2008-01-30 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:48:44 <felle> g'night.
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05:42:00 <contents> Does anyone here know how to automate the making and posting of invoices? I have a number of invoices that should be produced automatically on the first of the month, but I can't figure out how to do it other than going one at a time.
05:42:35 <contents> These are invoices that should go out every month to the same people.
05:55:01 <contents> OK, I think I've got it. I was thinking that I had to some how use scheduled actions while making an invoice. It looks like I make the first invoice normally, then go to the Accounts Receivable account, and then schedule it from there. If that's wrong, please someone correct me.
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07:40:01 <paolob-parroquia> Hi guys!
07:44:09 <paolob-parroquia> I have my _big_ (5 MB) data archive, where I have alltogether the txns of 3 parishes, and I must separate them in 3 different files. What can I do?
07:45:42 <paolob-parroquia> basically I could make 3 copies, and then delete from any of the 3 the txn not involving the accounts of the "active" parish. But how?
07:46:56 <paolob-parroquia> the search option that would permit me doing that doesn't work, could I work with some home made program on the xml data and move to the new file only the significant data ? how? any idea?
07:52:24 <paolob-parroquia> I'm thinking in an application that reads the data file, and transfers to the new file only the txns that must be there
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07:59:53 <warlord> @tell contents You cannot Schedule an invoice. You can duplicate the transactions but it wont duplicate the invoice, and if you do duplicate the transactions the business features wont work.
07:59:53 <gncbot> warlord: The operation succeeded.
08:00:44 <warlord> paolob-parroquia: what do you mean that "the search option that would permit [it] doesn't work?"
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08:21:40 <snavin> hi
08:22:12 <snavin> looking for gnucash.pot file to translate in to Sinhala language
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08:22:45 <Dave_is_sexy> Hi guys. Can anyone help me with importing a CSV file, and allowing Gnucash to recognise the columns correctly?
08:22:50 <snavin> from where I can download it?
08:23:06 <snavin> Pls help me
08:23:10 <snavin> :)
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08:26:47 <Dave_is_sexy> I have found it. You need to download the source code, and then it's in folder /po
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08:27:15 <snavin> Dave_is_sexy, thanks mate
08:27:16 <snavin> :)
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08:28:24 <Dave_is_sexy> snavin: ^^
08:29:03 <snavin> Dave_is_sexy, thanks mate
08:29:18 <paolob-parroquia> warlord, I explained it thoroughly in http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=150754
08:29:33 <snavin> Dave_is_sexy, :)
08:33:07 <warlord> snavin: or, once you download the sources, you can build one via "make pot"
08:33:54 <warlord> paolob-parroquia: AH. ok.
08:34:59 <snavin> warlord, aha
08:35:23 <snavin> actually can't we do translate as gnome translation
08:35:43 <snavin> I mean directly download the file (pot) and go ahead..
08:36:18 <snavin> as I'm GTP contributor for me gnome system is easier :)
08:36:42 <snavin> btw, I'll contribute to gnucash :)
08:37:32 <Dave_is_sexy> Yeah I'm gonna do a British localle as soon as I am less busy :)
08:38:47 <jsled> Dave_is_sexy: I don't think the CSV importer is in any stable build, yet.
08:39:27 <jsled> snavin: see <http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Translation>.
08:39:42 <Dave_is_sexy> jsled: ah. i'll take a look at unstable then
08:40:14 <jsled> There's been talk about getting gnucash into the funny-named gnome translation system, but as we do things a bit differently than gnome projects, so IIRC it's not trivial.
08:40:30 <jsled> Yeah, it looks like trunk has the CSV importer.
08:40:37 <snavin> jsled, thanks dude
08:40:48 <jsled> Dave_is_sexy: In the mean time, take a look at http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_do_I_convert_from_CSV.2C_TSV.2C_XLS_.28Excel.29.2C_or_SXC_.28.21OpenOffice.org_Calc.29_to_a_QIF.3F
08:41:00 <snavin> what a grate support from GNUCASH guys :D
08:41:07 <snavin> WOW
08:41:43 <Dave_is_sexy> jsled: nice one! That'll be fine
09:03:38 <warlord> jsled: now that we've removed the dependency on g-wrap.. I wonder how hard it would be to remove the dependency on slib?
09:04:06 <jsled> I don't know. I'm not sure what it provides us.
