2008-01-06 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:25:52 <Flakk> Hello people I have a very basic question about gnucash. Maybe someboby could help. I am new to gnucash. I have created a new file with some accounts then I decided to wipe out this file completely. I deleted all the accounts and subaccounts, but the file is still here, and bothers me each time i start gnucash. How could I erase it completely?
05:27:09 <IanL> Where did you save the file?
05:27:29 <IanL> simply deleting all the accounts and subaccounts won't erase it from the hard drive.
05:27:32 <Flakk> at the Desktop, but afterwards I erased it actually
05:27:36 <IanL> ok,
05:27:56 <IanL> It still tries to open it when you open gnucash but gives you an error message?
05:28:19 <Flakk> yes, exactly it says I cant find the {file}
05:28:25 <IanL> ok,
05:28:36 <IanL> That would go away if you create a new file and save it.
05:28:54 <IanL> Gnucash tries to open the last saved file on startup.
05:29:37 <Flakk> Oh I see. However dd you mean this first one will be on the list of files forever?
05:32:17 <Flakk> (since I saved indeed the first one ). In this case I should better not create a new one every day
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05:38:21 <andrewsw> hello?
05:38:29 <andrewsw> ah, there it is.
05:38:35 <andrewsw> nm, and good night
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05:40:01 <Flakk> IanL - anyway thanks a lot for the information
05:41:44 <IanL> Flakk: Gnucash keeps a list of recently opened files but the only one it opens automatically on startup is the one you had open when you closed it last time.
05:42:29 <Flakk> I see; that is fine, thanks
05:42:56 <IanL> np
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06:28:12 <andi5> @tell Flakk "gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/gnucash/history" will delete your history of opened files
06:28:12 <gncbot> andi5: The operation succeeded.
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07:27:39 <MartinW> Sourceforge is *clogged* are there any other mirrors for the windows binary.\
07:27:41 <MartinW> ?
07:27:55 <MartinW> * Sourceforge is *clogged*, are there any other mirrors for the windows binary.?
07:29:34 * MartinW apologises for the many typing mistakes. I am using a different keyboard than I usually do.
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07:34:19 <cstim> andi5: ping
07:34:29 <andi5> pong :)
07:34:33 <cstim> hi there
07:34:43 <andi5> hiho.... happy new year :)
07:34:54 <cstim> yes, happy new year to you too
07:34:56 <andi5> (ich bin so vergesslich)
07:34:57 <cstim> even in Bayern
07:35:10 <andi5> schon wieder drei könige unterwegs ;-)
07:35:20 <cstim> ah, right. Not so in Hamburg.
07:35:49 <cstim> re Wording of "could not find account currency": I find Charles Day's proposal even better than what we had right now.
07:36:04 <cstim> This one: Could not determine the account currency. Using the default currency provided by your system."
07:36:05 <andi5> arrgh :-)
07:37:10 <andi5> cstim: feel free to change the wording ... i will not touch it anymore :)
07:38:48 <cortana> MartinW: it seems ok here... try this direct link: http://surfnet.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/gnucash/gnucash-2.2.2-setup.exe
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07:42:01 <MartinW> cortanam, it's downloading now. I couldn't even get in, pages took for ever to load. Thanks,
07:42:03 <cstim> andi5: there you are. r16821.
07:42:35 <andi5> 16822 still missing :-)
07:42:46 <MartinW> I wonder why the web pages load so slow, while it downloads fine with a direct link.
07:42:53 <cstim> andi5: huh?
07:43:10 <andi5> b/2.2
07:43:27 * cstim fires up gitk...
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07:44:43 <cstim> r16822 coming...
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07:45:46 <cstim> andi5: On http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Git , could you explain in the "Multi-Branch Setup" how I can have "git-svn rebase" rebasing all my tracking branches, not only the currently checked out one?
07:49:21 <andi5> good question
07:49:21 <andi5> i will see... need to restart my X
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07:53:24 <andi5> or my whole computer... all i did was alt-f2 "free the fish" and try to kill wanda
07:54:01 <cstim> huh?
