2008-01-23 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:31:17 <andrewsw> hey folks. I've worked out report-guid for multi-column view (yay!)
00:31:39 <andrewsw> But my list of available reports is sorted by report-guid instead of by name.
00:32:14 <andrewsw> What I want to know is can I sort a gtk_list_store after it's built? or do I need to go refactor the scheme side to get a different sorted list out?
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00:48:43 <jpeach> I have an invoice that shows up in my AR account but there is no dollar value. Any suggestions on how to go about debugging this.
00:49:10 <andrewsw> unpost the invoice and set a value?
00:49:14 <jpeach> I have tried unposting and then reposting it
00:49:29 <jpeach> That did not work
00:49:43 <andrewsw> does the invoice show a value when you look at it in it's own tab?
00:51:00 <jpeach> yes
00:52:07 <andrewsw> sorry, this seems simplistic, but I can't see your screen ;)
00:52:08 <andrewsw> so,
00:52:36 <andrewsw> You have entered a "number of items" amount (the term escapes me at the moment?
00:52:47 <andrewsw> and a "price per item" amount?
00:53:15 <jpeach> The invoice has 9 detail lines that all go to the same income account. In the income account it has an entry for the invoice but not value
00:53:51 <andrewsw> huh. that's wierd.
00:54:05 <jpeach> Yes, 9 items all with prices (some + and others -)
00:54:20 <andrewsw> and the net amount at the bottom of the page?
00:54:55 <jpeach> That shows a value.
00:54:57 <andrewsw> when you say no value, do mean an empty cell on or a zero?
00:55:50 <jpeach> I see this some times when the accounts have different currencies
00:56:01 <jpeach> empty cell
00:56:19 <andrewsw> oh. well multi-currency in business functions is unsupported.
00:56:35 <andrewsw> you have to run multiple A/R accounts I think,
00:56:39 <andrewsw> one for each currency.
00:56:52 <jpeach> and it does not affect the value in the balance column
00:57:35 <jpeach> All AR transactions are in the same currency
00:57:57 <andrewsw> and this invoice is as well? (I know dumb question)
00:58:14 <jpeach> The invoice details are in the same currency as the AR account
00:58:22 <andrewsw> okay, just checking.
00:58:41 <andrewsw> well, jpeach I'm sorry, but this is beyond my ability to diagnose.
00:58:56 <jpeach> np. I was just checking that when you asked
00:59:20 <andrewsw> You need someone with more experience than I to figure this out.
00:59:46 <jpeach> Thanks. I will google some more and will ask again when there are more people olnine
01:00:03 <andrewsw> is the net value positive? (in other words, its not a credit invoice is it?)
01:00:59 <jpeach> yes it positive. It does not allow -ve invoices (which I wish it did)
01:01:26 <andrewsw> yeah.
01:01:42 <jpeach> thanks again
01:01:47 <andrewsw> so sorry. Check back daylight hours, eastern time.
01:01:56 <andrewsw> (US, that is)
01:02:04 <jpeach> I will
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11:30:06 <dsa> i have an account that had an existing balance of 161.86 and on the same day 738.14 was deposited into the account and 900.00 withdrawn. the numbers all add up, but the 900.00 withdrawal is appearing before the 738.14 deposit, making it look like there was a 738.14 shortage on the account. (the 738.14 deposit happened before the 900.00 withdrawal, so there never was a shortage.) how can i...
11:30:08 <dsa> ...change the order of these transactions?
11:31:31 <jsled> dsa: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_do_I_order_transactions_in_a_register_so_deposits_are_before_withdrawls.3F
11:32:39 <jsled> (which I just word-smithed a bit to be less esoteric.)
11:32:50 <dsa> jsled: thank you. it is option number 2 in that article in which i am interested. i'm not sure which file to edit.
11:33:04 <jsled> Your data file.
11:33:12 <jsled> It should be in the titlebar of the window.
