2008-01-15 GnuCash IRC logs

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04:09:18 <blahdeblah> Hi. The bills due reminder will not open for me. Does GnuCash expect there to be a bill with a future date entered before the reminder window can be opened?
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08:17:08 <warlord> blahdeblah: yes
08:17:17 <warlord> Actually, it expects a bill with a past-due date
08:17:26 <J> I am using GC 2.2.3 on WinXP, German version. I am encountering a problem with the chart of accounts acctchrt_skr04.gnucash-xea (de_DE). Booking on some account (e.g. account 1405) in the "journal" (literally translated from German) is refused - comment: Do you want to generate the account with name (as chosen). The same happens when accounting the reception of an invoice.
08:17:27 <J> How can this be amended? Thanks.
08:17:55 <blahdeblah> warlord: Thanks - will it open automatically when the due date is past, or do i have to keep checking it?
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08:21:28 <warlord> Well, it will open up automatically when the due date is past when you start gnucash (ala the SLR dialog)
08:22:01 <blahdeblah> OK - thanks for the help as always, warlord.
08:22:24 <warlord> J: I dont know anything about the skr04 account tree.. You can try asking on gnucash-de mailing list?
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08:35:28 <J> In the beginning I suspected that it might be a problem due to the depth of the certain account (Aktiva:B. Umlaufvermögen:II. Forderungen und sonstige Vermögensgegenstände::04. Sonstige Vermögensgegenstände:Abziehbare Vorsteuer:Abziehbare Vorsteuern Inland:Abziehbare Vorsteuer 19% >> depth 7 !!!). Is it possible that there is a maximal depth of the account tree allowed - and this is...
08:35:30 <J> warlord: I have already posted the question there. I thought that I should better keep track of my problem here.
08:35:32 <J> ...exceeded here?
08:35:33 <J> I think this might be a structural problem of the account tree and there is no knowledge needed what the accounts stand for.
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08:35:58 <cstim> hi warlord
08:36:09 <warlord> hiya cstim
08:36:41 <warlord> I dont think there is any limit.
08:36:57 <cstim> warlord: J already asked on gnucash-de, but there was no answer
08:37:32 <cstim> his full account name grew into something like 400-500 characters. I wonder whether there *is* a limit in that region...
08:37:47 <cstim> oh well. Got to run again already
08:37:48 <warlord> Oooh, there MAY be a 256char limit in the register..
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08:37:59 <cstim_afk> right, that may be it
08:37:59 <warlord> I dont think it's the depth, but the full-name length.
08:38:59 <J> Ok, sounds good. Do you know where this can be set to a higher value?
08:39:51 <warlord> so, j, you say "in the 'journal'" --- but then you say 'invoice'. What interface are you actually using?
08:40:07 <warlord> If there's that kind of limit then it's limited in the sources.
08:41:01 <cstim_afk> warlord: I think J found several issues already
08:41:07 <J> Ok, the sources can be found in which files? Can they be edited such that the number can be changed?
08:41:17 <cstim_afk> warlord: take it easy - he explained to me he's new to gnucash and opensource and SVN
08:41:40 <cstim_afk> warlord: but in his gnucash-de message I think he already got a bunch of good points and proposals :-)
08:42:07 <cstim_afk> J: oh, and you shouldn't forget to mention you are using the winXP-2.2.3 binary
08:42:24 <cstim_afk> i.e. you can't easily re-compile gnucash again
08:43:33 <warlord> Which means the sources aren't going to help you.
08:43:44 <warlord> (and yes, that would've been useful information)
08:44:14 <cstim_afk> grep 256 `find . -name '*.c'` gives a bunch of places
08:44:26 <cstim_afk> ./gnome/gnc-split-reg.c:450: char string[256];
08:44:33 <cstim_afk> or ./gnome/gnc-split-reg.c:525
08:44:51 <warlord> yeah, but nowhere in src/register
08:45:20 <cstim_afk> but couldn't the limit exist in the widget code?
08:45:51 <warlord> Those two examples are buffers used for numbers, so they should be okay.
08:46:09 <warlord> I need more information about which interface, exactly, has this problem.
08:46:29 <cstim_afk> J: maybe you can make a screenshot of where exactly this doesn't work?
08:46:43 <cstim_afk> warlord: where can J post a screenshot? is there a pastebin for images?
