2008-01-08 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:08:59 <b00zy> how can i transfer several transactions from my "Cash in wallet" to "New Wallet"?
00:09:14 <b00zy> the transactions come from various expense accounts
00:36:16 <jsled> One by one.
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09:16:39 <nbinont> .
09:17:53 <nbinont> andi5: ping
09:21:47 <andi5> pang
09:21:55 <nbinont> lol
09:22:01 * andi5 is a little busy
09:22:18 <nbinont> ok..just wanted to say the windows binaries are ready
09:22:34 <andi5> hey, cooll.... will announce when i am at home, in 4-5 hours or so
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09:22:48 <nbinont> Thanks
09:23:23 <warlord-afk> Yay!
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09:23:29 <warlord> yay even
09:23:39 <nbinont> :)
09:24:05 <nbinont> off to get textbooks, later everyone
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12:12:23 <andrewsw> .
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12:13:28 <warlord> hiya andi5|afk
12:13:30 <warlord> andrewsw:
12:13:33 <warlord> * sighs*
12:13:37 <andrewsw> ;)
12:13:42 <andi5|afk> here
12:13:44 <warlord> Have you seen the issues on the list about reports?
12:13:58 <andrewsw> yes, owner report getting called with bad options.
12:14:01 <warlord> sorry, andi5|afk .. was trying to say hi to andrewsw but auto-complete chose... poorly.
12:14:19 <andi5|afk> do i need to care?
12:15:01 <andi5|afk> probably not :)
12:15:27 <andrewsw> I was just sitting down to work on it.
12:15:36 <warlord> cool.
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12:21:48 <andrewsw> do you think this guy will have any trouble switching back and forth from Win to Linux?
12:32:05 <warlord> I hope not
12:32:33 <andrewsw> I just warned him it was uncharted territory and that there were some small differences.
12:32:52 <andrewsw> he's tracking it in SVN, so as long as no-one talks him out of that, he'll at least have good backups.
12:34:09 <warlord> yep
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13:00:33 <andrewsw> it looks like scm_apply (func, args, SCM_EOL) is the statement that actually calls back into the scheme to execute a report, right?
13:00:55 <jsled> depends on what func is...?
13:01:16 <jsled> That's just the generic guile "apply this function to these args" function.
13:01:24 <andrewsw> oh, yeah, func = scm_c_eval_string ("gnc:owner-report-create")
13:01:32 <andrewsw> okay.
13:01:48 <jsled> then that's equivalent to (gnc:owner-report-create args)
13:02:27 <andrewsw> right. thanks.
13:02:33 <jsled> if you're talking about the rendering of a report, that function is one of the report's fields.
13:05:13 <andrewsw> oh looky... It leads right back into the scheme and I don't have to grok that crazy SWIG interface stuff after all :)
13:05:44 <andrewsw> I'd love to see some kind of visual map of all the c->scm->c->scm... calls involved in gnucash.
13:06:02 <jsled> ick. :)
13:06:50 <warlord> Yeah... "ick"
13:08:08 <andrewsw> but I have to say, despite all that, I'd be perfectly happy if we never went away from scheme...
13:10:27 <andrewsw> so in retrospect, I should have (define employee_report "GUID")'ed for all the GUID's so that it wasn't so cryptic when trying to refer to the reports explicitly.
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13:15:46 <andrewsw> jsled: which other reports were bombing on the html links?
13:18:04 <andrewsw> nm, I got it.
13:18:22 <jsled> Expense Barchart/Piechart, but only iff the start date is changed to Previous Year Start.
13:18:31 <andrewsw> ?
13:18:47 <andrewsw> that's wierd. were you using this report in that way before?
13:19:44 <jsled> I was. When I encountered it over the weekend, it said "no data in range", which made sense as I hadn't entered any 2008 receipts, yet … so I changed the start date to Previous Year Start.
13:19:53 <jsled> Last night, I started entering 2008 data.
13:20:04 <jsled> So when I hit the menu item now, the graphs *do* work.
