2008-09-02 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:55:39 <AbuHuraira> Hello, I Hello, I think there's a problem in gnucash's Get Quotes function (in Price List editor), I receive a wrong XAU to EGP conversion rate: I get it as 4.0, while it should be something around 4,000
04:01:16 <AbuHuraira> why is the Liabilities account read only ? and can I use it to record money that I lend to others ?
04:04:59 <AbuHuraira> um, ignore the last question
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06:39:11 <AbuHuraira> Hello, I think there's a problem in gnucash's Get Quotes function (in Price List editor), I receive a wrong XAU to EGP conversion rate: I get it as 4.0, while it should be something around 4,000
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07:37:52 <AbuHuraira> Hello ?
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08:36:27 <AbuHuraira> Hello, I think there's a problem in gnucash's Get Quotes function (in Price List editor), I receive a wrong XAU to EGP conversion rate: I get it as 4.0, while it should be something around 4,000
08:40:40 <AbuHuraira> how can I add a new currency ?
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11:08:22 <rmf> hey guys
11:08:34 <rmf> i've a problem with gnucash.
11:10:26 <rmf> I've put in loads of data over the course of a week or two, and transfered the file over to another machine, and now i cannot pay invoices. The 'transfer account' box is empty so I cannot process the payment. Any of you seen this before or can help me please?
11:12:41 <warlord> Were you able to pay invoices before?
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11:17:17 <rmf> warlord: yes, np
11:18:06 <warlord> rmf: Is the pulldown list empty on the new system?
11:18:13 <rmf> could pay any, but now nothing, can't pay any unpaid invoice
11:18:45 <rmf> no pull down, it's a squar(ish) box, not a dropdown
11:19:29 <rmf> same prob with bills, warlord
11:20:20 <rmf> there appers to be no way to choose an account to transfer to :(
11:21:11 <warlord> It is most certainly a pulldown.
11:21:23 <warlord> The post-to account is definitely a pull-down
11:22:11 <rmf> ok, hang on...
11:22:49 <rmf> warlord, sorry - it's the transfer account that's empty - post to is ok
11:22:59 <rmf> sorry for confusion warlord
11:24:02 <warlord> Ah.. By any chance did you drop back from 2.2 to 2.0?
11:24:27 <warlord> This sounds like a "I have a top-level 'root' account" problem.
11:25:30 <rmf> Ah... I do have a 'root account as top level...
11:25:44 <rmf> ver 2.0.5
11:25:55 <warlord> Right.
11:26:04 <rmf> is this because one machine is ubuntu & one Debian Stable?
11:26:09 <warlord> Yep
11:26:11 <rmf> possibly?
11:26:15 <warlord> 2.2 -> 2.0
11:26:24 <rmf> warlord, you are a star
11:26:28 <warlord> You'll need to re-parent all the accounts to the top-level
11:26:40 <rmf> I was getting so anxious it was rediculous
11:26:51 <rmf> all..?
11:27:07 <rmf> couls I just install 2.2
11:27:08 <warlord> All the accounts that should be at the top-level but are inside 'root'
11:27:08 <rmf> ?
11:27:17 <warlord> Nope, at this point your data file is "broken"
11:27:19 <rmf> i got ya
11:27:23 <warlord> going back to 2.2 wont fix it.
11:28:21 <rmf> ok - and it looks like I cant just delete the root acc too, eh
11:28:36 <rmf> ah, cest la vie
11:28:45 <rmf> at least it's not lost
11:28:52 <rmf> :|
11:31:18 <rmf> warlord - thank you. all fixed :D
11:31:38 <warlord> You need to reparent everything out of it.. Then you can delete it.
11:31:43 <rmf> another happy punter
11:31:52 <warlord> there ya go
11:31:54 <rmf> ok
11:32:02 <rmf> ya know it
11:32:06 <rmf> thank again
11:32:45 <warlord> you're welcome
11:38:37 <ben_goodger> jsled: you are correct in surmising that I am not the "google/firefox" ben goodger
11:38:47 <ben_goodger> I think I shall change my nickname for this purpose
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12:15:18 <todd> so, stupid question, where can I get a good copy of gnucash-2.2.6.tar.gz ?