08:46:58 <jsled> photobucket, maybe?
08:47:10 <warlord> imagehost.org?
08:47:39 <J> No problem. Does this work with email or upload? (I am really a newbie in this business! ;) )
08:50:05 <warlord> upload
09:03:23 <J> http://a.imagehost.org/download/0163/error-journal-skr04.zip - hope that works.
09:04:51 <warlord> Err.. .zip?
09:05:06 <warlord> Could you please upload the original image, not a zip of it?
09:05:48 <J> ok. there will be two of them.
09:06:11 <warlord> THat's fine.
09:06:24 <warlord> Just much easier to deal with than a .zip file.
09:06:26 <warlord> (thanks!)
09:07:01 <cstim_afk> J: images without zip (it almost doesn't reduce the size anyway), but text files larger than 100KB in zip'd form.
09:09:22 <J> the "journal": http://a.imagehost.org/download/0164/journal-error.bmp
09:09:23 <J> error - in German, I am afraid http://a.imagehost.org/download/0164/error.bmp - perhaps cstim can be of assistance what kind of error we're having here
09:09:58 <warlord> I can find the translation
09:10:43 <J> sorry, didnt want to be cheeky.
09:12:21 <warlord> it's okay.
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09:13:40 <warlord> Okay, so is this an Account Register (did you open an account)? Or is this the General Ledger from the "Tools" menu?
09:15:33 <cstim_afk> J: which program did you use to save the screenshots? "BMP" format is not so good; PNG would be better.
09:15:54 <warlord> EOG and firefox both read the BMP ;)
09:16:18 <cstim_afk> they do, but PNG would need only one tenth of the file size.
09:16:57 <warlord> true
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09:18:18 <warlord> i know how to test this
09:18:35 <Jannick> Sorry I got kicked out - somehow. But Im back again.
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09:19:15 <cstim> Jannick: which program did you use to save the screenshots? "BMP" format is not so good; PNG would be better.
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09:20:18 <Jannick> cstim: screenshots with WinXP program, then converted to bmp from "scrap" (whatever this is). Do you prefer this or rather .png?
09:21:11 <cstim> we prefer .png
09:21:49 <cstim> On Windows I create screenshots by running IrfanView and selecting Bearbeiten->Einfügen (Edit->Paste). Do you know irfanview?
09:21:55 <warlord> Jannick: <warlord> Okay, so is this an Account Register (did you open an account)? Or is this the General Ledger from the "Tools" menu?
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09:23:04 <cstim> Jannick: but these pictures are okay; no need to re-create them.
09:23:32 <Jannick> <warlord> Okay, so is this an Account Register (did you open an account)? J: No.
09:23:33 <Jannick> <warlord> Or is this the General Ledger from the "Tools" menu? J: Yes, I have chosen the mentioned account, then the error alert popped up.
09:24:11 <cstim> Jannick: errr... these answers were not as clear as we had hoped
09:24:54 <cstim> Jannick: Was this the "Werkzeuge -> Journal"?
09:25:04 <Jannick> Yes
09:25:07 <cstim> or was this the window that you get when you double-click on one of your accounts?
09:25:19 <Jannick> No
09:25:22 <cstim> okay.
09:25:37 <cstim> We are asking because that "General Ledger" window has a bunch of additional problems.
09:26:01 <cstim> maybe your problem goes away when you work in the window of one account.
09:26:18 <Jannick> csim: "General ledger" = "dt: Journal"?
09:28:05 <warlord> Ahh, the problem is that the account you entered DOESNT exist.
09:28:24 <warlord> There appears to be an empty account, or something... The account name appears to be:
09:28:44 <warlord> Aktiva:B. Umlaufvermögen:II. Forderungen und sonstige Vermögensgegenstände::04. Sonstige Vermögensgegenstände:Abziehbare Vorsteuer:Abziehbare Vorsteuer aus innergemeinschaftlichem Erwerb
09:28:53 <warlord> Notice: Vermögensgegenstände::04
09:29:01 <warlord> in particular, notice the '::'
09:29:03 <Jannick> This is what the error says, but the account DOES exist -since I chose it and it can be seen in the chart of accounts.
09:30:08 <cstim> Jannick: re translation: yes
09:30:52 <warlord> I think the problem is that there's a colon in the account name.