13:20:14 <andrewsw> works fine here.
13:20:22 <jsled> But, if I change the start date to Previous Year Start, it breaks in the same way.
13:21:20 <andrewsw> huh. well, I'll look at it, but I think that might be something else.
13:21:54 <andrewsw> what if you manually set the date to 1/1/07 instead of the drop down?
13:21:56 <jsled> Could be. It's interesting that it's the same issue that Nigel reported, though.
13:22:16 <jsled> Oh, you ask right after I close it. :)
13:22:40 <andrewsw> yeah. I mean the #f options points strongly to report-guid, but why the date would affect that is beyond me.
13:22:43 <andrewsw> heh
13:23:25 <jsled> same
13:23:32 <jsled> (error)
13:23:36 <andrewsw> um. which version of 2.2, btw? There was a time change that got BP'd...
13:23:47 <jsled> This is trunk.
13:24:03 <jsled> branches/2.2/ appeared fine.
13:24:22 <andrewsw> yes, as of when though? (if you know)
13:25:29 <jsled> andrewsw: http://lists.gnucash.org/logs/2008/01/2008-01-06.html#T10:53:14
13:27:40 <andrewsw> oh sure, blame the new guy... ;)
13:28:04 <warlord> Heh
13:29:04 <andrewsw> well, I wonder. It works fine here. I'll try to parse through your backtrace and see if I can work it out.
13:29:20 <andrewsw> meanwhile NIgel's error is fixed. :)
13:30:40 <andrewsw> oh, there's a clue: (gnc:make-report-anchor: No such report: Expense Over Time)
13:30:48 <andrewsw> in a big WARNING
13:33:48 <andrewsw> jsled: still up? what about Welcome-to-Gnucash report?
13:36:28 <andrewsw> okay, it's safe to say, that this report-guid job is not finished. but I have to go to class. So, one little fix goes up and I'll get the rest in soon.
13:37:45 <warlord> Okay
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13:40:57 <jsled> andrewsw: with --nofile, the Welcome Sample report dies differently, taking gnucash with it.
13:41:09 <andrewsw> yup. that makes sense.
13:41:32 <andrewsw> BTW, there has got to be a way to keep the report system from taking the whole app down...
13:41:59 <andrewsw> hey jsled are you running with my simple little option check from ... checking
13:42:18 <andrewsw> r16836?
13:42:32 <andrewsw> that's why it's not crashing for me on the barchart, I'd bet.
13:42:36 <andrewsw> maybe.
13:42:39 <jsled> r16825, here
13:43:31 <andrewsw> in 16836 I put in a couple checks that return #f if there are no options. It makes reports fail instead of dragging gnucash down if their template is not found.
13:43:48 <andrewsw> might help.
13:44:13 <jsled> I'll try to test with the updates, later
13:44:42 <warlord> andrewsw: invoices might need to be changed, too.
13:44:48 <andrewsw> yup.
13:44:53 <andrewsw> thanks jsled !
13:45:10 <andrewsw> warlord: yeah. I've got a nice long grep output up to pick through...
13:46:34 <warlord> Okay.
13:47:37 <andrewsw> it'll be several small changes I think.
13:47:47 <andrewsw> I'm out. cya guys later
13:47:49 *** andrewsw is now known as andrewsw-afk
13:49:14 <warlord> enjoy class
13:51:06 <andrewsw-afk> thx!
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15:24:11 <andi5> hm... no binaries to test :-( ... let us reboot then
15:24:14 <andi5> oh, hi cstim!
15:24:24 <cstim> hi andi5
15:24:30 * cstim is around but only shortly
15:24:41 * andi5 hurries
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15:24:46 <cstim> heh
15:24:50 <cstim> jsled: ping
15:24:58 <jsled> hey
15:25:04 <cstim> how are you?
15:25:10 <jsled> fine; how are you?
15:25:29 <cstim> good.
15:25:41 <cstim> Baby needs to poop but somehow she can't :-/
15:25:52 <jsled> Oh, that is not good.