09:09:04 <warlord> anyways, have a good week..
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10:22:43 <john> I am trying to configure the Security Editor to give me a quote for a stock in GBP while I live in Canada. How do I do it?
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11:54:04 <Dave_is_sexy> What's the best way to set up Gross and Net income, so that it's sensible? Do I have to have a seperate Gross account always equalling zero with the numbers divided between where money goes to?
12:03:17 <snavin> good night guys!!
12:03:25 <snavin> cya :)
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12:52:47 <Dave_is_sexy> Anyone thought about the Gross/Net thing at all? I added A link between the two in the split view, but got an imbalance :S
13:04:50 <jsled> Dave_is_sexy: have you read http://www.gnucash.org/docs/v2.0/C/gnucash-guide/txns-registers1.html ?
13:05:22 <jsled> There's an example there of handling income that has both the Gross and Net amounts, though they're called "Before Tax" and "After Tax".
13:06:46 <Dave_is_sexy> jsled: i'm reading it now. but i'd like to use seperate accounts so that the net amount which is importedwith the QIF files is correct and I can add the gross amount and deductions manually.
13:07:47 <jsled> Hm. I guess I'd do Income:Gross -> Assets:Income-adjustment. Then Assets:Income-adjustment -> {Assets:Current, Expenses:Taxes, …}
13:07:57 <jsled> I think everything would balance out, there.
13:08:13 <jsled> Yeah, that should work fien.
13:09:22 <Dave_is_sexy> why not just income gross > {Assets:Current, Expenses:Taxes, …}
13:09:35 <jsled> Because you said you didn't want to do that. :)
13:09:45 <Dave_is_sexy> the thing is, I did that, and it gave me an imblance
13:10:27 <Dave_is_sexy> i added a value to income:gross and linked it to an income:net entry and got an imbalance
13:10:56 <Dave_is_sexy> and it looked like the money was doubling to go in assets:current and income:net
13:11:14 <jsled> Right ... you need to remove it from one of the other splits to keep it balanced, right?
13:11:32 <Dave_is_sexy> think so
13:11:40 <Dave_is_sexy> but they're all relevant
13:12:12 <jsled> Sure. But if your gross salary is $100, and taxes are $25 and your net is $75, that's all balanced.
13:13:23 <Dave_is_sexy> well yeah. but it doesnt work. the splittage sorta puts the $75 into assets AND net income, so it doubles
13:13:27 <Dave_is_sexy> kinda. i think
13:14:12 <jsled> Well, you need to choose.
13:14:24 <jsled> If you want a separate Income:Net account, then use it.
13:14:37 <jsled> But you'll need a separate tranaction to then move the funds from Income:Net to Asset:Current.
13:15:00 <jsled> Or ... you could do it in one transaction.
13:15:27 <jsled> With 3 splits: Income:Net +75, Income:Net -75, Assets:Current +75
13:15:53 <Dave_is_sexy> Yes! that one! :D I'm going to try it out
13:16:00 <jsled> (so the Income:Net cancels each-other out, and it just goes directly to assets. :)
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13:21:18 <Dave_is_sexy> it's not working
13:33:10 <Dave_is_sexy> jsled: kinda done it. It might be wrong, but seems ok. Income:Net £75 is split between Assets:Current, and Income:net as normal, and Income:Gross but without entering a figure, and it appears in income:gross correctly somehow, with no imbalance. then I added tax payments from income:gross and it seems fine, but the tax total is 0
13:33:36 <jsled> I'd love to see a screenshot.
13:33:56 <Dave_is_sexy> jsled: no you can't. it has money on it :P
13:34:26 <jsled> Well, I really couldn't care less, but it's your data. :)
13:34:35 <Dave_is_sexy> lol
14:00:43 <Dave_is_sexy> I don't see why I can't say "here's a paycheque, and here's where all the amounts go to, leaving me with x" and have figure x match the bank statement. Isn't that surely the first thing everyone does with accounts software?
14:01:32 <jsled> right. It's well documented how to do that.
14:07:05 <Dave_is_sexy> i suppose. but it doesn't allow me to see gross earnings
14:07:29 <jsled> Sure it does. The value of the income account is gross earnings.
14:08:16 <Dave_is_sexy> Oh!!
14:08:23 <Dave_is_sexy> :D
14:10:34 <jsled> There's no similarly-trivial place to see Net earnings, but I'm sure a report could be crafted as such.