12:15:38 <todd> it seems the http download site provides a corrupt tarball and the rest of the mirrors dont have it
12:16:19 <warlord> Ummm... the copy on SF isn't good?
12:17:09 <todd> testing that next, I hadn't gotten down to them on the list of mirror sites I was going through trying to download a good tarball
12:17:20 <warlord> ok
12:17:23 <todd> hey, we have a tarball, lets see if it extracts..
12:17:31 <todd> but http://www.gnucash.org/ one is definately foobared
12:17:48 <todd> just download it and do 'tar tvzf ..' you'll get corrupt archives after a few hundred files
12:19:28 <warlord> Check md5sum?
12:19:36 <warlord> (I dont have access to www.gnucash.org)
12:22:20 <todd> downloading again to see what it ends up being
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12:26:22 <warlord> ok
12:27:48 <todd> -rw-r--r-- 1 1000 multimedia 846282 Jan 7 2008 gnucash-2.2.6/ChangeLog.2006
12:27:52 <todd> tar: Invalid header, starting valid header search.
12:27:55 <todd> $ md5 gnucash-2.2.6.tar.gz
12:27:56 <todd> MD5 (gnucash-2.2.6.tar.gz) = 687a5d8291e6f8b5307ac19922ef710b
12:28:53 <todd> the tar.bz2 file from gnucash.org is good
12:29:23 <todd> 7ac08c5e2076c9b4d44c785d21bc1a2f
12:29:31 <todd> thats the md5 of a good gnucash-2.2.6.tar.gz from sf
12:30:04 <warlord> what does "file gnucash-2.2.6.tar.gz" say?
12:30:21 <todd> gnucash-2.2.6.tar.gz: gzip compressed data, from Unix, last modified: Sun Jul 27 11:46:59 2008, max compression
12:30:26 <todd> (thats the bad one)
12:30:49 <todd> gnucash-2.2.6.tar.gz: gzip compressed data, from Unix, last modified: Sun Jul 27 11:46:59 2008, max compression
12:30:51 <todd> thats the good one
12:30:54 <warlord> andi5: you're the release engineer...
12:31:19 <warlord> Are the sizes the same?
12:31:35 <todd> its likely either the disk at gnucash.org had a bad write or the file was corrupt during xfer *grin* .. checking filesizes
12:31:48 <todd> exactly the same
12:32:54 <todd> (sizes are the same to be clear)
12:33:05 <warlord> right
12:33:08 <warlord> could be.
12:37:20 <warlord> todd: andi5 would know, or could test.
12:37:57 <todd> I'll mention it if I catch him alive and I'm payin attention
12:40:08 <warlord> (well I was trying to get his attention)
12:42:55 * andi5 arrives
12:43:06 <todd> andi is in the house
12:43:26 <andi5> check out http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Announcement_2.2.6
12:44:10 <andi5> so you say the tar.gz from gnucash.org is bad?
12:44:12 <andi5> or the bz2?
12:44:13 <todd> yes
12:44:16 <todd> .tar.gz
12:44:33 <todd> $ md5 gnucash-2.2.6.tar.gz
12:44:34 <todd> MD5 (gnucash-2.2.6.tar.gz) = 687a5d8291e6f8b5307ac19922ef710b
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12:44:44 <todd> I get the right md5 from sf mirrors
12:45:20 <todd> if you attempt to extract the 'bad' .tar.gz it claims corrupt tar archive midway through
12:45:54 <andi5> gimme a minute, the us server is pretty slow from germany
12:46:02 <todd> ;-)
12:46:40 <todd> I've provided the notification, you can take it from here I trust, whatever that entails and however long .. you are now aware .. ;-)
12:46:45 <andi5> md5sum gnucash-2.2.6.tar.gz > 7ac08c5e2076c9b4d44c785d21bc1a2f > http://ftp.at.gnucash.org/pub/gnucash/gnucash/sources/stable/gnucash-2.2.6.tar.gz
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12:47:17 <todd> http://www.gnucash.org/pub/gnucash/sources/stable/gnucash-2.2.6.tar.gz
12:47:23 <andi5> one second please
12:47:25 <andi5> at is austria
12:47:34 <todd> that is what gives me a bad .gz just clarifying ;-)
12:47:41 <andi5> yep, that download seems incorrect
12:47:50 <andi5> will re-upload the file in an hour or so
12:47:55 <andi5> have to go
12:48:18 <andi5> usually i check the files i upload, and i am pretty sure i did it this time as well
12:48:20 <andi5> this meaning last
12:48:34 <andi5> thanks for finding it out
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12:50:58 <warlord> huh.. I didn't realize that at.gnucash.org was still a valid mirror!