09:31:20 <cstim> Jannick: for more translations, you can have a look at the internal glossary in the source code in po/glossary/de.po; there is a web-interface to our source code here: http://svn.gnucash.org/trac/browser/gnucash/trunk/po/glossary/de.po
09:31:28 <warlord> As for the error message, there IS no account named "04"
09:32:34 <cstim> warlord: ooops, indeed there is an account name with a colon in accounts/de_DE/acctchrt_skr04.gnucash-xea
09:33:29 <cstim> in fact, 7 accounts in there have a colon in the name.
09:36:11 <warlord> yep, and when you remove the extra colon, this error goes away
09:36:19 <warlord> (after you quit and reload gnucash)
09:36:20 <cstim> Jannick: Can you edit the account name of "II. Forderungen und sonstige Vermögensgegenstände:" so that it doesn't end with the colon, then try again?
09:36:28 <cstim> ah, ok.
09:37:33 <warlord> cstim: can you talk to r0lf about this?
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09:37:41 <Jannick> I think that' it! I delete the colon in the account name and check. Coming back in a minute.
09:37:44 <warlord> Rol1: ??
09:38:02 <Rol1> yes
09:38:31 <Rol1> ic
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09:38:53 <warlord> You own those files ;)
09:38:59 <R0lf> hehe
09:39:02 <warlord> Is the colon necessary in the account names?
09:39:13 <R0lf> Apparently there were some changes while I was away
09:39:19 <R0lf> I would not think so
09:39:25 <R0lf> lemme take a look
09:39:28 <warlord> Thanks.
09:39:42 <warlord> (happy new year)
09:41:25 * cstim is still struggling to take over the gnucash.de domain...
09:41:48 <cstim> (its old owner is a bit ... distracted to maintain it properly)
09:42:13 <R0lf> I count several occurrences of this
09:42:23 <Jannick> Checked - and problem solved !!! Great guys!
09:42:49 <warlord> R0lf: yeah, cstim found... seven?
09:43:30 <R0lf> sound about right
09:43:46 <R0lf> yes, seven
09:45:03 <R0lf> They are absolutely unnecessary
09:45:05 <warlord> :)
09:45:11 <R0lf> sed will take care of them
09:45:26 <warlord> Would you like me to take care of it? Or do you plan to?
09:47:31 <cstim> Does Sed have svn write access? :-)
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09:50:19 <R0lf> if not it should ;-)
09:50:27 <R0lf> r16860 it is
09:51:05 <Jannick> I am having another one - has to do with charts of accounts, too.
09:51:07 <Jannick> First I must admit that I did something with some weird effect: When I want to open a new file, there is one chart of accounts which does show its information and the accounts in the preview window. Nevertheless *another* chart of accounts is inserted into the new file. I think there must be some configuration entry linking to the wrong template chart of accounts. Re-installation did not help. ;)
09:51:08 <Jannick> Any idea?
09:52:12 <warlord> not without more details about what you chose and what happened..
09:52:41 <Jannick> First I must admit that I did something with some weird effect: When I want to open a new file, there is one chart of accounts which does *not* show its information and the accounts in the preview window. Nevertheless *another* chart of accounts is inserted into the new file. I think there must be some configuration entry linking to the wrong template chart of accounts. Re-installation did...
09:52:42 <Jannick> sorry - here is the version which makes more sense:
09:52:44 <Jannick> ...not help. ;)
09:54:21 <warlord> for example, "i click on 'x' and I get 'y' but expected 'z'... "
10:01:10 <cstim> Jannick: maybe again a screenshot?
10:02:22 <Jannick> Ok, when opening a new file in one window the list of available charts of accounts (CoA) is displayed. If one is highlighted, some information (in the header of the xea-file) is displayed in the window below the list of charts of accounts - and the accounts of the selected chart in window aside. It is like this with all but one CoA: Here neither the information nor the preview of the...
10:02:23 <Jannick> ...accounts is displayed. In the next window (where the amounts carried forward can be filled in) *another* CoA is displayed and inserted into the new file.
10:02:25 <Jannick> Hope that this is better. If needed I will prepare screenshots - in png-format. Promised! :-)
10:03:18 <jsled> Right. That's how it's suppsoed to work.
10:03:32 <jsled> When you select each of the examples, you see just that example's accounts.
