes 4.8 MB compared to 7.0 MB tar.bz2
18:46:31 <andi5> what is it?
18:46:43 <cedayiv> (gdb) print xaccPrintAmount(gnc_numeric_create(-4,3), gnc_default_share_print_info())
18:46:45 <cedayiv> $3 = 0x6ea24470 "(1 - 1/3)"
18:46:52 <cedayiv> equals 2/3
18:47:16 <andi5> are you sure that is my bug?
18:47:22 <andi5> that reads as if the sign is missing
18:47:40 <andi5> or should it be non-negative?
18:48:28 <cedayiv> Somehow when a negative number prints with parentheses, it seems like it is getting parsed as an expression
18:49:24 <cedayiv> Anyway when negative numbers are printed with parens, -4/3 should print "(1 + 1/3)"
18:49:36 <cedayiv> rather than "(1 - 1/3)"
18:49:40 <andi5> fwiw, (gdb) p xaccPrintAmount(gnc_numeric_create(-4,3), gnc_default_share_print_info())
18:49:40 <andi5> $1 = 0xb7cd74a0 "-1 - 1/3"
18:50:22 <cedayiv> Might need to adjust a preference somewhere to print negative numbers with parens?
18:50:35 <andi5> whaa.. there is such a pref?
18:51:21 <cedayiv> I'll look. Might be a locale thing rather than a preference.
18:51:36 <andi5> right now i am running in en_us locale
18:52:21 <cedayiv> But, for example, if I enter a commodity price of "-4/3", the price now prints as "2/3" in the price editor.
18:53:11 <andi5> not here
18:54:19 <andi5> before it rendered as "4/3"?
18:54:25 <andi5> as result of (1 + 1/3)?
18:54:45 <cedayiv> Not sure
18:56:14 <cedayiv> It has something to do with printing negative numbers in parens. For example, if I enter a price of "-7", the price editor shows "(7.000000)"
18:58:08 <andi5> i have never seen that before, expect in weird qif files
18:58:45 <cedayiv> On my accounts tab, totals display as "$(32.00)", for example
18:59:10 <cedayiv> Not sure how I got parens instead of minus signs.
18:59:56 <andi5> is that a new phenomenon?
19:01:01 <cedayiv> I don't remember... I think it has always printed with parens here. Does your account tab show parens for negative numbers?
19:02:22 <cedayiv> But I played with locales a few days ago so who knows. Too many changes...
19:03:01 <andi5> no
19:06:17 <cedayiv> I see negative numbers in parens everywhere... account tab, register, reports, etc.
19:06:47 <andi5> ok, do you have any idea what character to print then?
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19:08:15 <cedayiv> Seems like for users with parens, -4/3 has to be printed as "(1 + 1/3)", whereas now it prints "(1 - 1/3)"
19:09:38 <cedayiv> The bug about turning it into "2/3" might be in some other part of GnuCash, like the GNCAmountEdit control. Not sure.
19:09:42 <andi5> fortunately, i did not introduce a new bug, because the printing has been buggy in all locales i have seen so far ;-)
19:10:13 <andi5> yes, the input is evaluated twice, i think
19:10:17 <cedayiv> Well in locales that don't use parens, it is better than before
19:11:08 <cedayiv> I think to turn into "2/3", you have to put "(1 - 1/3)" through the expression parser, which interprets parens as grouping
19:16:28 <cedayiv> Anyway, since I can reproduce the problem, I'll debug it.
19:16:55 <cedayiv> If my video card lets me... (very flaky)
19:17:23 <andi5> i just wanted to ask... not any better yet? are you going to buy a new one?
19:18:01 <cedayiv> I have ordered a new one, but it won't arrive for a few days. Until then, the system is unpredictable.
19:18:40 <andi5> then let us hope it survives its last days :)
19:18:43 <cedayiv> I see random mouse trails, herds of ants, colored stripes, all sorts of weird stuff. None right now, fortunately.
19:19:12 <andi5> maybe you should not have put water inside it?
19:20:46 <cedayiv> and beer
19:20:58 <andi5> yes, water and beer do not mix well
19:21:04 <cedayiv> 'tis the season. I should be in Munich.
19:21:16 <andi5> you will be in munich?
19:21:38 <cedayiv> Not this year, but I do visit sometimes
19:21:49 <andi5> in september? ;-)
19:22:36 <cedayiv> you live in munich?
19:23:39 <cedayiv> I have a few friends there, so I sometimes go stay with them a few weeks
19:24:12 <cedayiv> Right now I would give my left nut for a case of Augustiner Helles
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19:24:26 <andi5> want some? :)
19:24:52 <andi5> well, actually i do not drink beer....
19:25:02 <cedayiv> It's impossible to find here. We only get the export.
19:25:16 <andi5> cedayiv: you are living in the us, right?
19:25:35 <andi5> my memory is just as flaky as yours graphics card
19:25:56 <cedayiv> At the moment. In November I will go to Australia for several months.
19:26:17 <andi5> hehe, like next door
19:27:17 <cedayiv> Anyway, we cannot get the Helles here. Only the Edelstoff, so I don't drink any Augustinerbrau here.
