2008-01-12 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:57:06 <vinci> hi all
05:57:43 <vinci> I have a problem with aqbanking. I have given it libofx 0.9 but i get configure: *** LibOFX>=0.8.0 is required for backend "aqofxconnect". Specify --with-backends="aqhbci aqdtaus aqgeldkarte" to buil
05:57:52 <vinci> Anyone knows this error?
05:58:11 <vinci> Maybe this is to o new?
05:59:13 <vinci> In config.log of aqbanking I also see conftest.c:128: error: storage size of `ac_aggr' isn't known
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07:00:12 <andi5> vinci: what version of aqbanking are you trying to build?
07:00:31 <vinci> 2.3.3
07:01:50 <vinci> https://devel.aqbanking.de/trac/aqbanking/ticket/12
07:02:36 <andi5> let me see whether i can find anything obvious
07:05:22 <vinci> ty
07:15:19 <andi5> vinci: why do you have libofx 0.9, btw?
07:15:37 <vinci> andi5: I built that package also.
07:15:48 <vinci> for foresight linux
07:16:02 <andi5> i wonder why the one which released ofx 0.9 did not update aqbanking 2.x as well... i suppose he wants us all to upgrade to aqbanking 3.x....
07:16:04 <vinci> Trying to update a lot Gnucash related stuff
07:16:16 <andi5> i suggest you to stick with 0.8.3 then
07:16:26 <vinci> andi5: ok
07:16:31 <vinci> ;)
07:16:33 <andi5> seems like at least the configure check is not correct
07:16:43 <vinci> yes somehow...
07:16:57 <andi5> it checks for a struct that moved from libofx.h into another header file
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07:20:59 <vinci> andi5 well I filed the bug and maybe somebody will clear this up...
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07:40:53 <andi5> yep
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10:13:43 <w0rm> hello, how can i get online banking to work? it is confusing
10:16:39 <andi5> what is confusing?
10:17:05 <w0rm> i don't know how to find my correct bank id.. etc
10:17:35 <andi5> ofx or hbci?
10:18:25 <w0rm> ofx
10:19:26 <andi5> have you see http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Setting_up_OFXDirectConnect_in_GnuCash_2 ?
10:19:32 <andi5> seen, even
10:19:46 <w0rm> nope
10:19:55 <w0rm> ive been searching for something like that
10:19:56 <w0rm> thanks
10:20:13 <jsled> Also, <http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/OFX_Direct_Connect_Bank_Settings> might be useful.
10:20:18 <jsled> I think it's linked from that page.
10:20:27 <andi5> yep, it is
10:21:53 <w0rm> ok that helped :)
10:22:06 <w0rm> bank id = routing number
10:22:33 <andi5> sounds.... obvious ;-)
10:23:12 <w0rm> yea but i don't want to make a mistake
10:23:52 <w0rm> the thing is i searched for my bank and it gave me a list
10:24:07 <w0rm> i didn;t know which one to pick
10:24:15 <andi5> oh, i actually meant that kind of ironically :)
10:31:48 <w0rm> does gnucash support QFX?
10:32:19 <warlord-afk> yes
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11:06:21 <w0rm> how do i find the ofx server?
11:10:13 <andi5> w0rm: i suppose your bank is not listed? have you tried to google for it, maybe someone already wrote about it... i guess a lot of people simply used quicken for directconnect and traced outgoing connections... once you know your server's url, please add it to the list on the wiki page :)
11:10:52 <w0rm> andi5 i have washington mutual
11:11:01 <andi5> or maybe there is yet another page listing server urls, i do not know
11:11:03 <w0rm> i am searching on google but can't find it
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11:12:48 <w0rm> andi5 i used quicken to look at the ofx log
11:13:02 <w0rm> but i don't see anything about an ofx server
11:13:22 <andi5> maybe wireshark knows anything about it :)
11:13:46 <w0rm> i think quicken uses it own ofx server
11:13:52 <andi5> oh
11:14:13 <w0rm> https://ofx-prod-brand.intuit.com/qw1700/fib.dll
11:14:23 <w0rm> all i see in there :x
11:14:53 <andi5> maybe this bank simply does not support ofx?
11:15:02 <andi5> all i read yet points to that fact
11:15:04 <w0rm> maybe not
11:15:23 <w0rm> i can download ofx transactions off their site though
11:15:29 <w0rm> an ofx file
11:16:57 <w0rm> beh i think i will just stick to quicken lol
11:17:10 <andi5> arrgh... nice banks, nice
11:18:18 <andi5> [ot] woah, something in the process of installing evolution eats up to 1.5 GB of memory, repeatedly
11:18:40 <jsled> nice.
