2008-01-13 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:58:23 <warlord> IanL: Check the Account; what's the account commodity SCU?
07:59:03 <andi5> hi warlord
08:05:06 <warlord> hi andi5
08:06:16 <warlord> Quick Question: Why do have have this code: owner_inst = qofOwnerGetOwner (gncOwnerGetEndOwner (&(iw->owner)));
08:06:23 <andi5> i am trying to resolve this pixmaps/icons issue we have :-) ... may you explain to me the idea behind having src/pixmaps/, art/ and art/tango/ ?
08:06:30 <warlord> I wouldn't think you'd need the qofOwnerGetOwner() call in there.
08:06:43 <andi5> oh, it gets the qof_instance, i suppose
08:06:50 <andi5> QofInstance
08:07:02 <warlord> Why not just use QOF_INSTANCE() ?
08:07:43 <warlord> But I guess you need the QofInstance more than the Owner.. So.. Okay.
08:08:41 <andi5> because i need to cast owner->owner.customer or owner->owner.vendor and so on
08:08:59 <IanL> warlord: it's set to use the SCU for the currency.
08:09:05 <IanL> which is dollars.
08:11:42 <warlord> What kind of account it is?
08:11:45 <warlord> (account type)
08:11:56 <andi5> IanL: do you have "automatic decimal points" enabled in your general preferences? (/me having no clue whether this makes any difference)
08:14:59 <IanL> lemme see..
08:15:15 <IanL> what tab is that under?
08:15:52 <andi5> warlord: maybe we should copy art/tango/scalable to src/pixmaps just as well, saying that src/pixmaps contains our choices for distribution, whereas art/ is "some kind of incoming/"?
08:15:56 <andi5> IanL: general, i think
08:16:22 <IanL> it's off
08:16:29 <andi5> ok
08:31:05 <warlord> andi5: What for?
08:32:44 <andi5> well, because we already copied the 16x16, 32x32 and 48x48 tango pngs, but now extract a scalable icon from art/icon.svgz, which is the wrong one... if we choose the tango/scalable, and we should do that, i do not see why this should be the only icon staying in art/
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08:35:30 <andi5> maybe jsled has an opinion about that
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08:41:13 <warlord> well, we should definitely ship the correct icon..
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08:54:20 <jsled> andi5: we should definitely use the tango icon; that was just my mistake. :( It'd probably be better if all the art is just in src/pixmaps/ ... thinking of – say – splash.svgz as the source for the .png that we use in the app.
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09:04:59 <warlord> why was it placed into 'art' instead of 'pixmaps', anyways?
09:05:42 <jsled> I wanted to separate out not-source-code, not-runtime-used files from the sources.
09:05:52 * jsled shrugss
09:06:00 <jsled> Clearly not the best choice in hindsight.
09:08:50 <warlord> 'svn move' works ;)
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10:55:43 <andi5> jsled: mid-air collision :-)
10:56:00 <jsled> andi5: Oh?
10:56:03 <jsled> I WIN.
10:56:12 <andi5> #397108 .... yeah :-(
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11:09:30 <jsled> Okay, the new location bar in firefox3 is pretty sweet... I just start typing 397108, and it's right there.
11:15:34 <warlord> Cool
11:15:55 <warlord> (except when it wouldn't be cool)
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12:14:40 <Hibernator> Hi everyone, I have a business accounting question. Where should I record profits that I wish to split among partners (like dividends)?
12:18:15 <warlord> equity? I'm honestly not sure.
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16:35:57 <opensores> If I transfer money between two accounts the date the money leaves one account will be different to the date it arrives in another account. Is there a way in GNU Cash to have a sending and receiving date?
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18:05:13 <opensores> >_<
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18:14:50 <Mrdini> heya all
18:15:33 <Mrdini> just trying to set up a new gnucash account & have a bit of a problem
18:16:22 <Mrdini> say I have 2 accounts (current a.k.a. checking account in USA, and savings a/c) , & I have statements going back bit further for the savings a/c
18:17:06 <Mrdini> now -I pay out of the current account - however, the balance is a bit out of whack as I have transactions going back to before the opening a/c date
18:18:39 <Mrdini> thoughts?
18:19:06 <jsled> Adjust Equity:Opening Balances accordingly?
18:20:24 <Mrdini> but isn't the Equity:Opening balance the amount of money that WAS in my a/c on that date?
18:21:36 <jsled> Then change the date. :)
18:22:12 <jsled> The accounts are only there to make things balance up, really.
18:22:31 <Mrdini> but I don't have the statements to hand for before that date (& don't feel like entering all these transactions)
18:23:26 <jsled> So, so I can understand ... you have transactions involving the savings acct. going back a bit further than the current acct?
18:23:35 <Mrdini> yeah
18:23:42 <jsled> And some (all?) of those transactions are between current and savings?
18:23:47 <Mrdini> all
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18:24:35 <jsled> Ah. So, just record them, and adjust the {savings,equity} Opening Balance transaction accordingly.
18:24:38 <Mrdini> all I want really is for the Current a/c to read 0.00 _before_ the Equity:Opening Balance line, & then it ought to balance ok
18:24:45 <Mrdini> hmm
18:24:59 <jsled> Unless those are the transactions you don't want to enter...?
18:25:38 <jsled> Um. You have an Equity:Opening Balance line for *each* account, right?
