2008-01-18 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:15:13 <joslwah> Can someone help me setup automatic updates of stock prices from the net? I can't seem to get it to work.
00:21:30 <joslwah> I'm trying to get the price of a stock listed in London. I just keep on getting "an unknown error while retrieving the price quotes."
00:21:49 <jsled> try gnc-fq-dump to see if it checks out.
00:22:02 <joslwah> Can I run that from anyway?
00:22:19 <jsled> yeah, just on the command line. should be in the path.
00:22:32 <joslwah> Ahhh. You need to install the following Perl modules:
00:22:32 <joslwah> Date::Manip
00:22:43 <jsled> hmm. what distro?
00:22:52 <joslwah> Gentoo.
00:23:01 <jsled> try gnc-fq-check and gnc-fq-update
00:23:06 <joslwah> Should that be everywhere?
00:23:16 <joslwah> I.e. is it a general requirement for gnucash?
00:23:33 <jsled> Date::Manip? It's a requirement for F::Q specifically.
00:23:42 <jsled> But...
00:23:46 <joslwah> I'm just installing the module anyway. If that fixes things then I'll see about updating the ebuild....
00:23:50 <jsled> did you emerge with USE=quotes ?
00:24:03 <jsled> Because it is listed in the ebuild.
00:24:38 <joslwah> Ahhh. O.k. well, installing it manually did the job.
00:24:59 <joslwah> Nope. It wasn't installed with quotes.
00:25:12 <jsled> ah. Probably want to `echo "app-office/gnucash quotes" >> /etc/portage/package.use`, for the future.
00:25:23 <joslwah> You use Gentoo?
00:25:46 <jsled> yup. have contributed much to the current ebuild, in fact.
00:25:54 <joslwah> Thanks.
00:26:35 <jsled> :)
00:27:34 <joslwah> Yep. That pulls in the deps I installed manually.
00:27:46 <joslwah> Any idea whether it works straight out of the box on Ubuntu?
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00:28:13 <jsled> I'm not sure. I think they implicitly install F::Q there, yeah.
00:28:40 <jsled> Frankly, I think it should be an auto-enabled use flag.
00:28:54 <jsled> or, default-enabled, or however you want to say it.
00:29:08 <joslwah> Oh, and another question. If I were to want to update the code for the scheduled transactions stuff to add in code for "n-th business day after.....", where would I start to look?
00:29:46 <jsled> But debian/ubuntu generally version-lags a few releases, whereas gentoo had 2.2.3 (in ~) w/in a few hours of the release.
00:29:59 <jsled> Yeah. src/engine/Recurrence.[ch], primarily.
00:30:11 <joslwah> I have quite a few scheduled transactions which I think are coming in on the 3rd or 4th business day after a specified day of the month, and fixing things up would save me time in the long term. 8-)
00:30:12 <jsled> With the UI bits in ... src/gnome-utils/gnc-frequency.[ch]
00:30:49 <jsled> where do I know your nick from? Around here before? Or gentoo-related channels? Or...?
00:31:01 <joslwah> Both....
00:31:07 <joslwah> 8-)
00:31:18 <joslwah> I'm currently Lisp lead, although handing that over.
00:31:30 <jsled> Ah, right. Freenode says --- [joslwah] @#gentoo-ppc64 #ppc64 #gentoo-devrel #lisp +#gentoo-ppc +#gentoo-releng ##fonts @#gentoo-lisp
00:31:30 <joslwah> And ppc64 dev, but not done much since my ppc64 box died.
00:31:33 <jsled> :)
00:32:03 <joslwah> Whereas you're a supporter, but not logged in currently?
00:32:27 <jsled> I am logged in there.
00:32:41 <joslwah> Odd, but not into any channels?
00:33:03 <jsled> No ... /whois jsled says --- [jsled] #csoft.net #swhack #vague #homebrew #rest @#gnucash
00:33:07 <joslwah> Anyway, would there be interest in adding stuff for scheduling after n business days.
00:33:15 <jsled> yes. :)
00:33:20 <joslwah> Yeah, I noticed you there. So why did my whois give something different?
00:33:32 <jsled> stupid computers.
00:33:55 <joslwah> O.k. not sure when I'll get round to having a look. But may well do so. It is nice to know it would be valued before starting.
00:35:06 <jsled> Yeah. There might be some related things, if you're so inclined.
00:35:25 <jsled> Like the first business day after iff a SX falls on a weekend.
00:35:48 <joslwah> Well, while I'm looking at the code, anything else you want me to think about, so I have it in the back of my mind?
00:36:39 <jsled> Monthly on last business day <http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=88181>.
00:37:16 <joslwah> While on the subject of quotes. what is the difference between setting a stock up as nasdaq, nyse, fund etc?
00:37:38 <jsled> There's also <http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=509652>, which might be close to what you're thinking.
00:38:13 <jsled> I'm don't think that value is used anywhere else.
00:38:36 <joslwah> Ahh, but is it used at all? Or is it just for grouping stocks?
