2008-01-03 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:25:07 <cristofer721> is anyone having trouble minimizing gnucash in windows vista?
00:26:34 <andrewsw> cristofer721: I don't use windows, but I seem to recall a bug mentioning something about it.
00:26:57 <andrewsw> something like the minimized window floating above the task bar or something like that.
00:27:00 <cristofer721> there does seem to be a bug report about it
00:27:12 <cristofer721> but no replies or solutions
00:27:22 <andrewsw> well, if you have pertinent details, add them.
00:27:40 <andrewsw> I don't think any of the devs are running vista, so it may be a while before anyone can get to it.
00:28:00 <cristofer721> i see
00:28:26 <cristofer721> i thought maybe it was aero, but disabling it doesn't seem to help
00:29:44 <cristofer721> and i don't think i have pertinent details, the guy is running all the same stuff i am, having the same problem
00:30:25 <andrewsw> If there is no one else chiming in on it, then you should at least "me too" so that we know it's real.
00:30:43 <cristofer721> ok
00:31:48 <andrewsw> have you tried an of the "compatibility modes"?
00:31:52 <andrewsw> any, that is
00:33:03 <andrewsw> and if you really feel like digging, you might check the gtk bugs for vista issues. It could easily be a gtk related thing.
00:33:15 <cristofer721> i thought of updating gtk
00:33:30 <andrewsw> if it is, you may find bugs for similar behavior in other gtk apps.
00:33:46 <cristofer721> though that seems difficult and i didn't want to mess up gimp, which seems to work fine
00:36:00 <andrewsw> hmm.. gimp minimises properly?
00:36:40 <cristofer721> yes
00:37:44 <andrewsw> well that points to gnucash a little bit. any other gtk apps? gnumeric perhaps?
00:37:58 <cristofer721> i don't use any others, no
00:39:04 <andrewsw> sorry.
00:39:27 <cristofer721> compatibility doesn't work, either
00:39:44 <andrewsw> what's the bug number?
00:39:46 <cristofer721> so i don't really get it
00:40:05 <cristofer721> 504646
00:40:45 <andrewsw> ooh... status bar on the splash! nice!
00:41:48 <cristofer721> also on mine the program won't minimize when clicked from the taskbar
00:42:11 <cristofer721> it tries then pops it back up
00:43:09 <andrewsw> do you also see the gray window overlaying gnucash?
00:43:56 <cristofer721> no
00:44:39 <andrewsw> interesting. so you are seeing slightly different behavior.
00:45:09 <cristofer721> yeah i suppose so
00:47:00 <andrewsw> running version 2.2.2?
00:47:19 <cristofer721> yes
00:47:49 <andrewsw> I suggest you go ahead and post your experiences to that bug, be sure to detail how your experience is both the same and different. Any clue could point to the bug.
00:48:10 <foo> andrewsw: interested in having a booth at a trade show in southern california?
00:48:31 <andrewsw> foo: ??
00:48:51 <foo> andrewsw: for gnucash... I'm assuming you're a dev
00:49:13 <andrewsw> I barely qualify.
00:49:18 <foo> Ok, then scratch that :)
00:49:33 <andrewsw> I doubt it. And I'm not in SoCal.
00:49:36 <andrewsw> what trade show?
00:50:40 <foo> andrewsw: Yeah, didn't think you were. Don't think any devs are. http://socallinuxexpo.org
00:50:47 <foo> Meets right near LAX
00:50:59 <foo> I don't think any devs will be around/are near, though... just throwing out an opportunity
00:51:35 <andrewsw> cool, but I won't be making it.
00:52:01 <foo> andrewsw: hehe :) No problem. If you happen to know someone interested in representing gnucash or something, let me know :) Otherwise, I've hit up a few other folks in here with no luck
00:52:06 <foo> thanks anywho
00:52:17 <cristofer721> thanks for the help
00:52:41 <andrewsw> foo: are you associated with this trade show?
00:52:45 <cristofer721> i don't guess there is any chance of a quick fix for this? it sounds like a serious bug
00:52:47 <andrewsw> cristofer721: sorry I've not got more.
00:52:50 <foo> andrewsw: yes
00:53:19 <foo> andrewsw: We like to represent some ORGs and give them a booth. This show isn't as commercial as Linuxworld, not nearly
00:54:23 <andrewsw> cristofer721: in all honesty, it seems to me like a minor interface bug (at least in your case, having no gray overlay boxes) that doesn't really affect usability.
00:54:47 <andrewsw> The original poster has a more serious issue with parts of the window hidden, but sounds like yours is just a PITA :(
00:55:59 <cristofer721> pita? i'm not familiar with the term
00:55:59 <andrewsw> foo: oh cool Cecil Watson will be there!
00:56:07 <andrewsw> Pain In The A$$
00:56:20 <foo> andrewsw: :) Where are you? /me guesses canada
00:56:26 <andrewsw> spokane, WA
00:56:41 <andrewsw> my wife loves Cecil WAtson, she just doesn't know it. ;)
00:57:08 <foo> hehe :)
00:57:11 <foo> ahh, ok
00:57:19 <cristofer721> andrewsw:indeed, oh well then
00:57:44 <andrewsw> cristofer721: be sure to get yourself CC'ed to that bug so you can keep abreast of any changes.
