2008-01-20 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:28:29 <pestilence> i can't find the ofx settings for national city. can anybody help?
00:28:48 <pestilence> using the script on the wiki, i got an xml file for it
00:29:00 <pestilence> but it points to a 404 on msn
00:29:10 <pestilence> http://moneycentral.msn.com/cust404.ht
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02:33:48 <Wally> hey guys.
02:34:42 <Wally> Could someone kindly point me towards an Mac OS X Binary of GNUcash?
03:20:28 <Wally> -_-
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11:46:24 <warlord> @op benoitg
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12:29:23 <XiXaQ> how is development of gnucash progressing?
12:37:10 <warlord> Ummm....
12:44:51 <warlord> did you have a specific question?
12:47:28 <XiXaQ> I have quite a few. Perhaps there is a website where changes are documented?
12:47:58 <XiXaQ> one thing people are asking me for, is automatic mailing of pdf invoices.
12:54:09 <warlord> well, there's bugzill.
12:55:10 <warlord> nobody is working on that.
13:46:59 <warlord> andrewsw-afk: you're welcome ;)
13:48:59 <XiXaQ> ok. Is there a roadmap anywhere? Perhaps that's on it, or..?
13:49:47 <warlord> No, there really isn't a roadmap.. It's all basically whatever developers want to work on, or whatever people donate as patches.
13:50:01 <warlord> Are you trying to find something to work on?
13:51:59 <XiXaQ> no, I just like to know what to expect.
13:52:59 <XiXaQ> I don't know C. That's gnucash's language, right?
13:56:50 <warlord> pretty much, yes.
13:57:03 <warlord> As for what to expect... Follow the gnucash-patches list to see what people are working on.
13:57:11 <warlord> But there is no general plan, really.
13:57:15 <warlord> it's a completely volunteer project.
13:57:44 <warlord> Anyways, I need to run. Have a great day.
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14:06:08 <XiXaQ> warlord-afk, thanks.. You too :)
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20:15:33 <bvick> Record vendor bill, create invoice for client from vendor bill entries, post invoice = Works. After doing that a second time, and going to the firsrt invoice, there are no entries on it, total = $0.00
20:15:40 <bvick> ??
20:16:26 *** warlord-afk is now known as warlord
20:16:36 <warlord> did you click on the chargeback items to include them on the invoice?
20:19:01 <warlord> gotta run again -- back in an hour or so
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20:20:18 <bvick> @ vendor bill, I checked the "Billable" column for all items that would be passed onto client. Then when creating invoice, I checked the "Invoice" column so the items would be included on the current invoice.
20:20:18 <gncbot> bvick: Error: "vendor" is not a valid command.
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20:22:09 <bvick> When I created the second invoice, the items that were already included on invoice 1 were in the list of entries. If they were already included on invoice 1, howcome I had the option to include them on another invoice? Why do they show up at that point?
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20:26:47 <bvick> I'm having trouble understading the "Invoiced?" column @ both bill/invoice screens. Why would I enter an item on a bill, but not want to include it on the bill? What do these columns mean?
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20:42:04 <bvick> Also, when I posted invoice 2, closed the program ,then opened invoice 2 again, it has no entries. The $ amount is posted correctly in the correct accounts, but I cannot view the items on invoice 2
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21:24:59 <funkytut> Is anyone here familiar with installing gnucash on Mac OS X Leopard?
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22:39:19 <warlord> bvick: I believe that is a bug.
22:39:42 <warlord> (at least the first part)
22:39:46 <warlord> I dont understand the second part.
22:46:55 <warlord> ... the first part is just bug #357696
22:47:13 <warlord> ... which I believe you already know about since I BELIEVE you sent me a personal email about it.
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22:58:56 <andrewsw> :)
23:02:44 <andrewsw> I feel bad I let it sit so long.
23:03:10 <warlord> which one?
23:03:22 <andrewsw> the memo/notes patch to txn report
23:04:07 <warlord> Ah.
23:04:08 <warlord> that.
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23:04:40 <andrewsw> I knew it was good to commit a month ago, but kept getting distracted. thx again.
23:05:08 <warlord> NP.