10:03:42 <jsled> When you click forward, you see all of the selected/checked accounts combined.
10:03:45 <cstim> screenshot would be good, because then we see which ones get confused.
10:04:45 <Jannick> Yes, this is like this for but one account. And with this I am having the problem that another CoA seems to allocated in some configuration nowhere.
10:05:05 <jsled> Note that "Common Accounts" is checked by default.
10:05:31 <jsled> you will need to un-check it if you do not want its accounts.
10:05:49 <Jannick> ... am preparing some pics for you.
10:10:57 <warlord> Jannick: WHICH one isn't working right.
10:14:16 <Jannick> My favourite one SKR04 (de_DE) ;) - but I must have done something nasty to the configuration I must confess: While creating a new file a window for saving some file popped up - and so I did. Since then I am having this problem. I do not believe that this happens in any other version you are having.
10:14:18 <Jannick> Screenshots coming soon.
10:15:11 <warlord> If you've modified the state before you run File -> New -> New File then yes, it will pop up a window and ask if you want to save your changes..
10:15:29 <warlord> And when I used SKR04 it certainly appeared to work right to me.
10:18:07 <warlord> SKR04 works for me.
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10:22:08 <Jannick> http://a.imagehost.org/0164/newfile1.png: general accounts preselected - everything is fine :-)
10:22:09 <Jannick> http://a.imagehost.org/0164/newfile2.png: another CoA selected, but unchecked: no information, no preview of accounts :-(
10:22:11 <Jannick> http://a.imagehost.org/0164/newfile3.png: another CoA selected, now checked: still no information and no preview
10:22:12 <Jannick> http://a.imagehost.org/0164/newfile4.png: here the general accounts (default) are displayed
10:22:13 <Jannick> http://a.imagehost.org/0164/newfile5.png: new file with general accounts - not as selected SKR04
10:22:15 <Jannick> Does this make it any clearer?
10:23:39 <warlord> Yes, except the colon after 'png' makes it harder to cut-and-paste ;)
10:25:34 <warlord> I cannot reproduce this here. It works fine for me.
10:25:35 <jsled> Jannick: I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but did you uncheck "Allgemeine Konten"?
10:26:39 <Jannick> Yes, I did.
10:30:30 <Jannick> warlord: I think the only one who can reproduce it is me - I am afraid. I could guess something got saved in some configuration file where the information for the window "choose chart of accounts" is coded. Do you think?
10:31:54 <jsled> no, I don't believe there's any code like that.
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10:34:17 <warlord> Yeah, I dont think so, either.
10:34:37 <Jannick> Hmm, but where does GC know from which CoAs are to be displayed?
10:34:50 <jsled> locale.
10:35:23 <jsled> locale = de_DE -> use ${install_dir}/accounts/de_DE/*.gnucash-xea
10:35:26 <jsled> (roughly)
10:36:03 <Jannick> Sorry, I am one of these WinXP users. Where can I find this?
10:36:53 <Jannick> Does that mean that depending on the language the folder of CoAs is chosen - and every CoA in the folder is displayed?
10:37:10 <warlord> No, it all depends on your computer system locale.
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10:38:07 <Jannick> Is locale a folder, a file or rather something nasty in the registry (urrgh if soo!!!)?
10:38:44 <warlord> I have no idea where windows stores that setting.
10:41:16 <Jannick> Ok, I found out that GC is started with a .bat-file in which the language setting can be coded - and easily changed if needed.
10:42:22 <Jannick> Then I just deleted some CoAs in the de_DE-CoA-folder - and they are *not* displayed in the list any more.
10:43:32 <Jannick> This might mean that there is something wrong with my CoA-file for SKR04. I will check - and come back. :)
10:44:52 <warlord> Did you modify it.
10:45:02 <warlord> ?
10:46:00 <Jannick> Yes I must admit. But I re-installed the program such that I thought that there was the original version. I am checking this at the moment.
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10:48:14 * warlord shakes his head
10:48:18 <warlord> ... and sighs
10:48:31 <Jannick> Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutsch - my SKR04-AoC-file was corrupted. ;)
10:49:40 <warlord> there ya go
10:49:42 <Jannick> ... apparently I am very new to this business!!! But at least I could raise the issue with the double colon. Thanks for your time !!!
