2008-01-09 GnuCash IRC logs

00:01:12 <jsled> Sorry, jim, don't know what to say. Maybe file a bug downstream. I'll try to build 2.2.3 first thing tomorrow.
00:02:25 <jim> This just happened last night. I think what may have happened is I did this after I emerge -sync 'd and then the build failed - which left me using the version prior to that emerge -sync. So I entered the sub account in the version prior. The build that failed had an -r1 or -r2 appended to version number. Then this evening's sync brought the version to 2.2.3
00:02:57 <jsled> It really shouldn't matter.
00:03:11 <jsled> The change between 2.2.2 and 2.2.3 for this code is non-existant.
00:03:44 <jsled> And the -r1 and/or -r2 was relating to either icons packaging or a very very specific change to a bug in scheduled transactions.
00:04:32 <jim> I have adjusted my account structure a bit so there is no problem as I can recreate that account in a new sub account. Only problem is that the account I can't see is still there and I may pick it in a transaction dropdown by mistake - so eventually would be good to be rid of it.
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00:05:16 <jsled> Hmm ... you can adjust it, but can't see it?
00:05:17 <jim> So I can do a workaround
00:06:47 <jim> Well, I created it under a parent account originally (schwab). Workaround was to create a new subaccount (schwab account number) and recreate that DFA Emer.. acount
00:06:51 <jim> account
00:07:21 <jim> Guess I'm confusing the issue here
00:08:49 <jim> The account DFA Emerging Markets is created as a income-dividend account so I don't really need to ever open it per se - I just need it when editing the asset account DFA Emerging Market to show dividends
00:08:52 <jsled> Oh, interesting. What are the account types involved? When you go to create the new account – when it tells you that it already exists – what are the account type and parent (and ideally: parent type)?
00:09:23 <jim> I'll tell you...
00:10:49 <jim> Income/Investments/Brokerage Accounts/Dividends/Schwab/ is parent
00:12:05 <jim> So invisible account is there. I created a new account number and put the new DFA account under that
00:12:14 <jim> And it shows up fine
00:13:14 <jim> Where would a guy post screenshots if needed... I could link it from my website
00:14:09 <jsled> well, you could host them from your website... or, http://photobucket.com/
00:15:40 <jim> Well, not sure it would help any but I can work on that
00:43:48 <jim> This shows the account window where invisible subaccount should be http://www.dorydesign.com/downloads/account-window.png
00:45:44 <jim> This shows dropdrown and invisible account becomes visible (highlighted - I blurred out a number lets just say 1655: http://www.dorydesign.com/downloads/transaction-dropdown.png
00:47:09 <jim> The dropdown shows also the new subaccount number (blurred out) and new sub account DFA Emerging Market below
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02:12:08 * jim is back
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08:47:04 <warlord> jsled: jim's problem sounds like "hidden" or "hide zero balance accounts" is set.
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10:12:56 <warlord> jsled: damn, you beat me by SECONDS.
10:13:11 <jsled> heh. I figured either you or I would lose. :)
10:13:40 <warlord> Heh
10:13:44 <warlord> @op
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10:14:26 <warlord> ok, off to swim.
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10:36:13 <jsled> Oh noes. gnucash-icon.svg is the wrong one. *headslap*
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11:30:04 <warlord-afk> OOPS
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11:30:07 <warlord> oops
11:30:19 <jsled> yeha.
11:30:32 <jsled> Oh well. At least the distribution infra is in place.
11:31:56 <warlord> Yeah
11:32:45 <jsled> thanks to you (and andi5), btw, for finishing that up.
11:33:33 <warlord> No worries. It needed to happen.
11:34:37 <warlord> I wish I knew why I was having problems with those two cache files.
11:35:55 <andi5> maybe gtk+2.12 removes the file if empty?
11:41:07 <warlord> Maybe...
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12:47:03 <Bernd> hello good evening. I have a bad problem with GnuCash and go mad :( since 2 hours i try to find a solution on google, but no way
12:47:09 <Bernd> can one give me a suggestion?
12:47:31 <Bernd> i do not really understand the concept about making a booking in GnuCash :( i have 1800 Euros Net and 19% tax
12:47:58 <Bernd> 1. I do not find, where i can change the 16% Tax into 19% and 2nd i do not get the idea how to make the accounting for it :(
12:48:33 <Bernd> i am already totally frustrated about it
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13:06:35 <jsled> Bernd: I don't know a lot about the business features, but I believe you can change the tax rates in Business > Tax Table Editor
13:07:12 <Bernd> and does it itself then calculate the amount?
13:07:51 <jsled> As for the accounting, you should read the Tutorial and Concepts Guide, either via the Help menu or on the web at <http://www.gnucash.org/docs/v2.0/C/gnucash-guide/>
13:08:39 <jsled> It looks like, per <http://www.gnucash.org/docs/v2.0/C/gnucash-guide/bus-ar-invoices1.html>, that's a function of what you select when you enter the Invoice.