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14:17:40 <Dave_is_sexy> cool. I haven't even looked at reports yet
14:18:34 <Dave_is_sexy> Is it possible to have "everything from date x" and "everything before date x" so that I can have straight books immediately for the present while i work on sorting out old stuff?
14:19:06 <jsled> to have … what?
14:19:35 <jsled> or, where, maybe. Your question's missing a couple of words, I think. :)
14:19:48 <Dave_is_sexy> lol
14:21:54 <Dave_is_sexy> if i start using Gnucash right now, and ignore past financila activity by "balance brought forward" that's fine, but i'd like all that old stuff to be in there too, but that's going to take ages, so would I have to use 2 seperate 'files' and file > open them seperately, then in a few weeks time merge them together?
14:22:35 <jsled> Ah, well, there's no merge, really.
14:22:58 <jsled> I'd suggest just adjusting the Opening Balance transactions as you incrementally backfill the books.
14:23:12 <Dave_is_sexy> yeah that should work
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14:42:53 <authentictech> I am having a problem with GnuCash on Windows crashing (no message) every time I modify any data. I am not near a Linux machine ;) Have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, and tried all versions post 2.2.0 - same thing. Unstable branch does works OK though.
14:44:54 <authentictech> 2.2.0 works sorry - it just seems to be the new interface after that
14:47:06 <authentictech> I suppose most here use Linux
14:59:43 <authentictech> actually 2.2.1 works also but 2.2.2 and later is crash city
15:01:43 <andi5> authentictech: are you able to reproduce such a crash beginning from an empty file? what about the trace files mentioned in http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Windows#Error_messages ?
15:02:17 <andi5> what windows do you use?
15:02:32 <authentictech> I'll check the link and get back & I have been using my account files so I will try empty
15:02:40 <authentictech> Windows XP Home
15:02:55 <andi5> puh... 'cause i do not have any vista here
15:03:16 <authentictech> wise move :)
15:03:17 <andi5> [ot] and i am not going to buy / install one :-)
15:29:50 <authentictech> andi5, using 2.2.3, it does not crash using an empty file - only my accounts which were created and updated some versions ago - probably about 2.2.1 or 2.2.2 (which does happen to not crash with my accounts file)
15:31:06 <authentictech> is it worth posting the logs from the crashed session?
15:31:27 <andi5> authentictech: yeah, just paste them to http://pastebin.ca
15:33:47 <authentictech> I pasted two session which both crashed -> http://pastebin.ca/885225
15:35:22 <authentictech> I am supposing it is a problem using my file created in an older version as it works ok in an old version and not in newer ones.
15:36:08 <andi5> hm... hard to say...
15:36:48 <andi5> do you have scheduled transactions?
15:37:56 <andi5> and what does "modify any data" mean? ... you cannot enter a transaction, modify a transactions description/amount, or edit an account? ...
15:39:47 <authentictech> no scheduled transactions. By "modify any data" I mean I can open a form, enter data but it crashes when I click OK - usually creating a new invoice or customer
15:40:41 <andi5> so this keeps happening when using business features?
15:41:30 <authentictech> it crashed a few times when I edited the desscription of an account but seems to have stopped that now
15:41:40 <authentictech> I will try a few other things
15:42:52 <andi5> authentictech: without something reproducible i suppose i cannot really help you... unless you are basically a programmer and do not mind running gdb and try with debug dlls :-)
15:48:11 <authentictech> andi5, it crashes only with Business features only it would seem. I do program but probably not anything helpful to this issue. I have a feeling that, as it does not crash with a new file and only with my file created in an older version, plus that it does not crash in the version I last edited my accounts in it is probably something to do with file versioning. No worries if you can't help I will just use the last versi
15:48:11 <authentictech> on that works (2.2.1) and try to sort it out later (taxes due tomorrow!!)
15:48:47 <authentictech> thanks for the help so far!
15:48:49 <andi5> authentictech: oh, yeah :-)
15:49:00 <andi5> do that... sorry for not being overly helpful :(
15:51:35 <authentictech> andi5, np I think you helped a lot to think things through. At least I can do my accounts which was the main worry! ;)
15:52:03 <authentictech> never leave it til the last minute! ;)
15:52:14 <andi5> :-D
15:52:46 <andi5> february.. coming soon
15:52:58 <authentictech> :(
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