10:49:51 <warlord> Yes, thank you.
10:49:56 <warlord> That's been fixed and will be in 2.2.4
10:50:24 <Jannick> any time fixed for the release already?
10:55:43 <warlord> for 2.2.4?? probably not for a couple months. 2.2.3 was just released.
10:57:25 <Jannick> Perhaps it could be recommended in some help file that customized CoAs can be stored in the CoA-folder (relating to the language setting). Then they are available in the CoA-list.
10:57:27 <Jannick> Thanks for your patience one more time !!! I am off now. See you next time.
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12:25:09 <andrewsw> mornin
12:27:27 <warlord> good afternoon
12:27:45 <andrewsw> still FLA?
12:43:11 <warlord> yep
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12:49:22 <andrewsw> lucky dog. 22 degrees and 1/2 inch of ice on the ground.
12:55:13 <warlord> Hahah
12:55:21 <warlord> 8-14" of snow up in Boston yesterday.
12:55:47 <nbinont> heh, don't even have that much up here
12:56:20 *** cortilap has quit IRC
12:56:24 <nbinont> had about 2 feet a couple weeks ago, now it's all gone...bizzarre
12:56:36 <andrewsw> the 1/2" ice is what we get when the 12" snow sitting on the ground melts...
12:58:08 <nbinont> did you get that week of like 10 degrees?
12:58:22 <andrewsw> nope. where are you?
12:58:51 <nbinont> um...sry that would be 50 degrees F
12:59:09 <nbinont> ontario
12:59:12 <andrewsw> ah. sorry. still though, nope.
12:59:39 <andrewsw> we touched 40F two days ago.
12:59:44 <andrewsw> It is a wierd winter here.
12:59:59 <nbinont> no kidding
13:01:42 * nbinont goes afk for class
13:01:54 *** nbinont is now known as nbinont-afk
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13:19:54 <andrewsw> I'm still trying to figure out the best way to access a report's guid from outside that report.
13:20:16 <andrewsw> FOr example, general-ledger uses the txn report renderer and currently calls that by name. I need to fix that.
13:20:36 <andrewsw> I'm thinking maybe each report-guid should be declared globally in report-system.scm
13:20:51 <andrewsw> then any report can access any other report by guid but we only need to spec the guid once.
13:20:58 *** nbinont-afk has quit IRC
13:21:08 <andrewsw> That would also put all the guid's in one place so hopefully a dupe would show up.
13:22:20 <andrewsw> But it also forces people to access another file to create reports from scratch.
13:28:17 <warlord> Eh, in that case just copy-and-paste the guid.
13:29:20 <andrewsw> yeah, but it's just a hack, IMO.
13:29:40 <andrewsw> of course the whole idea is they don't change... and that's a sure fire way to guarantee that it changes...
13:31:15 <warlord> heh
13:34:02 *** ErKa has joined #gnucash
13:46:42 <warlord> Well, we already worry about the name being changed. What's the difference here?
13:48:10 <andrewsw> none I guess. I was hoping to elinimate all worries about this stuff changing.
13:48:21 <andrewsw> and maybe defining it all in one place is the way to go.
13:48:34 <warlord> I really think it should be defined in the report.
13:49:40 <andrewsw> I'll think on it some more, because I completely understand your point. the report should be completely self-contained.
13:53:11 <andrewsw> yet we have reports that rely on other reports. It would be good to ensure that the control of that report-guid remains with the report.
13:53:50 <andrewsw> txn report should be able to change its guid, if it wants and the reports that rely on that shouldn't care.
13:54:28 <andrewsw> the other reports should get that guid from some global location and that global location should get the guid from the report proper.
13:54:39 <andrewsw> anyway. I've got a bus to catch.
13:54:44 *** andrewsw is now known as andrewsw-afk
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14:31:56 *** gncbot sets mode: +o cstim
14:32:14 <cstim> good evening all
14:33:11 <cstim> everyone asleep already? :)
14:33:17 <cstim> Siesta, maybe.
14:37:38 <warlord> :-P
14:37:44 <warlord> Mid-afternoon here.
14:38:16 <cstim> okay
14:38:37 <cstim> our two girls were screaming a lot today. Now at least Maia is in bed.
14:39:12 <warlord> * nods *
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15:21:36 <cstim> warlord: http://pastebin.ca/856434 for POTFILES.in in SVN?