15:26:05 <cstim> jsled: Last October/November, did you hear about the Darpa Urban Challenge in Victorville, CA?
15:26:21 <jsled> Certainly, yes.
15:26:27 <cstim> jsled: have you been there?
15:26:56 <jsled> Victorville ... I might have passed through, but I'm not familiar with it.
15:27:05 <cstim> jsled: because on some pictures of that event I thought I might have recognized someone looking just like you.
15:27:23 <jsled> Oh, heh.
15:27:23 <cstim> no, not the city, the event :-)
15:27:25 <cstim> ok
15:28:03 <jsled> No, that was not me, only my doppelgänger.
15:28:03 <cstim> jsled: how's your review of the gpl3 going :-)))
15:28:13 <cstim> doppelgänger, right!
15:28:23 * cstim just fixed another bug in git-gui
15:28:42 *** andi5 has joined #gnucash
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15:29:26 <jsled> Oh, I've not done any GPL3 review. :( I share the general unhappiness with the patent/drm language, but I'm not sure that's going to stop me from "upgrading" it, given the benefits here.
15:34:46 <cstim> well, just take your time, but once you're done and would license your contribution as gpl2 + gpl3, I'd start researching whether this would be sufficient for a gpl3-gnucash.
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15:36:29 <wildseed> Hello everyone
15:42:33 <cstim> wildseed: hi. Just ask your question if you have one.
15:42:36 <cstim> jsled: see ya
15:42:39 *** cstim is now known as cstim_away
15:42:51 <jsled> cstim_away: later. Take care.
15:43:08 <andi5> @tell nbinont found them.... next time i will search there first :-)
15:43:08 <gncbot> andi5: The operation succeeded.
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15:43:14 <wildseed> ok, formulating
15:49:30 <andi5> @nbinont ... i am sorry, i made the mistake to start adding the files to the wrong release on sf, then i deleted them (assuming that they will reappear in /incoming, how stupid i am...) ... i guess you will need to upload the setup.exe once again :-(
15:49:30 <gncbot> andi5: Error: "nbinont" is not a valid command.
15:49:37 <andi5> @tell nbinont ... i am sorry, i made the mistake to start adding the files to the wrong release on sf, then i deleted them (assuming that they will reappear in /incoming, how stupid i am...) ... i guess you will need to upload the setup.exe once again :-(
15:49:37 <gncbot> andi5: The operation succeeded.
15:57:41 <wildseed> my question is: I just started using gnucash *hearing groans* and when I import my checking and savings via ofx imports and try to change a transfer from checking to savings from 'Imbalance-USD' to "My Savings Account" it creates a new entry in my savings account so I have a 'double deposit'. The deposit was already reflected in the OFX import; however I want these to reflect the correct accounts. How can I change the account transfers so gnucas
15:58:36 <elb> cut off at 'account transfers so gnucas'
15:58:43 <elb> but .. when you say you try to "change" it, what are you doing?
15:59:26 <wildseed> i have an entry in my checking that i change from Imbalance-USD to 'My Savings Account' which creates a new entry in 'my savings account'
15:59:37 <elb> oh, I see what you have ... are you saying that a transfer from checking to savings, in the OFX, shows up as a transfer to imbalance from checking, *and* a transfer from imbalance to savings?
16:00:21 <wildseed> yes I download two ofx files and both of them reflect the transfer from checking to savings, but they both say Imbalance-USD
16:00:58 <elb> you need to delete one or the other
16:01:05 <wildseed> 1 ofx file for savings and 1 ofx file for checking and on my 1 transfer of 100.00 to savings reflect 'Imbalance-USD'
16:01:12 <wildseed> elb: ok, thinking
16:01:54 <wildseed> I am trying to make sure NO transactions say Imbalance-USD....