13:13:10 <warlord> Bernd: are you trying to enter an Invoice/Bill in the business features? Or just enter a regular (split) transaction in the register?
13:14:19 <Bernd> split transaction
13:15:11 <warlord> Ah, in that case gnucash will not auto-compute your tax; you have to do it yourself. HOWEVER, you can use direct math. So, you could type "1023.23 * 0.19" to compute 19% of 1023.23
13:19:30 <Bernd> ic
13:19:36 <Bernd> so it is best that i write an invoice?
13:19:44 <Bernd> how about when i buy something?
13:22:00 <warlord> what is "best" all depends on you.
13:22:34 <warlord> but currently the only interfaces that will auto-compute taxes are the business features and they require you to use the invoice/bill interfaces.
13:22:46 <jsled> Bernd: are you just trying to keep track of things you buy, or are you trying to account for the Business you run?
13:23:03 <Bernd> for business
13:23:06 <Bernd> so the problem is
13:23:16 <Bernd> i have a customer buy from me or 1900 euro + tax
13:23:23 <Bernd> i write an inoive in GnuCash
13:23:40 <Bernd> then i check the Countings
13:23:54 <Bernd> there is then 1900 euros in, which is correct, but the tax is not listed
13:24:01 <Bernd> when i check the balance
13:24:10 <warlord> Bernd: that's because in the invoice you didn't apply a tax table with the tax.
13:24:19 <Bernd> i did
13:24:22 <Bernd> i can see it in the invoice
13:24:25 <Bernd> it all is correct
13:24:30 <warlord> Did you mark the item "Taxable"?
13:24:49 <warlord> That's the "Tax" total on the bottom of the invoice windows?
13:25:34 <Bernd> the X makes it as "yes" or as "no" ?
13:25:40 <warlord> X == yes
13:25:59 <Bernd> on the bottom i see 2.261 - 1900 Euro . Tax 361 euro
13:26:01 <Bernd> all is fine
13:26:07 <Bernd> so for my report i miss it :(
13:26:32 <warlord> "2.261 - 1900 "?
13:27:02 <Bernd> i mean
13:27:10 <warlord> In your Tax Table, what account did you configure?
13:27:36 <warlord> Also... Have you read the gnucash docs?
13:28:37 <Bernd> yes i read where ever i can
13:28:43 <Bernd> i used my 16% Tax
13:28:50 <Bernd> i did a new one called 19%
13:28:57 *** jsled changes topic to "Welcome! Don't meta-ask, just ask and *wait*. 2.2.3 released. <http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ>. Channel is *publically-logged* <http://lists.gnucash.org/logs/>."
13:28:59 <Bernd> and used my 16% Tax for t
13:29:53 <warlord> Okay, so 1900 * .19 is 361. So that's correct.
13:30:02 <warlord> What account did you configure in your 19% tax table?
13:32:21 <Bernd> i tried first with the Tax 19%
13:32:27 <Bernd> now i tried "Incoming 19%"
13:32:38 <Bernd> well its in German (btw some stuff is totally wrong translated!)
13:36:27 <warlord> Bernd: please answer my question.
13:36:38 <Bernd> i did :)
13:36:44 <Bernd> it was in SKR03
13:36:45 <warlord> No, you did not.
13:36:49 <Bernd> the incomming 19% account
13:36:51 <warlord> What account did you configure in your 19% tax table?
13:37:12 <warlord> Ah, so you have an account called "Incoming 19%"?
13:37:29 <Bernd> yes
13:37:36 <warlord> And that's what's configured in your tax table?
13:37:37 <Bernd> well in german it is "erloese"
13:37:39 <Bernd> yes
13:37:52 <warlord> And this was configured BEFORE you created your invoice?
13:38:39 <Bernd> yes :)
13:39:53 <warlord> Okay.. So have you posted the invoice?
13:41:11 <Bernd> yes
13:41:31 <Bernd> i read now that german tax is not incompiled by default and i have to recompile it with a special configure "--enable-locale-specific-tax
13:41:35 <Bernd> i do that currently
13:42:04 <jsled> That's entirely something else, I believe.
13:42:13 <Bernd> ic
13:42:29 <warlord> Yeah, that's completely different.
13:42:43 <Bernd> There are some words totally wrong in German, when i change them, who can i mail to? as that also confuse a lot in this part
13:42:56 <warlord> Okay, so you posted it. Now look in your A/R account and find the transaction. You should see a split transaction between A/R, your Income account, and the Tax account.
