2008-09-07 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:16:28 <jsled> gvsa123: Imbalance should always be zero, yes. {Equity:Opening Balances} is probably non-zero, reflecting how much equity you had at the time you started recording entries into this set of books.
11:16:53 <jsled> So, if you had $1000 in your checking account when you started using gnucash, that $1000 in Assets:Checking would be balanced by $100 in Equity:Opening Balances.
11:17:08 <jsled> Similarly, any existing Liabilities you might have.
11:17:35 <jsled> The "Common Accounts" hierarchy is a good initial structure. The "Tutorial and Concepts Guide" is recommended reading, too.
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12:03:17 <gvsa123> jsled,thank you for the information
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13:59:50 <wolfs> I am trying to create a report to show me all information about a job.
14:00:11 <wolfs> should be something like owner-report...
14:00:34 <wolfs> but since this is my first try to do a report I am pretty lost.
14:01:21 <wolfs> The easiest way would be to modify owner report to have an option to select a job.
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14:01:39 <wolfs> And then just show invoices regarding this job...
14:01:45 <wolfs> any suggestions?
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14:08:43 <wolfs> Is anybody thinking about my question or is there a trivial answer?
14:11:24 <wolfs> There seems to be something about jobs in owner-report, but I don't see an option in the report in gnucash.
14:11:37 <wolfs> ((eqv? type GNC-OWNER-JOB)
14:11:37 <wolfs> (find-first-account-for-owner (gncOwnerGetEndOwner owner)))
14:16:13 <wolfs> Another option which would solve my problem is if the job the invoice is for would be displayed in the Account Payable View of gnucash.
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15:46:15 <warlord> wolfs: I dont see a question in there, just a "I'd like to do _this_".. And sure, that's one way to do it.
15:47:21 <warlord> I'd have to look at the owner report again to remember what I did with a job -- I think how it works is that the owner of an invoice could be a job instead of a customer, but you need to know whether you want a Customer report or a Job Report and there's no way to test that.
15:48:52 <wolfs> So there is no way to get the job belonging to an invoice?
15:50:01 <warlord> Grab the Invoice owner and see if its a job
15:51:39 <wolfs> So I have to change the setup-query in owner-report?
15:52:05 <wolfs> I already changed the option to be able to choose a job.
15:52:29 <wolfs> But I just don't understand how to setup the qof-query
15:52:37 <wolfs> is there some documentation somewhere?
15:52:57 <wolfs> sorry, where is this documented.
15:52:57 <wolfs> ?
15:53:16 <warlord> the C API is documented via doxygen.
15:53:23 <warlord> The guile API is effectively the same
15:53:38 <wolfs> The problem is I don't understand the defines.
15:53:47 <wolfs> In the original report we have:
15:54:14 <wolfs> as the GSList
15:54:27 <wolfs> If I change this to SPLIT-TRANS INVOICE-FROM-TXN INVOICE-JOB
15:54:41 <warlord> That wont work.
15:55:03 <wolfs> Like I said, I just tried to guess since I found no docu.
15:55:09 <wolfs> Any hints?
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15:57:15 <warlord> Er, wait..
15:57:20 <warlord> Ah, yes.
15:57:34 <warlord> If you already have a handle on a Job, then you want
15:58:47 <warlord> (where that first GUID is the Job GUID)
15:59:09 <warlord> Basically what's going on is that when an invoice is part of a job the INVOICE-OWNER is the JOB, not the CUSTOMER.
15:59:35 <warlord> PARENTG always gets the non-job GUID
16:00:01 <warlord> so if it's a customer PARENTG returns the customer guid, but if its a job it returns the job's parent's guid (== customer guid)
16:00:25 <wolfs> OK.
16:00:45 <warlord> does that explain it?
16:00:57 <wolfs> Yes, I think so.
16:01:06 <warlord> good. :)
16:01:41 <wolfs> No I get: unbound variable : GUID...
16:01:49 <wolfs> so i forgot to load a module?
16:02:19 <warlord> No, "GUID" probably isnt the symbol.
16:02:27 <warlord> I didn't feel like looking up the actual one.
16:03:03 <wolfs> Where do I find this symbols?
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16:06:10 <warlord> search the code
16:07:39 <warlord> QOF-PARAM-GUID
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16:13:05 <wolfs> (gnc:register-inv-option
16:13:06 <wolfs> (gnc:make-owner-option owner-page owner-string "v"
16:13:06 <wolfs> (N_ "The company for this report")
16:13:06 <wolfs> (lambda () '()) #f owner-type))
16:13:59 <wolfs> Do I get with this the Job directly?
16:14:23 <wolfs> If owner-type is GNC-OWNER-JOB
16:14:44 <warlord> I believe so.
16:15:30 <warlord> (assuming I understand your question)
16:15:51 <wolfs> With this I have an option where I can choose a job.
16:16:05 <warlord> Right
16:16:13 <wolfs> And in owner-page and owner-string I have then the information on this job?
