2008-01-14 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:58:44 <helloyo> hi, i was wondering if it was possible to exclude certain expense and income accounts from reports?
00:59:11 <IanL> sure,
00:59:34 <IanL> open the report options and select the accounts you want to include and exclude.
01:00:43 <IanL> there should be an options or report options button in the right side of the toolbar
01:00:53 <helloyo> IanL: ah, that was silly of me, thanks ian
01:00:59 <IanL> no problem.
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01:35:52 <sorush21> hi do you sell support for using the software?
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03:07:23 <nbinont> sorush21: if you have a question, you can ask it here or by e-mailing one of the mailing lists
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03:08:43 <nbinont> sorush21: If you want to help out, check out http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Development
03:09:02 <nbinont> see you later
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08:04:05 <jsled> Yeah, tab-completion for scp is awesome.
08:04:17 <jsled> I think it's provided by one of the bash-completion modules.
08:04:29 <jsled> Which, itself, is generally cool.
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08:05:16 <warlord> Ah, that's possibly why I dont see it; I use tcsh
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10:15:46 <badquanta> Is there a way to interface with GNU-Cash from another application?
10:16:03 <jsled> to do what?
10:16:15 <jsled> You can import QIF, QFX, OFX, HBCI ...
10:16:22 <badquanta> To enter in transactions, check balances for accounts.
10:17:38 <jsled> There are SWIG bindings for the core apis ... but there's not turnkey external usage of them.
10:18:25 * badquanta roots through the docs..
10:18:53 <jsled> There is another project of python bindings <http://www.parit.ca/projects/pythongnucash/>
10:20:57 <badquanta> That may be what I am looking for.
10:21:08 <badquanta> But I'll probably writing bindings for ruby then.
10:21:50 <jsled> Well, please leverage the SWIG bindings, if you're going to do anything.
10:22:01 <jsled> It should be trivially easy to get swig to generate the ruby.
10:22:30 <warlord> Well, I wouldn't say TRIVIALLY easy..
10:22:50 <warlord> We do have some scheme-specific bindings.
10:22:56 <badquanta> probably not that easy for me. :D Since I don't even know what SWIG stands for. but hey, I am a learner.
10:23:16 * badquanta is at swig.org
10:23:22 * badquanta is learning.
10:23:28 <jsled> The real work that needs is for someone to work through, document and change whatever needs to be to make it really easy to get to the point of firing up the repl of python/ruby/whatever and creating a transaction.
10:24:00 <jsled> sure, trivially isn't quite right. But it should be much easier than hand-rolling new language bindings.
10:24:10 <jsled> At least, more valuable in the long run.
10:24:12 <badquanta> Well if its easier than that. :D
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12:37:49 <andrewsw> jsled: ping
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13:17:47 <jsled> andrewsw: hey. I've got a few irons in the fire, right now, so I might be a bit slow.
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13:18:53 <andrewsw> jsled: no prob. I'm in and out too. I'm trying to figure out why your barchart chrashes and mine doesn't. I don't get links in my charts, so the code that makes the linked reports never gets called. Is that a goffice difference?
13:19:48 <andrewsw> regardless, I have what should be a fix I'll commit today and you can try it, but since I never seem to use that code, I can't test it here.
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14:04:42 <andrewsw> jsled: revision 16856 should fix pie charts. Can you test (at your leisure)?
14:07:39 <jsled> I'll try, yes. Though I think the last time I said that last week, I started the compilation and promptly forgot all about it.
14:08:06 <andrewsw> heh... that's okay. It seems correct to me, but I can't reproduce the crasher, so it's untested.
14:09:58 <warlord> what version of goffice are you two using?
14:11:51 <andrewsw> I have libgoffice-1-dev (0.2.1-4) for dev headers. I also have 0.2.4-4 common and 0.5.4-1 common installed.
14:12:26 <andrewsw> don't we have an in-tree goffice too?
14:15:02 <warlord> Wait, you have the 0.2.1 headers but 0.2.4 lib?
14:15:14 <warlord> Not anymore. It was removed prior to 2.2.
