2008-01-24 GnuCash IRC logs

00:00:07 <andrewsw> there are two lists, well, really three lists.
00:00:19 <jsled> 3, eh?
00:00:42 <andrewsw> There's a scm list of all the report-guid, a GtkListStore of the report names of available reports and
00:00:51 <andrewsw> a GtkListStore of the report names of selected reports.
00:01:29 <andrewsw> the second two are mutually exclusive.
00:01:39 <jsled> oh, because it's one of those [list A] ←→ [list B] style UIs?
00:01:45 <andrewsw> yep.
00:02:14 <andrewsw> so list A gets rebuilt everytime through and that somehow messes with the selection.
00:02:53 <andrewsw> when you click the button to move an item from listA to listB, list A get's rebuilt and
00:03:10 <andrewsw> the selection moves to what I think is the next in by guid instead of by name.
00:05:39 <andrewsw> I've a patch ready to go. I'll commit it and maybe you can take a look at some point?
00:07:07 <jsled> hopefully. My free time has been quite scarce recently, but I think I've been nearly a local maxima of busy-ness.
00:07:15 <jsled> s/nearly/near/
00:07:41 <andrewsw> yeah me too.
00:08:15 <andrewsw> So I've got a working version, it's just got a couple quirks. It's probably okay if it stays that way for a while.
00:09:36 <andrewsw> And, I've got an idea of how to do it better, but it's a bit more of a roto-till job...
00:20:11 <andrewsw> this whole file is written in scheme, but through the C interface. Lots of scm_cons(SCM_CAR(list), SCM_CDR(other list)) all over the place...
00:20:42 <jsled> ick.
00:21:06 <andrewsw> the c is just doing gtk stuff and flow-control...
00:25:18 <andrewsw> that's enough for tonight.
00:25:24 <andrewsw> thanks again for your help jsled
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10:13:15 <SpeimaneX> hi
10:16:25 <jsled> hello
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11:24:46 <mtc> hi all
11:24:58 <mtc> are here any german speakers?
11:25:27 <mtc> I want to start the 2008 booking
11:25:53 <mtc> but I fist have to end 2007 by adjusting the account data
11:25:59 <mtc> amount on the account
11:26:04 <mtc> any help?
11:27:44 <jsled> yes, you do. There is beta code in SVN to help you do this, but it's not in a release, yet
11:28:57 <mtc> jsled, I see. What is your surgetion?
11:29:16 <jsled> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_Is_there_book-closing_support.2C_yet.3F
11:29:34 <mtc> jsled, thx
11:29:40 <mtc> let me have a look
11:31:46 <mtc> ok, is the a way to purge all data in gnucash without loosing the manual added accounts?
11:32:05 <mtc> I want to keep the structur withough data
11:32:14 <jsled> File > Export > Export Accounts.
11:32:29 <jsled> It will create a "naked" datafile that you can File > Open.
11:32:45 <mtc> jsled, this is it, thank you :)
11:32:55 <jsled> Note that it *only* export the accounts (and commodities) … not business objects, scheduled transactions, or anything else.
11:33:18 <mtc> hmm, it's ok
11:38:14 <mtc> jsled, jep thx again
11:38:25 <jsled> you're welcome
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14:50:20 <mtc> hi
14:50:52 <mtc> I've created a new file for 2008 and I'm using skr4 account "table"
14:51:36 <mtc> whenever I shoose an account to book from/to I get the messagebox that the account is now available and if I want to create it
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14:51:49 <mtc> I can browse to any of them and I can oben them
14:52:14 <mtc> but whenever I choose the to book at, I get the message
14:52:19 <mtc> is there a bug?
14:52:29 <mtc> I'm using gnucash in german mode
14:52:45 <mtc> v = 2.2.3
14:52:50 <mtc> it reall sucks
14:53:01 <mtc> and I never had that error before
14:53:03 <mtc> plz help
14:53:56 <jsled> what's the message exactly? maybe you can run with LANGUAGE=C and reproduce in order to get the message?