12:52:14 <warlord> And.. it looks like it isnt.
12:52:25 <warlord> where did you get that URL?
12:52:54 <todd> andi5 left.. ;-)
12:53:44 <jsled> warlord: it's still listed on http://www.gnucash.org/
12:54:09 <warlord> Huh! Because http://www.at.gnucash.org/ doesn't work.
12:54:19 <jsled> it's http://ftp.at.gnucash.org/
12:54:53 <warlord> That page doesn't work either.
12:55:43 <warlord> Ahh, but it's in the downloads.. Not a web mirror. I see.
12:58:12 <jsled> Sorry, yeah, the link on www.gnucash.org is specifically <http://ftp.at.gnucash.org/pub/gnucash/gnucash/sources/stable/>.
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14:54:20 <andi5> md5sum gnucash-2.2.6.tar.gz > 7ac08c5e2076c9b4d44c785d21bc1a2f > http://www.gnucash.org/pub/gnucash/sources/stable/gnucash-2.2.6.tar.gz
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14:56:16 <andi5> warlord: the server you wrote about that seems to have some hardware problems was the svn/lists/... server, right?
14:56:31 <andi5> i.e. not the one serving tarballs
14:56:56 <warlord> Correct
14:57:16 <andi5> i also wonder, because that was the first report i received about an invalid tarball, after quite some weeks
14:57:39 <andi5> did someone hack us? ;-)
14:57:52 <andi5> did someone hack me? *shocked*
14:59:27 <todd> my take on the matter
14:59:33 <todd> is that likely people are using .tar.bz2
14:59:37 <todd> and didn't notice the .tar.gz
15:00:00 <todd> that or they're not even using the src tarballs and just getting from upstream sources which prefer less bandwidth and nab the .tar.bz2 to generate .deb or .rpm's etc
15:00:28 <todd> but that's just my impression as to why it was several weeks after the release with a bad .tar.gz still there
15:00:37 <andi5> hm, i am not sure about that... i think that once upon a time the sourceforge statistics server was working and it showed that one third of the downloads was the tar.gz... and do you think that none of all the downloaders would try to contact me?
15:01:14 <todd> maybe most people got it from sf.net mirrors? but just playin devils advocate.. ;-)
15:01:33 <andi5> hehe :) i do not know download statistics from our server
15:01:59 <todd> you have http logs?
15:02:20 <todd> just a rough "grep gnucash-2.2.6.tar.gz logfile| wc -l" vs .tar.bz2 might give you a rough idea
15:02:23 <andi5> not me
15:07:04 <andi5> Apache 1.3.33 ... how old is that? :)
15:08:02 <warlord> The system is pretty old.
15:15:57 <todd> depends, OpenBSD's httpd is based on 1.3.x apache since 2.x apache is licensed less free amongst other reasons
15:26:30 <warlord> sure, but in this case I know the system is pretty old ;)
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17:43:18 <andi5> warlord: ping
17:43:25 <warlord> andi5: pong
17:43:29 <andi5> nice :)
17:44:09 <andi5> have you read about the bug i talked about with fell, namely switching from NIS to ILS for the israelian currency?
