2008-01-21 GnuCash IRC logs

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08:14:35 <robertsalem> hi
08:15:36 <robertsalem> i would like to know if there is a way to put in historical data to the software so that this will be reflacted in the accounts with a base currency, using multi currency? Many Thanks
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08:24:55 <warlord> what kind of historical data?
08:25:04 <robertsalem> historical currency rates
08:25:04 <warlord> Historical Prices? Transactions?
08:25:18 <warlord> Sure. Enter them in the Price Editor.
08:26:10 <robertsalem> but what happens if i have 100 euros in my account and my base currency is USD, then tomorrow it depreciates 10%, will it tell me that my ballance is not 90?
08:26:26 <warlord> AFAIK there's no good way to use "Get Quotes" to do it.
08:26:43 <warlord> No, because you still have 100 euroes.
08:27:44 <robertsalem> sorry i mean to sy that is i have 100Euros which is 75 USD then depricated 10% will it tell me 67.5?
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08:36:50 <warlord> If you enter a Price Quote and then run a report with quote source "latest" then the report will show the reduction in value. But no, your account will still show 100€
08:38:14 <robertsalem> is there any way i can enter exchange rates for currencies so that when i see the account summary i will have a ballance that changes with the exchange rates?
08:40:20 <warlord> Yes. In the Price Editor ( I think )
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08:41:26 <robertsalem> ok thanks. are there any demo accounts that i can download to see and play with?
08:45:15 <robertsalem> Also is there any way to import transactions and accounts via excel? Many Thanks
08:48:25 <warlord> "demo accounts"? Do you mean example account trees? Or demo accounts with actual data?
08:48:36 <robertsalem> demo accounts with actual data
08:48:40 <warlord> As for Excel -- Do you mean TO excel or From excel?
08:48:51 <robertsalem> from excel
08:48:53 <warlord> There are some test files in the source tree.
08:49:10 <warlord> I'm told there's an Excel to QIF macro converter, and then you can import the QIF
08:49:45 <robertsalem> ok great and do you know the names of the demos or what ending they have to their names?
08:50:04 <warlord> not offhand. I'd look in src/backend/file
08:50:10 <warlord> probably under test
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10:11:47 <funkytut> Does anyone here have experience installing GnuCash on Mac OSX 10.5.1 using MacPorts or other package manager?
10:13:27 <warlord> dbreiser does, but I don't see him here.
10:13:30 <warlord> Have you asked on gnucash-user?
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10:23:04 <dbreiser> funkytut: if you have other stuff in macports and don't want to juggle macports + fink, you'll have to look at the macports bugtrack for fixes to the gnucash port
10:23:45 <dbreiser> they've had some disruption from a guile update that didn't work well with gnucash, and there is no gnucash port maintainer at the moment
10:24:09 <dbreiser> I've had people tell me that the fink package works fine :)
10:24:29 <funkytut> When I looked at fink, the last update was quite a while ago, so I stuck with macports. Have I got bad information?
10:24:40 <warlord> For a while fink was way behind and macports was ahead.. now it looks like the tables have turned.
10:24:53 <dbreiser> fink has gnucash 2.2.3
10:24:53 <warlord> ( I think )
10:25:08 <dbreiser> it's still based on older gnome, but it works.
10:25:34 <dbreiser> pretty soon fink will get gtk+ 2.12, but for the moment gtk+ is stuck at 2.6
10:26:20 <dbreiser> in fink, look for gnucash2 rather than gnucash
10:27:49 <funkytut> I see fink 0.8.1 on finkproject.org. Will I have troubles with osX10.5.1 and will it interfere with what macports has done? I'm a complete beginner with this stuff.
10:28:59 <dbreiser> 0.8.1 one of the fink related version numbers. And I don't recommend beginners try to juggle macports and fink. It is doable, but you can also dig yourself a big hole
10:29:44 <dbreiser> with OS X 10.5.1, fink must be built from source, since they don't have a binary for it yet.