07:54:31 <andi5> try the first in a gnome session
07:55:11 <cstim> I'm running a KDE session. No gnome today.
07:59:04 <andi5> cstim: does git svn rebase --fetch-all work for you?
07:59:41 <andi5> damn... verguckt
08:02:31 <cstim> git-svn rebase --fetch-all updates all remote branches, yes.
08:02:51 <andi5> yes, but it still rebases only the current HEAD, right?
08:02:55 <cstim> exactly
08:03:08 <cstim> I'd like to have it rebase all my local (tracking) branches
08:03:16 <cstim> and I don't know how
08:03:23 <andi5> next steps... let all clones pull :-)
08:03:40 <andi5> or rather fetch
08:04:18 <andi5> maybe i can come up with some hackery... lemme see
08:06:07 <cstim> this would probably have to be an option for git-rebase (without the -svn)
08:08:22 <andi5> i doubt that, because you want to rebase HEADs that are ascendants of those remotely tracked branches that belong to a single svn-remote
08:09:52 <andi5> actually, it seems that git-svn just looks at the git-svn-id of the HEAD to do its rebasing
08:27:11 <andi5> cstim: do you have any opinion regarding http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-devel/2007-December/021909.html or http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-devel/2007-December/021910.html ?
08:28:24 <andi5> i suppose i would apply the first and backport as well, if it works for me&gcc4.2 (very likely)
08:37:09 <cstim> both are probably ok. For the second, some feedback from hampton would be nice.
08:37:50 <cstim> for the first, well, spurious compiler warnings suck; compiler-specific warning pragmas suck, too, but they suck probably less than the warnings. Hence, I think it's fine.
08:37:52 * cstim is away
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08:38:08 <andi5> thanks & bye
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09:58:45 <jsled> andi5: hey. It appears that we build and run against goffice-0.6.0 with only a configure.in change, c.f. http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=203979#c9
09:58:55 <andi5> jsled: okok :-)
09:59:01 <andi5> i will look at it
09:59:12 <jsled> Do you have time to verify this, perhaps before 2.2.3?
09:59:21 <jsled> Speaking of which, are there plans for a 2.2.3?
10:00:22 <andi5> yep... maybe i should update a ReleasePlanning wiki page
10:00:32 <andi5> that would force me to follow it :)
10:00:36 <warlord> hehehe
10:00:51 <andi5> i am about to build a tarball today
10:01:04 <andi5> but i want to defer that as much as possible (read: nathan appears)
10:01:06 <warlord> Did we want to apply the various QIF fixes first?
10:01:27 <andi5> charles day's?
10:01:33 <jsled> Of course, that gentoo bug is silly. The older goffice's are slotted, so it's trivial to get one of them so that gnucash would build/run fine. It's just people being obstinate. :/
10:01:53 <warlord> andi5: yeah
10:02:06 <jsled> Moreover, it's one of those "downstream patches, doesn't inform upstream" things that's pretty frustrating.
10:02:40 <jsled> Of course, they might have got around to it, and the maintainer did ask me (about goffice-0.6) on another bug, so that's not quite fair.
10:03:11 <andi5> jsled: i suppose you know that the patch sucks?
10:04:13 <andi5> well, no need to get angry for me :)
10:04:24 <warlord> Go go! Get angry!
10:04:26 <jsled> Well, it skips 0.5.1. But gentoo doesn't have 0.5, so no problem. :)
10:04:34 <andi5> yep... fine
10:04:44 <andi5> great,... why does not it strip off the other tests as well?
10:04:53 <jsled> heh.
10:05:32 <jsled> Well, it does have 0.2.1 and 0.4.3 (and 0.6.1, obviously), so the other checks are still valid.
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10:06:41 <andi5> jsled: i was about to file a bug about sx instances without occurrences, but got distracted.... ever heard about that?
10:07:07 <jsled> Well, I've not had coffee, yet, but it doesn't sound familiar.
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10:18:47 <Flakk> Hello people, I am tring to learn gnucash for managing the investment accounts and I have a problem: when I try to "buy" a stock I can not make the program to remember the number of shares. The "price" column appears to be pre-settled with "1" value and I can not change it. Any help?