14:54:11 <jsled> (Or, in german, I can consult the po files)
14:54:15 <mtc> let me try
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14:57:59 <mtc> so I go ito the account transportcosts
14:58:13 <mtc> and choose under "Transfer" another account
14:59:11 <mtc> error: The account ....(I've choosed out of the list) does not exist. Would you kike to create it?
14:59:42 <mtc> I can go to the main Account and open it without any problem
14:59:55 <jsled> That is quite weird.
15:00:00 <mtc> yes
15:00:02 <mtc> it is
15:00:09 <jsled> Can/have you saved and opened the datafile?
15:00:10 <mtc> never had it before
15:00:17 <mtc> I did
15:00:28 <mtc> datafile with what?
15:00:32 <mtc> gnucash?
15:00:40 <jsled> yes.
15:01:26 <mtc> yes it works
15:01:57 <jsled> And the problem still remains, after that?
15:02:06 <mtc> yes it does
15:02:36 <mtc> I really don't want to restart all my inputs
15:06:00 <mtc> I'm now downloading the svn version to try it out
15:08:11 <jsled> I'm sorry, I don't know what else to say.
15:08:27 <mtc> jsled, no prob thx anyway
15:08:27 <jsled> You might try seeing if you can re-create the scenario with a brand-new datafile.
15:09:15 <mtc> well, it looks like I have to go that way if the trunk version can't help
15:09:45 <jsled> I doubt there will be any difference between trunk and 2.2.3; they're pretty close (if not identical) in the relevant areas of code.
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15:33:47 <noizo> hello everyone, i'm new to gnucash, and i'm looking for polish translation, but the only one i've found is from 2001. Anyone know where can i get some new one?
15:34:22 <noizo> would be appreciated for any help
15:34:27 <jsled> What version of gnucash are you using?
15:34:44 <noizo> its 2.2.0
15:34:45 <jsled> The latest PO-Revision-Date on trunk/po/pl.po is 2003-11-13
15:34:52 <noizo> i think i could get newer
15:35:30 <noizo> where can i download it?
15:35:50 <jsled> What OS/distribution are you using?
15:36:08 <noizo> opensuse
15:36:15 <noizo> 10.3
15:36:22 <jsled> Even branches/v2.0/po/pl.po has that same last-translation date.
15:36:28 <jsled> Where do you get that 2001 date?
15:36:58 <noizo> http://www.au.gnucash.org/trans/
15:37:25 <jsled> Oh, that page is ancient and obsolete.
15:38:03 <noizo> but its well paged in google :)
15:38:26 <noizo> so where can i get newer? :)
15:38:44 <jsled> The program itself contains the translations; there's no separate source.
15:38:56 <noizo> oh
15:39:11 <jsled> But, again, the polish translation hasn't been updated in 4+ years.
15:39:15 <noizo> my version either?
15:39:22 <noizo> yeah i know
15:39:40 <jsled> The current stable release is 2.2.3; so 2.2.0 is a bit old.
15:39:48 <jsled> But 2.0.x had the same translation.
15:39:52 <noizo> is there any repo for opensuse?
15:40:07 <noizo> i mean official
15:42:21 <aasmodeus> http://en.opensuse.org/YaST_package_repository#GnuCash ?
15:42:31 <jsled> The "crauch" repository seems the most maintained and up to date.
15:42:51 <jsled> Links from <http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/GnuCash>, search for "suse" in hte page.
15:42:57 <jsled> Also http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/SuSE
15:43:31 <noizo> yes i've got the same adresses just 2 mins ago, thx for that as well
15:43:52 <mtc> jsled, didn't you say that there is a new way in the svn version to start a new year
15:44:09 <mtc> is there any describtion?
15:46:35 <jsled> mtc: http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-devel/2007-December/021855.html
15:46:48 <mtc> jsled, thx
15:54:38 <warlord> mtc, jsled: there is a bug in skr04 with accounts that contain a colon (:) in the account name, which breaks the register code.