11:33:25 <jsled> Make sure you MAKE A BACKUP, and close gnucash before editing.
11:33:54 <jsled> Note that the file might be compressed; just gunzip it if you need to.
11:35:33 <dsa> jsled: just to confirm, there is no way to change the time entered from within gnucash?
11:35:42 <jsled> not down to the second, no.
11:37:35 <aasmodeus> Misuse the "num" field to control ordering.
11:37:37 <aasmodeus> hehehe
11:37:51 <aasmodeus> that gave me a chuckle, partly because I never thought to do that...
11:43:48 <dsa> i'm searching though the file but could not find a match on "738.14"
11:43:55 <dsa> is the value stored in some other format?
11:44:29 <jsled> Yes.
11:44:46 <jsled> Look for the description and/or date.
11:44:50 <jsled> Better to search on.
11:45:05 <jsled> The numeric are stored as integer ratios.
11:45:19 <jsled> something like 73814 / 100, but split across a couple of xml elements.
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11:51:10 <warlord> just for clarity, there's no way to /edit/ the "time entered" via the GUI at all..
11:51:32 <warlord> BUT if you wanted to you could just duplicate the 'second' txn via the register auto-complete, and then delete the original one.
11:52:15 <dsa> warlord: that's an interesting solution.
11:52:36 <dsa> so, i found the transaction. what's the difference between date-posted and date-entered?
11:54:31 <warlord> The date posted is the date in the register. The date entered is the actual time you phsyically created the txn.
11:55:07 <dsa> warlord: got it. so, in order to change the order of appearance, i would edit the date-entered.
11:56:30 <warlord> yes.
11:56:49 <warlord> But as I said you can do that in the GUI by re-entering the txn.. But you'll lose the reconciliation status if you do that.
11:57:07 <dsa> i wonder if it might make sense to store a separate txn-order, which would allow the transactions to be re-ordered in the GUI, without affecting the actual date-entered
11:57:54 <warlord> You can do that now, but the balance is always done by natural sort order, not the visible sort order.
12:00:55 <dsa> warlord: right, but i meant storing a value that indicates the actual order the transactions occurred, which obviously, can be different from the order entered.
12:04:35 <warlord> The 'num' column can be used for that.
12:06:51 <dsa> warlord: not if you want to record the actual transaction number there
12:08:42 <warlord> well, aren't the transaction numbers in the order you want them to be?
12:10:45 <warlord> if not, you can always do soemtihng like: 0-txn#1 .. 1-txn#3 .. 2-txn#2, ...
12:14:34 <dsa> warlord: true. that is a workaround for the issue. thank you.
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12:16:39 <warlord> you're welcome :)
12:43:40 <dsa> i just thought of another question--why does the register show transactions based on date-entered, rather than date-posted?
12:44:58 <dsa> both date-entered and date-posted actually also contain time
12:44:59 <warlord> It doesn't.
12:45:09 <warlord> Date posted is the primary selector
12:45:25 <warlord> Date entered is a tirtiary selector.
12:45:42 <dsa> what determines date-posted?
12:46:06 <warlord> You do. It's the "date" column in the register.
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12:47:33 <dsa> warlord: date-posted includes time in addition to date. the register doesn't ask for that, does it?
12:51:26 <warlord> Nope, and you cannot control that.. BUT the register will put the "time" at 'noon'
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12:54:51 <dsa> warlord: thanks. i suspected something like that might be happening.
12:55:07 <dsa> warlord: i have added to an existing ticket, regarding this issue:
12:55:09 <dsa> http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=89439
12:55:46 <warlord> Oh, the "ToD entry"
12:55:49 <warlord> heh.
12:55:56 <dsa> ToD?
12:56:19 <warlord> Read that bug subject
12:56:29 <dsa> ah, time of day
12:56:46 <dsa> actually, just saw this somewhere in the interface
12:56:54 <dsa> it might have been in invoices
12:57:12 <dsa> maybe when i was posting an invoice or bill
12:57:26 <dsa> i think it actually allowed manipulation of the posting TIME in addition to date
12:58:27 <warlord> it shouldn't.