10:18:47 <gncbot> Flakk: Sent 3 hours and 50 minutes ago: <andi5> gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/gnucash/history will delete your history of opened files
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10:19:18 <Flakk> Thanks fr the message andi5 !
10:20:30 <andi5> you are welcome
10:21:31 <Flakk> maybe you can help with the problem I have with "buying" stocks?
10:23:30 <andi5> probably not
10:24:02 <warlord> only if you state your problem...
10:24:27 <Flakk> Oh this is just above. Let me re-states it
10:24:29 <andi5> warlord: that is just a necessary prerequisite... :-D
10:24:44 <Flakk> <Flakk> Hello people, I am tring to learn gnucash for managing the investment accounts and I have a problem: when I try to "buy" a stock I can not make the program to remember the number of shares. The "price" column appears to be pre-settled with "1" value and I can not c hange it. Any help?
10:25:01 <Flakk> (apparently this was not displayed)
10:25:18 * andi5 has a deja vu
10:25:42 <warlord> Oh.. What's the Account Commodity of your Stock Account?
10:26:12 <Flakk> USD
10:26:20 <warlord> That's your problem
10:27:00 <Flakk> yes certainly it is my problem
10:27:06 <warlord> (and a bug in the New Account Hierarchy druid)
10:27:43 <Flakk> Maybe I just do not understand what is the account commodity
10:27:49 <Flakk> what is it by the way?
10:29:29 <IanL> andi5: Don't forget my small QIF patch on bug 504007 as well. Another person just mailed the mailing list about that problem.
10:29:43 <warlord> Well, what stock are you trading?
10:29:55 <warlord> IanL: yeah, I'm looking at those changes..
10:30:34 <IanL> I think I might have made a translatable string change though.
10:30:55 <Flakk> warlord: well I do not have finance::quote or at least do not tr\y to make it work. I am just trying to buy "some stock" with 100 shares for 10$/share
10:31:23 <Flakk> and save the resuting expense in the corresponding account
10:31:34 <warlord> what stock?
10:31:45 <warlord> That's the thing -- you need to "name" the stock.
10:31:54 <warlord> IanL: that's not a big deal.
10:32:20 <Flakk> well I named it bnp and I have the stock account named bnp
10:32:45 <IanL> warlord: ok, good.
10:33:14 <warlord> Flakk: you need to create a commodity, BNP, and assign it to the account.
10:33:40 <warlord> This is all in the docs.
10:33:48 <warlord> I suggest you read the Concepts & Tutorial.
10:33:55 <Flakk> I read it
10:34:18 <IanL> I'm off to bed,
10:34:27 <Flakk> well the point is that I do not want to follw the steps
10:34:49 <Flakk> because it does not offer the European stock exchanges
10:35:07 <warlord> Doesn't matter.. GnuCash requires that.
10:35:22 <warlord> You dont have to use F::Q. But you have to create and assign a Stock Commodity to the Stock Account..
10:35:38 <warlord> And it's a bug in the New Account Hierarchy that it lets you create a Stock Account WITHOUT a stock commodity.
10:35:43 <Flakk> oh OK so you mean I go through the procedure they describe even though
10:36:00 <Flakk> in reality the stock will have nothing to do with the labes
10:36:04 <Flakk> labels
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10:36:48 <andi5> jsled: what goffice version do you use?
10:37:41 <warlord> Yes.
10:38:18 <Flakk> I see - many thanks for the advice I will try this now
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10:40:19 <jsled> andi5: I have 0.2.1 and 0.6.1 installed.
10:40:26 <andi5> jsled: it would be cool if could take a look at r16825, maybe compile with and approve it
10:40:57 <warlord> Flakk: that's what it means by "required"
10:41:06 <warlord> (and "bug")
10:41:10 <Flakk> I see
10:41:11 <jsled> andi5: doing so now.
10:41:39 <andi5> at least it stills shows graphs :)
10:42:22 <jsled> andi5: what is the rough timeframe for 2.2.3? Today? Next week?
10:42:48 <andi5> normally today
10:42:59 <andi5> but nathan has not been seen since friday :)
10:43:22 <warlord> It's NOT required to configure F::Q or may Quote assignments, but you still MUST create a commodity.