10:30:08 <dbreiser> You'll also be building everything you need for gnucash2 from source. It does take a bit of time
10:31:02 <funkytut> In that case, the question arises, how do I undo what I did with MacPorts and then uninstall Macports before starting with Fink? (Or is it possible that I can just install Fink and ignore Macports?)
10:31:32 <funkytut> Also, I assume that the building will happen in an automated fashion with fink and I won't have to bring a new set of skills to the table?
10:33:23 <dbreiser> well the building of fink itself from source is a little out of the ordinary, so you might need advice from #fink on irc.freenode.net or fink-beginners mailing list
10:34:05 <dbreiser> after that it's just 'fink install gnucash2' (possibly having to run it a couple times if the dependency engine gets confused)
10:34:57 <dbreiser> getting rid of macports is mostly deleting the directory tree where it is installed (I think /opt/local, but don't take my word for it)
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10:36:55 <funkytut> It sounds like I could just leave macports alone and it wouldn't raise any issues as long as I didn't use it. Is that correct?
10:38:14 <dbreiser> probably. The issues arise if either fink or macports get ahold of the other's libraries during building and then something changes in the 'wrong' set of libraries
10:38:55 <dbreiser> installing fink will put fink's directories first in your search path, so it may just work
10:39:38 <dbreiser> If something goes wrong, though, you'll be looking at deleting both fink and macports and starting over
10:40:15 <funkytut> I'lll look into uninstalling it, but I would also like to know how to uninstall a package. That should be a standard command, correct? something like "port uninstall <appname>" for macports or "fink uninstall <appname>" for fink
10:41:13 <dbreiser> for fink, it's 'fink remove ...' as long as you're not trying to remove something another package depends on
10:42:02 <dbreiser> and for gnucash2, you'll be installing something like 160 packages
10:42:14 <funkytut> at this point, I've only installed gnucash, so I'm assuming that nothing else is depending on it.
10:42:31 <funkytut> (or tried to install, anyway)
10:42:46 <dbreiser> that's correct. But you do have a boatload of gnome packages installed in support of gnucash
10:43:53 <funkytut> if I just install gnucash2, will it overlay what I've already done or will it put it in another directory tree?
10:44:02 <dbreiser> another tree
10:44:26 <dbreiser> fink uses /sw, macports uses something like /opt/local
10:45:04 <dbreiser> by default, anyway. fink will put it's tree anywhere you tell it to, but the default is usually best for beginners
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10:52:22 <funkytut> Thanks for your help. I'm going to try to move to fink.
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10:59:05 <dbreiser> good luck. I do hang out in #fink sometimes too
10:59:47 <dbreiser> gotta go.
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11:13:39 <funkytut> Hello, I'm a complete beginner with package managers and I'm working on MacOSX 10.5.1. My goal is to install gnucash2.2.3 using <a package manager> and I haven't been too successful with macports. (It doesn't have 2.2.3, either.) From a conversation I just had in the gnucash "room", I'll need a little advice on getting fink up and running on my machine.
11:14:32 <funkytut> Is there a document or webpage out there with a step-by-step guide to this? I understand that I'll have to compile from source to get it done.
11:15:01 <funkytut> oops, wrong room
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12:47:25 <tbic> does AqBanking work on windows? it seems to keep crashing on me?
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12:52:55 <warlord> which aspect of AqB?
12:54:16 <tbic> the setup crash after I add a user.
12:54:25 <tbic> qt-wizard craches
12:55:05 <warlord> HBCI or OFX or...?
12:55:17 <tbic> OFX
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14:36:33 <tbic> qt-wizrd keep crash on me using OFX on Vista, any have any ideas?
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14:38:52 <warlord> tbic: nope.
14:39:39 <tbic> ok
14:40:16 <warlord> send mail?
14:51:37 <tbic> actully it seems to only crash when I add a user
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14:52:12 <warlord> okay...
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16:48:08 <Owner> me
16:49:10 <Owner> who
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