16:02:09 <wildseed> elb: ok that will work
16:02:34 <wildseed> elb: tyvm
16:09:51 <andi5> jsled: you got approval request :-)
16:10:31 <jsled> wildseed: if you're making the changes from the Checking account, and you're in in the Basic ledger view, then the Split that anchors the transaction to the Checking account is not being modified.
16:11:05 <jsled> If you're changing the other Split/leg of the transaction from Imbalance-USD to Savings, then the Transaction is going to be "present" in both Checking and Savings.
16:12:00 <jsled> andi5: hmm?
16:12:37 <jsled> Oh, maybe, nevermind. I should read the backscroll.
16:12:57 <wildseed> np thanks for the info
16:13:02 <jsled> andi5: ah ... to -announce?
16:13:11 <andi5> rrright, you got points
16:13:37 <andi5> or make me a moderator
16:14:03 <wildseed> It's almost like gnucash is being 'nice' and creating a new transaction when I change it from 'Imbalance-USD' to "My Savings Account"
16:14:19 <wildseed> even though the ofx data already has that transaction
16:14:29 <wildseed> in savings
16:14:35 <wildseed> no need for reply
16:14:54 <andi5> no-reply@example.com?
16:15:07 <jsled> When you change the split from Imbalance-USD to Savings, it's not creating a new transaction ... just modifying the existing one you're editing.
16:15:30 *** kling0n has quit IRC
16:15:31 <jsled> The Register knows nothing about imports or duplicates, and doesn't check existing transactions.
16:16:15 <wildseed> so It cannot tell that the transaction already exists in the other ofx file I uploaded for the savings (or whatever) account. I see.
16:16:42 <jsled> The only time duplicate dection is done for imports is during import.
16:17:17 <wildseed> that makes sense
16:17:39 *** cortana has joined #gnucash
16:17:44 <wildseed> I am using 'Imbalance-USD' as a 'finder' for uncategorized transactions since I am new to gnucash
16:17:53 <wildseed> I don't want anything there
16:18:08 <jsled> No, you don't. :)
16:18:27 <jsled> If you open that Imbalance-USD register, and step through the transactions and fix them, they should disappear as you change each one.
16:18:49 <jsled> I've gotta run. Biaw.
16:18:51 <wildseed> as with my ideas about women practice is more difficult than theory though...
16:18:59 <wildseed> thx take care
16:26:16 *** warlord-afk is now known as warlord
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16:43:45 <andi5> hi nbinont
16:46:03 <nbinont> hi andi5
16:46:03 <gncbot> nbinont: Sent 1 hour and 2 minutes ago: <andi5> found them.... next time i will search there first :-)
16:46:04 <gncbot> nbinont: Sent 56 minutes ago: <andi5> ... i am sorry, i made the mistake to start adding the files to the wrong release on sf, then i deleted them (assuming that they will reappear in /incoming, how stupid i am...) ... i guess you will need to upload the setup.exe once again :-(
16:46:26 <nbinont> ok...upload in progress
16:46:39 <andi5> thank you so much ... stupid me
16:47:11 <andi5> feel free to add the file and notice the subscribers :)
16:48:16 *** McLANE has joined #gnucash
16:48:43 <nbinont> so how does this notice feature work? When do we normally send notices?
16:49:24 <andi5> may someone explain to me what happened to the news entry header? i thought i had just wrapped some lines a bit differently
16:51:31 <nbinont> the date is outside of the <div> tag and into the newsinner <div> tag
16:51:34 <andi5> i suppose after the files are uploaded... the other announces are out as well (freshmeat coming soon... will have to watch what i choose there, because last time the update made german "news" crawlers write something along "gnucash wipes out bad blunders")
16:51:53 <andi5> there are no div tags in the news file
16:51:54 <jsled> andi5: The first 2 lines are meta-data ... you can't format them arbitrarily. The first line is the title, the second is the timestamp.
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16:52:20 <andi5> what is metatag about <b>?
16:52:25 <andi5> or meta-data
16:52:27 <andi5> that is formatting
16:53:11 <nbinont> hmm
16:54:24 *** McLANE has joined #gnucash
16:55:09 <andi5> and if it is meta-data, why not pack it into some xml elements?