00:38:56 <jsled> I think it's just presentational, but don't quote me on it. (pardon the pun)
00:39:06 <joslwah> O.k. Fine.
00:39:53 <jsled> Also, you can type into that field for new values, which may not be obvious
00:40:58 <joslwah> O.k. So why do I get so many copies of the Stock type in the Price editor and the Securities editor?
00:42:34 <jsled> hmm. that I don't know.
00:42:58 <joslwah> And, while you're here. What about getting quotes on currencies?
00:43:19 <jsled> As I intuit, it works the same.
00:43:57 <joslwah> Found the problem. You have to manually enable getting prices for each currency you want.
00:44:06 <jsled> Ah.
00:45:40 <jsled> Wow. AOL is going to XMPP for ICQ and AIM? http://florianjensen.com/2008/01/17/aol-adopting-xmpp-aka-jabber/
00:46:26 <joslwah> Is there an easy way to delete Files? I.e. I wanted to have a test file. Do I just delete everything with that name?
00:46:35 <joslwah> And Ignore gnucash complaining later?
00:46:46 <jsled> yup.
00:47:41 <joslwah> Great. Thanks for your time.
00:47:44 <jsled> If you want to be extreme, ~/.gnucash/books/$(basename $datafile) should go too, but...
00:48:04 <jsled> you're welcome. happy hacking.
00:48:20 <jsled> fwiw, if you're working on the SX/Recurrence code in the next few days, I'm out of town,
00:48:34 <jsled> ...this weekend, but otherwise around pretty regularly.
00:49:06 <joslwah> Well, I'm preparing to travel for five weeks, starting on Monday. Assuming the flight is still on. The plane crashed yesterday. 8-(
00:49:15 <jsled> oh! :/
00:49:32 <jsled> Which one was that? There were a couple in the last couple of days.
00:49:33 <joslwah> Fortunately noone seriously injured, but still, not nice.
00:49:49 <joslwah> BA38, into heathrow. First serious crash for over 30 years!
00:49:59 <joslwah> And they pick the plane I was expecting to be on!
00:50:10 <joslwah> Oh, and First Boeing 777 crash as well.
00:50:10 <jsled> They.
00:50:55 <joslwah> Hmmm. I'm still on 2.0.5. Looks like I'm going to need to upgrade to a later version to work on the business day stuff!
00:51:18 <jsled> Oh, definitely. I guess 2.2.x is still keyworded, but its in good shape.
00:51:23 <jsled> it's, even.
00:51:34 <joslwah> Yep. Well, better let you go. Have a good weekend.
00:51:42 <jsled> you too; cheers.
00:56:19 <joslwah> Right. Upgrading now.
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06:56:23 <kaeptnb> hi. just a short question about the csv import: is there a estimated version/time when it will be included into releases of gnucash?
06:57:29 <kaeptnb> or did i miss something and its allready there? :)
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08:09:51 <Mrdini> asked this yesterday, but didn't get any solution... I'm having problems trying to retrieve a quote (the data seems incomplete)....
08:10:04 <Mrdini> I figured out the right code BUT the date & currency's missing :/
08:10:08 <Mrdini> $ gnc-fq-dump yahoo_europe "gb0006664683.l" <----
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08:56:19 <chemichon> how old gnucash is?
08:56:53 <jsled> what, 11 years old, now?
08:57:47 <chemichon> all that?
08:58:49 <Mrdini> yeah, gnucash's been around a fair while
08:59:26 <chemichon> I am playing with reports now.
08:59:37 <chemichon> do you like them?
09:00:07 <jsled> they're basically functional, but they suck ass.
09:00:45 <Mrdini> jsled, don't want to be a bother but saw the bit about the FQ a few mins earlier?
09:00:46 <chemichon> I was trying not to hurt your feelings, but yes, they do.
09:00:54 <chemichon> not me
09:01:10 <chemichon> I come from ms money 99, their reports are ultra fancy, and actually useful
09:02:20 <jsled> We've detailed the various ways the reports are suboptimal over the years, in here and on the mailing lists, but the summary is:
09:02:37 <jsled> 0/ scheme isn't the best language for getting casual contributers from our userbase.
09:03:13 <jsled> 1/ the scheme scripts emit HTML, rather than having a more traditional <html><? echo template ?></html> form.
09:03:25 <jsled> 2/ because gtkhtml sucks, we only do ~html 3.2. Without CSS.
09:04:15 <Mrdini> jsled, surely #1 should be easy enough to fix...?
09:04:26 <jsled> 3/ guppi was fine. goffice is good. But in part because of gtkhtml, graphics aren't (re)sized as a function of the page, but are statically-sized.
09:05:22 <jsled> Well, no one's done so in the years that its been identified as a problem.
09:06:06 <jsled> Mrdini: yeah, I see the same thing. That generally means the F::Q parser for that quote source can't parse the page contents, eh?
09:06:14 <jsled> I mean, it can partially parse it, as its getting the 'last' value.
09:06:19 <jsled> But it can't find or extract the date from the page.