10:43:38 <Flakk> yes warlord, I got it I am doing it at presene
10:43:45 <warlord> o.
10:43:46 <warlord> ok.
10:43:53 <jsled> Also, do y'all usually run `make -jN` with N>1?
10:44:15 <jsled> I was under the impression that it was not safe, but I've been trying it recently, and haven't had any problems.
10:45:14 <andi5> i do not know, i have only one core here
10:47:17 <Flakk> warlord: OK it worked, I can now "buy" the stock ) thanx
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10:48:23 <andi5> ah right.. that patch... it is virtually backported :)
10:49:17 <Flakk> warlord: thanx again and good night!
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10:53:14 <jsled> huh. reports don't seem to be workign for me.
10:54:03 * jsled tries a clean build+install.
10:57:13 <jsled> It didn't appear to be a goffice thing, though. (options (quote lookup)) was reducing to (#f lookup) ... meaning 'quote' bound to '#f'!?
10:57:49 <jsled> Well, still, I'll let it rebuild clean … get started on the house cleaning in the meantime
10:58:52 <andi5> jsled: what about goffice? did you build against 0.2 or 0.6?
10:59:02 <warlord> jsled: that could be andrewsw-afk's change
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10:59:38 <andi5> the second on trunk, i guess?
11:01:34 <jsled> andi5: 0.6.1
11:01:46 <andi5> same here
11:02:48 <jsled> (hmm. graphical reports default size should probably be ~800x600.
11:02:50 <jsled> (not 400x400)
11:03:35 <jsled> Yeah, Expense Over Time fails in the same way.
11:03:39 <jsled> Assets Over Time works fine.
11:04:02 <jsled> Assets Piechart: fine.
11:04:47 <jsled> Income Barchart: fine.
11:05:52 <jsled> Liabilities barchart: fine.
11:11:05 <warlord> Ahh, testing the graphical reports with 0.6?
11:11:19 * warlord still only has 0.2.2
11:11:42 <jsled> Actually, all the grpahing is fine. The failures are w.r.t. the scheme error.
11:12:00 <andi5> jsled: so i will go backporting?
11:12:07 <jsled> yeah, sounds right.
11:12:12 <andi5> 'k, thanks
11:15:58 <warlord> jsled: Think it's due to andrewsw-afk's changes?
11:16:06 <jsled> I'm not sure.
11:16:22 <jsled> I'd need to walk up the tree. I suppose I could try it with the 2.2 branch, as well, to verify.
11:16:45 <andi5> jsled: that would be cool, given that trunk still has time to evolve
11:16:46 <jsled> I'll wait until the goffice-0.6 patch is backported, though I can't see how it's possibly relevant.
11:17:23 <andi5> jsled: done
11:19:54 <andi5> oh wow... that bug is _old_
11:21:12 <jsled> oh?
11:21:48 <andi5> #114724, the one derek/cday just fixed
11:22:17 <warlord> Hey, it had a patch ;)
11:22:40 <andi5> """17 years worth of Quicken data exported from Quicken Basic 2004 to one gigantic QIF"""... wow
11:23:55 <andi5> the first transactions probably were recorded originally on papyrus
11:25:30 <warlord> Hahahah
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11:34:31 <andi5> jsled: ping
11:34:46 <jsled> andi5: pong.
11:35:26 <andi5> you asked about a rough time frame... would it help if 2.2.3 appeared a few days later?
11:35:48 <jsled> Well, 2.2.2 doesn't exhibit the reports issue...
11:36:03 <andi5> branches/2.2 or 2.2.2?
11:36:09 <jsled> 2.2.2(-r1)
11:36:16 <jsled> trying the branch now...
11:36:46 <jsled> I'm not sure it's helpful (or not) to be if 2.2.3 appears a few days later.
11:36:56 <jsled> branches/2.2@HEAD does not exhibit the problem.
11:37:34 <jsled> s/to be/to me/
11:37:37 <andi5> i suppose i will start a first distcheck then
11:38:09 <jsled> I'll mail -devel re: the expense reports issue, though maybe later...
