2008-01-10 GnuCash IRC logs

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06:30:25 <opensores> I'm transferring money between bank accounts. Say if I transfer on 04/01/08 it will show in the sending bank account on 04/01/08 but might not appear in the receiving bank account until 07/01/08. Is there a way to reflect this in GNU Cash?
06:31:18 <opensores> As the receiving bank account statement will show 07/01 but GNU Cash will show 04/01 which makes it difficult to compare
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06:45:30 <vinci> hi all
06:46:47 <vinci> I have question about new gnucash 2.2.3 - Why is it that you say you require aqbanking < 2.9 ? You did not mean " > 2.9" ? Any mails you can point me where problems are explained?
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06:50:11 <Dotis> hello
06:50:34 <Dotis> someone for in gnucash 2.2.3?
06:50:40 <Dotis> for help
06:51:17 <Dotis> someone for help in gnucash 2.2.3?
07:15:11 <opensores> yes, i need help
07:15:15 <opensores> you help me with the gnucash?
07:15:25 <opensores> in
07:16:23 <opensores> i am for in gnucash
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07:29:56 <vinci> Dotis: just ask
07:31:29 <andi5> vinci: aqbanking 2.9 is not compatible with gnucash at the moment... see http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/AqBanking3_Porting
07:32:56 <vinci> thx
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08:22:45 <Cheavera> Hello.
08:22:47 <Cheavera> Can i use GnuCash as a backend of a webapplication?
08:24:22 <jsled> with a tremendous amount of work, yes.
08:25:20 <jsled> There is some separation of the non-UI and UI bits of the app, but unfortunately a lot of application logic is too close to the UI bits.
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08:35:28 <cortilap> your web application could run gnucash in xvfb ;)
08:35:31 <cortilap> and take screenshots :D
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09:50:03 <jsled> Hmm. what's the equivalent to ~/.gnucash/ on windows?
09:52:01 <warlord> I dunno. Ask andi?
10:00:37 <cortilap> it's probably something under %USERPROFILE%/Application Data
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10:32:16 <MotoHoss> 2.2.3 fixed my problem thanks.
10:33:24 <warlord> yay
10:36:54 * MotoHoss notes his 78 yr old dad appreciates it as well. ;-)
10:38:13 <warlord> :)
10:49:00 <Dotis> about reports
10:49:35 <Dotis> every day i receive money
10:50:15 <Dotis> i want a report to say that this month i receive 500$ average per day
10:50:37 <Dotis> and compare that results for every month
10:50:40 <Dotis> example
10:50:54 <Dotis> january 450$ average
10:51:05 <Dotis> february 380$
10:51:09 <Dotis> ets
10:51:16 <Dotis> someone to help?
10:51:25 <Dotis> etc
10:53:28 <warlord> I dont think anything like that currently exists. You could write one.
10:54:07 <Dotis> i believe that i m the only one in the world who wants average!!!!!
10:54:48 <Dotis> how can i write one? can you help me
10:54:49 <Dotis> ?
10:55:25 <warlord> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Custom_Reports
11:01:18 <Dotis> hmmmm...........
11:03:38 <Dotis> some other simply way?
11:04:28 <warlord> What do you mean? writing a small scheme report is the simplest way. You just need to iterate and process.
11:05:21 <Dotis> how can i write it?
11:05:33 <warlord> I recommend emacs
11:05:41 <warlord> But use your favorite editor
11:08:09 <Dotis> lets say that i want to change the "hello world"..... where and i have to change?
11:08:16 <Dotis> some example?
11:08:39 <Dotis> where and what i have to change
11:08:58 <warlord> Have you looked at hello-world.scm ?
11:09:33 <Dotis> thats what i try now...
11:09:50 <Dotis> the point is that never do that before
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11:10:13 <Dotis> and try to understand.................. but is difficult
11:10:37 <warlord> First time for everything.
11:10:53 <Dotis> yep.......... but i need help i thing
11:11:22 <Dotis> how can i test that what i m doing
11:11:24 <Dotis> ?
11:12:05 <warlord> Load it into gnucash and run it.
11:13:43 <Dotis> ????
11:13:58 <Dotis> if i want to laod the hello world?
11:14:04 <Dotis> how can i do that
11:14:08 <warlord> Did you read that page?
11:14:09 <Dotis> windows machine
11:14:35 <warlord> Doesn't matter
11:16:00 <Dotis> is there some wish list ........????? must be easier for me............