16:55:23 <jsled> Overkill?
16:56:29 <andi5> ok, now i realized that the whole first line is one datum :-)
16:56:51 <andi5> ok, i learned my lession
16:57:42 <nbinont> ah, the website gets the announcements from the .news files (sorry, kinda slow)
16:58:04 <andi5> oops :)
17:00:23 <andi5> nbinont: may you answer kevins mail on gnucash-devel?
17:00:37 <andi5> feel free to quote my stupidness
17:01:39 <nbinont> andi5: done already
17:01:57 <nbinont> and the exe is up
17:02:09 <andi5> puh :)
17:02:36 <andi5> ok, i wanna see it... shutdown -r now
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17:03:12 <nbinont> ??
17:06:16 *** andi5 has joined #gnucash
17:06:16 *** gncbot sets mode: +o andi5
17:07:34 <andi5> woah... choosing one of the early mirrors slows down the download quite a lot
17:07:58 *** twunder has quit IRC
17:12:19 <nbinont> how badly?
17:12:44 <andi5> well, i changed to heanet and it is 6 times as fast now
17:15:15 *** ErKa has joined #gnucash
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17:16:52 <nbinont> andi6: you should add yourself to the list of "many thanks go to" in the release announcement - we definitely need to thank you too
17:17:29 <nbinont> just drop your name in there on the top ;)
17:17:51 <andi6> hehe... no thanks
17:18:45 <andi6> ohoh... windows starts nagging me about reboots after updates....
17:19:08 <nbinont> lol ... welcome to windows
17:19:09 <andi6> i guess it will soon start nagging fullscreen and then pretending some access violation
17:19:59 * nbinont remembers apple commercial with windows security guy
17:20:21 <andi6> yep :)
17:22:55 <andi6> nice... thanks a lot, nathan :)
17:23:01 <nbinont> I'll be back later - let me know if we run into any problems
17:23:04 <andi6> i need some rest... see you
17:23:11 <nbinont> night
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18:18:20 <cj> andrewsw-afk: sorry for the delay... have been afk for a few days
18:18:20 <gncbot> cj: Sent 3 days, 0 hours, and 19 minutes ago: <andrewsw> I appreciate what you're trying to do, but these bugs are still pretty vague. We know it's <no file> and that's not a bug. Can I humbly suggest you'll get much farther by providing patches to the documentation or contributing to the wiki?
18:18:21 <gncbot> cj: Sent 3 days, 0 hours, and 17 minutes ago: <andrewsw> It's not that we don't care about usability, it's more an issue of: you're confused, we're not, so what can we do to make you less confused? Does that make sense?
18:19:02 <cj> andrewsw-afk: I'm trying to get my mom to join the IRC channel... I think a discussion with her will help quite a bit... Her nick will be "Candis" when she joins.
18:20:32 *** ErKa has quit IRC
18:34:40 *** andrewsw-afk is now known as andrewsw
18:34:42 <andrewsw> cj
18:34:43 <andrewsw> hi.
18:36:09 <andrewsw> So what I mean about the bug reports: "The docs say do foo, but when I do that it doesn't work. You have to do bar first before foo and then it works."
18:36:19 <andrewsw> That's something that we can get ahold of and fix.
18:50:20 *** McLANE has quit IRC
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19:16:21 <cj> andrewsw: is it ever possible to do bar without doing foo?
19:17:08 <andrewsw> cj: you misunderstand me.
19:17:42 <cj> I think that's true
19:17:50 <andrewsw> ;-)
19:17:57 <cj> just to be clear, the bug report is my mother's, so I don't know much about the subject matter
19:18:15 <andrewsw> oh. well she's using your login at bugzilla...
19:18:22 <andrewsw> or has she filed more?
19:18:52 * andrewsw is *still* stuck at 5 points :(
19:19:52 <andrewsw> Look at: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=507350
19:21:12 <andrewsw> http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=507351 is better because it seems to actually ask for a change in what the code does.