13:43:01 <Bernd> sec
13:43:06 <Bernd> it is in the middle of compiling, almost done
13:43:14 <jsled> Bernd: see <http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Translation>
13:47:53 <Bernd> thx
13:49:03 <Bernd> will fix that words
13:51:15 <Bernd> hm warlord maybe i got a bit missunderstood
13:51:26 <Bernd> so what i want is to send a report to the Taxgouvernement
13:51:30 <Bernd> does that work with GnuCash?
13:51:39 <Bernd> and that shall show the amount of tax i have to pay
13:54:10 <Bernd> hm gnucash crashed when i wrote a own ordernumber
13:54:11 <Bernd> *** glibc detected *** gnucash: corrupted double-linked list: 0x00000000011e75f0 ***
13:54:24 <warlord> No, gnucash has no "GST Tax Report"
13:54:49 <Bernd> ic
13:54:59 <Bernd> is that in planing?
13:55:33 <jsled> I don't think anyone's actively working on it, which is all that matters.
13:55:36 <warlord> We're waiting for someone to donate it.
13:59:16 <Bernd> currently i am full of work :( but if i can find some time i will try to look into it :(
14:03:40 <warlord> cool!
14:04:35 <Bernd> my wife is working for the taxgouvernemt so she is well educated in it
14:04:44 <Bernd> and i wrote a smal taxsoftware for a different OS
14:04:58 <Bernd> but as i said :( must try to find some time
14:05:02 <warlord> writing a report is pretty easy.. it's just a small scheme scriptlet.
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14:06:01 <Bernd> is it documented somewhere?
14:09:24 <warlord> there's http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Custom_Reports
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14:14:41 <diven> Hi all; What does "Grand Total" in the summary bar mean and why is it blank?
14:15:13 <warlord> different currencies?
14:16:10 <diven> What if I dont use different currencies?
14:16:34 <warlord> stocks?
14:16:42 <diven> nope
14:16:50 <warlord> huh. what version?
14:17:12 <diven> 2.2.2 windows
14:17:48 <warlord> actually.. mine is empty too. no clue
14:18:11 <diven> oh well
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14:28:27 <SergeyG> Hello. Is there a way to 'tag' transactions in some way (using description field e.g.) and then make expense analysis based on the tags? I want to monitor how much money is spent on each family member and just using categories/accounts doesn't seem enough...
14:32:42 <jsled> not really.
14:33:27 <jsled> Though... there is that new report.
14:34:17 <jsled> ...that doesn't actually exist.
14:38:03 <jsled> (sorry ... I was mis-remembering <http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-devel/2007-December/021916.html>)
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14:45:41 <SergeyG> thanks jsled... tag based analysis, as well as tag cloud on main page generated by expense for current month would really be a nice feature of gnucash.
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15:20:12 <warlord> SergeyG: you could use the Action field?
15:20:16 <warlord> or the Num field.
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15:30:44 <SergeyG> hi warlord; how can I use it to generate reports with ability to filter by the field?
15:32:11 <warlord> Use the transaction report sort-by
15:32:34 <warlord> (note that you MAY need to extend the report to sort by some additional fields -- patches welcom)
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15:51:17 <SergeyG> well, I don't really want to *sort* report by tags - I need to be able to filter and view aggregated expenses by tags. E.g. as in http://www.midnightapps.com/screenshots/smartfolder.png
15:53:13 <jsled> No, we don't have "tags" in the model. The closest thing would be to use Expense sub-accounts.
16:03:39 <warlord> Well, you can always Edit -> Find Transactions where Action matches [xx]
16:13:03 <SergeyG> True warlord. Not perfect, but usable. It will be nice to have full tags support in future though. Thanks both of you for the explanation!
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16:19:49 <warlord> I dont think there's any planned support for tags at this time.
16:20:25 <warlord> Note that you have: Number, Action, Description, and Notes on the Transaction, and each Split has a memo.
16:21:04 <jsled> One could use either the description or notes fields for tags.
16:21:06 <jsled> Conventionally.
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16:21:31 <jsled> Like: space-separated tokens in the Notes could be treated as tags.
16:22:00 <jsled> But that's basically the same as the cost-center discussion from -devel.
16:22:16 <jsled> (just implementing cost centers as a tag, really.)
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17:11:10 <ezequiel> helo everyone
17:12:50 <ezequiel> i've got a question. i set some hidden accounts. is it possible to set something to get those not shown in the "transfer founds" dialog?
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17:16:20 <jsled> I don't believe so, no.
17:21:47 <ezequiel> if i'd want to add this option, what source files should I look for?
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17:25:10 <jsled> yeah, I'm happy to guide you there ...I'll be back in a couple of minutes, though.
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22:03:46 <puck> Hmmm, if only http://billreminder.gnulinuxbrasil.org/ could back onto Gnucash...
22:06:33 <puck> anyone know if CashUtil supports Gnucash 2.2 files?
22:07:20 <warlord> Who knows?
