2008-01-28 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:03:14 <opensores> is there any way of having two different dates on a transaction to account for the time it takes for money to transfer
07:03:14 <gncbot> opensores: Sent 2 weeks, 0 days, 10 hours, and 42 minutes ago: <warlord> use the cleared reconciled tag. You can't get two dates on a txn.
07:03:37 <opensores> thanks
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08:47:10 <warlord> heh
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12:55:34 <Karti> Hi, just a quick one. I have downloaded the gnucash it is version 2.2.1 (mandriva) but I cannot see anywhere where I should download bank statements....could someone please point me in a direction - Many thanks
12:59:20 <warlord> Depends on how your bank gives you statements.
13:01:29 <Karti> warlord: My wife normally uses MS Money, logs in through that and the details are automatically added to the accounts
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13:02:16 <warlord> Sounds like OFX Direct Connect.
13:02:38 <Karti> I have kust noticed on the wik, do I need to --enable-hbci or ofx when I start the program?
13:03:20 <Karti> Becasue at the moment I cannot see the Tools>HBCI setup [By the way I am UK based]
13:03:57 <warlord> You need to --enable-hbci when you build gnucash.
13:04:11 <warlord> (it's a compile-time config, not a runtime config)
13:04:47 <Karti> Don't suppose it helps that I am using KDE :(
13:05:19 <Karti> I have just downloaded it straight from their repositories
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13:07:34 <warlord> KDE Doesn't matter
13:08:01 <warlord> Maybe you need a gnucash-hbci package? I have no idea how mandriva packages it.
13:08:42 <Karti> OK.....many thanks for the help....WIll be trying it on a saved image first... especially with my luck....;)
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13:16:24 <gpga> hi
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13:17:24 <gpga> What do I have to do for add an inventory to gnucash
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13:19:50 <jsled> gpga: well, right the code. There's no inventory support/feature right now.
13:20:30 <jsled> s/right/write/ (the hell.)
13:20:55 <warlord> BIAB
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14:41:22 <gpga> do i have to ask permission to do it
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14:41:55 <andrewsw> gpga: no one is currently working on inventory (to me knowledge).
14:42:21 <andrewsw> Technically, no you don't need permission, but if you want it included in gnucash, you should probably:
14:42:47 <andrewsw> spec it out, present a design (gnucash-devel@lists.gnucash.org), and be prepared to get some input.
14:43:29 <andrewsw> if you just write something significant like inventory and mail a patch expecting it to be accepted, I think you'd be disappointed.
14:44:58 <gpga> what i mean is, to add inventory app, i just download the last source code and modify it
14:45:04 <andrewsw> yup.
14:45:22 <gpga> ok, tnx
14:45:23 <andrewsw> http://svn.gnucash.org/repo/gnucash/trunk
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15:37:48 <warlord> gpga: or... what andrewsw said -- use SVN Trunk, not 2.2.3
15:38:13 <andrewsw> hi warlord
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15:38:22 <warlord> hi
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16:50:58 <bowenmech> Can any one help me? I have a small business and I am currently run windows with quickbooks pro. I do not want to run windows anymore but quickbooks does not support linux. I have searched the internet for another solution to quickbooks and gnucash seems to be the best solution. How does gnucash compare to quickbooks pro?
16:51:33 <andrewsw> gnucash is real double-entry accounting. qb is not.
16:51:35 <warlord> depends what features you need
16:51:44 <andrewsw> gnucash doesn't have payroll, qb does.
16:51:57 <andrewsw> that's probably the basic summary in two lines.
16:52:05 <bowenmech> ok
16:52:39 <bowenmech> that stinks because I need payroll
16:52:59 <andrewsw> well, you don't *need* payroll, but it's nice to not have to do it manually ;)
16:53:22 <bowenmech> yeah
16:53:50 <andrewsw> many of us run our businesses with gnucash. Your best bet is to post to gnucash-user with what you think your needs are and you'll get some help that way.
16:54:17 <bowenmech> ok
16:54:25 <bowenmech> thanks for the help
16:54:39 <andrewsw> Let me just say, I switched my $650k business to gnucash 3 years ago and haven't looked back.
16:54:51 <andrewsw> But I'm retail and have always done my own payroll.
16:55:48 <andrewsw> Others run consulting (me looks at warlord), construction, etc...
16:56:33 <andrewsw> gotta run...
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16:57:03 <bowenmech> thanks again
16:57:11 <warlord> My consulting business has never been close to $650k/yr
16:57:39 <andrewsw-afk> if only that would get to the bottom line ;)
16:57:46 <warlord> heh
16:57:50 * andrewsw-afk really leaves
16:58:11 <warlord> ttfn
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17:35:09 <jsled> http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=502646http://xkcd.com/376/
17:37:08 <warlord> Haha
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20:54:38 <john> Hello, I am wanting to install Finance Quote on Ubuntu but cannot find which folder Gnucash is installed on using Tracker or Nautilus. Any suggestions?
21:00:33 <john> Off my desktop I have a hidden folder .gnucash do I use that?
21:03:34 <jsled> hmm? Why do you think you need to know that?
21:03:50 <jsled> a) the dependencies for gnucash should pull in Finance::Quote.
21:04:07 <jsled> b) you should take a look at the gnc-fq-update util
21:06:45 <jsled> john: like most applications, gnucash is installed into a number of directories, usually under /usr
21:16:59 <john> Hi Jsled, thank you for helping me. In /usr/bin I can see gnc-fq-check, dump, helper, update and gnc-test-env so I will try and install Finance Quote there. Wish me luck!
21:17:22 <jsled> john: what do you mean "install Finance::Quote there"?
21:17:31 <jsled> what are you intending to do?
21:17:46 <jsled> I suggest that you simply run gnc-fq-update, and do what it suggests.
21:29:33 <john> It seems to be running. Thank you
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21:30:43 <warlord> or 'yum install perl-Finance-Quote'
21:30:54 <warlord> or the equivalent apt-get
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