00:58:16 <cristofer721> ok
01:01:59 <cristofer721> how often do they update gnucash?
01:02:12 <andrewsw> when it's appropriate.
01:02:43 <andrewsw> there are some pretty serious windows bugs and some of the devs were muttering about 2.2.3 being sooner than later, but there is no concrete plan.
01:03:16 <andrewsw> I think we went 4 months from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2, but past performance is no indication...
01:10:48 <cristofer721> ok
01:10:56 <cristofer721> sorry i'm a bit new at bugzilla
01:11:09 <cristofer721> i appear to have posted something twice
01:12:12 <cristofer721> but what is happening is there now
01:12:41 <andrewsw> don't sweat it, it happens.
01:13:40 <andrewsw> just for future reference, only use the "reply" link when you want to quote previous comments to that you can trim those quotes and reply to specific points, otherwise just post a new comment.
01:13:50 <andrewsw> thanks for adding your two cents though!
01:15:35 <cristofer721> ok
01:15:36 <cristofer721> no problem
01:15:53 <cristofer721> i just got a new computer with vista so i just noticed it today
01:16:00 <cristofer721> i mean the program functions
01:16:07 <andrewsw> how are you liking vista so far?
01:16:12 <cristofer721> it's fine
01:17:01 <cristofer721> i haven't discovered anything that i really couldn't do without
01:17:44 <cristofer721> the program is useable but those little boxes stay on the screen until you close it
01:21:18 <andrewsw> well, time for bed. g'night all.
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11:46:14 <jawst81> can gnucash be used by multiple users to access the same data files?
11:46:49 <jsled> serially, yes.
11:47:14 <jsled> jawst81: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_Can_I_use_GnuCash_with_multiple_users.3F__Maybe_via_the_SQL_backend.3F
11:47:52 <jawst81> didn't get to the FAQ section yet, i was still RTFM...sorry to bother you then, thanks.
11:48:52 <jsled> s'okay.
11:49:27 <jawst81> would the file be locked for writing though? or could all users still read/write to the file?
11:49:45 <jsled> it's locked for reading, as well. Enitrely exclusive.
11:50:39 <jawst81> darn, then that really doesn't help me any, still sticks me in the file locking situation i'm already in.
11:51:35 <jawst81> if it's only to be used for a checkbook register, and nothing else, is there a way to make it multiuser read/write?
11:52:01 <warlord> not currently.
11:52:47 <jawst81> ok, that's what i needed to know...thanks
11:54:06 <jawst81> oh, one other thing, I just installed the windows port, and I get a no entry point found message that says: GetVolumePathNamesForVolumeNameW could not be located in kernel32.dll
11:55:18 <warlord> ummmmm
11:55:50 <jsled> That feels like a known issue...
11:56:26 <jsled> Right. http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Windows#Known_issues -> http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=504261
11:56:30 <jawst81> not really that big of a deal, but i just wanted to let you know about it in case it turns out to be an issue
11:57:06 <jsled> There's a workaround mentioned in Comment#7 of that bug.
11:58:52 <jawst81> i don't plan on using it at work because i need multiuser support, but i wanted to try it....leave it to M$ for things not to work correctly
11:59:07 <jawst81> thanks for all the input
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12:20:54 <andrewsw> mornin'
12:21:50 <warlord> hiya andrewsw
12:30:11 <andrewsw> oh crap. my laptop just failed a fsck on /
12:33:19 <warlord> OOPS!
12:34:40 <andrewsw> yeah, scary, but smart looks good, and the power was low, maybe it was just *too* low...
12:35:23 <warlord> Heh
12:35:51 <andrewsw> my laptop is a critical part of my "redundant distributed modile backup system" (tm)
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12:37:45 <warlord> * nods *
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12:41:21 <jjjjjjj> according to sourceforge.... "GnuCash is a personal finance manager. A check-book like register....."
12:41:39 <jjjjjjj> however... gnucash states it's personal and small business
12:42:22 <jjjjjjj> i havent even downloaded it yet. maybe someone here can contact sourceforge and get them to change that?
12:42:45 <jjjjjjj> cuz i almost headed for quickbooks when I read that.
12:43:20 <jjjjjjj> considering I'm a one man show type of business. thanks.
12:46:09 <warlord> We can change that.
12:47:47 <jjjjjjj> :-)
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12:51:09 <warlord> Except we're limited to 254 chars.
12:52:46 <warlord> I'm at 262 right now:
12:52:51 <warlord> GnuCash is a personal and small business finance manager program with a check-book like register GUI
12:52:51 <warlord> to enter and track bank accounts, stocks, income and
12:52:51 <warlord> expenses. GnuCash is designed to be simple and easy to use but still based on formal accounting principles.
12:54:17 <warlord> Does it still read right if I remove "program"?
12:54:37 <warlord> GnuCash is a personal and small-business finance manager with ...
12:54:53 <andrewsw> "Gnucash-All your base are belong to us. Please put your wallet by the stairs and welcome your new double-entry financial overlords. You will be assimilated and balanced.