23:05:24 <Arcturius> Why is it that gnucash posts unpaid invoices as income? Is there a way around that? It make my tax reports look very weird. I mean, the invoices are unpaid, should I not pay taxes on them?
23:05:48 <andrewsw> gnucash uses accrual accounting.
23:06:00 <andrewsw> income and expenses are reported at the time they are booked, not at the time the money moves
23:06:08 <Arcturius> Hmmm.
23:06:15 <Arcturius> That makes sense to me
23:06:19 <warlord> the business features are all accrual accounting.
23:06:26 <Arcturius> but what does one do about taxes?
23:06:37 <Arcturius> I mean, business don't even pay taxes on unpaid invoices
23:06:39 <Arcturius> do they?
23:06:47 <andrewsw> sure they do.
23:06:51 <andrewsw> I do it all the time.
23:06:52 <Arcturius> really?
23:06:55 <Arcturius> Oh
23:06:57 <warlord> Depends on the business..
23:06:59 <warlord> But yes.
23:07:04 <Arcturius> (my first year in business for myself)
23:07:09 <warlord> You need to talk to your accountant.
23:07:09 <Arcturius> hmmm
23:07:13 <Arcturius> heh heh
23:07:16 <Arcturius> I don't have one yet
23:07:17 <warlord> Sometimes you can "deduct" your A/R
23:07:22 <andrewsw> and learn about accrual versus cash accounting.
23:07:30 <Arcturius> hmmm
23:08:00 <Arcturius> Hmm, I guess I better get an accountant
23:08:06 <andrewsw> accrual accounting reports income/expenses at the time of service. cash accouting records at the time of money moving.
23:08:44 <Arcturius> These tax codes that can be associated with accounts. Are there canadian ones?
23:08:51 <Arcturius> or is it all the same
23:10:05 <andrewsw> don't know. I don't use them.
23:10:32 <andrewsw> warlord: what behavior do you get when you try to run a multi-column report?
23:10:42 <warlord> Ummm.. no clue
23:10:59 <Arcturius> So if I just print out a report of everything that is checked "tax related", and give to an accountant, that should be enough?
23:11:33 <warlord> I would print out a P&L and Balanse Sheet.
23:13:32 <Arcturius> It's kindof weird for me because I am just a sub-contractor who makes up invoices and buys tools and stuff. I am not sure how to measure profit and loss. The business isn't a "seperate entity"
23:14:21 <warlord> well, it's a question of Income vs. Expense, generally.
23:14:58 <andrewsw> you may be better served just keeping your invoicing outside of gnucash and keeping it strictly on a cash basis.
23:15:25 <warlord> Or, at the end of the year, just subtract A/R from Income.
23:15:28 <andrewsw> or maybe creating invoices to bill people, but don't post them until they're paid. not quite sure how that works for reporting.
23:16:19 <andrewsw> there are lots of ways to do it, the important thing to remember is to try and make your books match what's really happening in the real world.
23:18:29 <Arcturius> Andrewse: I can't be cash only. My clients are all on terms. I guess i'll just subtract a/r from income. Is there a way to get my tax report to print out my A/R balance at a particular time? (end of year)?
23:19:13 <andrewsw> I mean cash accounting (income happens when you get paid).
23:19:29 <Arcturius> Oh I see what you mean.
23:19:48 <andrewsw> I *think* unposted invoices don't show in the reports, so then you post the invoice and pay it all at the same time.
23:19:56 <andrewsw> you'd have to test that though.
23:20:04 <warlord> Unposted invoices do not show up on reports.
23:20:23 <Arcturius> PLus I won't be able ot see what invoices are overdue
23:20:53 <andrewsw> goodpoint
23:21:57 <warlord> there is that.
23:22:20 <andrewsw> basically, anything you do to try and fit cash accounting into an accrual system will be a kludge.
23:22:35 <andrewsw> you just have to decide where you want that kludge to happen.
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23:50:58 <andrewsw> to call scm from C, I need to issue a scm_call_#(scm_c_eval_string, parm, parm) where # is just any ol number?
23:52:31 <andrewsw> ah, maybe not. maybe it's the number of parameters...
23:59:14 <warlord> Anyways bedtime for me.
23:59:17 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
23:59:23 <andrewsw> gnight