15:22:22 <cstim> or rather http://pastebin.ca/856436
15:23:54 <cstim> Basically two changes: make-gnucash-potfiles will now cd to srcdir before creating the file list, and its result will be written to srcdir, which is why this is removed from dist-hook.
15:31:00 <warlord> Which one should I look at
15:31:27 <cstim> the second
15:31:49 <warlord> okay.. looking..
15:34:41 <warlord> I'll note that your file has different contents than the existing 2.2 POTFILES
15:36:52 <cstim> it does?
15:36:59 <cstim> it's the trunk POTFILES.in, of course
15:37:41 <warlord> Sure, but in my 2.2 build, POTFILES says:
15:38:13 <warlord> Oh, nevermind. I was looking at POTFILES, not POTFILES.in.
15:38:43 <cstim> In the 2.2 branch POTFILES.in will have approx. 10 files less.
15:38:59 <cstim> e.g. import-export/csv isn't there
15:39:06 <warlord> Yeah.
15:39:28 <warlord> Looks fine.
15:39:50 <cstim> ok, I'll commit on trunk.
15:39:54 <cstim> what about back-port?
15:44:25 <warlord> I dunno..
15:44:51 <warlord> I think it depends on how long we expect it to take before 2.3/2.4, which I think will depend on how long before the GDA backend completes..
15:45:00 <cstim> huh?
15:45:09 <cstim> why this dependency?
15:45:33 <cstim> I mean, for the Gnome i10n project *only* the branch-2.2 is the interesting one :-)
15:45:33 <warlord> Well, I suspect that'll be the key feature to trigger a 2.4
15:45:55 <warlord> My only concern for BP is destabilizing the build.
15:46:22 <cstim> ok, so let me rephrase: I would like to have this back-ported ASAP so that the Gnome i10n project can download branches/2.2 for their translators.
15:46:23 <warlord> Maybe key off 'if test -w $(srcdir)/po/POTFILES.in' ?
15:46:33 <warlord> Ah, okay.
15:46:54 <warlord> Have you run a distcheck with this patch in place on trunk?
15:48:24 <cstim> not yet
15:50:47 <warlord> ok
15:53:12 *** grandcanuck has quit IRC
15:55:41 <cstim> sigh. Nobody on #git (Freenode) is able to say something about or apply my i18n patches.
15:56:23 <cstim> oh. "make distcheck" runs a full compile.
15:56:36 <cstim> Now I remember why I never run this - it still takes *forever* here.
15:56:59 <cstim> where "forever" == 20 minutes.
16:03:20 <sorush21> do you offer accounting support with the softwar
16:03:21 <sorush21> e
16:04:12 <cstim> no, not in general.
16:04:36 <cstim> If you're really looking for support or consultancy, some of our developers might be up for a contract, though.
16:08:21 <cstim> warlord: on trunk, make distcheck fails at "cannot remove guile-strings.c: no permission" (translated from my de_DE locale). That's unrelated to my latest change, IIRC.
16:10:35 <warlord> Huh???
16:10:40 <warlord> Is this from a clean checkout?
16:11:02 <cstim> err... no. not a clean checkout.
16:13:00 <warlord> OH.. And I bet the guile-strings.c build is failing for you, which would be a problem for the make-pot-strings
16:13:42 <cstim> hm... this "cannot remove guile-strings.c" means that the "pot" rule at top-level was triggered. But in any case, I'll try again with a clean checkout.
16:14:17 <cstim> (compiling everything takes to dang long here, though)
16:31:12 <warlord> Sorry...
16:32:53 <cstim> warlord: ok, in the 2.2 branch the compile is now finished and currently the tests are running.
16:33:08 <warlord> okay.
16:33:08 <cstim> (in 2.2 with back-ported POTFILES.in patch, that is)
16:33:15 <warlord> Interesting. ok.
16:41:10 <cstim> Eventually it failed:
16:41:26 <cstim> ERROR: files left after uninstall:
16:41:29 <cstim> ./share/info/dir
16:41:32 <cstim> ./share/icons/hicolor/icon-theme.cache
16:41:40 <cstim> But that's all. I'll commit the POTFILES.in patch.
16:42:34 <warlord> Huh! I thought I fixed that!
16:42:42 <warlord> Or maybe that fix didn't get backported..
