2008-01-19 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:06:41 <renato> hello peole
00:06:43 <renato> people
00:06:45 <renato> :-)
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11:46:40 <\sh> hi.
11:49:16 <\sh> I don't know if anybody is interested, but we have some FTBFS errors with gnucash (2.2.1 and 2.2.3) ... bug report is on https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnucash/+bug/184176
11:51:46 <\sh> looks like that the devil is sitting inside gconf 2.21.1 which is pulled in by gnomeui...
11:59:18 <warlord> FTBFS?
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12:00:37 <\sh> Failed To Build From Source :)
12:01:36 <warlord> sounds like a distribution problem.
12:01:36 <warlord> @nick gncbot
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12:01:48 <warlord> chris, conrad, jsled: can you op gncbot?
12:02:03 <warlord> If it's really a gnucash bug then a bug should be filed with us.
12:02:20 <\sh> warlord, well, it looks more like a difference from gnome 2.20.x to 2.21.x because with 2.20 it build :)
12:03:59 <\sh> warlord, we tracked it down to gconf which is a dep of gnomeui ... so I wonder if it's more a gnome bug or something which isn't working anymore in gnucash due to api changes
12:04:06 <\sh> brb smoking
12:04:32 <warlord> Could be either.
12:04:42 <warlord> My first guess is a gnome bug.
12:05:03 <warlord> The first error I see is a failed definition in pango.h
12:05:15 <warlord> er, pango-coverage.h
12:05:25 <warlord> line 29
12:06:43 <\sh> that was my guess too..
12:06:51 <\sh> let's see what gnome cvs is telling me...
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12:28:17 <wiz> hi
12:29:19 <wiz> somebody here can help me, i am a very newbie with gnucash, i have read the doc but i need more help to do somting
12:29:55 <cortana> wiz: just state your problem and hopefully someone will be able to help :)
12:31:39 <wiz> i would like to know, if I enter some scheduled transaction (income and outcome) + the opening balance, can i know how many cash i will have in the future... example at the end of this year
12:32:33 <wiz> with respect to my scheduled transaction
12:37:15 <warlord> only if you apply your SXes.. None of the reports know how to 'guess' based on non-triggered SXes
12:41:29 <wiz> SXes ? ... Yes i saw that reports don't take the scheduled transaction in account but how to estimate you're economy on the long term
12:59:11 <warlord> that's a very good question
13:01:11 <wiz> with no answer ? :(
13:02:33 <warlord> at this point there's no way to take unprocessed SXes and look into the future.
13:02:51 <warlord> but you can configure your SXes to run "early"
13:02:59 <warlord> You can define how many days early they run.
13:03:31 <wiz> ok, i see
13:05:25 <wiz> that should be a good feature request ;) a graph that extrapolate the state of you're assets
13:06:31 <warlord> the request has been in the database for a very long time.
13:08:54 <wiz> ho, hope that it will be answered soon, bye and tank you again
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17:27:23 <Def> Evening... Having a spot of problems with gc starting today... Could it be that gc does not work with slib-3.1.5
17:27:26 <Def> ?
17:29:41 <andrewsw> it's possible Def.
17:29:54 <andrewsw> There have been a number of threads on -user and -devel about it.
17:30:03 <andrewsw> recently, that is.
17:30:40 <Def> Oh... I'm not on the mailing list after a mail server crash that lasted a bit too long
17:31:10 <Def> No worries... I'll just downgrade...
17:31:34 <Def> Who makes the gentoo ebuild for gc? Maybe you should adjust the dependencies
17:32:11 <andrewsw> ah sorry, I don't know gentoo. maybe jsled can help, I think he has a clue about it.
17:32:40 <andrewsw> but check the recent archives for a number of discussions. there are some version matching-requirements I think.
17:33:38 <Def> Yeah, I think it's jsled... I seem to recall him posting on bugs.gentoo.org
17:35:30 <Def> It worked... Reverted to slib-3.1.4-r4, and gc starts up again
17:36:09 <andrewsw> YAY
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17:52:36 <Def> :)
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18:07:14 <nbinont> how can I make gnucash be more verbose with logging (if that's possible)? I'm using --debug and not getting enough info
18:21:19 <andrewsw> nbinont: what more do you want to see?
18:22:05 <andrewsw> you can control logging levels for different parts. for example, I work on reports a lot so I want to see
18:22:18 <andrewsw> debugging from the scheme parts and do this:
18:22:58 <andrewsw> gnucash --logto stderr --log "gnc.scm=debug"
18:23:10 <nbinont> I'm getting a crash in the gda code somewhere, but I'm not sure where. I know it's after qof_session_load_backend completes
18:23:25 <andrewsw> I don't know what all the targets are for logging...
18:23:31 <andrewsw> maybe try gnc.qof?
18:24:23 <nbinont> --debug gives me qof.engine and qof.session
18:25:50 <andrewsw> does that mean qof.engine and qof.session are at level debug? I don't know, but i'd try --log "qof.engine=debug" ...
18:26:17 <nbinont> ok
18:29:49 <nbinont> that helps a bit, thanks
18:30:04 <andrewsw> really? great!
18:35:46 <nbinont> one line closer :) how would I find out the logging targets/where are they specified?
18:38:48 <andrewsw> I don't know. I just ask on here ;). grep the source
18:39:09 <andrewsw> look for the function "gnc:debug" is where I'd start.
18:40:49 <nbinont> ok
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19:48:37 <cortana> http://stuff.ebnj.net/masstax.png
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21:01:16 <andrewsw-afk> cortana: that's hilarious! and I love the "we respect your privacy" bit to the left.
21:01:22 <andrewsw-afk> I wonder how far that goes ??
21:01:27 * andrewsw-afk still afk
21:05:08 <mjoseph> that's actually true for the IRS, too
21:05:24 <mjoseph> there is a form to report illegally obtained income
21:05:54 <mjoseph> why do you think so many gangsters go to jail for tax evasion and not for their crimes? :)
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21:34:46 <nbinont> cortana:wow..that's messed up
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