2008-09-03 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:31:34 <cast> evening all
01:32:02 <cast> question: i've done the 07-08 financial year in gnucash, without any hickups :)
01:32:36 <cast> now if i wanted to go back and do the 06-07 year, would it be best to start from scratch?
02:04:54 <cast> i think i'll start from scratch, and probably merge it somehow later down the track if required
02:05:04 <cast> now, other question! regarding depreciation
02:06:33 <cast> should i depreciate things at the end of each financial year, or 1 year after they were purchased, then 2, 3, 4...etc..
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02:43:36 * cast ponders what to do with cheques written before his years accounts but cashed during them
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08:00:13 <warlord> cast: If you started your accounting on 1/1/07 and performed reconciliation then no, you cannot then go back and add txns from 1/1/06. Nor will you ever be able to merge it together because your reconciled balances will all be off.
08:00:29 <warlord> If you wanted to start at 1/1/06 you should have done so.
08:00:49 <warlord> as for depreciation.. IANAA but I believe you depreciate at the end of the year.
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08:10:18 <cast> ahh.
08:11:00 <cast> well, 07-08 was more important :) but doing it as two seperate things is fine enough
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08:57:47 <cast> wooo it all balances
08:58:56 <warlord> yay!
09:07:15 <cast> now other question...our club has a lot of little purchases of equipment, that we're expected to calculate depreciation for. is it expected that i'd do lots of little depreciation calculations for each item? that seems silly, but is required if i use linear depreciation. so i was thinking to just depreciate by a fixed % each year, that way i can depreciate everything with a 4 year life span in one go, then everything with a ...
09:07:21 <cast> ... 10 year life span in one go, [my assets account has 3 sub accounts, relating to the 3 different kinds of equipment, each kind of equipment will all have the same life span, so i can just depcreciate the sub account and have it apply to every little thing we have
09:09:35 <warlord> IANAA but that should work.
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09:31:35 <bookie28> Is there someone who might be able to help me with a question that I have? When creating invoices, no matter what date I enter, the opening date and posting date show as the first of the month.
09:34:02 <todd> you must manually change it when the dialog pops up to post and/or open it
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09:41:17 <warlord> bookie28: You're running 2.2.6 on windows, right?
09:41:40 <warlord> (if so, it's a known bug in date entry. either downgrade to 2.2.5 or wait for 2.2.7)
09:56:25 <bookie28> Thank you, warlord. Is 2.2.7 expected anytime soon? I'm not sure I know how to downgrade other than to uninstall 2.2.6.
09:56:56 <warlord> Yes, you could uninstall 2.2.6 and install 2.2.5 -- your data will not be lost.
09:57:09 <warlord> 2.2.7 is due any day now...
09:58:01 <bookie28> Wonderful! Thank you.
10:01:10 <bookie28> Can you tell me if there is any way to set some defaults? For example, we don't really invoice hours much and never material. Can a default be set so that automatically uses project rather than having to use the pull down menu?
10:04:03 <warlord> sorry, no.
10:04:37 <bookie28> Okay, I appreciate your help. It's not a real big issue, but when doing data entry it is extra effort to move back and forth from the keyboard to mouse. The shortcut keys don't really seem to work.
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10:06:43 <warlord> You could just type 'p' and it should auto-fill
10:12:36 <bookie28> That works. Thank you!
10:17:50 <warlord> you're welcome
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10:22:47 <dcheeseman> :) is this a help channel?
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10:24:03 <dcheeseman> anyone have any experience setting up online accounts with this software?
10:26:31 * dcheeseman asks and waits...
10:27:27 <warlord> dcheeseman: have you read the wiki?
10:28:15 <dcheeseman> I have, but am not sure where to look for aqbanking setup info for my own bank. I'm using quicken online, but their wizard glossed over the technical stuff of connecting to my bank.
10:29:00 <warlord> The wiki page provides links to the OFX data.
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10:30:02 <dcheeseman> cool, was looking at the wrong page.
