2008-01-11 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:38:19 <Anita> eek one of my stock accounts (just one) only shows the "no of stocks" and not the moneytory amount in the balance sheet. Plse help/
11:39:01 <Anita> My price is updated and it shows when I go into this account
11:39:29 <Anita> The money value I mean
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12:26:08 <andrewsw> Anita: what date is the price entered and what date is the report run?
12:26:10 <andrewsw> on.
12:28:29 <Anita> The price date is 01/01/2008 and the report 11/01/2008
12:28:46 <andrewsw> ? 11/01/08?
12:28:59 <andrewsw> as in November 1, 2008?
12:29:51 <Anita> No RSA uses day first so 1st Jan
12:30:08 <andrewsw> right. sorry. hmmm...
12:30:45 <andrewsw> what currency is the price stated in and what currency is the report run in (Commodities tab in the options).
12:31:04 <Anita> I also learned that when I select ZAR total on the account tab, thr money value shows
12:31:22 <Anita> ZAR
12:31:52 <Anita> The funny thing is only one stock does this
12:32:13 <andrewsw> surely that is frustrating.
12:32:45 <andrewsw> I don't normally use a balance sheet with commodities, so bear with me.
12:33:31 <Anita> Maybe I should delete the stock and account and reenter the lot?
12:34:13 <andrewsw> no, don't get drastic yet.
12:34:24 <andrewsw> WHat do you mena by "select ZAR on the account tab"
12:35:07 <Anita> That green arrow on the right
12:35:53 <andrewsw> INteresting, I'm seeing a $0.00 for a us stock traded in us dollars in a usd report.
12:35:56 <Anita> The problem also appear in the "account summary" report
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12:37:13 <andrewsw> that's just wierd.
12:37:18 <andrewsw> weird, even
12:38:20 <andrewsw> so the thing to figure out is what is the difference between this account that fails and the others that succeed.
12:38:56 <Anita> Yes but I have looked and I cannoy see anything.....
12:39:15 <andrewsw> I see the same behavior and the same lack of difference.
12:40:32 <andrewsw> I just created an account from scratch and it works just fine. THere isn't even a price entry.
12:40:58 <andrewsw> d'oh. my other account had no shares in it.
12:41:02 <andrewsw> wait a minute.
12:41:22 <andrewsw> I'm an idiot.
12:41:34 <andrewsw> There were no shares in that account.
12:42:26 <Anita> This stock (as others) arrear in two portfolio's and the problem is in both.
12:42:49 <Anita> sorry appear
12:42:51 <andrewsw> okay. I'm getting somewhere. What is the price source in the report options (under commodities tab)
12:43:50 <Anita> weighted average
12:44:12 <andrewsw> If I have no price entered in the Price Editor, and select a price source *other than* Weighted Average, I get no value reported for that stock. It still shows the number of shares, but not the value.
12:44:19 <andrewsw> well. there goes that one.
12:45:25 <andrewsw> can you turn on "show exchange rates" in the report and see if that displays the prices at the very bottom of the report.
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12:47:44 <Anita> How do I do that?
12:48:08 <andrewsw> sorry. Options -> Commodities -> check box for "Show Exchange Rates".
12:49:04 <Anita> still zero for that one the others show.
12:50:42 <andrewsw> Well, I don't know what to say.
12:50:54 <Anita> I check the security and price editoe and see no difference from the other stocks.
12:51:14 <andrewsw> I get a value there for any stock whether there is a price or not, so long as there are actually shares in the account.
12:51:39 <andrewsw> The only thing I can think of is that the price is in a different currency and the exchange isn't being done properly.
12:52:13 <andrewsw> when did you actually do the data entry for this account? Have you tried re-loading the file?
12:52:56 <Anita> No I only started to use gnucash today. Again how?
12:53:57 <andrewsw> File -> Save to make sure it is saved. Then File -> Open -> surf to your file. That will reload it from disk.
12:53:59 <Anita> What type of files are they - index sequential?
12:54:09 <andrewsw> They are xml files.