12:58:33 <warlord> there shouldn't be anything in gnucash that allows that.
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13:07:11 <dsa> is there any way to delete an invoice/bill after it has been saved?
13:07:25 * dsa thinking he might have to exit the XML data file again.
13:07:36 * dsa edit
13:08:31 <jsled> dsa: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_can_I_delete_an_Invoice.2C_Customer.2C_Vendor.2C_or_Employee.3F
13:08:58 <dsa> lol. you're good.
13:09:11 * jsled bows
13:10:25 <dsa> looks like i will end up re-using the bill
13:10:38 <dsa> i just need to remember there's a blank one out there when i go to enter the next one
13:11:02 <dsa> also, i'm assuming it will need to be re-used as a bill, as i don't see any way to convert a bill to an invoice
13:14:57 <warlord> correct.
13:15:26 <warlord> Internally it's the same structure and code, but there are checks for Customer v. Vendor to keep the logic "easy"
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13:46:52 <andrewsw> mornin'. I just anihalated my calc exam :)
13:47:08 <andrewsw> for some spelling of a word that means destroyed.
13:48:03 <andrewsw> I've solved the gnc:make-report issue in src/report/report-gnome/dialog-column-view.c in that it now works.
13:48:27 <andrewsw> But I need to come up with a solution to sort the darn list of available reports.
13:49:12 <andrewsw> the list is a GtkListStore. My reading suggests that it's a stupid pita to sort that thing, but I don't know jack about gtk.
13:49:39 <andrewsw> might be a good chance to learn.
13:49:44 <andrewsw> any pointers?
13:50:56 <jsled> The GtkListStore is a simple implementation of a GtkTreeModel.
13:51:29 <jsled> The GtkTreeModelSort is used to sort models for a view.
13:51:49 <jsled> See the devhelp for GtkTreeModelSort ... Example 18 (in my copy) is a code snippet.
13:53:43 <andrewsw> looks sort of like I cast it to a GtkTreeSortable, set a column and sort function and that's it? maybe not so stupid pita.
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13:54:42 <jsled> Not cast it ... the GtkTreeModelSort takes the composed/adapted/child TreeModel as a c'tor argument.
13:55:09 <jsled> Oh. "it" being the GtkListStore. Yeah.
13:55:16 <jsled> GTK_TREE_MODEL(…) that sob.
13:55:46 <andrewsw> hmmm, well its already been cast from ... /me looks...
13:56:04 <andrewsw> store = GTK_LIST_STORE(gtk_tree_view_get_model(view->available));
13:57:16 <andrewsw> view->available is already a GtkTreeView.
13:57:54 <jsled> GtkTreeView != GtkTreeModel.
13:58:05 * andrewsw knows jack about gtk
13:58:36 <andrewsw> oh, IC. the store =... gets the model from the view?
13:58:50 <andrewsw> and then casts it into GtkListStore.
13:59:09 <jsled> right. gtk_tree_view_get_model(…)
13:59:32 <jsled> These classes are a pretty standard model-view(-controller) split.
13:59:44 <jsled> The model is just the data, via a regular interface.
13:59:49 <jsled> So it just generally exists.
14:00:05 <jsled> Usually, the model is created first, then the view is created using the model.
14:00:13 <jsled> (in terms of lifecycle and ownership)
14:00:24 <jsled> But clearly one can get the model from the view.
14:01:17 <jsled> The casting is just implied knowledge and coupling; the code there "knows" that the view was created with a particular model in mind.
14:01:27 <jsled> s/in mind/in practice/
14:02:42 <andrewsw> alright, I think that helps a lot. between you and the devhelp, it's becoming less murky.
14:03:20 <jsled> Yeah, it's all pretty reasonable. Which is probably why every OS/toolkit behaves this way, these days. :)
14:03:58 <andrewsw> well. I haven't done this stuff for a *long* time and the only work I've done in the last two years, you've seen... pretty limited.
