2008-01-22 GnuCash IRC logs

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09:17:26 <vinci> So gnucash needs a qt-wizard to configure hbci still? Thats funny because you can disable qt in aqbanking .
09:18:16 <warlord> yeah, it still does.
09:18:43 <warlord> is the gtk wizard up to snuff?
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13:10:43 <dasos> gnucash's website has been down for hours for me, is this a traffic problem or something incorrect on my end?
13:12:51 <jsled> it's down from here, yes.
13:14:07 <dasos> ok, just checking, you wouldn't happen to know if it's scheduled to come up at a certain time, would you?
13:14:28 <warlord> I'll need to email Linas.
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13:27:19 <jsled> dasos: no. But there's little interesting stuff on www.gnucash.org; what are you after?
13:27:39 <dasos> i wanted to show a friend the site and some of the screenshots
13:28:00 <dasos> just a random thing on a random day
13:28:15 <jsled> Ah.
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13:30:48 <warlord> Ahh.. yeah, the screenshots are interesting..
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16:31:51 <dpm_> Where can the Gnucash translations be submitted? They used to be at http://translationproject.org, but they are not there anymore. BTW, www.gnucash.org seems to be down.
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16:35:44 <jsled> dpm_: I believe <http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Translation> is up to date.
16:36:07 <jsled> thanks; we were made aware of the www.gnucash.org problem earlier.
16:36:27 <jsled> Unfortunately, we don't have direct control of www.gnucash.org, so... we're waiting.
16:37:52 <warlord> dpm_: email to gnucash-devel list
16:40:18 <dpm_> jsled, warlord: thanks for the hints, I'll do that. However, one last question: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Translation#Submitting states that the translations can also be sent to the TP as usual. What I don't understand is that translations (well, I mean the ability to handle them through the TP) seem to have been removed from the TP without apparent notice.
16:41:00 <warlord> the wiki is out of date there.
16:41:10 <warlord> We're migrating over to the GNOME Translations..
16:41:26 <dpm_> oh, that's really good news
16:42:20 <jsled> Hmm. see the later paragraphs of <http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Translation#GNU_Translation_Project>.
16:43:37 <dpm_> yes, I've just read it
16:44:33 <dpm_> are there any plans for Gnome inclusion as well? are only the translations going to be handled at gnome, or the complete codebase?
16:44:59 <jsled> No, there are no plans to move to being hosted by gnome.
16:45:41 <dpm_> so just the translations, then
16:45:56 <warlord> Even then, they wont be "hosted" there.
16:46:08 <warlord> The translations will still live with gnucash.
16:46:22 <warlord> but be accessible to translators through the gnome process.
16:47:15 <dpm_> ok, so gnome translators with usual commit access to gnome translation will also be able to indirectly commit the gnucash translations
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16:49:00 <dpm_> is there any approximate schedule for this migration?
16:49:08 <warlord> dpm_: that's unclear.
16:49:50 <warlord> We are making the po files available through them (once they figure out how to handle the scheme files). But it's unlikely that you can commit changes through them.
16:50:00 <warlord> How you feed back to us (through them) is still unclear.
16:50:55 <dpm_> ok
16:51:09 <warlord> We'll certainly always accept mail to gnucash-devel.
16:51:26 <warlord> It's unclear if there will be a "submit" form through them or what that process will entail.
16:56:02 <dpm_> are there any big technical difficulties in allowing commits from gnome? I believe not all projects coordinated at http://l10n.gnome.org/releases/gnome-office or http://l10n.gnome.org/releases/fifth-toe, but in any case gnome translators have commit access to the .po files.
16:56:11 <dpm_> I'm just asking out of curiosity
16:57:13 <dpm_> add an "are hosted at gnome.org" after "or http://l10n.gnome.org/releases/fifth-toe"
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18:04:20 <warlord> FYI, Linas is working on www now.
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22:23:26 <quotemstr> Can anyone point me to a general finance IRC channel?
22:23:44 <warlord> dont know of one offhand.