11:39:21 <andi5> i am not sure i know what you are talking about... i needed a few days to catch up with messages
11:40:34 <jsled> andi5: Just this (options (quote lookup)) -> (#f lookup) -> report error issue I just encountered.
11:40:41 <andi5> ah, right
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12:21:23 <andi5> make... test-lots failes repeatedly on branches/2.2 for me
12:23:56 <andi5> http://pastebin.ca/raw/844009 so far... does that sound familiar to anyone?
12:27:42 <andi5> maybe we need r16716 on branches/2.2 as well?
12:29:41 <andi5> yep.... /me is quiet again
12:33:48 <warlord> andi5: yes.. it sounds familiar.
12:33:57 <warlord> I thought I fixed that.
12:34:00 <warlord> (at least in trunk)
12:34:48 <warlord> And yes, r16716 is the fix.
12:34:59 <andi5> right, but the test-engine-stuff change is needed on branches/2.2 as well... doing just that
12:35:25 <warlord> right
12:38:23 *** andi5 is now known as andi5|afk
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13:57:14 <ul-ul> Hi everybody is this an English speaking channel?
13:57:25 *** ErKa has quit IRC
13:57:26 <andi5> yep
13:58:03 <andi5> wat jibbit?
13:58:25 <ul-ul> Thnaks, An am I right here is I have questions regarding the use on gnucash?
13:58:50 <andi5> hm... great
13:58:58 <andi5> (see the topic)
13:59:07 <andi5> so yes
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14:06:04 <andi5> ul-ul: is there anything we can help you with?
14:07:35 <ul-ul> yep, I'm trying to phrase the question right.
14:10:35 <warlord> Dont worry about the phrasing.. Just start with the question and we'll ask for clarifying questions if we dont understand it.
14:15:09 <ul-ul> I want to enter a multiple split transaction, I bought some food and tools at a shop and paid by debit card. Now I want to split the total sum to two different accounts (food and household tools (or so)
14:17:53 <ul-ul> first I enter a new transaction with a desciption and the total sum but no account,
14:17:53 *** Demitar has quit IRC
14:17:59 <warlord> This is covered in the docs quite clearly. You would debit your card account and then credit food and household tools. Make sure that the sum of credit = sum of debits.
14:18:07 <jsled> http://www.gnucash.org/docs/v2.0/C/gnucash-guide/txns-registers1.html#txns-registers-multiaccount2
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14:20:00 <ul-ul> oh thanks i didn't find that document, with the screen shots. I will try to do as described
14:22:56 *** nbinon1 has joined #gnucash
14:23:43 <ul-ul> I understood now how to split the record, thank you
14:24:26 <nbinon1> andi5: thanks for the updates to the wiki release schedule :)
14:26:13 <andi5> nbinon1: i plan to prepare the coming releases more carefully communication-wise .... btw, i have google calendar now :-)
14:30:10 *** nbinon1 is now known as nbinont
14:32:31 <nbinont> generally there is a calendar for a particular class of events (canadian holidays, gnucash release schedule, class timetable, etc). The user can have multiple calendars shown in their view at any time
14:34:50 <jsled> So, you want him to use google calendar because you'll see it because you use google calendar?
14:35:15 <nbinont> only if he wants to...I'm not forcing things
14:35:32 <nbinont> The calendar is publicly viewable, but not publicly editable
14:35:41 <andi5> that is no problem for me, as long as i do not need to use it privately :)
14:37:10 <nbinont> ok
14:37:13 <andi5> can we split it up then and make certain fixed target times? like "i need the tarball until ... UTC so that i can build today" ..
14:37:33 <nbinont> that works for me
14:38:25 <nbinont> let me change the times to UTC
14:38:56 <andi5> i supposed everybody can work in his local time zone?
14:40:16 <nbinont> I'd assume so, but I've only used it for projects in the same time zone so far
14:43:47 <andi5> ok, i need some input for http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Announcement_2.2.3 again.... i also wonder whether the sentence "It is collaboratively developed by 12 people from over 5 countries." is still true
14:44:49 *** ul-ul has quit IRC
14:51:16 <warlord> Say "more than a dozen people"
14:52:23 <andi5> that is not colloquial, right?