19:21:45 <andrewsw> but the first one just says "I'm confused" and while I have every sympathy, that doesn't help us to improve things much.
19:24:20 <hollec> I'm trying to get a stock quote to show up in the price editor, but gnucash says that it is unable to retrieve the price. It works without problem if I try 'gnc-fq-dump yahoo FDRXX'.
19:24:33 <hollec> wow, let me copy and paste again ;)
19:25:01 <andrewsw> pastebin please if it's long.
19:25:18 <hollec> I'm trying to get a stock quote to show up in the price editor, but gnucash says that it is unable to retrieve the price. It works without problem if I try 'gnc-fq-dump yahoo FDRXX'.
19:25:23 <hollec> that is all
19:25:29 <hollec> dunno why it messed up that way
19:25:45 <andrewsw> they look identical here.
19:25:53 <hollec> wow, not on my screen
19:26:10 <hollec> wait, now they do here ... that's what I get for using gnome-chat :P
19:26:18 <andrewsw> irssi FTW!
19:26:19 *** Zoolooc has quit IRC
19:26:50 <hollec> haha, yes
19:26:59 <andrewsw> after all that noise, I really can't help you :(, hopefully I haven't scrolled you too far offscreen.
19:27:29 <hollec> alright
19:27:50 <andrewsw> maybe we can debug a bit. Are you able to successfully retrieve other quotes?
19:27:54 <hollec> yeah
19:28:05 <hollec> on nasdaq as well, using yahoo as my data source
19:29:07 <hollec> it doesn't really matter _that_ much because the value is always $1 per share, but I want to make sure I don't have this problem with anything else
19:29:43 <andrewsw> Let me see if I can pull it here.
19:32:06 <andrewsw> what type is FDRXX?
19:33:18 <andrewsw> seems to not be working here either.
19:34:07 <hollec> I'm not sure what you mean by type, but I know that it shows up differently on yahoo
19:34:09 <andrewsw> it's failing conversion.
19:34:14 <hollec> since there isn't a graph or anything to go with it
19:34:24 <andrewsw> here is the debug output:
19:34:34 <andrewsw> (results ((FDRXX (symbol . FDRXX) (gnc:time-no-zone . 2008-01-08 18:02:00) (last . failed-conversion) (currency . USD))
19:34:50 <andrewsw> that may help whoever comes along with more knowledge of that than me.
19:34:55 <hollec> strange
19:35:22 <hollec> do you get the debug output by running gnucash via the command line?
19:36:20 <andrewsw> I always run with lots of output. I use gnucash --logto stdout --log "gnc.scm=debug". That gets me all the debugging statements from the Scheme parts of gnucash. Great for working on reports.
19:36:35 <hollec> alright, thanks
19:36:41 <hollec> maybe I'll play around with it a little bit
19:36:41 <jsled> It looks like the yahoo scraper is returning "4.72%" for the last and price fields.
19:36:55 <hollec> ohh, I see what you mean
19:37:04 <andrewsw> that would definitely fail to convert, eh?
19:37:07 <hollec> my others have actual values in there
19:37:11 <hollec> yeah, one would think
19:37:37 <hollec> I'll take a look on some other sides ... maybe it's just how yahoo displays it
19:37:41 <hollec> er, sites
19:37:53 <hollec> but it should just be 1 share = 1 USD
19:46:10 <hollec> wow, I guess it's just messed up all over the place
19:47:18 <hollec> nasdaq and vanguard also display the incorrect percentage
19:48:18 <hollec> the 'fidelity' source doesn't even have the price, and it's theirs
19:48:55 <hollec> maybe I'll just put it in there as USD and ignore the ticker
20:06:31 <hollec> after a bit of research, it seems that the 4.72 is correct, but the '%' should not be there
20:07:06 <hollec> but apparently if you have < $2500 in the fund, it is $1 for 1 share, which is the case for me because it's just leftover money that wasn't enough to buy shares
20:08:36 <warlord> hollec: the problem is: last: 4.72%
20:08:40 <warlord> 4.72% isn't a price
20:08:59 <hollec> yeahh
20:09:29 <warlord> If the NAV is always $1 then you don't need to acquire prices because the value is always == # shares.