12:54:56 <andrewsw> 131 chars.
12:55:01 <andrewsw> dang 170.
12:55:08 <warlord> Hahah
12:55:24 <andrewsw> GnuCash is a personal and small business financial manager..
12:55:26 <aasmodeus> program is probably not necessary
12:56:31 <warlord> Done.
12:56:34 <warlord> jjjjjjj: check now?
12:56:42 <andrewsw> better I think to say "finance program" than ...
12:56:45 <andrewsw> too slow.
12:57:43 <jjjjjjj> GnuCash is a personal finance manager.
12:59:15 <warlord> refresh your browser. That's not how it reads here. It reads: GnuCash is a personal and small-business finance manager with a check-book like register GUI to enter and track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. GnuCash is designed to be simple and easy to use but still based on formal accounting principles.
12:59:16 <jjjjjjj> ah... the project tab shows business but the download tab shows personal
12:59:28 <jjjjjjj> :P
13:00:16 <warlord> Ah, so it does.. Probably needs some time to update.
13:01:08 <andrewsw> sure would be nice it gnucash wouldn't allow dates more than 11 months ahead without a warning...
13:01:21 * andrewsw heads for to-do list...
13:01:39 <andrewsw> we probably discuss it every year ;)
13:02:02 <warlord> heh
13:02:22 <jjjjjjj> right now the only accounting method I have is whether or not I head to the closet to flog old parts on ebay or not.
13:03:54 <andrewsw> jjjjjjj: do you use a shoe-box? that is crucial ;)
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13:04:28 <jjjjjjj> oh yes. well actually it's an old cardboard envelope.
13:05:38 <jjjjjjj> for 2007 i spent 1500 on groceries and 2500 on take-out. hmmm.
13:05:45 <andrewsw> I don't know if its still true, but it used to be you could fill out the first part of US IRS tax return, sign it and send in the box of yearly receipts and they'd do it all for you. Always wanted to do that just for kicks.
13:06:06 <andrewsw> jjjjjjj doesn't have kids...
13:06:47 <cortana> jjjjjjj: terrifying, isn't it
13:07:16 <jjjjjjj> yes. we have a girl but she's 18.
13:07:39 <andrewsw> ... eating at home...
13:08:04 * andrewsw spends that in 4 months.
13:08:43 <jjjjjjj> i listen to a daveramsey.com guy once in a while. his motto is 'live like noone else so that you can live like noone else'
13:09:07 <jjjjjjj> beans and rice, rice and beans.
13:09:23 <andrewsw> ramen baby!
13:09:25 <jjjjjjj> he motivates people to get out of debt.
13:10:15 <andrewsw> and don't forget rice, rice, beans, rice and beans. It's not got much beans in it.
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13:12:56 <jjjjjjj> well i getting a 'getvolumepathnames' error running gnucash for the first time so maybe I'll reboot. thanks everyone
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13:23:03 <andrewsw> jjjjjjj: known issue, see: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=504261, if your on w2k
13:23:08 <andrewsw> you're even
13:23:18 <jjjjjjj> i don't think/know if gnucash will run on my ol laptop. still getting The procdure entry point G.....
13:23:24 <jjjjjjj> er... thanks
13:23:33 <jjjjjjj> i am in fact w2k
13:23:55 <andrewsw> looks like you need to downgrade gnome-vfs. there's a link in the bug report.
13:24:39 <jjjjjjj> me wants to try running it on puppylinux at some time down the road. Many thanks.
13:29:57 <warlord> Is it a cute little puppy? Or an ugly puppy?
13:30:20 <jjjjjjj> puppylinux.com the fastest puppy out there.
13:30:57 <warlord> Ah, so easy even a puppy can use it?
13:31:07 <jjjjjjj> about 70~80mb full install i believe
13:33:16 <andrewsw> jjjjjjj: is that debian based like damn small linux?
13:33:37 <andrewsw> warlord: got your scheme hat on?
13:33:48 <jjjjjjj> oooh i'm not the one to ask about debian based but yes, small like dsl
13:34:49 <andrewsw> does this do what I think it does:
13:34:50 <warlord> andrewsw: I can put it on. I'm heads-down in C++ right now.
13:34:55 <jjjjjjj> i had puppy, skype, openoffice running on a 256mb usb keychain drive. surfing, emailing skypeing and documenting.
13:35:09 <andrewsw> (lambda (rec value) ((record-modifier <report-template> 'report-id) rec value) report-rec (guid-new-return))
13:35:18 <andrewsw> oh sorry, ignore me if you like then.
13:35:44 <andrewsw> I think it modifies the 'report-id field by assigning it a guid.
13:37:18 <jjjjjjj> well downgrading gnome is working... thanks again. here I go....
13:37:26 <andrewsw> jjjjjjj: :)
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13:58:43 <andrewsw> yay, it does!
14:05:56 <warlord> andrewsw: yes, it does
14:06:25 <andrewsw> I always forget the canonical answer: run the damn code...
14:15:13 <warlord> Well, time to Ban and Delete.
14:15:21 <andrewsw> man that's annoying...
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14:16:23 <andrewsw> nothing links there, how'd you find it?