14:15:42 <andrewsw> no, typo. 0.2.1 headers and libs but also .5.4 libs
14:16:08 <jsled> I have 0.2.1 and 0.6.1 installed; I think I was re-building against 0.6.1 when the problem surfaced.
14:16:54 <andrewsw> hmmm... maybe I'll see if I can pull down newer headers and try them out.
14:17:03 <andrewsw> But, the html links were surely there long ago?
14:20:04 <warlord> I wonder if/when Fedora will get something newer than 0.2?
14:20:38 <jsled> probably soon; it looks like 0.6.1 is required for gnumeric-1.8
14:20:49 <andrewsw> well, I need to motor on. I'll be back later.
14:20:50 <jsled> At least, that's why I got upgraded. :)
14:20:51 *** andrewsw is now known as andrewsw-afk
14:21:07 * andrewsw-afk will work on it some more.
14:21:20 <warlord> Looks like 0.2.2 and 0.4.3 are available.
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23:10:04 <pestilence> i am using gnucash to track shares of mutual funds. even though i have it set to 1/1000 in the "fraction traded" of the security editor, it still rounds to 1/100...is there something else i have to change?
23:11:23 <pestilence> or maybe that isn't my problem...
23:12:21 <warlord> wgat's the account decimal set to?
23:12:37 <pestilence> ha. i think scottrade isn't being straight with me. their math is wrong.
23:12:40 <warlord> also, what about your Auto Decimal Places preferenxe?
23:12:57 <pestilence> where is "account decimal"?
23:13:14 <pestilence> wait. i'm not that dumb. i can figure it out :-D
23:13:25 <warlord> good, because i'm going to bed. ;)
23:13:29 <warlord> good night
23:13:34 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
23:13:36 <pestilence> says "use commodity value"
23:13:44 <pestilence> which should be 1/1000
23:14:47 *** andrewsw-afk is now known as andrewsw
23:16:24 <andrewsw> pestilence: is it working properly for you now?
23:18:34 <pestilence> andrewsw: well, i'm really confused
23:18:55 <pestilence> partially because of the statement scottrade gave me, which has some incorrect math.
23:19:22 <pestilence> i think gnucash is doing it right now. but now the value doesn't show up in the account summary tab
23:20:35 <andrewsw> hmmm.... set for 1/1000?
23:20:47 <pestilence> yes, and i think that's working now
23:22:29 <andrewsw> never underestimate the power of american corporations to rip you off with math errors...
23:22:40 * andrewsw is becoming a cynical old fart
23:22:41 <pestilence> yea, that's what i'm worried about
23:22:54 <pestilence> the thing is, it seems they made the error in my favor.
23:23:20 <andrewsw> well, you better tell them or they'll sue you. and charge interest. ;)
23:23:24 <pestilence> although when it comes down to it, it probably doesn't matter.
23:24:01 <andrewsw> so, are your gnucash fraction/display problems sorted now?
23:24:05 <pestilence> it's just in the price they quoted. but as long as i have X number of shares reinvested dividend, who cares what the price was when it was reinvested...
23:24:29 <andrewsw> shouldn't it be always $1.00 price for mutual funds?
23:24:52 <pestilence> i don't think so...
23:25:49 <pestilence> but yes, it seems the gnucash issue is gone.
23:28:14 <andrewsw> people are often amazed what they find when they start actually tracking their money.
23:28:28 <andrewsw> glad its sorted for you.
23:28:40 <pestilence> oh, do you mean in gnucash the price is always 1?
23:29:01 <pestilence> i.e. i should just enter the number of shares?
23:29:54 <andrewsw> well, generally mutual funds aren't quoted at a price. the net asset value of a share remains fixed at $1.00. They just issue more shares as they grow in value. or something like that.
23:30:14 <andrewsw> but in all honesty, its been a *long* time since I've tracked a mutual fund.
23:31:06 <andrewsw> anyway, I'm off. have a good night pestilence.
23:31:12 *** andrewsw is now known as andrewsw-afk
23:31:28 <pestilence> thanks, andrewsw-afk
23:44:49 <pestilence> beautiful. the numbers match.