12:54:55 <andrewsw> There is one working file per set of books. There are .log and .xac files that hold backups and the logs of what was done during a session, but you can safely ignore those for now.
12:54:58 <Anita> Now i'm going back many years. Maybe I can re-index? Or something like?
12:55:45 <andrewsw> Not really, but that is what reloading the file will do. I'm wondering if there is some obscure bug that doesn't properly load the price data for a new account.... blah blah blah handwave... reload and see what happens.
12:57:23 <Anita> I have saved and restarted gnucash. Stil the same. Perhaps I should reboot?
12:57:45 <andrewsw> no. rebooting should not have any effect.
12:57:54 <andrewsw> What version are you running and on what platform?
12:58:51 <Anita> 2.2.2 on Windows XP
13:00:04 <andrewsw> I'm sorry. I have nothing more to offer. I suppose you could delete the account and try again, though that is, to me, a horrible solution.
13:00:20 <andrewsw> Meanwhile, continue to hang out. Someone with more knowledge will be along sooner or later.
13:01:22 <Anita> Thank you anyway. I learned a lot about the package talking to you.
13:01:49 <andrewsw> There is a pretty steep learning curve with Gnucash. Stick with it, you will be rewarded in the end.
13:02:36 <Anita> I saw that, but I like what I see.
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13:26:17 <jsled> hmm. My mail host has been down for 25 hours, now. :(
13:27:27 <andrewsw> you haven't missed much.
13:27:39 * andrewsw assumes jsled lives only for gnucash
13:28:12 <jsled> heh
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13:29:04 <andrewsw> the lan-side interface on my firewall went down the other night.
13:29:08 <andrewsw> I didn't miss anything.
13:30:20 <andrewsw> is that barchart still crashing on you?
13:30:43 <jsled> I haven't looked; /me updates trunk...
13:31:20 <andrewsw> I haven't actually done anything to that report. I was just curious whether my options check helped.
13:33:02 <andrewsw> nm. it won't help.
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13:44:14 <andrewsw> calculus beckons.
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16:27:11 <Hibernator> Good evening. Does anyone know if Depreciation should occur before/after the end of the finanial year?
16:27:39 <Hibernator> meaning does it occur before or after book-closing ..?
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17:04:46 <jchs> Does anyone use gnucash to analyse data from the FreeCoins PalmOS application?
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18:01:13 <unomystEz> hi all
18:01:18 <jchs> hi
18:01:34 <unomystEz> anyone here get Chase to work with OFXConnect?
18:01:50 <unomystEz> I managed to get Amex working, but no luck for Chase yet
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18:03:05 <jchs> Sorry, I'm very new to gnucash - hoping for some advice on importing from palmos FreeCoins app
18:03:18 <jsled> unomystEz: have you seen <http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/OFX_Direct_Connect_Bank_Settings>?
18:03:21 <warlord> jchs: does freecoins give you QIF?
18:03:21 <unomystEz> I don't know if there are any good bookkeepers here, but I'm not sure how I can build expense statements
18:03:22 <unomystEz> yeah I did
18:03:28 <unomystEz> didn't seem to work
18:03:41 <warlord> unomystEz: You mean an Income Statement / Profit & Loss report?
18:04:00 <unomystEz> no, I imported my Amex statement and some transactions should be billed to my company
18:04:03 <unomystEz> some to another company
18:04:05 <unomystEz> and some are personal
18:04:18 <warlord> "billed to"?
18:04:21 <warlord> Eh?
18:04:29 <unomystEz> I mean, I have to chase my company to get reimbursed
18:04:33 <unomystEz> like an airline flight
18:04:34 <unomystEz> or hotel stay
18:04:44 <unomystEz> so I want to move the transaction to "My Company Name"
18:04:58 <unomystEz> I suppose I would debit my credit card, and credit in Assets:My Company Name
18:05:02 <warlord> OFX-DC wont do that very well.. But you can try to get it to apply your txns to various accounts.
18:05:08 <unomystEz> hmm
18:05:21 <unomystEz> no need for OFX-DC, this is just a bookkeeping question =)
18:05:41 <jchs> warlord: freecoinsexport produces compiled XML which imports fine ...