14:04:32 <jsled> One other note. It's been suggested that it would be really nice if the GtkTreeModel – being intentionally not specifically related to the UI – could rather be part of glib, rather than gtk.
14:04:50 <andrewsw> yeah, that makes a lot of sense to me.
14:04:55 <jsled> But, practically, it can't. :)
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14:05:57 <andrewsw> I think you're just mesin' with me now...
14:06:37 <jsled> :)
14:06:44 <jsled> (on phone)
14:16:29 <andrewsw> looks like I need to: store = GTK_LIST_STORE(gtk_tree_model_sort_new_with_model (gtk_tree_view_get_model(view->available)));
14:17:45 <andrewsw> and then set the sort with gtk_tree_sortable_set_sort_column_id(GTK_TREE_SORTABLE(store), COLUMN_1, GTK_SORT_ASCENDING);
14:18:01 * andrewsw goes and tries the code to answer his own quesiton...
14:22:18 <andrewsw> dang. can't cast from GtkTreeModelSort to GtkListStore. That would be too easy.
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14:33:14 <andrewsw> oh. I need to redefine store to be a GtkTreeModel and then cast it to GtkStoreList for modifying it.
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14:47:35 <andrewsw> oh, I got it. all I had to do was set a sort column on the GtkListStore by casting it to GtkTreeSortable
14:50:09 <andrewsw> oh that's wierd. Because the list is sorted underneath, the cursor doesnt move throught he list in sorted order.
14:50:47 <jsled> hmm?
14:50:51 <andrewsw> when I click the button to move the report from "Available" to "use" the next highlighted report in "available" is not the next one.
14:51:04 <andrewsw> It must be going by the underlying GUID sorted list.
14:51:14 <jsled> Oh. heh. Cause it's probably using the original model, not the new sorted one … or the view.
14:51:34 <andrewsw> it must be using the view 'cuz I can't see where the original model gets created.
14:51:45 <andrewsw> the model comes from the view, that is.
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14:54:47 <andrewsw> yeah. I'm getting a list of names sorted by guid from scheme, iterating through it to add it to the GtkListStore and then sorting it by the names.
14:55:07 <andrewsw> THen the list gets rebuilt at each action.
14:55:19 <andrewsw> But I'll take it for now, as multi-column works again. YAY!
14:55:23 <andrewsw> off to class.
14:55:26 <andrewsw> thanks jsled!!!!
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16:44:38 <tpfennig_> hi all
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18:02:44 <andi5> jsled: about gtktreemodel in glib ... iirc we talked about this before and #gtk+ and maybe even bugzilla replied that this will not happen... just found http://www.gtk.org/plan/meetings/20041019.txt again...
18:04:09 <jsled> Yeah, they seem non-stupid [[[
18:04:10 <jsled> <matthias> mathrick: why would that be a win ? you're likely to need gtk+ anyway to make use of your model...
18:04:15 <jsled> …
18:04:20 <jsled> <mathrick> matthias: generic tree structure isn't very uncommon thing to use ;)
18:04:21 <jsled> …
18:04:26 <jsled> <matthias> mathrick: but gtktreemodel is not very generic
18:04:26 <jsled> <mathrick> matthias: yeah, I guess it's final argument for not doing it
18:04:27 <jsled> ]]]
18:05:29 <jsled> gncbot: tell andrewsw to see <http://lists.gnucash.org/logs/2008/01/2008-01-23.html#T18:02:44> re: GtkTreeModel (not) in glib.
18:05:29 <gncbot> jsled: The operation succeeded.
18:05:33 <andi5> i guess they discussed this question before anything move from libegg (or was even coded)
18:10:07 * andi5 mumbles that `git-rebase -i` is damn cool... just reorder commits on your active branch, it is so easy :-)
18:10:38 <jsled> it really is.