16:16:36 <warlord> You miht want to change the string to "The job for this report" because you really do need a completely separate report for what you want.
16:16:45 <warlord> Yes
16:16:58 <warlord> (or you should --- )
16:17:05 <wolfs> Yes, I should...
16:17:47 <wolfs> guid (gncOwnerReturnGUID owner))
16:17:58 <wolfs> Then gives me the GUID of this job?
16:18:07 <warlord> Yes
16:18:13 <warlord> (assuming it is a job)
16:20:53 <wolfs> owner (opt-val owner-page owner-string))
16:21:08 <wolfs> If I have this in a let clause and the option as before,
16:21:17 <wolfs> then owner is a job, isn't it?
16:23:18 <warlord> Theoretically/.
16:23:48 <wolfs> I did setup the following query:
16:24:04 <wolfs> (define (setup-query q owner account end-date)
16:24:08 <wolfs> (let* ((guid (gncOwnerReturnGUID owner)))
16:24:12 <wolfs> (qof-query-add-guid-match
16:24:16 <wolfs> q
16:24:24 <wolfs> guid QOF-QUERY-OR)
16:24:28 <wolfs> ; (qof-query-add-guid-match
16:24:32 <wolfs> ; q
16:24:36 <wolfs> ; (list SPLIT-LOT OWNER-FROM-LOT QOF-PARAM-GUID)
16:24:40 <wolfs> ; guid QOF-QUERY-OR)
16:24:44 <wolfs> (qof-query-add-guid-match
16:24:48 <wolfs> q
16:25:04 <wolfs> guid QOF-QUERY-OR)
16:25:08 <wolfs> (xaccQueryAddSingleAccountMatch q account QOF-QUERY-AND)
16:25:08 <wolfs> (xaccQueryAddDateMatchTS q #f end-date #t end-date QOF-QUERY-AND)
16:25:08 <wolfs> (qof-query-set-book q (gnc-get-current-book))
16:25:08 <wolfs> q))
16:25:08 <wolfs> or function giving me a query...
16:25:09 <wolfs> But this yields all invoices of the customer and not of the job...
16:26:09 <wolfs> What am I doing wrong...
16:26:11 <wolfs> ?
16:27:49 <warlord> Are you sure that 'owner' is a job?
16:28:58 <wolfs> I chose it via the options of the report in gnucash and there I chose a Job because I can't choose anything else.
16:29:05 <warlord> (also, you should pastebin more than 3 lines)
16:29:43 <wolfs> sorry for this.
16:29:50 <wolfs> Next time I'll do it.
16:31:20 <warlord> What is in 'q' before the query is setup here?
16:31:45 <warlord> Also, I think your second query term is wrong.. SPLIT-LOT INVOICE-FROM-LOT... is wrong.
16:31:59 <wolfs> qof-query-create-for-splits
16:32:38 <wolfs> So just the first term gives me all Invoices for this job in this account?
16:33:26 <wolfs> I just started hacking the owner-report.scm from the gnucash installation.
16:33:35 <warlord> You're not searching for invoices -- you're searching for splits.. Which will find you Invoices and Payments.
16:34:02 <wolfs> This is why I don't really have an idea what I'm doing....
16:34:18 <wolfs> But this will get me all the splits?
16:35:21 <warlord> if you fix the second term then it should give you all the splits in the account between the date ranges where the split -> split-trans -> invoice-from-txn -> invoice-owner -> guid == your-job's guid ....
16:38:15 <wolfs> what does txn mean?
16:38:21 <wolfs> transaction?
16:38:32 <warlord> yes
16:39:10 <wolfs> I commented out the one with the lots.
16:39:15 <wolfs> So this should work now?
16:39:56 <warlord> I think so
16:40:05 <wolfs> I still gives me everything...
16:40:37 <warlord> define "everything"?
16:41:27 <wolfs> All invoices for the costumer.
16:41:29 <wolfs> http://pastebin.com/m56fafa9a
16:41:39 <wolfs> Here is the whole sourcecode...
16:41:42 <warlord> Are you sure that 'owner' is a job?
16:42:07 <wolfs> I clicked on options and then chose a job.
16:42:14 <wolfs> The option is created as above.
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16:44:52 <warlord> What does the report title say?
16:45:22 <wolfs> Job: and then the name of the job
16:45:41 <warlord> What does the top header say?
16:45:56 <wolfs> Job Report: Curso lunes y jueves
16:46:16 <wolfs> Is this the report title?
16:46:28 <wolfs> Where is the top header?
16:46:40 <warlord> You answered me.
16:46:44 <wolfs> OK.
16:47:32 <wolfs> on line 394 I wrote this job-options-generator...
16:47:54 <wolfs> is GNC-OWNER-JOB the right type?
16:48:02 <wolfs> At least I can choose the job.
16:48:13 <warlord> yes
16:48:40 <warlord> I dont know why it's reporting all invoices for the customer.