16:44:56 *** sorush21 has quit IRC
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17:32:40 *** andrewsw-afk is now known as andrewsw
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18:07:21 *** andrewsw has joined #gnucash
18:07:21 *** gncbot sets mode: +o andrewsw
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18:26:07 *** PMadej has joined #gnucash
18:26:10 <PMadej> hello
18:26:10 <gncbot> PMadej: Sent 7 weeks, 6 days, 10 hours, and 39 minutes ago: <warlord> An Invoice is outgoing, a Bill is incoming. Please do not translate Invoice and Bill the same way. Similarly, as for the Billing ID -- One is your identifier for the transaction, the other is the other identifier for the transaction (e.g. a customer's PO# or a Vendor's Invoice#)
18:26:34 <andrewsw> poor bot, holding on to that for so long...
18:26:42 <chris> hehe, is that a record?
18:26:52 *** _gunni_ has quit IRC
18:27:08 <PMadej> where can i find actual gnucash.pot file?
18:27:30 <warlord> nope, I saw 50 weeks recently.
18:27:39 <andrewsw> woah.
18:27:41 <warlord> PMadej: "make pot"
18:28:11 <PMadej> warlord: i do not want to checkout whole tree to get only one file
18:28:25 <warlord> for gnucash.pot, right now, you have to.
18:28:41 <PMadej> bad thing :(
18:28:44 <warlord> Although.... It's POSSIBLE that the existing translation has been updated.
18:28:47 <chris> warlord: watchout for the ATF, though.
18:28:55 <warlord> chris: ??
18:28:58 <warlord> Oh.
18:28:59 <warlord> :-P
18:29:03 <andrewsw> how big is it? maybe someone could email it
18:29:12 <andrewsw> more like DEA
18:29:20 <warlord> I know some DEA agents, actually.
18:29:35 <andrewsw> I bet they get the good stuff ;)
18:29:46 <chris> oh, yeah. I get all those TLAs mixed up. :)
18:29:51 <warlord> Heh
18:30:09 <warlord> anyways, PMadej, have you read the Translation page on the wiki?
18:30:52 <PMadej> yep i got translated some time ago part of very old pl.po file
18:31:00 <PMadej> and then got src tree
18:31:24 <PMadej> but now as i translate few more project i wanted to have only pot files in my repository
18:31:42 <PMadej> as rest is useless for me and takes place
18:32:12 <warlord> disk is cheap
18:32:27 <warlord> and sometimes it's useful to look in the sources to see context for a translation..
18:32:53 <PMadej> warlord: if i could have idea what that src part does
18:33:16 <PMadej> i know how to write to iostream in c++ for now
18:33:17 <warlord> There are oftimes comments in the sources directed at translators.
18:34:13 <PMadej> if so, then i'll need some bash killer script to sync one working copy with another
18:36:00 <warlord> "sync one working copy with another"?? Eh?
18:36:14 <PMadej> will be that sufficient if i'll checkout trunk subtree only?
18:36:47 <PMadej> warlord: i got set my repository for all translations which i do and there i got .pot files and pl.po files
18:36:58 <warlord> no.. you should translate branches/2.2
18:37:16 <warlord> not trunk
18:37:19 <warlord> see the wiki
18:37:51 <PMadej> warlord: you dont understood me ... i mean i translate other projects not different .pot files from gnucash
18:38:22 <warlord> PMadej: you said: <PMadej> will be that sufficient if i'll checkout trunk subtree only?
18:38:36 <warlord> The answer is 'no', you should not checkout the trunk subtree, you should checkout the branches/2.2 subtree
18:38:48 <PMadej> ok thats clear now
18:40:46 <warlord> any other questions before I head out to dinner?
18:40:52 <warlord> (you have about 3 minutes)
18:41:54 <PMadej> nope ... time to sleep :D
18:42:22 <warlord> okay
18:42:24 <warlord> good luck
18:42:28 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
18:42:29 <PMadej> if any will be in next days
18:42:39 <PMadej> thanks
18:44:05 <PMadej> good night
18:44:08 *** PMadej has quit IRC
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20:24:36 <andrewsw> gone
20:24:38 *** andrewsw is now known as andrewsw-afk
20:24:55 <andrewsw-afk> oops, that was frontslash-gone...
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