14:16:38 <warlord> Recent Changes?
14:16:44 <andrewsw> 'doh
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14:17:06 <jsled> rss feed of changes, yes.
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14:18:22 <andrewsw> hi dbreiser
14:18:30 <dbreiser> hi andrewsw
14:18:41 <andrewsw> thanks for finding that stupid little bug for me ;)
14:19:00 <dbreiser> happy to be of service :)
14:19:12 <dbreiser> I learned a bit more about gnucash, too.
14:25:03 <andrewsw> I still want to know how that txn was put together, maybe you could get a screen shot of how it looked?
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15:23:12 <dbreiser> andrewsw: I'll give it a try. I have to figure out how to make the transfer column really wide.
15:23:37 <dbreiser> Maybe I can do it again on a clean set of accounts with shorter names.
15:24:19 <andrewsw> I only want to know, so that I make sure I'mhandling it properly -- its very likely that someone else has done this as well, maybe many times, and it would be good to understand exactly what happens.
15:24:25 <andrewsw> I'm in no hurry, btw.
15:25:24 <dbreiser> Ok. but if I don't do it soon I'll forget. Right now I'm compiling wireshark so I can snoop on finance-quote requests to TIAA-CREF. They broke in october.
15:26:19 <andi5> dbreiser: in case you have wireshark on another machine, you can tcpdump the data first of course :-)
15:27:14 <dbreiser> andi5: that 'of course' presumes I know how to use tcpdump. (Bad assumption)
15:27:28 <andi5> hehe :-)
15:27:59 <dbreiser> the possibly bad part of all this is I think I need to unencrypt the discussion - even though the tiaa-cref data is readily available on the web.
15:28:19 <dbreiser> using https server
15:33:06 <andrewsw> dbreiser: do you still have the old version of that file? (maybe in a backup?) It would be great to get that fix tested.
15:33:41 <dbreiser> ah. of course. I probably have that transaction in dozens of backups...
15:34:26 <dbreiser> I'll test it as soon as I rebuild trunk. Or if I just copy the scm file into my tree...
15:34:48 <andrewsw> thx, at your convenience.
15:45:36 <andi5> andrewsw: what about r16684? it simply does not merge with 2.2 as trunk has already diverged..
15:46:57 * andrewsw goes looking
15:50:46 <andrewsw> I might be able to manually backport it. I was worried about that when I put it up, but obviously didn't give it much though.
15:50:49 <andrewsw> t
15:50:52 <andrewsw> .
15:51:55 <andi5> hm... "might be able" or "can easily do"
15:53:16 <andi5> there is also the possibility to create a merge branch, but warlord will have more definite opinions :-)
15:54:00 <warlord> Sorry, what's the issue?
15:54:03 <andrewsw> well, my head is elsewhere at the moment, but I'm quite positive that those changes were orthogonal to prior ones and could be patched in.
15:54:09 <andi5> hi warlord :-)
15:54:14 <warlord> Hi. You rang?
15:54:43 <andi5> yeah... the problem is that we did not backport all changes of the ap report to branches/2.2... now some commits as tagged BP
15:54:51 <andi5> but they do not merge cleanly..
15:55:27 <andrewsw> was it 16637 that didn't get backported?
15:55:43 <andi5> i can give you a full list, just gimme a minute
15:57:17 <andrewsw> I've got it I think. 16631 was the last one.
15:57:23 <warlord> If you want to backport JUST those changes then you could create a merge branch off branches/2.2
15:57:51 <warlord> e.g., svn cp branches/2.2 branches/2.2-merge-<bugid>
15:58:05 <warlord> then merge there, then merge that back into branches/2.2
15:58:11 <andi5> andrewsw: 16631 is not an ap commit, sorry.... my mistake
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15:59:50 <andrewsw> OIC, took me a minute there.
15:59:51 <andi5> yeah, that is 16633
16:00:42 <dbreiser> andrewsw: fix for my bug works on the full file, but not on the empty accounts + one malformed transaction. Hmm. I don't think it's worth worrying about now.
16:00:57 <dbreiser> I will email you a png of the original malformed transaction.
16:01:07 <andrewsw> the only reason 16637 wasn't marked for BP was because it was not a true bug report and I felt it was a new feature. The report never handled splits/mergers before, so I considered at new *feature*.
16:01:24 <andrewsw> dbreiser: thanks!
16:01:27 <andi5> andrewsw: so 16637 16684 16693 16759 16774 16784 is some list of arbitrary commits :-D
16:02:38 <andi5> from my point of view all can be backported, as i do not use that functionality ;-)
16:03:10 <andrewsw> andi5: one could easily argue that any fix to adv-port is a bug-fix at this point... sigh.
16:03:43 <andi5> maybe a better argumentation :)
16:04:01 <andrewsw> you want a better one? okay:
16:04:16 <andi5> no, i mean better than mine
16:04:33 <andrewsw> oh, what was yours? just that 16684 didn't merge?
16:04:49 <andi5> "as i do not use[...]"
16:04:56 <andrewsw> d'oh.
16:05:29 <andrewsw> So, I consider it a lesson learned... sit on enhancements a little longer while there are still bugs out there.