11:16:22 <warlord> the wish list is longer than.... the great wall of china.
11:16:26 <Dotis> i can do that what i want with excel but i want to see it in gnucash
11:16:33 <Dotis> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11:16:37 <warlord> Then write and donate the report.
11:16:37 <Dotis> lol
11:17:07 <Dotis> give me some example and i will give a try
11:17:28 <Dotis> i dont want to keep the report for my self
11:17:52 <Dotis> exept the data in there.......:P
11:18:07 <warlord> I already gave you a pointer.. the wiki page. Have you read it?
11:23:00 <Dotis> yep
11:23:14 <Dotis> but still dont ubderstand
11:23:58 <Dotis> never mind............. i ll stay to excel....thnx anyway
11:26:45 <warlord> What dont you understand?
11:26:53 <warlord> You write a scheme program. Load it into gnucash.. and voila.
11:30:28 <Dotis> the difficult my friend is to write a scheme progrm........... for me
11:30:46 <Dotis> i m not a programmer
11:31:28 <Dotis> maybe for you is easy...... but not for me
11:32:06 <Dotis> i ve learned scheme .........
11:33:34 <Dotis> maybe it will be more easy if you can include to gnucash a way to make custom reports from gui
11:33:51 <Dotis> i ve NEVER learned scheme (soory)
11:34:15 <Dotis> (sorry)
11:35:33 <warlord> This has been discussed on the list over and over. PLease read the archives for the arguments about that.
11:36:24 <jsled> Yeah, it'd be better.
11:48:42 <Dotis> can you please tell me how i can put hello world to work....... step by step?
11:49:10 <Dotis> i have find the HW in gnucash
11:49:13 <Dotis> now what?
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11:58:12 <andrewsw> only got a minute.
11:58:55 <andrewsw> warlord: looks like the calls to the gnc:easy-invoice-report-create-internal and its ilk are broken by report-guid, but I can't see where they're used ATM.
11:59:22 <andrewsw> was that a planned future feature? link to an invoice report from within the invoice window itself?
12:00:11 <warlord> Sort of. Right now the [print] button in the invoice window calls the Printable Invoice report. The idea was to maybe make it a preference which report to run.
12:00:27 <andrewsw> okay perfect. thx. I'll fix that real soon.
12:00:36 <andrewsw> cheerio boys ;)
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12:04:54 <andrewsw-afk> yup. print invoice brings it its knees... fix up today.
12:08:52 <warlord> yay
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13:02:32 <andrewsw> there's quite a lot of interesting interfaces into some of these reports. We apparently do a lot more than I was aware.
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13:12:18 <warlord> heh
13:14:06 <andrewsw> looks like we're prepped for all kinds of hooks into the reports that maybe didn't get implemented.
13:20:00 <andrewsw> if I export something from within a report, what is the scope of that export?
13:20:27 <andrewsw> is it report-system wide or some sub/super set of that?
13:21:19 <jsled> I believe it's exported to the entire guile runtime.
13:23:12 <andrewsw> okay. that makes life easier.
13:29:38 <andrewsw> hmmm... apparently not.
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13:40:56 <andrewsw> nope. standard-reports.scm doesn't work either. :(
13:44:31 <andrewsw> looks like exporting from a report only gets you to the C and not into other reports. maybe report-system.scm
13:51:17 <andrewsw> I guess I probably need to (use-modules (gnucash report standard-reports)) in any report that calls into another or expects to get exports from another.
13:54:49 <warlord> maybe.
13:55:37 <andrewsw> the problem is to only define a report-guid in one place, preferably within the report itself but let others see that guid.
13:56:01 <warlord> Yeah..
13:56:05 <warlord> That makes sense.
13:57:02 <andrewsw> well, off to class. But I got some of it done. A couple passes and I think I'll have them all done.
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14:23:44 <warlord> thanks andrewsw-afk
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15:05:18 <Xumxum> does anybody know how can I switch from CYP(cypros pounds to EURO?) It says the 2.2.3 has support for this but how do I use it?
15:16:17 <warlord> I BELIEVE that there is a "Convert to EURO" druid somewhere... Unless it got ripped out.
15:16:50 <Xumxum> sorry but what is a druid?
15:17:42 <Xumxum> it says that the 2.2.3 just introduced this conversion for these currencyes, it can't be ripped out..