14:54:01 <warlord> I dont think so.
14:54:30 <elb> only to the English language ;-)
14:55:58 <andi5> It is collaboratively developed by more than a dozen people from over 5 countries? ... that sounds weird :)
14:59:47 <warlord> "from a half-dozen countries" ?? ;)
14:59:52 <andi5> hehe
14:59:59 <warlord> Anyways, gotta run
15:00:01 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
15:00:02 <andi5> less then half a dozen countries :)
15:00:13 *** warlord-afk is now known as warlord
15:00:26 <warlord> well, more than five implies >=6
15:00:36 <warlord> er, "over five"
15:00:43 <andi5> arrgh, right... it should have been more than or equal to
15:00:44 <warlord> half-dozen == 6, so...
15:00:52 <warlord> anyways
15:00:54 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
15:02:43 <andi5> nbinont: shall i built on win32 once more or do you think the nightlies suffice?
15:02:52 <andi5> s,built,build,
15:08:21 <nbinont> andi5: normally the nightlies should suffice, but the nightlies have been down since friday, so if there's anything new, they woudn't have caught it
15:08:44 <andi5> so, when do you need the tarball?
15:12:03 <nbinont> andi5: whenever it works for you. I can start on it right away or whenever I get a chance on monday
15:12:51 <andi5> another Q: how long does it typically take you to build completely?
15:13:05 <andi5> btw, you will need to wipe out $prefix\gnome for the gnome-vfs downgrade
15:13:52 <nbinont> andi5: 5-6 hours last time (though I think I might have missed the hh prompt for an hour or so
15:14:25 <nbinont> s/hh/html help
15:15:45 <nbinont> ok. reset.sh does that now
15:16:13 <andi5> hm... does reset.sh still work? :)
15:16:22 <nbinont> yes :)
15:16:26 <andi5> good =)
15:16:50 <nbinont> I was going to make a couple improvements to it, but it works pretty well as it is
15:20:19 *** tjanssen has joined #gnucash
15:52:08 *** cstim has joined #gnucash
15:52:08 *** gncbot sets mode: +o cstim
15:52:13 <cstim> hi there.
15:52:22 * cstim was rather surprised to see a 2.2.3 out there...
15:52:44 <cstim> andi5: if you had notified me before, I'd have updated the German translation because of the very last string additions...
15:57:13 *** cprussin has joined #gnucash
15:57:51 <cprussin> hi I'm looking for a way to import .mny files (from microsoft money) into gnucash
15:57:53 <cprussin> any ideas?
16:00:17 *** sarah has quit IRC
16:00:37 <cstim> andi5: The back-ported r16825 breaks my build of branches/2.2.
16:00:52 <cstim> (r16829 is the 2.2 commit)
16:01:02 <cstim> I have goffice-0.2.1
16:01:15 <cstim> and this results in:
16:01:22 <cstim> configure: error: Library requirements (libgoffice-0.5 >= 0.5.1) not met; ...
16:03:17 <cstim> jsled: I think the ACTION-IF-NOT-FOUND in your r16825 as [] won't work; methinks you need to add a non-empty string there.
16:04:03 *** mcarter has quit IRC
16:05:05 <cstim> Instead of [], the ACTION-IF-NOT-FOUND should be [goffice=0]
16:07:51 *** twunder has joined #gnucash
16:07:53 <cstim> cprussin: there is no .mny import. Only QIF import. You need to "export to QIF" in MS Money.
16:08:02 <cprussin> okay
16:08:07 <cprussin> because I'm dual booting
16:08:22 <cprussin> so I need to go into windows and Money, export to QIF, then bring that into linux?
16:08:28 <andi5> cstim: oops
16:08:50 <cstim> andi5: yes, BIG oops.
16:08:55 *** cprussin has quit IRC
16:08:59 <andi5> why BIG oops?
16:09:05 <andi5> i just made two commits
16:10:23 <cstim> you did? And did you upload tarballs?