20:09:40 <warlord> This sounds like a money market fund?
20:10:04 <hollec> yeah, that's what it seems to be now that I look into it
20:10:20 <hollec> it just happens to be listed, which is why I was assuming the 'shares'
20:11:12 <hollec> gnucash has been a great learning experience :)
20:11:14 <andrewsw> maybe that 4.72% represents the growth of the fund?
20:11:17 <andrewsw> [ot] do we have currency for that country that uses large rocks as money?
20:11:27 <jsled> easter islands?
20:11:38 <andrewsw> some polynesian I think.
20:11:46 <hollec> yeah, I think it's growth
20:11:53 <hollec> http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=fdrxx
20:13:02 <andrewsw> yep.
20:13:34 <warlord> Right, so you dont need to pull quotes for it; you KNOW how much your shares are worth. the only question is how much you'll get at the end of the month, but that's an actual transaction.
20:13:47 <hollec> right, that makes sense
20:14:00 <hollec> I need to set up an area for my dividends anyway
20:14:23 <warlord> right.
20:14:25 <hollec> probably just a section under income
20:14:27 <andrewsw> hollec: what version are you using?
20:14:37 <hollec> 2.2.1
20:14:48 <hollec> 'This copy was built from r16462 on 2007-10-03.'
20:16:51 <andrewsw> don't panic if the advanced portfolio report doesn't work...
20:17:04 * andrewsw dodges another bug report.
20:17:18 <hollec> oh, by the time I get that far, I will probably be at the next release :P
20:17:34 <andrewsw> 2.2.3 is *much* better.
20:17:50 <andrewsw> though it still has problems. some stuff didn't get backported.
20:19:07 <hollec> wow, I see ... I looked earlier and saw 2.2.2, but it seems you put up 2.2.3 in the meanwhile
20:20:25 <andrewsw> who'd'a thought people would be surprised by a gnucash release! ;-)
20:20:51 <hollec> this is soooo much nicer than my spreasheet that tracked only my checking account
20:21:22 <andrewsw> dinner. later taters
20:21:24 *** andrewsw is now known as andrewsw-afk
20:22:29 <warlord> hehe
20:25:42 <hollec> I added a note to the ubuntu hardy sync bug, so hopefully 2.2.3 will make it in there
20:25:47 <hollec> looks like there is time before the freeze
20:29:14 <warlord> ok.
20:32:18 *** archiem has joined #gnucash
20:37:20 <warlord> It sounds like Arch64 might have a broken guile+slib integration
20:38:08 <archiem> http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?do_Details=1&ID=8916&O=0&L=0&C=0&K=gnucash&SB=n&SO=a&PP=25&do_MyPackages=0&do_Orphans=0&SeB=nd
20:41:27 <warlord> that's because your distro has a buggy guile+slib integration
20:41:34 <warlord> complain to Arch
20:42:27 <archiem> warlord, so if I were to install the latest guile & slib from source, and give gnucash 2.2.3 another go, all should be well?
20:42:38 <warlord> i have no idea.
20:42:57 <warlord> the integration of guile + slib is...... special.
20:43:09 <warlord> some distros get it right (like FC)
20:43:12 <warlord> some get it wrong.
20:43:28 <warlord> sound like Arch gets it wrong.
20:43:32 <archiem> alright, thanks for the help. I'll report a bug =)
20:44:38 <warlord> the test is just guile -c "(use-modules (ice-9 slib)) (require 'printf)"
20:44:39 *** cortana has quit IRC
20:45:48 <archiem> ERROR: Unbound variable: slib:features
20:45:51 <warlord> right
20:45:56 <warlord> get Arch to fix that
20:46:24 <warlord> (it's using the wrong loader)
20:55:26 <archiem> and in the meantime, if I start using gnucash on a windows box, is the data transferrable over to the linux one?