18:10:52 <andi5> t!me to go... see you
18:10:56 <jsled> take care. :)
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22:11:45 <SegundoBob> This is the first time I've participated in an IRC chat and the first time I've used Pidgin. I will probably make a few mistakes.
22:11:50 <SegundoBob> I'm using GnuCash 2.2.1 under Ubuntu and Windows 2000 and Windows XP. My data file is named joint and is 692 KB (compressed). About a month ago GnuCash under Ubuntu began error exiting every time I opened joint. GnuCash under Windows 2000 and XP can open joint just fine. GnuCash under Ubuntu can open simple test databases that I've made---but it can't open joint.
22:12:07 <SegundoBob> Here is the terminal output with no debug options:
22:12:07 <SegundoBob> bob@Back2:/media/sda1/Family Finances/GnuCash$ gnucash
22:12:07 <SegundoBob> gnc.bin-Message: main: binreloc relocation support was disabled at configure time.
22:12:07 <SegundoBob> Found Finance::Quote version 1.13
22:12:08 <SegundoBob> Backtrace:
22:12:08 <SegundoBob> In unknown file:
22:12:10 <SegundoBob> ?: 0* [gnc:send-options 0 #f]
22:12:12 <SegundoBob> In /usr/share/gnucash/scm/options.scm:
22:12:14 <SegundoBob> 1512: 1* [gnc:options-for-each #<procedure #f (option)> #f]
22:12:16 <SegundoBob> 1461: 2 ((options (quote for-each)) thunk)
22:12:18 <SegundoBob> 1461: 3* (options (quote for-each))
22:12:20 <SegundoBob> /usr/share/gnucash/scm/options.scm:1461:4: In expression (options (quote for-each)):
22:12:22 <SegundoBob> /usr/share/gnucash/scm/options.scm:1461:4: Wrong type to apply: #f
22:12:24 <SegundoBob> bob@Back2:/media/sda1/Family Finances/GnuCash$
22:12:32 <jsled> If your paste is more than a line or two, it;s much better to use a pastebin service like pastebin.ca
22:13:16 <jsled> It sounds like there's a saved or open report on the ubuntu side that's fouling things up.
22:15:55 <SegundoBob> That also occurred to me. I looked for traces of such a thing and couldn't find any. Where should I look?
22:15:55 <jsled> I'd take a look at ~/.gnucash/saved-reports-2.0
22:16:02 <jsled> s/I'd//
22:16:23 <jsled> Also, ~/.gnucash/books/$(basename $datafile)
22:18:51 <SegundoBob> A bug report also suggested those two places. I don't have any "saved reports" file. and nothing in the books file for joint looks suspicious to me. I've modified the books file to make it "the same" as a books for for a database that opens. This didn't help.
22:20:01 <warlord> you could rename the 'books' file.
22:25:06 <SegundoBob> Thanks, warlord. Renaming the the "books" file solved my problem. I just opened my joint database.
22:26:08 <warlord> That means that jsled was right and that it was an open report that was broken.
22:27:19 <SegundoBob> OK, I'll pursue that tomorrow. Now, I must do other things. Thanks again.
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23:23:39 <andrewsw> .
23:23:39 <gncbot> andrewsw: Sent 5 hours and 18 minutes ago: <jsled> to see <http://lists.gnucash.org/logs/2008/01/2008-01-23.html#T18:02:44> re: GtkTreeModel (not) in glib.
23:25:35 <andrewsw> @tell SegundoBob that crash is caused by an open report with a missing template. You deleted or moved a report template (maybe saved report?) that was needed by that open report.
23:25:35 <gncbot> andrewsw: The operation succeeded.
23:25:53 <andrewsw> @tell SegundoBob that should be fixed in 2.2.3
23:25:53 <gncbot> andrewsw: The operation succeeded.
23:59:29 <jsled> andrewsw: I've not looked at the code we were talking about before, but is it the case that there are two copies of the report list, then?