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16:31:57 <mtc> warlord, ohh thx
16:32:06 <mtc> warlord, so what can I do?
16:33:08 <mtc> jsled, a tip on warloard message?
16:33:22 <jsled> well, it's news to me.
16:33:43 <warlord> go find those seven accounts that have a colon and remove the colon. You can do this manually in your CoA, or by editing the XML in your data file.
16:33:46 <jsled> If you can find the bug in bugzilla, maybe the comments on that bug would be interesting.
16:33:48 <mtc> jsled, k, let me rename them
16:35:39 <warlord> AFAIK there's no bugzilla entry for the seven broken accounts.
16:35:45 <warlord> it was just ... fixed.
16:36:01 <mtc> warlord, just? fixed? where?
16:37:06 <mtc> warlord, can't see any xml file
16:37:37 <mtc> warlord, is the datatfile ziped?
16:37:53 <jsled> it's compressed, yes; gunzip ${file}
16:38:05 <mtc> jsled, thx
16:44:36 <warlord> it was fixed in svn
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16:44:59 <mtc> warlord, hmm, I see
16:45:04 <warlord> r16860
16:45:23 <mtc> warlord, what I recognized was that there was alot missing
16:46:54 <mtc> warlord, anyway, I can not find/unzip my datafile so I'll do it now in gnucash
16:47:06 <mtc> is there a way to search for the accounts who include an :
16:47:07 <mtc> ?
16:47:16 <jsled> the filename should be listed in the titlebar of gnucash.
16:47:39 <jsled> Also, no there's no way to search for accounts.
16:47:55 <mtc> jsled, yes i get the file
16:49:38 <mtc> gunzi/gzip tells me 8: unknown suffix -- ignored
16:50:18 <jsled> mv $file $file.gz; gunzip $file.gz
16:50:36 <jsled> (make a backup first, probably, &c.)
16:50:39 <mtc> jsled, I was afraid your going to write that :)
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17:03:41 <warlord> Well, you dont need a backup if all you want to do is 'grep' the file for the seven names. OR... You could just look at the changes made in r16860
17:04:37 <mtc> k, I did it in gnucash and it works now for me. Thx alot
17:05:08 <mtc> by the xml you have the problem that you can not search for : since there are many
17:05:42 <jsled> Searching for r'>.*:.*<' is good.
17:05:44 <mtc> so in the gui I found 6 the 3 I'll find when I need them
17:06:15 <mtc> jsled, well your dam right
17:06:22 <mtc> let me give it a try later
17:06:26 <mtc> jsled, thx alot
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17:06:53 <mtc> now the only issue is how I make gnucash to calculate the VAT automaticaly
17:07:14 <mtc> german MwsT ~ tax
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17:10:04 <mtc> I think I should write a book about gnucash
17:10:33 <mtc> It's a nice app but without documentation it .... I don't find words
17:10:57 <mtc> who do I have to talk to
17:11:04 <mtc> I'm dam serius
17:11:31 <mtc> it'll not be in english (my is so poor :( )
17:14:00 <warlord> mtc: there's a lot of English docs..
17:14:03 <warlord> there's no translations.
17:14:23 <warlord> as for automatic VAT calculation -- that can be done via the business features... but ONLY via those.
17:14:27 <mtc> warlord, well then we could work at both
17:14:37 <mtc> translation and a book
17:14:42 <mtc> with grafics
17:14:56 <mtc> haven't seen any in the english doc*
17:15:18 <warlord> they're all online.
17:15:18 <mtc> is the txt open, can it we reused?
17:15:25 <mtc> warlord, where?
17:16:19 <warlord> did you try www.gnucash.org ?
17:17:27 <mtc> warlord, yes
17:17:31 <mtc> like http://www.gnucash.org/docs/v2.0/C/gnucash-help/ch04s03.html#Trans-menus
17:17:38 <mtc> some images would be nice
17:17:49 <warlord> There are images.