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15:24:47 <warlord> an open source "wizard(TM)"
15:26:19 <Xumxum> and where is this? in the menus somewher? external app?
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15:27:37 <warlord> It would be under the Tools or Actions menu
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15:29:29 <Xumxum> yes, somewhere...
15:29:48 <Xumxum> but where???
15:32:24 <warlord> As I said, it's possible that the druid was removed.
15:32:51 <Xumxum> do you know anything for certain?
15:34:14 <warlord> The sun is shining!
15:34:32 <aasmodeus> it's rather cloudy here right now :(
15:34:50 <Xumxum> maan, if I would have wanted guessng I would have gone to a gipsy to read my future..
15:34:59 <Xumxum> and here is dark so no sunshie either!!
15:36:55 <Xumxum> wow, this version si real buggy
15:37:36 <warlord> looks like it was removed.. So what you'll need to do is just create a new account and transfer the money across. Sorry.
15:37:44 <warlord> buggy how?
15:38:16 <Xumxum> but why is it on the changelist then???
15:38:42 <Xumxum> What's New in GnuCash 2.2.3?
15:38:51 <Xumxum> # #506671: Add cyprus, maltese and slovenian currencies to EURO support
15:39:31 <aasmodeus> that doesn't sound like conversion to me, possibly misunderstanding?
15:39:46 <aasmodeus> Now you can use cyp... that's how I read it.
15:39:55 <aasmodeus> not convert cyp to euro.
15:40:03 <Xumxum> you read it wrong
15:40:19 <Xumxum> malte and cyprus switched to euro this year
15:40:25 <Xumxum> slovenia last year
15:40:31 <Xumxum> so they added support for this switch
15:40:43 <aasmodeus> ah
15:40:49 <Xumxum> cyp was already supported, I was using that in older released
15:40:53 <Xumxum> releases
15:41:42 <aasmodeus> The attached patch adds cyprus pound, maltese lira and slovenian tolar and the according fixed exchange rates to the euro currencies supported by GnuCash
15:41:55 <aasmodeus> that doesn't sound like they added any conversion to me.
15:42:00 <aasmodeus> that was a quote from the bug report.
15:42:05 <aasmodeus> http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=506671
15:42:21 <aasmodeus> + { "CYP", .585274 }, /* cyprus pound */
15:42:46 <aasmodeus> So, you must have misinterpreted the announcement of bug #506671's change.
15:42:47 <jsled> It looks like that code is called by the summarybar.
15:43:33 <jsled> There's also some calls by the Transfer dialog.
15:43:56 <jsled> Xumxum: what's your locale?
15:44:11 <Xumxum> locale what? currency?
15:44:29 <Xumxum> it was cyp, know from ian 1 they switched to EURO
15:44:46 <jsled> no ... what's the first line of `locale` at the command prompt?
15:44:47 <Xumxum> now *...
15:45:08 <Xumxum> wha?
15:45:22 <Xumxum> drive? path?
15:45:59 <Xumxum> Using win version if that helps, linux was to buggy
15:46:07 <Xumxum> with the gui
15:46:13 <Xumxum> seems like this has some also :(
15:46:35 <jsled> Yeah, I think there's more UI issues on Win than linux, right now.
15:46:40 <elb> the day there's a Gtk+ app that's *more* stable and correct on Windows than Linux will be a shocking day
15:46:59 <Xumxum> that is why I swiched
15:47:13 <Xumxum> it started acting weirdly on linux
15:47:26 <Xumxum> and warent that many transactions either
15:47:30 <Xumxum> could add any more
15:47:38 <Xumxum> so swithed to win
15:47:52 <Xumxum> that worked ok..2.2.1 was this
15:48:16 <Xumxum> but I upgraded for this euro switch features witch you say si mostly nothing
15:48:45 <jsled> Well, it looks from the code like it is called by the register.
15:49:15 <Xumxum> what does that mean?
15:50:04 <jsled> More specifically, when formatting the values for the summary labels at the very bottom of the register.
15:50:47 <jsled> So, Xumxum, when you open a register, is there anything different now at the bottom of a register that's in cyp?
15:51:33 <jsled> Like, the values being in EUR, rather than CYP?
15:52:16 <jsled> Or, on the Accounts Tree, does the summary bar at the bottom (You might need to make sure View > Summary Bar is ticked on), include a valid EUR line?