16:06:14 <andi5> or work in a feature branch, welll...
16:06:52 <andrewsw> yeah, though even that wouldn't have worked well since it was a wholesale change in how the txns are examined.
16:06:59 <andi5> well, please write a mail to gnucash-devel asking for backport... if no-one objects, i will do it
16:07:38 <andi5> not necessarily right now, sorry for distracting you
16:07:47 <andrewsw> Well, I'm not sure I support it, so I'll review it, and differentiate exactly how it fixes things.
16:07:55 <andrewsw> not at all andi5!!
16:08:50 <andrewsw> It may be completely reasonable to let it sit for 2.4
16:10:01 <andi5> you decide :-) ... one thing is for sure: i will not backport those commits now :-D
16:10:10 <andrewsw> hehe
16:10:38 * andi5 is still depressed that he did not see the GUID_LENGTH bug
16:11:12 <jsled> you're tellin' me.
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16:12:44 *** Def has joined #gnucash
16:13:59 <andrewsw> dbreiser: thanks. perfect
16:14:39 <andrewsw> oh heh. 2.3...
16:16:01 <dbreiser> andrewsw: yw
16:17:14 <dbreiser> andi5: my wife still wonders why I spent all day on her machine
16:17:47 <andi5> dbreiser: so why do you do? :-)
16:18:27 <dbreiser> I was doing my binary walk through all the 2.2.1 -> 2.2.2 updates to find the guid_length culprit
16:18:56 <andi5> ah, you _spent_ ... i was reading "am spending" :-)
16:19:35 <andi5> i would say you are jealous
16:22:33 <dbreiser> probably.
16:23:52 <dbreiser> I......need......more.......speed!!!
16:24:20 <andi5> warlord: damnit, i already had a commit for r16718 some months ago :-)
16:24:49 <andi5> dbreiser: pssst, this is a publically logged channel ;-)
16:24:54 *** cortilap has quit IRC
16:25:29 <dbreiser> andi5: I'm being literal, not colloquial.
16:25:39 <andi5> sure :-)
16:25:45 <dbreiser> heh
16:25:53 <warlord> andi5: what do you mean, already had a commit for that? I haven't seen anything committed.
16:26:24 <warlord> And nothing marked in the bug report.
16:26:29 <andi5> yep, i committed with a hidden flag, so files are not updated and the revision couter stays as it is
16:26:54 <andi5> no, i had it working but not the time to finish it
16:27:05 <warlord> "had it working"?
16:27:23 <warlord> Did you implement the full fix? like for GLs and all?
16:27:29 <warlord> Or just based on that one?
16:27:50 <warlord> besides, if you've had it for months, well.. you could have marked in the bug report that you were working on it.
16:27:54 <andi5> i think so, looks like what i did (and we talked about)
16:28:12 <andi5> sure, i do not complain
16:28:29 * andi5 shuts up now
16:28:34 *** andi5 is now known as andi5|mute
16:28:44 <dbreiser> counting....
16:29:16 <andrewsw> andi5|mute is a funny guy...
16:30:11 * andrewsw has a working skeleton of report-guid's!!
16:31:05 <warlord> andi5|mute: Please refresh my memory?
16:31:53 *** wharp has quit IRC
16:33:47 <andi5|mute> warlord: http://lists.gnucash.org/logs/2007/10/2007-10-15.html#T16:35:41
16:34:24 <warlord> Ahh, yeah, I did that in my impl ;)
16:34:28 <warlord> andi5|mute: COOL!
16:34:31 <warlord> andrewsw: COOL!
16:36:09 <andrewsw> In fact, it seems like it might be usable, if I go put GUID's in all the reports.
16:38:26 <warlord> You should do that ;)
16:39:21 <andrewsw> alright, I have real work to do :(. Later guys.
16:39:22 *** andrewsw is now known as andrewsw-afk
16:39:32 *** palatin has quit IRC
16:47:36 <dbreiser> andi5|mute: do you have any pointers on how to get decrypted ssl streams out of wireshark? I only need to see what I'm sending out of my own computer.
16:47:42 <andi5|mute> warlord: i just saw that r16718 introduced a new translation string... does that conflict a possibly active string freeze?
16:47:44 *** andi5|mute is now known as andi5
16:48:03 <andi5> dbreiser: you mean like a middle man?
16:48:41 <dbreiser> andi5: I guess, but I know the middle man, and can vouch for him:)
16:49:09 <andi5> and does your client trust the middle man?
16:49:10 <warlord> andi5: I dont know. I'm not sure what the string freeze thing is all about. you'll need to coordinate with cstim.
16:49:15 <dbreiser> I was hoping there was a way to hook it up since I'm not really in the middle here
16:49:18 <warlord> @nick gncbot
16:49:18 *** gncbot` is now known as gncbot
16:49:20 <andi5> warlord: yep
16:49:24 *** foo has quit IRC
16:49:25 *** warlord sets mode: +o gncbot
16:49:55 <dbreiser> andi5: I only need my half of the conversation, besides, the browser spits out the other half in plain text
16:50:18 <jsled> dbreiser: "the other half"?