10:30:24 <dcheeseman> thanks for the answer to the dumb question :), sorry to bother yah
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10:35:55 <dcheeseman> thanks again for pointing me in the right direction
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12:43:02 <ducksnutz> Hi I was just looking at the irc log from earlier today and wanted to followup on two things warlord said. I'm a new user of GC (using 2.2.6 on windows). Are you there warlord?
12:43:23 <warlord> nope. sorry. not here. ;)
12:43:31 <ducksnutz> oh, damn!
12:44:53 <ducksnutz> the first was about 2.2.6 and a problem with invoices and dates. That's not going to bother me right now, so I can live with that. However, are there any other known reasons for downgrading to 2.2.5 on windows?
12:46:15 <warlord> There are lots of date-entry problems.
12:47:34 <ducksnutz> oh, maybe as a new user, I've just thought of it as quirkyness!
12:49:45 <warlord> ummm.. no.
12:51:57 <ducksnutz> well the only one I've noticed is the behaviour of the pop up calendar. other things seem ok. is their any danger of data corruption? If not then I guess I'm ok with 2.2.6 until 2.2. arrives. Can you give an example of any date entry problem that would cause nasty / damaging behaviour to data?
12:53:58 <warlord> Well, if you supply the wrong date to an object. ;)
12:54:46 <ducksnutz> ok, Ill try and avoid that then ;-)
12:54:55 <ducksnutz> the second q was regarding reconciliation and then entering earlier entries in an account. Your comment earlier read like that is a bad thing(tm). Could you elaborate? To give some background, I've just imported 10 years of quicken data and I'm fixing up stock entries and re-assigning transactions, and entering new ones. Now some of my accounts, the asset ones are reconciled, so I'm worried about breaking things. Should I be?
12:55:41 <warlord> Did you do the import BEFORE you reconciled?
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12:57:10 <ducksnutz> the asset accounts were typically reconcilled in Quicken, so imported that. I've done some reconcilling since
12:57:26 <ducksnutz> "so I imported the reconcilled accounts"
12:57:34 <warlord> that's fine
12:57:59 <warlord> the issue is all about the opening balance.
12:58:41 <warlord> on your first reconciliation you reconcile the opening balance. if you then add transactions prior to the opening balance date it invalidates your opening balance transaction which throws off your reconciliation balances.
13:02:09 <ducksnutz> ok, so as long as I don't change that things will be ok. good, my new transactions should all be after the original opening balance. I'll double check though. Though I have been fiddling with entries that got assigned to Equity:Retained Earnings to try and straighten out the quicken import. If I need to add something before a reconcilled opening balance then presumably I can just create a new account and move the existing transactions across?
13:03:11 <warlord> If you've reconciled the txns in Account A then you should never add new txns prior to that.
13:03:46 <warlord> (prior to the reconciled txns)
13:04:51 <ducksnutz> oh, I've done that I think o-( due to trying to tidy up some complex stock transactions. What's the easiest way to see if there's a reconciliation problem?
13:05:23 <ducksnutz> o-( = :o
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13:11:23 <ducksnutz> hmm, sorry client problem
13:11:29 <ducksnutz> when you said "prior to the reconcilled txns" did you mean prior to any of them, or prior to the earliest of them? I've only done the former
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13:18:33 * ducksnutz ponders about dinner
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13:44:57 <ducksnutz> thanks for your help warlord :) ciao
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14:32:19 <imre> Question: i used Gnucash with windowsXP, and nowdays i have a debian/gnome system on my pc as well. is there any chance to open my saved files in the gnome-gnucash?
14:32:58 <jsled> yes, unless you're going from 2.2 -> 2.0 under some circumstances.
14:34:12 <imre> i have 2.2 on both system, but until now, i couldnt open. Oh yeah and i am a begginer in debian
14:35:35 <jsled> What do you mean by "couldn't open"? What are you trying to open, what happens, &c.?