18:05:47 <unomystEz> ah actually I think I know how to do it now
18:06:00 <warlord> anyways, gotta run
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18:06:04 <jsled> "compiled XML"? Imports into what?
18:06:13 <jchs> warlord: ... but for some reason it changes the currency from GBP to PLN!!
18:09:11 <jchs> jsled: sorry, i think I meant "compressed xml". Anyway when I unzip the file it ends up as XML
18:09:22 <jsled> in what format?
18:10:34 <jsled> I guess it would have to be OFX or QFX, as that's all we can import that's XML-like.
18:10:55 <jchs> jsled: gnucash XML format, i.e. gnucash is happy to open the file (again my mistake saying "import")
18:11:16 <jsled> Ah. FreeCoins exports GnuCash XML‽
18:12:10 <jchs> jsled: Yes, but as explained it does this strange currency conversion
18:12:51 <jchs> jsled: The exporter is a separate programme, which doesn't seem to be supported any more
18:13:25 <jsled> Uh... you might want to ask the author of that program. :)
18:13:30 <jchs> jsled: I know its not a gnucash problem, but was hoping someone here might have used this exporter.
18:13:46 <jsled> But if you open the datafile, it should be clear what currency the transactions are in.
18:14:50 <jsled> In fact, it's even clearer than I thought: each transaction should have a stanza like: <trn:currency><cmdty:space>ISO4217</cmdty:space><cmdty:id>USD</cmdty:id></trn:currency> (but over 4 lines)
18:15:01 <jsled> Or, in your case hopefully, "GBP".
18:15:09 <jsled> But not "PLN".
18:15:14 <jchs> jsled: Yes you're right. I do have a manual work around
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18:15:37 <jsled> To be clear, what currency code is listed in the file?
18:15:46 <jchs> jsled: PLN
18:16:00 <jsled> Oh! Well, there you go. :)
18:17:50 <jchs> jsled: Yes. Thanks for your input. :-)
18:19:13 <jsled> PLN or PLZ?
18:19:31 <jchs> jsled: Definitely PLN
18:19:57 <jsled> That's strange, because "PLZ" is hardcoded in line 645 of the exporter code.
18:21:13 <jsled> I mean, if you want GBP and built the exporter yourself, it'll be trivial to change.
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18:23:51 <jchs> jsled: That's true. I hadn't actually checked the source code. not very experienced at building code (particularly for windows!)
18:23:56 <unomystEz> are there any accountants or good bookkeepers in here?
18:24:28 <jsled> unomystEz: I don't think anyone's announced themselves as such in here. At least, not that I can recall.
18:24:37 <unomystEz> hmm
18:24:44 <unomystEz> probably the only irc channel where there *might* be one =)
18:25:29 <jsled> you're welcome to ask accounting questions, though.
18:25:39 <jsled> Of course, if you care enough, you should find a CPA.
18:25:51 <unomystEz> =)
18:26:47 <unomystEz> Well my question is, I have credits in my Liabilities:Credit Card for all my credit card charges. I want to link them to Expenses:Company then link that to Assets:Invoices:Company:Invoice#
18:26:56 <unomystEz> so I can properly keep track of all expenses
18:27:04 <unomystEz> I'm not sure if that's the right way to do it
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18:31:12 <jsled> unomystEz: Have you looked at the docs for the business features <http://www.gnucash.org/docs/v2.0/C/gnucash-guide/chapter_bus_ar.html>?
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19:00:32 <unomystEz> yeah I did, but it doesn't cover this exact case
19:11:05 <jchs> jsled: Just to let you know I've found a solution.
19:11:29 <jsled> oh?
19:11:32 <jchs> jsled: I don't have a development environment on my PC but I do have a binary editor!
19:11:39 <jsled> lol!
19:11:40 <jsled> nice.
19:12:30 <jchs> jsled: Not sure where the PLN came from, but changing PLZ to GBP in the executable fixed the problem. Thanks for the steer.
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