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22:08:50 <puck> I don't
22:09:05 <elb> I bet the CashUtil people would
22:09:09 <puck> :)
22:09:26 <warlord> None of us have talked to Neil in a long time.
22:10:50 <puck> oh well, it was the first I'm come across and it and it sounded like it'd allow me to do some of the scripting I want
22:12:41 * warlord shrugs
22:12:49 <warlord> Who knows what it allows...
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22:13:48 <puck> heh
22:16:15 <warlord> At one point there was a want to integrate it into the gnucash source tree, but that never happened for many reasons.
22:18:02 <puck> yeah, I read that on Neil's page...
22:18:14 <puck> From my point of view that's a shame. :)
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22:31:27 <dbreiser> when does aclocal.m4 get processed?
22:32:49 <dbreiser> I'm still scratching my head over configure finding gettext, but make distcheck not finding it
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22:36:14 <warlord> autogen
22:36:25 <warlord> and then during autoconf it gets read
22:37:21 <warlord> puck: yeah, well.. different goals and different timelines and unwilling to work within our requirements..
22:37:31 <warlord> lost a few bugfixes as a resukt
22:37:48 <dbreiser> so I'm really looking for a reason my macs throw away the results of that process before make distcheck runs?
22:39:29 <warlord> maybe... i still dont understand why it fails there
22:41:52 <dbreiser> well, the _build/config.log clearly doesn't have the same result as config.log in an svn build
22:42:50 <warlord> well, keep in mind that the distcheck _build/config.log is just a "./configure"
22:43:40 <dbreiser> so that means there's no chance it'll find gettext, since that search happens in aclocal.m4
22:44:11 <dbreiser> or rather, perhaps, that a successful search, given fink's configuration for gettext
22:45:59 <dbreiser> except that when it's there, it's only at /sw/bin/msgfmt, which should show up in a path search
22:46:34 <warlord> unless the Makefile reset's PATH.
22:54:49 <warlord> remember, aclocal is just a cache of m4 macros that get pulled into configure when you run autogen. so the search in the top-level configure shoujld duplicate the search in the _build/configure..
22:55:01 <warlord> The main difference is going to be the runtime environment.
22:55:40 <dbreiser> hmm. looks like it does. line 737 says it tries a VPATH configuration. line 19 says VPATH = @srcdir@
22:56:20 <warlord> VPATH != PATH
22:58:47 <dbreiser> yeah. I guess I'm misunderstanding the comment on line 737 though. But I'd guess all the hoops I jump through environmentally are a little unusual
22:59:07 <warlord> what does 737 say?
22:59:11 <dbreiser> Maybe I should quit worrying, since make dist works
22:59:35 <dbreiser> # This target untars the dist file and tries a VPATH configuration.
23:00:05 <dbreiser> target being distcheck: dist
23:01:29 <warlord> VPATH is Virtual Path.
23:01:36 <warlord> It has nothing to do with the "PATH"
23:01:48 <warlord> which is where it would search for applications.
23:02:13 <dbreiser> ah. my ignorance shows again.
23:02:45 <dbreiser> I know about PATH. I was extrapolating inappropriately as to what the V implied
23:04:40 <warlord> * nods *
23:05:30 <dbreiser> what does the construction $(DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS) do?
23:06:10 <warlord> I dont know.. I'm guessing it's the flags passed to configure during distcheck? i.e., ./configure $(DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS)
23:06:21 <warlord> but anything in the environment should be fine..
23:06:29 <warlord> But you can't really pass anything on the configure command line.
23:10:55 <jsled> hmm?
23:11:18 <warlord> the distcheck "configure" needs to work without any configure args
23:13:55 <jsled> ah.
23:18:31 <dbreiser> though google examples suggest that the DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS variable is there for such cases, but it's for special configure flags not something like PATH
23:19:04 <dbreiser> gah. my brain hurts
23:20:32 <warlord> yeah, your situation makes no sense to me. There's no reason that "./autoconf.sh; ./configure; make all check" would work but "./autogen.sh; ./configure; make distcheck" doesn't, except in the case for non-deleted files.
23:21:31 <dbreiser> well, I'll have to try that make all check part. I don't think I've used a 'check' target except with dist
23:22:23 <warlord> But for you configure fails as part of distcheck, which is what doesn't make sense to me... unless the ./configure you run by hand has a different environment than the "configure" run by distcheck.
23:24:10 <dbreiser> I do have a bunch of stuff on my command line in front of ./configure to accomodate both fink and the fact that I have a custom swig for svn
23:24:22 <dbreiser> builds
23:25:20 <warlord> right.. what happens if you put all of that into your shell environment first, so you're not running with any stuff on the command line in front of configure?
23:25:28 <warlord> anyways, bedtime. ttyt.
23:25:30 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
23:25:55 <dbreiser> ok. I'll give it another try (I might have screwed up the first time you asked.)