16:51:39 <dbreiser> There is a form on a page at the TIAA-CREF web site that connects to the same place that finance-quote has been getting TIAA-CREF pseudoquotes
16:51:49 <dbreiser> the data server is https
16:52:04 <dbreiser> so the form sets up the query and launches it at the https server
16:52:06 <andi5> https only, i suppose?
16:52:30 <dbreiser> the server sends it back as https, but the browser decodes it and displays
16:52:32 <dbreiser> andi5: yep
16:52:58 <jsled> Mmm. https works at the socket level.
16:53:11 <dbreiser> I want to figure out how the form has changed its behavior
16:53:19 <jsled> So, one really does need to get in the middle to see the taffic.
16:53:21 <jsled> traffic, even.
16:53:32 <dbreiser> does sound that way.
16:53:41 <dbreiser> but then I have all the keys necessary
16:54:00 <dbreiser> I just have to figure out how to capture them and apply them after the fact
16:54:06 <jsled> *shudder*
16:54:29 <jsled> http://crypto.stanford.edu/ssl-mitm/
16:54:29 <andi5> dbreiser: does the livehttpheaders show you the form data?
16:54:36 <andi5> livehttpheaders firefox extension, i mean
16:54:46 <dbreiser> andi5: how do I do that?
16:54:51 <jsled> http://www.portswigger.net/proxy/
16:55:46 <dbreiser> andi5: I'll see if that works. First gotta figure out if there are any firefox surprises with extensions on macs...
16:55:51 <andi5> dbreiser: you install the extension, show the corresponding sidebar and press the button on the tiaa-cref web site... that will make your browser initiate an http connection
16:56:06 <andi5> https, of course
16:56:06 <dbreiser> andi5: thanks.
16:56:09 *** kling0n has quit IRC
16:56:35 <jsled> Or, if you aalready have Firebug installed, it should show headers, too.
16:58:17 <andi5> jsled: thanks for the links!
16:59:10 <dbreiser> I don't have any browser extensions installed. Never got around to it. I figure I'll forget how to use them anyway...
16:59:58 <dbreiser> jsled: I second andi5's thanks.
17:00:14 <jsled> I third andi5's ... oh, wait.
17:00:20 <andi5> lol
17:00:33 <andi5> Q: is jsled tail-recursive?
17:00:55 *** twunder has joined #gnucash
17:01:00 *** jsled has left #gnucash
17:01:04 *** jsled has joined #gnucash
17:01:04 *** gncbot sets mode: +o jsled
17:01:13 <andi5> yep
17:01:27 <andi5> jsled: how are you?
17:01:48 <jsled> Oh, there was no channel part message, was tehre?
17:02:09 <aasmodeus> (17:01:01) jsled left the room.
17:02:10 <aasmodeus> ?
17:02:32 <andi5> hm... there is a bug in the matrix (fehler in der matrix)
17:02:47 <jsled> yeah, nevermind. I did "/part #gnucash Stack Overflow", but I guess that only applies ot /quit.
17:04:15 <andi5> possible :-)
17:10:03 <andi5> warlord: in http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=384879#c12 , what do you mean by "2.2/trunk"? is r16724 supposed to be backported?
17:10:50 <warlord> Sorry, meant 2.3/trunk
17:11:22 <andi5> in case you are going to update the bug, may you set the patch status?
17:14:05 *** foo has joined #gnucash
17:17:53 *** twunder has quit IRC
17:22:16 <dbreiser> andi5: and jsled: it looks like livehttpheaders may have given me enough info to try a fix to the TIAA-CREF f-q module. Thanks.
17:22:28 <andi5> cool :-)
17:23:36 <jsled> Ah, great. LiveHttpHeaders is very useful. Firebug is too, but in a different way.
17:24:19 <dbreiser> I'll try to remember that. When the first proposed solution works, I frequently don't dig too much deeper.
17:34:25 *** Slart has quit IRC
17:34:38 <warlord> bye
17:34:40 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
17:45:37 <dbreiser> woohoo. I think I've found the fix for tiaa-cref quotes.
17:45:57 <andi5> yeehaw
17:45:59 <dbreiser> I guess if it takes less than 12 characters, I can handle programming :)
17:46:10 <andi5> it is damn easy, is not it?
17:47:40 <dbreiser> not
17:59:36 <andi5> seems like i need audits for revisions 16742, 16755, 16771 and 16776 ... none of them tricky.... and i would like some input for http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-devel/2007-December/021901.html to complete the gcc 4.2 fixes
18:22:46 *** Zoolooc_ has quit IRC
18:23:49 <andi5> jsled: i suppose http://svn.gnucash.org/trac/browser/gnucash/trunk/src/gnome-utils/gnc-frequency.c?rev=16769#L503 can be removed? btw, is calculation with enumerations like working in Z_n (mod n)?
18:27:20 <jsled> Yeah, I guess L503 can be removed.
18:27:37 <jsled> And, no, I don't think enumerations are implicitly "(mod n)"
18:28:51 <andi5> ok... i will have to take a second look at 16769 then :-) ... but as it seems to only change one single offset, i suppose it is done right :-D
18:29:35 <andi5> it is just a little too late for me already
18:29:40 <andi5> bye
18:29:45 <jsled> Yeah, it was just an off-by-one error, there...