20:55:51 <archiem> like, say I set up my business, gst#, etc, and start doing some invoicing, can I switch that over to the linux box when everything is sorted with guile+slib?
21:00:18 <warlord> yep
21:07:34 <jsled> archiem: one thing to note is to watch the ordering of the guile/slib installs ... if slib is installed on a guile, then the guile is upgraded, it can lose its slib registration. It might be that the same version of slib needs to be reinstalled to get its equivalent of a "post-install" hook run.
21:11:32 <warlord> I forget which installer is "more correct"
21:11:38 <warlord> s/installer/loader
21:11:47 *** cortana has joined #gnucash
21:30:22 *** twunder has joined #gnucash
21:42:11 *** gncbot has joined #gnucash
21:43:10 *** warlord has quit IRC
21:43:21 *** warlord has joined #gnucash
21:45:58 <warlord> andrewsw-afk, chris, jsled, conrad: can one of you op gncbot?
22:18:33 *** archiem has quit IRC
22:26:17 *** nbinont has joined #gnucash
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23:18:47 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
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23:32:35 *** XiXaQ has joined #GnuCash
23:38:37 *** jsled sets mode: +o gncbot
23:41:17 *** jim has joined #gnucash
23:43:51 <jim> I'm running gnucash 2.2.3 (just upgraded and my problem existed before the upgrade) on gentoo linux. Problem: I created a subaccount and it does not show in the main accounts window. It will come up in dropdown lists in transactions. I cannot recreate it because it says account already exists. Any trick for editing it - getting it to show in account window?
23:44:26 <jsled> Wow. Did you overlay the 2.2.3 ebuild, or is tove wicked fast?
23:45:59 <jsled> In the Accounts tree view, in View > Filter By... > tab:Other, what's selected?
23:46:31 <jsled> Also, did you click on the triangle to expand the tree?
23:46:47 <jim> eey - don't remember. which overlay would it be in? I've only got xeffects, pro-audio, live-ebuilds
23:47:05 <jim> trees are all expanded I've triple checked location of account
23:47:40 <jsled> When did you last emerge --sync?
23:48:24 <jim> when in main accounts window, I highlight the parent account I wanted this subaccount in, click on new account, and created it. It didn't show. Others in that same account did. I retried to create it with same parent highlighted and said alread exists.
23:48:54 <jim> just emerged synced tonight - did yesterday and the version just prior to this one failed to emerge
23:49:17 <jim> but the condition existed before last night
23:49:32 <jsled> Hmm. I've never heard of this before.
23:49:45 <jsled> Can you screenshot it, perhaps?
23:50:15 <jim> i've closed down gnucash and restarted thinking the account would show - no go
23:51:48 <jim> The account name is "1655 - DFA Emerging Markets" without the quotes
23:52:32 <jim> I could screenshot it but it has account numbers so would take some time to blur them out
23:53:08 <jsled> Well, uh, I really don't care. But I'm not sure the screen shot would help at all.
23:53:25 <jim> I would have to screenshot main account window where the subaccount does not show up and combine it with a dropdown window in a transaction where the account shows up.
23:53:25 <jsled> I've seriously never heard of anything even close to this problem before.
23:53:45 <jsled> I mean, you obviously know how the tree widget works.
23:53:55 <jim> I've been using this program now for over a year and never had this happen
23:54:00 <jsled> And it's in the dropdown, so it's created.
23:54:09 <jsled> What version of gtk?
23:54:18 * jsled checks out xeffects and live-ebuilds..
23:55:59 <jim> if i do a emerge -pv gnucash it does not list a overlay number
23:56:09 <jim> gtk+ ?
23:56:31 <jim> gtk+ is 2.12.1-r2
23:57:58 <jsled> Hmm. And I don't think anything's changed anywhere *near* that code .. not even between 2.2.3 and 2.2.2, but since like 2.0.x