14:41:14 <imre> ok. i saved my gnucash accounts in the windows version "save as". i got a file without extension and a few log files. after i changed the OP system to Debian/gnome. install the gnucash, tried to open (open as: ctrl O) the file without extension. the error message what i got is "There was an error parsing the file /media/usb0/personal finance/export files/save as/080902.
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14:45:24 <jsled> And that's the path to your (extensionless) file?
14:45:44 <imre> yes i use a usb driver to save my personal datas
14:46:04 <jsled> If, on the command line, you run `file /media/usb0/personal finance/export files/save as/080902`, what does it say? Also, maybe, `ls -l /media/usb0/personal finance/export files/save as/080902`?
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14:50:07 <imre> maybe i should not use space caracters?
14:50:48 <jsled> It shouldn't matter, but I should have quoted the path in those commands I asked you to run, yes.
14:50:50 <imre> */media/usb0/personal: ERROR: cannot open `/media/usb0/personal' (No such file or directory)
14:50:50 <imre> finance/export: ERROR: cannot open `finance/export' (No such file or direc tory)
14:50:50 <imre> files/save: ERROR: cannot open `files/save' (No such file or directory )
14:50:50 <imre> as/080902: ERROR: cannot open `as/080902' (No such file or directory)*
14:51:08 <jsled> Yeah, `file "/media/usb0/personal finance/export files/save as/080902"`
14:51:11 <jsled> (and the same for the ls)
14:54:45 <imre> as for the "file" command: /media/usb0/personal finance/export files/save as/080902: gzip compressed data, from NTFS filesystem (NT)
14:56:14 <imre> for the "ls -l" command: -rwxr-export files/save as/080902 xr-x 1 imre imre 46509 2008-09-04 02:42 /media/usb0/personal finance/
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14:58:33 <jsled> hmm. well, you could un-compress it and see if the XML "looks right".
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15:02:24 <imre> i gess i have to un compress with the gzip software, right?
15:03:10 <jsled> Right, sorry. `cat ${file} | gzip -cd > /tmp/uncompressed`
15:03:23 <imre> i guess. sorry form my english ;(
15:03:24 <jsled> (or rename the file to end in .gz, then you can uncompress in-place)
15:05:08 <warlord> or you can 'zcat ${file} | head -20' and see if it looks right.
15:06:54 <jsled> yeah, good idea. If the first 20 lines are right, then it's probably right.
15:07:07 <jsled> Or just `zless $file`, in fact.
15:09:16 <warlord> Right
15:11:46 <imre> well i chenking now the xml file. hmm... for me it looks right i can see the name of my accounts, and my transactions. it is huge. i dont really know what to looking for.
15:13:39 <jsled> imre: try `zcat $file | xmllint --noout -`
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15:22:07 <imre> results: "zcat: $/media/usb0/personalfinance/exportfiles/saveas/080902.gz: No such file or directory
15:22:07 <imre> -:1: parser error : Document is empty
15:22:07 <imre> ^
15:22:07 <imre> -:1: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not found
15:22:07 <imre> ^
15:22:08 <imre> I/O error : Invalid seek"
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15:23:50 <jsled> Uh, the spaces got removed.
15:23:56 <jsled> Sorry.
15:24:06 <imre> yes i did it it is correct
15:24:14 <jsled> When we were saying "$file", we meant "put your file name here".
15:24:27 <jsled> zcat "/media/usb0/personal finance/export files/save as/080902" | xmllint --noout -
15:25:53 <imre> ok. i removed $ after enter nothing happend
15:26:55 <imre> i renamed the folders, so now doesnt have space caracters
15:26:58 <jsled> Ah.
15:27:14 <jsled> Well, then the file validates; it'd only say something on error.
15:27:38 <jsled> Is there anything interesting in the file /tmp/gnucash.trace (assuming when you last ran gnucash you got the parse error?)?
15:32:19 <imre> i dont know what to looking for, but there are at least 30 lines saying error this or error that. should i copy here the text?