22:26:08 <jsled> There's nothing general with "accounting" or "finance" in the channel name/topic on freenode.
22:26:11 <jsled> "Ledger is a […] double-entry accounting tool | […] | A port of Ledger to Common Lisp is underway! <http://hg.newartisans.com>" - /topic #ledger on freenode.
22:26:26 <jsled> Port to common lisp, eh?
22:27:59 <quotemstr> SBCL?
22:28:56 <jsled> I have no idea.
22:29:32 <jsled> Anyways, we've been known to answer general accounting questions, especially as it relates to gnucash. Though I don't think anyone in here is an Accountant.
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22:32:02 <quotemstr> Ah. I'm thinking about taking out as many student loans as I can, putting the money in a high-yield CD. I'd pay back the loans when the CD matures (and before any interest is due on the loan), and pocket the difference. I can't think of anything that would make this illegal or impossible.
22:32:23 <jsled> Ah. Heh.
22:32:43 <jsled> What's the difference in rates?
22:33:15 <jsled> The very fine print on the student loan might thwart you, if you care. I really don't know one way or the other.
22:35:20 <quotemstr> Ah, it won't work. Thanks anyway.
22:35:33 <quotemstr> Mainly, I was wondering why /everyone/ wasn't doing that.
22:36:26 <warlord> generally because the interest on the loan is higher than the interest on a deposit.
22:36:46 <jsled> Hmm. Thwart is apparently derived from "þvert", an Old Norse word meaning "[…] 'across,' originally neut. of thverr (adj.) 'transverse, across,' cognate with O.E. þweorh 'transverse, perverse, angry, cross,' from P.Gmc." - http://swhack.com/logs/2008-01-23#T01-57-20
22:37:00 <jsled> Especially after today. :p
22:45:00 <warlord> hmm.
22:45:21 <warlord> looks like www is back
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23:11:01 <funkytut> I've recently installed gnucash on Mac OSX 10.5.1. I am trying to set it up so my wife and I can each gain access to the same data files from our own accounts (shared files folder). How do I remove or subver the "lock" on those files?
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23:11:40 <jsled> You shouldn't need to.
23:11:54 <jsled> So long as the (group) permissions are correct.
23:12:07 <jsled> And if you realize that access to the datafile must be serialized.
23:12:23 <jsled> When the first instance exits, it should remove the lock file, allowing the second instance to open it cleanly.
23:13:22 <funkytut> perhaps I didn't get a clean exit.
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23:13:48 <warlord> that's usually what the lockfile means...
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23:18:20 <dbreiser> grumble grumble. Apple's sqlite is 3.4.0, fink's is 3.4.2, and I don't think I can get earlier than 3.2.8 without standing on my head
23:18:46 <dbreiser> guess I'll have to wait to test backend with sqlite.
23:19:11 <dbreiser> hmm. I suppose I could try mysql or postgres
23:20:12 <warlord> what's wrong with 3.4.x?
23:20:49 <dbreiser> bus error trying to open an existing set of accounts or trying to save a new account set with one transaction
23:21:19 <jsled> hmm. I've 2.8.16-r4 and 3.5.3 installed here.
23:22:24 <dbreiser> or am I misremembering which version is 3.0.0? Is that libgda instead of sqlite3?
23:22:44 <dbreiser> 3.0.0 in phil's testing, that is
23:23:09 <warlord> that's gda
23:23:23 <warlord> I have sqlite 3.4.2 here.
23:23:31 <dbreiser> ah. well I'll have to check. That one I'm using 3.1.2
23:23:55 <dbreiser> I might be able to roll that back to see if it's just Apple's doing
23:25:47 <warlord> No clue.
23:26:04 <dbreiser> me either :)
23:34:06 <dbreiser> oh well. looks like I'm stuck at 3.1.2 -- another one of those 'oh, we're way behind, I guess we'll get it up to date' fink jumps
23:34:30 <dbreiser> nothing easily available between 1.0.4 and 3.1.2
23:47:16 <warlord> i've got libgda 3.0.1
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