18:26:32 * Mrdini hmmms - tweaked it, & the balance for the current a/c looks correct :) only problem is that the Opening Balance for the current a/c is wrong (too much money)
18:26:36 <Mrdini> is that "ok"?
18:27:11 <Mrdini> sec, forgot opening balance for saving a/c(!)
18:27:56 <Mrdini> sorted
18:28:20 <Mrdini> does it matter much if the opening balance is off? :/
18:28:27 <jsled> "off" from what?
18:28:48 <Mrdini> off from the _actual_ amount that was in the current a/c on that date
18:29:05 <Mrdini> (as the money is now in the savings a/c)
18:30:09 * Mrdini wonders if jsled is clear as to what I'm trying to say? :/
18:31:46 <jsled> Yeah, I think so. If you have $1000 in your Current account as of today, but you need to account for moving $100 from current to savings last week, then you probably want the opening balance to be $1100 as of last week, then account for that one current->savings transaction … even if in reality you had a bunch of other transactions that meant that last week you really didn't have $1100 in Current.
18:32:16 <Mrdini> bingo!
18:32:18 <jsled> Equity:Opening Balances is just there to make sure everything balances out.
18:32:19 <Mrdini> exactly
18:32:32 <jsled> So, take what liberties you like, so long as everything balances out. :)
18:32:46 <Mrdini> ah, so ultimately, it doesn't really matter if it doesn't reflect the actual amount in my a/c on that date?
18:32:49 <jsled> But, it's double entry, so everything must balance out.
18:32:59 <jsled> No, it doesn't need to.
18:33:28 <Mrdini> great (it's a problem for some of my other a/cs as I don't have complete statements here)
18:33:40 <Mrdini> (I do keep all statements, just not here :P)
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20:20:33 <warlord> @tell opensores use the "cleared" reconciled tag. You can't get two dates on a txn.
20:20:33 <gncbot> warlord: The operation succeeded.
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22:05:01 <andrewsw> .
22:05:08 <andrewsw> no body loves me :(
22:05:24 <warlord> sorry
22:05:58 <andrewsw> so it goes. How's things?
22:06:23 <warlord> Not too bad.
22:07:05 <warlord> lots of patches to audit and apply.
22:07:21 <andrewsw> sorry I haven't been around. first week of school really threw me for a time loop.
22:07:21 <gncbot> andrewsw: Sent 1 minute ago: <warlord> somebody loves you
22:07:29 <andrewsw> :-D
22:07:30 <warlord> it's okay...
22:07:51 <andrewsw> Charles Day sure cranks out the patches doesn't he?
22:08:31 <warlord> yeah...
22:08:39 <warlord> And they're pretty good, too.
22:09:41 <andrewsw> I think I'll follow your lead and look over one on a bug I self-assigned.
22:10:07 <warlord> For the A-P report?
22:10:44 <andrewsw> no, I think it was txn report. merging memos and notes field.
22:10:52 <warlord> Ah
22:12:06 <andrewsw> did you know tab completion works for scp? crazy!
22:12:56 <warlord> Eh?
22:13:06 <warlord> even for remote files??
22:13:37 <andrewsw> yep. scp basement:/home/andrew/src/gnucash/trunk/454<Tab> works...
22:14:00 <warlord> and there's no /home/andrew/src/gnucash/trunk/454 locally?
22:15:03 <andrewsw> nope. not even a ...gnucash/trunk, just gnucash/
22:15:10 <warlord> weird!!
22:15:12 <andrewsw> note, pubkey auth here.
22:15:22 <andrewsw> so it can just connect and get the completion
22:15:56 <warlord> pubkey auth with key-add set?
22:16:47 <andrewsw> no. not that I'm aware of.
22:16:54 <warlord> huh..
22:17:04 <warlord> and it doesn't ask you for your passphrase?
22:17:50 <andrewsw> just have my key in ~/.ssh/id_rsa and the id_rsa.pub already on the host machine.
22:18:11 <andrewsw> remote machine that is.
22:18:31 <andrewsw> nope, no passphrase. I have that turned off altogether.
22:19:18 <warlord> OH!
22:19:30 <warlord> okay.
22:19:38 <warlord> Thats effectively the same as using ssh-add
22:21:20 <andrewsw> oh, I see what you're thinking. You mean a passphrase to unlock the ssh key, right? I use passphrase-less keys...
22:21:47 <andrewsw> by the time they've cracked my encrypted lappy disk, I'll have long deleted that key from the authorised hosts file.
22:22:01 <warlord> Yeah, that's what I mean.
22:22:42 <andrewsw> anything wrong with that?
22:22:54 <warlord> *shrugs*
22:23:00 <andrewsw> (my gnucash key has a passphrase, BTW).
22:23:03 <warlord> you understand the security of your network better that I do
22:23:18 <andrewsw> hmmm... that's debatable, actually.
22:23:25 <andrewsw> ;)
22:25:09 <warlord> see, if someone DOES break into your machine, they dont need the laptop disk key.
22:25:19 <warlord> the files are already mounted and readable
22:25:39 <andrewsw> which machine?
22:25:44 <warlord> with ssh-agent, however, they're in RAM, but not readable.
22:29:03 <andrewsw> I understand that. you mean remote compromise of my laptop
22:29:03 <andrewsw> ?
22:33:51 <warlord> yeah
22:34:18 <warlord> anyways, I'm heading to bed. good night.
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22:34:23 <andrewsw> g'night.
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