15:52:30 <Xumxum> nope
15:52:35 <Xumxum> still cyp
15:52:38 <Xumxum> I don't see no change
15:53:12 <Xumxum> only If I minimize restore , some empty gray bars appear under the icons,..wery weird
15:53:28 <Xumxum> if this is stable release the world may be all over as I know it :))
15:53:38 <jsled> Thanks for that.
15:53:59 <jsled> In Edit > Preferences > Accounts ... in the "Default Currency" section... what's the value of the Locale option?
15:54:06 <Xumxum> seriosly, this looks it was never tested
15:54:35 <jsled> It was of course tested as much as it could be.
15:54:45 <jsled> And issues found were fixed as much as people had time for.
15:54:53 <Xumxum> I have chosen cyp there
15:55:09 <aasmodeus> your testing can only help improve it...
15:55:41 <Xumxum> so It wouldn't set it to usd at a new account every time
15:55:56 <Xumxum> yeah, ok, but this is not a small bug i mean..
15:56:17 <jsled> Uh, but what's the value under the Locale option?
15:56:28 <Xumxum> it's chosen and cyp
15:56:30 <Xumxum> locale is usd
15:56:33 <jsled> Right.
15:57:29 * jsled tries some stuff.
15:58:37 * aasmodeus can't help more since he's at work... no gnucash set up here
15:58:45 <aasmodeus> I can only surf the source
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16:02:39 <jsled> Right. So, if I do `LC_ALL=de_DE gnucash`, then the system believes the default currency should be EUR.
16:03:28 <jsled> What's the country code for Cypress?
16:03:58 <Xumxum> phone?
16:04:02 <Xumxum> 357
16:04:13 <Xumxum> +357
16:04:20 <Xumxum> donno other country code
16:04:33 <jsled> No ... the equivalent of 'de' or 'us' or 'fr'
16:04:47 <Xumxum> cy
16:04:50 <Xumxum> i guess
16:05:11 <Xumxum> those are the domain endings anyway..should be the same..
16:07:07 <jsled> yup. So, modify gnucash.bat to set `LC_ALL=cy_GB` ... to see if that changes anything, at least.
16:09:18 * jsled adds cy_GB.UTF-8 to my system locales to try...
16:09:59 <Xumxum> don' realy see nothin..
16:10:11 <Xumxum> no euro , no extra menu
16:10:23 <Xumxum> same o same o
16:12:17 <jsled> hmm. No, it doesn't actually work here, either.
16:13:16 <jsled> Of course, it thinks that the currency for 'cy_GB' is GBP.
16:13:17 <Xumxum> u tried a minimize ?
16:13:22 <Xumxum> see the nice gray bars?
16:13:33 <jsled> I'm not on windows, but I've heard of that issue, yes.
16:13:39 <Xumxum> ah ok
16:13:48 <jsled> It's been reported a bunch of times in the last few days, and I htink there's already a bugzilla entry for it.
16:14:34 <Xumxum> well I just downloaded the setup from sourceforge
16:15:18 <Xumxum> anyway, this conversion is the issue
16:15:41 <Xumxum> cuz it says it the new thing in 2.2.3 but donno how to use it ..or what exacty is
16:15:48 <Xumxum> it's *
16:16:05 <jsled> Right. It has been added to the list of currencies that are now EUR. But the implications of that are unclear.
16:16:12 <jsled> You might ask on -user, or search the mailing list archives.
16:17:36 <jsled> That code is copyright 2000, so that's presumably a good time to look for discussion about it.
16:18:23 <Xumxum> I think I will recreate it in EURO.. new clean start in 2008..
16:18:39 <Xumxum> much faster, not realy in the mood to hunt a bug that donno if even exists..
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16:19:49 <Xumxum> a fix I mean for it
16:20:09 <jsled> http://svn.gnucash.org/trac/log/gnucash/trunk/src/app-utils/gnc-euro.c has changes going back to 2001, where the trail jumps somewhere.
16:21:44 <Xumxum> k, so they entered this number.. I knew this, but were is this used??
16:22:25 <jsled> I don't know off hand. I've done some searching, but I'd need to search more; I don't know this part of the code very well, esp being in the US.
16:22:47 <Xumxum> when I transfer to account in EUR maybe?
16:22:57 <jsled> As I've said, though, the callers I've seen are in the register, summarybar and transfer dialog.
16:23:00 <Xumxum> I know even less then you, just a simole user
16:23:28 <Xumxum> simple
16:23:57 <andi5> Xumxum: are you one of the new euro users?