16:10:48 <andi5> cstim: as i said earlier today, i will announce a release earlier next time... and let gnucash-devel decide
16:10:50 <andi5> no, i did not
16:10:57 <cstim> (probably not, but I can't know)
16:11:06 <andi5> i talked a little a bit, while make distcheck ran
16:11:12 <cstim> I didn't read the logs - no time.
16:11:30 <cstim> Oh, you tagged first, then ran make distcheck?
16:11:48 <cstim> That's fine, but it's not what I would have expected.
16:12:09 <andi5> yes, that is what chris did, but i guess i should do it the other way around
16:12:51 <andi5> so r16384 works for you?
16:12:54 <cstim> ok, I said BIG oops because these kind of error is precisely what we're trying to avoid by asking for an AUDIT before back-porting.
16:13:22 <cstim> The goffice check in trunk at r16384 works for me, whereas 16383 didn't. Yes.
16:13:56 <andi5> see, i asked jsled... maybe we should not make commits at the last day, giving the branch a commit freeze and time to test
16:14:09 <cstim> maybe, yes.
16:15:06 <cstim> but I also have to say this is one of the more nasty issues with autoconf/m4 that we got hit by.
16:15:54 <cstim> anyway, review for back-port should be done by someone else.
16:15:59 * cstim is away, working on Diss...
16:16:02 *** cstim is now known as cstim_away
16:16:06 <andi5> ok, we are both a little heated up as it seems.... i suppose i will defer the release until at least tomorrow
16:16:25 <nbinont> andi5: fine with me
16:16:29 <andi5> thanks
16:16:34 <cstim_away> thanks, too.
16:16:57 *** cstim_away has quit IRC
16:19:25 <andi5> Q: will svn rm $REPO/tags/2.2.3 work and should i do it to avoid confusion?
16:29:40 *** wizkid238 has joined #gnucash
16:38:34 *** wizkid240 has quit IRC
16:52:20 *** keyline has quit IRC
17:11:36 *** andi6 has joined #gnucash
17:17:18 *** andi5 has quit IRC
17:20:40 *** andrewsw-afk is now known as andrewsw
17:20:50 <andrewsw> andi6: ping
17:20:56 <andi6> pong
17:21:18 <andrewsw> Hi! where are we on 2.2.3?
17:21:50 <andi6> one day away approximately... i suppose the release news will hit earth on tuesday morning UTC
17:22:27 <andrewsw> too late for a quick patch?
17:22:35 * andrewsw understands if it is.
17:22:41 <andi6> andrewsw: but i would prefer some kind of bug/feature freeze
17:22:46 <andi6> what kind of
17:23:06 <andrewsw> Stops crashes when people muck about in their saved reports file.
17:23:23 <andrewsw> just a few lines in report.scm
17:23:28 <andi6> hmpf
17:24:42 <andi6> is that on trunk at all?
17:25:50 *** lindi- has left #gnucash
17:27:39 <andrewsw> nope. But I could generate a diff against 2.2.2 in pretty short order.
17:28:28 <andi6> it must be backported from somewhere.... is it inappropriate for trunk?
17:28:55 <andrewsw> No, just that trunk has diverged so far. (my fault)
17:29:17 <andi6> andrewsw: i am sorry... it is both too late and risky :-)
17:29:40 <andrewsw> I *totally* understand. THat's why I asked.
17:30:03 <andrewsw> I'll go ahead and push it up marked BP for next time.
17:30:26 <andi6> ok
17:30:57 <andrewsw> it will require manually merging back into 2.2.5 (If we do one) and I'll happily help with that.
17:31:05 <andi6> 2.2.4, i guess?
17:31:09 <andrewsw> yeah.
17:31:11 <andi6> yep, thanks
17:31:20 <andrewsw> thanks to you too andi6! ;)
17:31:31 *** andi6 is now known as andi5
17:31:58 <andrewsw> @op andi5
17:31:59 *** gncbot sets mode: +o andi5
17:32:07 * andi5 bows down
17:35:51 <andrewsw> andi5: you're right about Cody. I think we like him, eh?
17:36:28 <andi5> eek, i am not subscribed to the bug, may you give me a link?