15:32:53 <jsled> Please, but into http://pastebin.ca/
15:32:57 <jsled> (and give us the URL it gives you)
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15:34:27 <imre> http://pastebin.ca/1192928
15:35:10 <jsled> Can you please double-check the version on the debian system?
15:35:23 <jsled> `gnucash --version` should do the trick
15:35:24 <imre> you mean the cernel?
15:35:29 <imre> kernel?
15:35:34 <jsled> nope. gnucas.
15:35:38 <jsled> gnucash, even.
15:35:39 *** andrewsw-afk is now known as andrewsw
15:35:54 <andrewsw> imre might be on 2.0.5
15:36:00 * jsled nods
15:36:01 <andrewsw> that's the etch version, I think
15:37:20 <andrewsw> yep
15:37:28 <imre> i thought it was the 2.2.6. i am ashamed sorry. GnuCash 2.0.5
15:37:28 <imre> K?sz?lt: 2007-02-25 v15617
15:38:00 <warlord> OH! You have an SX.. 2.0.x cannot read 2.2 SXes at all.
15:38:11 <warlord> that's the parse error.
15:38:26 <imre> so my version is not up to date.
15:38:32 <warlord> correct
15:39:21 <jsled> Well, you might be able to install a backport of gnucash 2.2 from some later debian release.
15:39:26 <andrewsw> yikes
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15:39:30 <jsled> Or you might use this as an excuse to upgrade.
15:39:31 <andrewsw> that's a tough one
15:39:41 <warlord> andrewsw: there isn't a backport?
15:39:45 <jsled> Or, if you can't do that, you can manually remove the Scheduled Transactions from the datafile, then it should load.
15:39:49 <andrewsw> nope, he'd have to pull from testing
15:40:10 <jsled> was it the g->f backport? No f->e (or g->e)?
15:40:27 <andrewsw> or upgrade the whole system.
15:40:43 <andrewsw> jsled: ?
15:42:02 <imre> so what i should do? can i do something? remove the scheduled transactions is not a big pain for me couse i have only one or two. or i just remove this version of gnucash and install the 2.2. can i do it with etch?
15:42:06 <jsled> andrewsw: It seems there is a G[utsy Gibbon] -> F[eisty Fawn] backport. http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Ubuntu#Ubuntu_7.04_.28.22Feisty_Fawn.22.29
15:42:16 <jsled> imre: No, etch does't have 2.2 available.
15:42:18 <jsled> Did you just install?
15:42:30 <andrewsw> utnubu is not debian...
15:42:42 <jsled> Oh. Right. Heh.
15:42:58 <andrewsw> it's really hard to type that backwards...
15:43:17 <andrewsw> imre: how far into your debian learning process are you?
15:43:43 <andrewsw> the current testing release is really close to being ready. You'd not be hurt by moving up to it, I think.
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15:43:52 <imre> andrewsw: 0 plus a little
15:44:30 <imre> i have debian only for a week or so.
15:44:58 <andrewsw> if you don't yet have any critical data, and are really in it to learn, then you'd not have much to lose by moving up to lenny (testing).
15:45:04 <andrewsw> and lot's to gain from the learning process.
15:47:35 <andrewsw> migrating to debian testing is beyond the scope of this channel, and takes more time than I have to donate at this moment, but,
15:48:18 <andrewsw> I see two options for you, 1) edit the file in windows to remove the sched tx, 2) migrate to debian testing (requires lots of bandwidth but should be straightforward).
15:48:26 <andrewsw> good luck. I'm off.
15:48:28 *** andrewsw is now known as andrewsw-afk
15:48:28 <imre> if i got it right if i remove the scheduled transaction i can open my gnucash file maybe. is it right? well to be honest i dont really want to go deep in debian if i dont have to. i afraid to beind addicted
15:48:48 <imre> ok i got it andrewsw
15:49:08 <imre> thanks you all.
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15:52:56 <imre> ok i am off too. i try to remove the scheduled tx and see if it works, if not, see you in a few minutes. thanks
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