09:06:29 <jsled> Maybe the page changed behind the scenes.
09:06:36 <jsled> Or the parser never worked on pages of that type.
09:07:17 <Mrdini> jsled, hmmm :/
09:14:12 *** warlord-afk is now known as warlord
09:14:32 <warlord> kaeptnb: It's in trunk, which will be 2.4 whenever that hits the streets.
09:15:04 <kaeptnb> warlord: ok great, thanks
09:15:41 <warlord> (probably not until at LEAST late '08 if not '09)
09:20:12 <chemichon> must lunch, bbl
09:21:15 <Mrdini> jsled, re. reports HTML - problem is scheme's a kinda uncommon language - not exactly that many people out there who knows scheme
09:22:48 <jsled> right.
09:22:54 <jsled> that's part of it.
09:23:02 <jsled> scheme's not all that hard to pick up.
09:23:16 <jsled> In many ways, it's a simpler language than some others.
09:23:40 <jsled> But, even that little difference from "normal" C-style languages is enough to discourage people.
09:23:57 <jsled> And there is an "impedence mismatch" between the bulk of the code and the scheme code.
09:38:46 <warlord> But the imdepence mismatch can be mostly mitigated.
09:48:47 <warlord> I hate it when I add a comment above a function: "Migrating to <new location>; please make sure you duplicate changes there".. And then another developer makes changes to that function, does NOT make changes to the migrated function, and THEN proceeds to remove my comment!
09:49:25 <jsled> wow.
09:49:29 <Mrdini> that begs the question - why _is_ the function duplicated?
09:49:37 <chemichon> back
09:49:50 <chemichon> isnt it possible to have anything else to display the reports?
09:49:57 <jsled> of course.
09:50:10 <jsled> Good options now are gecko and (increasingly) webkit/gtk.
09:50:31 <chemichon> something that at least would enable to resize graphs and use css.
09:50:41 <jsled> Of course, if we use gecko, we'll start getting a lot of complaints.
09:50:47 <jsled> right.
09:50:50 <jsled> Patches welcome! :)
09:51:00 <chemichon> msmoney have some nice features, you can click graph areas, etc etc
09:51:26 <jsled> yeah, the guppi graphing library supported clicking on pie/bar chart segments as well. goffice doesn't.
09:51:40 <jsled> Actually, more recent versions might, but I've not followed it closely enough.
09:51:46 <warlord> Mrdini: it's duplicated because I'm in the middle of a code refactor and I didn't want to break their implementation until mine was done.
09:52:29 <Mrdini> warlord, ah, fair excuse
09:52:45 <warlord> I *HATE* duplicated code, specifically because of this problem.
09:53:39 <warlord> but alas....
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10:30:59 <jsled> Hmm! http://www.press.redhat.com/2008/01/16/migrating-your-personal-application-portfolio-to-open-source/
10:36:06 <chemichon> I dont migrate because open source GUI usually sucks
10:45:14 <warlord> heh.
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12:02:17 <warlord-afk> Heh
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12:30:33 * andrewsw has read the backscroll
12:30:53 <andrewsw> jsled: so what's really the deal with links in graphs? I'm horribly confused.
12:32:29 * andrewsw got 4 more points! w00t
12:32:51 <warlord> Nice!
12:32:57 * warlord finally reached 19..
12:33:05 <andrewsw> YAY
12:33:27 <andrewsw> what's it like up the that rarified realm?
12:34:35 <andrewsw> or some english version of the previous statement... sheesh
12:34:35 <warlord> The air's a little thin. ;)
12:38:38 <warlord> heh
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12:45:42 <andrewsw> I think 509960 is NOTABUG, sounds like the importer saw a match and dropped the incoming one, as it should do.
12:49:45 <andrewsw> NEEDINFO.
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14:26:31 <redwoolf> i can't seem to find the "Get Online Quotes" check box in gnucash 2.2.1. Is somebody available to help me?
14:27:40 <redwoolf> nevermind....sorry
14:27:49 <redwoolf> I was looking at old documentation.
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17:55:25 <Saviq> hi guys, just a quick question - is it possible to somehow tie two instances of gnucash?
17:56:04 <Saviq> so that when me and my wife have separate books, but I'd like to easily transfer money to her books?
18:01:10 <warlord> nope.
18:01:17 <warlord> if the books are separate then they are separate.
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18:07:03 <Saviq> do you think it could be a planned feature/
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18:07:04 <Saviq> ?
18:07:21 <Saviq> or is it works-as-designed?
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18:13:52 <warlord> works-as-designed at this point in time.
18:14:08 <Saviq> k, thanks
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20:46:33 <nbinont> where's gnucash's trace file...gnucash just stared, gave me the splash screen, tips and disappeared
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20:56:39 <nbinont> hmm /tmp/gnucash.trace now I need to find the windows equivalent
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22:44:35 <warlord> sorry, nbinont i dont know. check the list archives?
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23:01:17 <nbinont> warlord: thanks. I found it, and my problem :)
23:01:25 <warlord> cool
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