16:48:55 <warlord> Look in your data file and check out the customer GUID and Job GUID?
16:49:15 <warlord> Add some prints in the report to print out hte guids you've got?
16:51:09 <warlord> standard debugging methodology -- print out all your data and look for things that dont look right.
16:51:50 <warlord> Do you have invoices for other customers?
16:52:48 <wolfs> Not in the report.
16:52:57 <warlord> In your data file?
16:53:53 <wolfs> yes.
16:54:37 <warlord> And only 1 A/R account?
16:55:02 <wolfs> Sorry, if I choose the other A/R account, the it shows me all invoices there.
16:55:10 <wolfs> So it just gives me all invoices.
16:55:15 <wolfs> of the account.
16:55:24 <warlord> There ya go.
16:55:38 <warlord> (why do you have different customers going to different A/R accounts?)
16:58:20 <wolfs> Yeah, probably should change that...
16:58:46 <wolfs> I am just surprised that there is no predefined report to show you data about a job...
16:59:29 <warlord> I never used jobs, so I never wrote the reports for them
17:02:26 <warlord> ... and based on how jobs are stored it always seemed more important to get the customer report than a job report from that particulr code.
17:09:04 <wolfs> This setup is for a teacher who gives classes...
17:09:34 <wolfs> And he gives various courses for one company.
17:10:03 <wolfs> So it would be nice to see how much he gained from one of those courses = job....
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17:23:49 <jmafcd> am having trouble getting online quotes. using 2.2.6 on Debian. From cmd line, I see:
17:23:49 <jmafcd> gnc.bin-Message: main: binreloc relocation support was disabled at configure time.
17:23:49 <jmafcd> Found Finance::Quote version 1.13
17:23:50 <jmafcd> Aborted
17:24:03 <jmafcd> any suggestions?
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17:56:36 <wolfs> So, the guid is the correct one in setup-query...
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19:28:55 <jmafcd> can anybody help with getting online quotes in gnucash?
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23:10:23 <warlord> jmafcd: only if you actually say what the problem is that you're having...
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23:13:14 <jmafcd> warlord, the problem is I try to get quotes, from the app or the cmd line and I get nothing.
23:13:50 <warlord> what OS/Distro?
23:13:59 <jmafcd> Debian
23:15:25 <jmafcd> from the Price Editor, after clicking Get Quotes, I get "Unable to retrieve quotes for these items: NASDAQ:YHOO" (for example)
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23:16:45 <jmafcd> and I've tested Finance::Quote from the cmd line and it appears to work
23:16:58 <warlord> so gnc-fc-dump works?
23:17:25 <jmafcd> I haven't tried that
23:19:39 <jmafcd> I guess you mean gnc-fq-dump
23:21:32 <jmafcd> well, gnc-fq-dump appears to work, it gives me a "last" price, but with a weird date "00/00/2000"
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23:26:02 <warlord> Yeah, sorry, fq. And if the date is broken, that would be why it's not working.
23:29:32 <jmafcd> well, with -v, gnc-fq-dump, does print the correct date (ie, last Friday) but under time, e.g., YHOO time: 9/5/2008
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23:30:35 <warlord> Hmmm...
23:30:55 <warlord> running "gnc-fq-dump nasdaq YHOO" works fine for me here.
23:31:17 <jmafcd> and the date is like last Friday?
23:31:29 <warlord> date: 09/05/2008 <=== required
23:32:12 <jmafcd> I've got perl 5.10.0 ...
23:32:22 <warlord> perl-5.8.8-30.fc7
23:33:05 <jmafcd> probably that's why it's broken
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23:34:59 <wivolution> Help with budgetting: any proportions recommended for expenses?
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23:35:11 <wivolution> Help with budgetting: any proportions recommended for expenses?
23:35:33 <jmafcd> warlord, but I see gnc-fq-update starts with use lib '/usr/lib/perl/5.10';
23:38:59 <wivolution> Where may I find help docummentation on family budgetting? thanks in advance
23:45:44 <warlord> jmafcd: I don't see that in my copy.
23:46:17 <warlord> wivolution: Ummm... have you looked at the gnucash.org website and wiki?
23:46:18 <jmafcd> warlord, note I was talking about gnc-fq-update, not gnc-fq-dump
23:47:02 <warlord> jmafcd: that 'use' command is based on your version of perl. Mine says:
23:47:02 <warlord> use lib '/usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/i386-linux-thread-multi';
23:47:24 <warlord> But you shouldn't use it on debian -- you should install the .deb
23:48:11 <wivolution> yes, actually im there now, i can see accounting concepts, but not actual budgetting recommendations
23:48:18 <jmafcd> ok, tks warlord. Tomorrow I'll give it a try
23:49:12 <warlord> wivolution: Oh, I dont think it will give recommendations per se -- those are so individualized.
23:50:10 <wivolution> i see, i thought there could be some general outlines, thank you anyways :-)
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23:51:19 <warlord> you can try asking on gnucash-user
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