11:18:50 <w0rm> :x
11:19:50 <andi5> the memory consumption grew even faster than with the xfs tools that were included in a gparted cd i used once...
11:34:32 <warlord> sent
11:39:23 <andi5> confirmed
11:39:45 <warlord> confirmed the bug? or confirmed receipt of file? ;)
11:39:54 <warlord> We should enter a bug in bugzilla for this.
11:40:02 <andi5> both
11:40:13 <andi5> let me first take a look at it
11:40:52 <andi5> after gunzipping the file, gnucash loads it just fine
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11:46:14 <warlord> Yeah, I figured it had something to do with the zgip integration not realizing that the file ended..
11:46:21 <andi5> yep
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11:54:34 <warlord> thanks for looking at it.
11:57:52 <andi5> hm...
11:58:05 <andi5> so i added an appropriate close and now it works
11:58:19 <andi5> maybe there is some change in the threading code of glib?
12:00:26 <warlord> dunno..
12:01:24 <warlord> but glad you fixed it quickly! :)
12:01:30 <andi5> :-)
12:02:59 <warlord> Terry thanks you ;)
12:03:07 <andi5> :-d
12:05:20 <warlord> ttyl
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16:09:44 <pestilence> i would like to use OFXDirectConnect in ubuntu gutsy. is this possible using the ubuntu packages?
16:10:34 <jsled> I don't believe so.
16:10:47 <andi5> no
16:11:01 <pestilence> :-/
16:11:19 <jsled> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Setting_up_OFXDirectConnect_in_GnuCash_2
16:11:22 <pestilence> why can't discover just let you download a OFX file like everybody else?
16:11:35 <pestilence> or QFX.
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16:30:25 * pestilence is rebuilding gnucash...
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17:06:43 <pestilence> ohhhh yea
17:06:47 <pestilence> it works!
17:09:30 <jsled> :)
17:11:23 <pestilence> why does it enter "Account unknown Bank unknown" in all the memo fields?
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18:03:00 <dsnyders> Hi all! Does gnucash have year-end close procedures?
18:03:00 <gncbot> dsnyders: Sent 50 weeks, 1 day, 18 hours, and 40 minutes ago: <hampton> The whole point of having the LANG variable is that you could log into a machine in Germany with LANG=en_CA and not have to decipher German to use all the programs.
18:04:01 <dsnyders> ?
18:04:53 <dsnyders> gncbot, year end
18:04:53 <gncbot> dsnyders: Error: "year" is not a valid command.
18:16:51 <dsnyders> !year-end
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18:54:56 <jsled> dsnyders: there's some beta code on trunk to do year-end closeouts.
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19:33:04 <elb> yay!
19:33:46 <elb> I'm not 100% sure what that will entail for personal accounts, but as of now years mean nothing to my gnucash ;-)
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20:02:39 <warlord> it's just a dialog to zero-ize the income and expense accounts.
20:02:41 <warlord> That's all.
20:03:39 <dsnyders> Is there such a procedure, or do I need to do it manually?
20:04:11 <warlord> dsnyders: didn't you read what jsled said?
20:04:41 <dsnyders> Ah, no. I missed that in all the hustle and bussle of this chat.
20:05:01 <dsnyders> Beta code eh?
20:05:35 <warlord> yes, only in trunk.
20:06:30 <dsnyders> trunk? I'm unfamiliar with that term/
20:11:37 <warlord> subversion term. head-of-development branch
20:14:27 <dsnyders> Aaah! Trunk= main branch. Got it.
20:18:46 <warlord> If it gets more testing then MAYBE it'll get back-ported to 2.2
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21:49:56 <IanL> hmm, I'm importing a QIF in 2.2.3 and it seems to do wierd stuff when I look at the transactions in the register.
21:51:01 <IanL> Even though the precision shoud be 2 decimal places for USD it shows the transaction amount as 59.2
21:51:25 <IanL> and when I focus on the transaction the .2 goes away and it shows 59
21:52:01 <IanL> Some transactions show ok, but when I focus on them the amount disappears completely
21:52:22 <IanL> any transactions I create after those transactions also have the samke kind of wierdness.
21:54:53 <IanL> tried it in 2.2.1 and it does the same thing. hmm.
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