17:44:50 <andi5> i am mostly interesting in whether we support or want to support automatic conversion of data files containing and using "old" currency symbols, in this case NIS
17:46:29 <andi5> i just do not know whether what i see is a bug and if, what direction is the one to fix it in =)
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17:49:14 <warlord> I did not read the log
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17:50:13 <warlord> But I'm pretty sure that NIS is the current currency.
17:50:21 <warlord> What exactly seems to be the bug
17:50:23 <warlord> ?
17:50:35 <warlord> The gnc-commodity code should perform the conversion.
17:50:57 <andi5> well, ILS is probably correct, but that is not my point :)
17:51:09 <andi5> ok, but it does not do what i thought it would do
17:51:50 <andi5> say you make a lookup in the database for an old symbol, then you get a gnc_commodity with the new symbol mnemonic... fine
17:51:59 <warlord> Acording to my Israeli friends it's still NIS.
17:52:17 <andi5> well, the iso symbol is definitely ILS, that seems to be rather sure
17:53:17 <andi5> even the original author of the switch to NIS is fine with a revert :)
17:53:23 <andi5> (for reference: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=492417 )
17:53:34 <andi5> anyway... assume an old file is loaded
17:54:07 <andi5> it contains an entry for the old currency, which is looked up in the database and an internal commodity returned... then the gnc-commodity-v2.c code changes that symbol!
17:54:38 <andi5> it overwrites the mnemonic with the old symbol and from then on you see it incorrectly again, until you load a "new" file
17:55:11 <andi5> that also means that saving the file again does not change commodities
17:55:19 <warlord> Oh! I bet this is a side effect of Hampton's changes to support currency saving metadata in the data file.
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17:57:21 <warlord> Yeah, that's a bug in gnc-commodity-v2.c -- it shouldn't modify the naming info of CURRENCY objects.
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17:59:23 <andi5> only the naming? ... so should there be a check for !_is_iso() before changing commodities with the help of data within your file?
18:00:46 <andi5> seems like the only other field for currencies is quote_tz ... is that every set? :)
18:00:54 <andi5> -y
18:02:47 <andi5> but ok, at least i know that it is a bug now :)
18:02:48 <andi5> thanks!
18:03:04 <warlord> Yeah, I suspect it's been there since David's change.
18:03:26 <warlord> There are other currency data that are valid to store in the data file, like quote information.
18:05:01 <andi5> hm... quote_source should be "currency" anyway, right?
18:06:37 <andi5> btw, i cannot reproduce the "does not dirty the book after qif import bug" mentioned on the mailing list
18:07:02 <warlord> i haven't tried.
18:07:04 <andi5> i doubt that it is a windows-only bug though
18:07:10 <warlord> have you tried from an empty book?
18:07:36 <andi5> hm... no
18:08:17 <andi5> weird... indeed the file is not dirtied
18:08:33 <andi5> did i miss anything in the mails? :)
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18:43:10 <warlord> I dunno.
18:43:25 <warlord> (sorry, andi5, a guest arrived so i've been a little preoccupied)
18:43:50 <andi5> no problem at all
18:44:07 <andi5> i can say that 2.2.5 did not have that "not-dirtied" bug
18:47:42 <warlord> I wonder if it was something that Phil added that got backported?
18:48:21 <andi5> i did not backport phil's changes
18:48:39 <andi5> and i think that happened before 2.2.6 and i think the op used that version
18:48:45 <andi5> i mean after 2.2.6
18:48:56 <warlord> hmm
18:49:11 <warlord> personally I think that Charles is asking for way too much to get back-ported.
18:49:51 <warlord> but that's another conversation
18:50:09 <warlord> I dont know why the import into an empty book doesn't dirty the book.
18:50:17 <andi5> i am investigating
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19:21:38 <andi5> ok... that was a bit of wasted time... anyway
19:22:08 <andi5> warlord mentioned the correct idea of course, but i ignored it :-D
19:22:12 <andi5> ciao
19:22:41 <warlord> what idea?
19:22:50 <andi5> about phil's merge
19:22:54 <warlord> oh.
19:22:56 <warlord> hah
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