19:27:53 <andi5> ahh... my lzma question was not answered and i actually wanted to go to bed before 6 o'clock.... and then this damn question about locales...
19:28:12 <andi5> if you know a cheap way to ship it...
19:28:30 <cedayiv> Well, don't worry about it. It is only a problem in trunk right now, I think.
19:29:32 <andi5> depends on what the problem is... 17533 has been backported as part of 17539
19:29:46 <cedayiv> So I am at least slightly familiar with Munich. I think in total I have spent a few months there.
19:29:57 <andi5> not bad, not bad
19:30:25 <andi5> especially, since you probably had more time than i to relax here :)
19:31:27 <cedayiv> well, go to bed and I will try to debug this if my computer lets me
19:32:07 <andi5> a quick link: http://linux.die.net/man/7/locale ... see n_sign_posn and p_sign_posn
19:32:42 <andi5> maybe we need the locale info in the internal function as well and use negative_sign and positive_sign
19:33:48 <cedayiv> For now, we know that the output of xaccPrintInfo is wrong in locales with parens, due to 17533. But it was broken in locales without parens, and now it is fixed there.
19:33:53 <andi5> btw, i think we are putting the closing ")" at the incorrect position
19:33:58 <andi5> it should appear after the currency symbol
19:34:49 <cedayiv> You may be right. I wouldn't know, as my currency symbol always prints on the left.
19:35:09 <cedayiv> I see $(3.00), for example.
19:35:21 <andi5> it should probably be ($3.00) then
19:35:38 <andi5> at least that is how i read that manpage
19:35:53 <andi5> btw, that looks a lot better as well
19:36:21 <cedayiv> I agree, ($3.00) looks better, but what do I know?
19:36:44 <andi5> i guess that will break all expression parsing again ;-)
19:36:49 <cedayiv> Another thing to research.
19:37:05 <andi5> i guess it is time to get "make check" working and add test cases, really
19:37:08 <cedayiv> That might be why...
19:37:20 <andi5> for different locales as well, maybe even with manually specified locales
19:37:56 <andi5> for the time being i would suggest to use negative_sign and positive_sign, we just need to carry that information somehow
19:39:27 <andi5> cedayiv: if time permits, i am still interested in reviews... and believe it or not, i would not hesitate reverting backports once problems pop up :)
19:40:03 <andi5> ok, time to sleep, see you!
19:40:37 *** andi5 has quit IRC
19:44:33 <cedayiv> OK, good night
20:53:49 *** cedayiv is now known as cedayiv-afk
21:18:35 *** sjc has quit IRC
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22:07:08 *** cedayiv-afk is now known as cedayiv
22:15:20 *** notmilk has joined #gnucash
22:16:53 *** martincleaver has quit IRC
22:17:08 <notmilk> I'm having trouble installing Finance::Quote and the docpage says to come to IRC for help. As root, I type 'update-finance-quote' without quotation marks, but the command is not found. If I do a 'locate update-finance-quote' nothing comes up. How can I obtain this script or otherwise install Finance::Quote. I don't have gnucash-docs installed... would it be in the docs (I wouldn't think so, but wouldn't hurt to ask)?
22:23:02 <jsled> try `locate finance` and see what comes up. what distro/os?
22:39:44 <notmilk> /var/lib/pacman/sync/community/perl-finance-quote-1.13-4
22:40:00 <notmilk> archlinux x86_64
22:40:47 <notmilk> install perl-finance-quote?
22:46:57 <jsled> yes.
22:47:10 <jsled> but … shouldn't the package manager make sure that's installed?
22:47:24 <jsled> arch … is a source-based distro, yes?
22:47:34 <jsled> You may need to rebuild gnucash after installing F::Q.
22:47:58 <notmilk> gnucash is in the user contributed repo (AUR), so perhaps it was an oversight
22:47:59 <jsled> (maybe not, but I believe the update-finance-quotes script is provided by gnucash upon detection of F::Q.)
22:48:07 <jsled> perhaps.
22:48:16 <notmilk> hmm, I hope I don't have to rebuild.. I'll find out
22:48:21 <jsled> why arch?
22:48:27 <jsled> I mean, as a distro?
22:50:49 <notmilk> soo peppy, lightweight, and I love pacman (the package manager). It would be troublesome to set up as a beginner, so I wouldn't recommend it to grandmotherly figures, but it's well suited for the intermediate-adv. crowd
22:51:37 *** cedayiv is now known as cedayiv-afk
22:52:40 <jsled> Tried Gentoo?
22:53:13 <notmilk> When adding a stock to gnucash I get-- finance::quote not installed properly. Damn, looks like a recompile is in order.
22:54:18 <notmilk> Haven't tried gentoo, no. But I often head over to the gentoo wiki for a good source of info. Heard great things about it though.
22:54:43 <jsled> Gentoo would have made sure F::Q was installed up front. ;)
22:55:32 <jsled> (actually, there's a "quotes" use flag that controls the dependency on F::Q, but whatever.)
22:56:14 * jsled just wants Significant Distro Reduction.
23:01:06 <notmilk> thanks, I have to run!
23:01:08 *** notmilk has quit IRC
23:13:06 *** twunder has joined #gnucash
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