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16:24:17 <Xumxum> hehe, I am tring ...
16:24:40 <Xumxum> yeah, they just changed cyp (cyprous pounds) to euro from ian 1 st 2008
16:25:03 <Xumxum> and tring to change this in gnucash but..not much success
16:26:32 <andi5> i am just looking at the code... one thing is that the default locale currency for you is euro now, since 2.2.3
16:26:43 <andi5> you should see that in the preferences dialog
16:26:52 <jsled> except he doesn't.
16:27:12 <andi5> what locale do you use?
16:27:51 <jsled> andi5: I've covered some of that in backscroll, if you've not seen it, but I don't really know how all the pieces fit together. :/
16:28:02 <andi5> oh, i am sorry
16:28:25 <andi5> seems like i am on the wrong date or so ;-)
16:28:27 <jsled> oh, no no! I'm glad I was on the right track. At least, we're thinking the same things.
16:28:40 <jsled> you're about 20 minutes out of phase of me. :)
16:29:01 * andi5 reads
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16:39:41 <andi5> jsled: any reason you chose cy_GB and not el_CY or tr_CY?
16:39:50 <jsled> no.
16:40:01 <andi5> ok :)
16:41:59 <andi5> i think the transfer dialog has some euro features as well
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16:45:40 <andi5> i like daniel accounts patch :-)
16:45:49 <jsled> yeah. :)
16:45:51 <andi5> i doubt it will apply cleanly though ;-)
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17:01:41 <andi5> hm... seems like euro support is disabled by default
17:01:56 <andi5> Xumxum: are you ready to test something?
17:03:25 <andi5> but well, i suppose the difference will not be _that_ great, given that only the account tree page will have a heavier summary bar
17:04:13 <Xumxum> naaah, going to bed, late here
17:04:21 <Xumxum> will redoi it in euro
17:04:28 <andi5> ok
17:04:34 <Xumxum> and if ant a real fix either..
17:04:38 <andi5> then i will leave as well... not yet that late, but late enough :)
17:05:04 <Xumxum> for me today just turned tomorrow :))
17:05:04 <andi5> you say fix, i call it feature
17:05:18 <Xumxum> this works with bug
17:05:20 <Xumxum> :))
17:05:29 <andi5> hm?
17:05:40 <Xumxum> it;s not a bug it'a feature
17:05:44 <andi5> yeah :)
17:05:48 <andi5> ok, see you!
17:05:54 <Xumxum> thnax anyway,
17:05:55 <andi5> may the euro be with you ;-)
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21:22:04 <warlord> Wow, he wasn't kidding. his data file really DOES hang gnucash!!!
21:22:43 <IanL> heh,
21:25:49 <warlord> mail to -devel
21:27:18 <IanL> yah, I saw it,
21:27:44 <IanL> not that it matters if I saw it ;)
21:33:24 <ttick> hmm, it's taking a long time to bring up gnucash and it is maxing my CPU at 99%
21:33:32 <ttick> ah, finally
21:34:05 <ttick> if I have a report open, does the report need to be generated each time I run the program? Or is the info cached?
21:34:14 <ttick> (because the report takes a while to run)
21:35:24 <IanL> it runs on startup
21:35:47 <IanL> that's probably the reason it takes so long to start up.
21:39:24 <warlord> ttick: re-run at startup.
21:43:48 <ttick> ah, that would explain it. ouch
21:44:04 <ttick> 3 years of credit-card data. slow.
21:44:55 *** litsunglin has joined #gnucash
21:45:01 *** litsunglin has left #gnucash
21:45:48 <warlord> what report(s)?
21:47:42 <dbreiser> warlord: I'm thinkin' DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH isn't getting the job done on make distcheck
21:47:52 <dbreiser> could be me, Apple, or autotools
21:48:10 <warlord> mayb
22:04:22 <ttick> just running the expense report for 3 years of CC data.
22:04:34 <ttick> monthly, bar,
22:05:01 <ttick> btw: how do I open up the report options before generating the default report?
22:05:13 <ttick> (the default report -- especially in Jan -- is useless)
22:07:09 *** wharp has joined #gnucash
22:22:57 <warlord> which report?
22:31:11 *** nbinont has joined #gnucash
23:03:43 *** twunder has quit IRC
23:17:04 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
23:21:10 *** hollec has quit IRC
23:30:49 <ttick> expense report bar graph
23:41:36 *** tjanssen has quit IRC