18:30:01 <jsled> The list goes [0,..,31,"last day of month","last sun", "last mon", ..., "last sat"]
18:30:29 <andi5> ah..., i suppose now i understand :)
18:30:31 <jsled> But it was using the offset 30 for some reason.
18:30:54 *** andi5 has quit IRC
18:44:49 *** w has joined #gnucash
18:54:11 *** twunder has joined #gnucash
18:56:49 *** dbreiser has quit IRC
18:57:52 *** dbreiser has joined #gnucash
19:06:59 *** kielein has quit IRC
19:10:12 *** donfede has quit IRC
19:23:06 *** XiXaQ has quit IRC
19:25:55 *** XiXaQ has joined #GnuCash
19:43:03 *** Demitar has quit IRC
20:29:26 *** IanL has joined #gnucash
20:57:26 *** dbreiser has quit IRC
20:59:01 *** cekz has quit IRC
21:06:33 *** warlord-afk is now known as warlord
21:25:31 *** _gunni_ has quit IRC
21:41:25 *** litsunglin has joined #gnucash
21:41:30 *** litsunglin has left #gnucash
21:59:06 *** renato has joined #gnucash
21:59:19 <renato> hello folks...
21:59:55 <renato> anyone here contributes code to gnucash ?
22:00:00 <warlord> yes
22:01:17 <renato> oh.. hi warlord... I've sent a diff to fix a typo on a portuguese file to gnucash-devel list and wanted to know how do you guys generate those patch files ?
22:01:35 <warlord> svn diff.
22:01:47 <warlord> but for the po files, generally you should work with the original translator.
22:02:20 <renato> ok...
22:02:44 <renato> thanks a lot !
22:03:11 <warlord> you're welcome.
22:03:21 <warlord> FYI, cstim is the translation lead.
22:03:44 <renato> cstim ?
22:03:51 <warlord> yeah
22:04:26 <renato> I suppose you're talking about someone's IRC nick.. is that so ?
22:04:49 <warlord> yes
22:06:41 <renato> has anyone reported an issue with screen redrawing under windows ?
22:06:55 <warlord> With what version?
22:06:59 <renato> 2.2.2
22:08:17 <warlord> Hmmm.. I dont know.
22:09:19 <renato> When I open an account with more than a screen full of lines and turn the mouse wheel, it starts running through the transactions, then all of sudden a big blank appears on the middle of the list
22:09:42 <renato> then I click somewhere inside the blank and the screen gets redrawn...
22:10:00 <renato> it also happens sometimes (frequently, actually) when I do a search
22:10:54 <renato> do you think it's worth filing a bug request ?
22:11:00 <warlord> Sure.
22:11:19 <renato> will do that then...
22:11:34 <warlord> ok
22:12:57 <renato> guess will stop bugging your for now... see ya later...
22:13:03 <warlord> good night, then
22:13:27 *** renato has quit IRC
22:15:40 *** andrewsw-afk is now known as andrewsw
22:16:05 <andrewsw> hiya.
22:16:15 <warlord> good evening
22:17:39 <andrewsw> I'm getting close. Can now save and recall reports, restore already opened reports, even saved ones (that's tricky, gotta keep track of the parent template).
22:17:56 <warlord> Neat!
22:18:57 <warlord> Maybe if you and Phil Longstaff finish, maybe we can get 2.4.0 by Spring!
22:19:13 <andrewsw> What happened to 2.3? ;)
22:19:33 <andrewsw> My feeble effort is nothing compared to what he's doing.
22:20:27 <andrewsw> One more thing I need to figure. The runtime handle on an open report is a g_int that gets incremented with each report that get's run.
22:20:31 *** twunder has quit IRC
22:20:48 <warlord> 2.3 would be the test releases prior to 2.4
22:21:33 <andrewsw> That handle gets stored with the report in the books file and it becomes the report-guid when it restores the report.
22:22:17 <warlord> but... should that be the report-guid?
22:22:29 <andrewsw> Right now the routine that generates that handle has to do all kinds of checks to make sure it's not assigning another report an already used num...
22:22:31 <warlord> I would think that the report-guid would refer back to the original report template?
22:22:32 <andrewsw> beat me to it.
22:23:08 <andrewsw> I was going to suggest replacing that g_int with a GUID.
22:23:30 * andrewsw thingks GUID is the solution to all problems.
22:24:01 <warlord> Well, except that there IS a chance of duplicating a guid..
22:24:24 <andrewsw> there is a guid that refers to the report template, yes. It gets refernced in the 'renderer field.
22:24:30 <andrewsw> That's what I was going to ask...
22:25:30 <warlord> You never need to refer back to a report-id.
22:25:35 <warlord> At least I can't see why you would.
22:25:50 <warlord> You only need to refer back to a report-guid, which only needs to exist in templates.
22:25:54 <andrewsw> I don't think there is an inherent problem in the current g_int report-id, I was just thinking of it in terms of completeness.
22:25:57 <andrewsw> yeah.
22:26:26 <warlord> No reason to change it.
22:26:30 <andrewsw> yep.