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17:18:31 <mtc> hmm, I only see one
17:18:51 <mtc> I know it's dam alot of work but we should face it
17:19:03 <mtc> since gnucash really became powerful
17:19:29 <mtc> you know, I'm an consaltant and people ask me what apps they should use
17:19:56 <mtc> hundred times I would like give give gnucash as answer but I'll regret it
17:20:20 <mtc> since I would have to expalain every single step
17:20:48 <mtc> a book or a "better" documentation could do half of the work
17:21:23 <mtc> I don't even know how to make gnucash calculate the Tax in one account from all the income
17:21:58 <mtc> now either the documentation lacks of explanation or gnucash can't handle it
17:22:21 <mtc> but I see that tax table*
17:22:40 <mtc> hmm, mybe I'm on the wrong list for that, sorry guys
17:32:42 <warlord> BETTER docs? Have you read the whole thing?
17:33:04 <mtc> warlord, I'm talking about images
17:33:20 <warlord> There are plenty of images in the docs. Just not freaking everywhere.
17:33:22 <mtc> warlord, the docs (EN) are good
17:33:53 <warlord> as for the taxes.. yeah, the business features could be better documented.. but there's at least a little bit in there.
17:34:11 <warlord> As I said earlier, you can only compute taxes automatically via the business features, using Invoices and Bills.
17:34:11 <mtc> warlord, can you help me with that
17:34:21 <warlord> You cannot auto-compute taxes on regular transactions.
17:34:39 <mtc> I don't mind sending the text if I can figure it out
17:34:50 <mtc> hmm, to bad :(
17:34:56 <mtc> this is what I wanted
17:35:49 <warlord> Sorry.
17:36:10 <mtc> warlord, the are no tricks?
17:36:46 <warlord> Well, you can create the splits manually..
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17:36:55 <warlord> You can type in math expressions into the register.
17:37:02 <mtc> warlord, yeah I no that :(
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17:37:14 <warlord> That's all you've got.
17:37:29 <mtc> warlord, anyway thx
17:37:44 <mtc> warlord,at least I've got a better picture
17:38:25 <warlord> okay.
17:38:32 <warlord> and you're welcome to work on a german translation of the docs.
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17:39:19 <mtc> warlord, I've looked throgh but I think it'll be better if I start a documentation for one matter
17:39:44 <mtc> gnucash installation, configuration for small business
17:39:49 <mtc> pro and contra
17:40:29 <warlord> There's also the wiki.
17:40:34 <warlord> (but you can't upload images there)
17:40:57 <mtc> warlord, year I realy like to picture things
17:41:19 <mtc> I want to make things clear and pictures are very handy for that
17:41:56 <mtc> I'll let you know the link as soon as I start/finish and then it can be still copied
17:43:04 <warlord> Well... I'd still suggest working either within the framework of gnucash-docs or on the wiki.
17:43:15 <warlord> Yes, pictures help, but too many pictures and you can get lost, too.
17:43:29 <mtc> warlord, your very right
17:43:35 <mtc> abot the pictures
17:44:01 <mtc> I'll try to go by the framework
17:44:50 <mtc> does the db backend stil funtion?
17:45:07 <mtc> I'll be nice to combine an crm with gnucash
17:45:22 <mtc> at least that it has the figures from the invoices
17:45:30 <mtc> for the beginning
17:45:48 <jsled> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_Is_there_a_database_backend.3F
17:46:55 <mtc> jsled, yeah, I red it before
17:47:03 <mtc> I hoped there was some news
17:47:22 <jsled> There's been some apparently good progress on testing the GDA backend on -devel recently.
17:48:19 <mtc> jsled, then comes: d. Since mid-2007, progress on this branch has been slow; your help is welcome!
17:50:34 <jsled> updated.
17:51:16 <mtc> jsled, man your dam awake!
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17:57:11 <mtc> k, I've added the gnucash.devel and I' have a look at the gda soon
17:57:19 <mtc> thx again and til next time
17:57:32 <jsled> take care.
17:57:43 <mtc> thx, you too
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