17:36:58 <andrewsw> http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=507355
17:37:21 <andrewsw> closed as a dupe in less than six hours...
17:38:54 * andrewsw is vindicated for closing a bug COdy cc'ed ;)
17:39:03 <andi5> *g*
18:28:07 <andrewsw> andi5: you were right anyway, it was more extensive than I thought.
18:29:28 <andi5> hehe :)
18:42:47 *** Zoolooc has joined #gnucash
18:47:28 *** andyt has quit IRC
19:09:04 <andrewsw> andi5: should I still block 486922 for packports?
19:09:27 <andrewsw> um, backports, that is...
19:10:19 <andi5> yes, please
19:10:59 * andrewsw know why andi5 has so many points...
19:11:58 <andi5> hm?
19:12:31 <andrewsw> because he gets to close all the backport bugs ;)
19:12:45 <andi5> would not it be even better if i opened a new backport bug for each release?
19:12:59 <andrewsw> indeed it would, though only slightly.
19:13:14 <andrewsw> you could open a backport bug for each bug that requests backport!
19:13:19 <andi5> right
19:13:52 <andi5> please note that i did not invent the procedure, but i think it is fine... i do not relate it to bug points
19:14:08 <andrewsw> please note that I am teasing andi5 ;)
19:14:44 <andi5> please note that andi5 just does not listen to him
19:14:53 <andrewsw> LOL
19:15:15 <andi5> i am preparing for sleep mode anyway
19:15:34 <andrewsw> sudo shutdown -h now
19:15:58 <andi5> nooooo... there are still things undone...
19:16:17 * andi5 removes andrewsw from /etc/sudoers
19:16:24 <andrewsw> oh. git commit -a && sudo shutdown -h now...
19:16:35 <andrewsw> dang. now I've been reported.
19:16:52 <andi5> gotcha
19:18:36 <andrewsw> I"m done too, so have a good night andi5
19:18:39 *** andrewsw is now known as andrewsw-afk
19:18:49 <andi5> thanks, bye
19:18:50 *** andi5 has left #gnucash
19:43:58 *** |gunni| has quit IRC
19:56:31 *** twunder has quit IRC
20:03:53 *** Demitar has quit IRC
20:05:39 *** Demitar has joined #gnucash
20:15:39 *** ttick has joined #gnucash
20:18:02 <ttick> ack, why the heck is a positive transaction in a QIF when the account-type is CCard show up as a negative transaction in the account page? Positive transactions, should Increase a liability, not decrease it, no?
20:22:36 *** dehuszar has joined #gnucash
20:22:43 *** dehuszar has left #gnucash
20:50:24 *** ErKa has joined #gnucash
21:09:11 *** twunder has joined #gnucash
21:27:16 *** XiXaQ has quit IRC
21:29:47 *** XiXaQ has joined #GnuCash
21:59:52 *** benoitg has joined #gnucash
22:00:17 *** benoitg has left #gnucash
22:18:52 *** tjanssen has quit IRC
22:36:04 *** andrewsw-afk is now known as andrewsw
22:37:30 <andrewsw> @tell andi5 now that I've read the scrollback, I apologize for even making my request. Also, I totally support a commit freeze (but very short, and only for BP's) provided it is well announced.
22:37:30 <gncbot> andrewsw: The operation succeeded.
22:39:10 <andrewsw> @tell andi5 I know I would have changed my workflow a little had I realized it was coming so quickly. Anyway, thanks for your patience :-)
22:39:10 <gncbot> andrewsw: The operation succeeded.
22:39:25 *** andrewsw is now known as andrewsw-afk
22:41:33 *** Zoolooc_ has joined #gnucash
22:50:28 *** Zoolooc has quit IRC
23:04:50 *** warlord-afk is now known as warlord
23:05:07 <warlord> @tell andi5 Yes, that 'svn rm' command will DTRT.
23:05:07 <gncbot> warlord: The operation succeeded.
23:07:51 <warlord> ttick: example?
23:23:55 *** XiXaQ has quit IRC
23:28:21 *** XiXaQ has joined #GnuCash
23:29:16 *** ErKa has quit IRC