22:26:48 <andrewsw> I had to add another field -- 'parent-type (should probably be called 'parent-template)
22:27:01 <warlord> which is..??
22:27:12 <andrewsw> for saved reports, otherwise when you restore an open, but saved report,
22:27:32 <andrewsw> you get the saved-reports template, which isn't real...
22:28:11 <warlord> I dont see why that matters. A "Saved Report" is just a way to open a report template and then adjust the default settings.
22:28:31 <warlord> An open saved report is no different than an open report that's been modified.
22:29:19 *** twunder has joined #gnucash
22:30:16 <andrewsw> But the restore-form-generator uses the 'report-type from <report> which is the guid of the saved report, but the you can't tell
22:30:36 <andrewsw> during the restore that ... hhmmm
22:30:43 <andrewsw> I can't verbalize it at the moment.
22:31:25 <warlord> Well, maybe take a moment?
22:31:32 <andrewsw> :)
22:37:18 <andrewsw> Okay, I *think* this is it... heh.
22:37:35 <andrewsw> A saved report is options applied onto a base template.
22:37:57 <andrewsw> An open report is options applied onto a report which could be a base report or a custom report.
22:37:57 <warlord> Right.
22:38:10 <warlord> See, that's where I disagree.
22:38:20 <warlord> An open report is still options applied into a base template.
22:38:30 <andrewsw> Aha!!! Excatly!
22:38:44 <andrewsw> Exactly, even, to mimic jsled
22:38:50 <warlord> heh
22:39:07 <andrewsw> so we need the base template. so in a saved report, we need to keep track of it's base template.
22:39:13 <andrewsw> so that we can pass it to the open report.
22:39:30 <warlord> The base template is just the .scm report guid.
22:40:54 <andrewsw> yes. and we track the base template's guid in a couple of places, but no where in a saved report where we can just point to it and say -> that template.
22:41:09 <andrewsw> (except that now we do).
22:41:15 <warlord> Right.
22:41:30 <andrewsw> I think we're secretly agreeing with each other again.
22:41:47 <warlord> Maybe.
22:42:05 *** motin_0 has joined #gnucash
22:42:18 <warlord> Saved reports need guid's only to differentiate between different saved reports of the same 'name', so that open (and saved) reports can refer back to the report by guid instead of by name.
22:42:36 <andrewsw> yep.
22:42:49 *** motin_0_ has joined #gnucash
22:42:53 <warlord> Okay, so maybe we are in agreement ;)
22:42:59 <andrewsw> heh heh.
22:43:18 <andrewsw> It's hard because I'm looking at my code, and you're imagining what you think my code looks like.
22:43:31 <warlord> true
22:44:24 <andrewsw> and my vocab is weak too.
22:45:00 <warlord> too late?
22:45:51 <andrewsw> nah. just lack of use in a programming environment. I use words that have specific connotations to experienced coders in a way that maybe isn't correct -> confusion.
22:46:01 <warlord> Hehehhe
22:46:06 <warlord> You're usually clear
22:52:20 *** motin_0 has quit IRC
22:54:09 <andrewsw> so I did all this using report-id before I found that report-id was already used. awfully confusing.
22:58:36 <warlord> well, change your stuff to report-guid?
22:59:10 <andrewsw> yeah, I'm doing it, but can't just sed s/report-id/report-guid... I'm just bitching about my own silliness.
23:01:38 <warlord> well, you could possibly svn diff, sed the diff, svn revert, then re-apply the patch
23:02:54 <andrewsw> well, that would have been a lot easier...
23:03:03 <warlord> heheh
23:03:09 <warlord> I tend to think outside the box ;)
23:03:26 * andrewsw thinks warlord waited to suggest that... ;)
23:04:08 <andrewsw> okay mister smarty pants, got a good way to add a line to the (gnc:define-report ) function in all the reports?
23:04:51 <warlord> nope, just gotta open and edit each one.
23:05:15 <andrewsw> I think I'll let that one stew for a few minutes, just in case...
23:05:23 <warlord> You could make an emacs keyboard macro to C-x C-s to search for the define report and then add the line
23:05:27 *** kling0n has joined #gnucash
23:08:17 <andrewsw> for i in [ list of report-names] do ; lines=`wc -l $i`; mv $i $i.org; head -n $(($lines - 3))$i.org >$i; tail -n 3 $i.org >>$i; done
23:08:20 *** jjjjjjj has joined #gnucash
23:10:12 <warlord> You're assuming where the define-report is located?
23:10:33 <warlord> some files have multiple reports defined.
23:11:09 <andrewsw> oh I know, just playing instead of actually doing it...
23:11:22 <warlord> Heh
23:11:32 <warlord> anyways, bedtime for me. Good luck, and TTYT.
23:11:43 <foo> warlord: see ya
23:11:51 <warlord> see ya
23:11:52 <andrewsw> g'night warlord
23:11:54 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
23:13:03 *** Slart has joined #gnucash
23:28:23 <andrewsw> @tell warlord oh that's sneaky -- (lambda (l) (gnc:define-report...))
23:28:23 <gncbot> andrewsw: The operation succeeded.
23:33:08 *** motin_0_ has quit IRC