2008-01-02 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:06:14 <dbreiser> d3ity: I've successfully downloaded from PNC
00:08:29 <dbreiser> d3ity: try https://www.oasis.cfree.com/test.ofxgp as the server URL and FID = 4501 and ORG = ISC
00:08:49 <dbreiser> I haven't done it in the last several months, but it did work
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00:37:00 <jpeach> How can I export my client list from one file and import it in a new file?
00:37:00 <gncbot> jpeach: Sent 3 weeks, 4 days, 8 hours, and 41 minutes ago: <cstim> Glad to hear you'd like to start coding on gnucash. As you're coming from a Visual Studio background, I must warn you that the whole build process and project management works rather differently in gnucash (with the autotool : automake, autoconf) compared to MSVC.
00:37:01 <gncbot> jpeach: Sent 3 weeks, 4 days, 8 hours, and 41 minutes ago: <cstim> Do you have the opportunity to program gnucash on a Linux box, at least for the first few days? It will be *much* faster to get it up and running.
00:37:02 <gncbot> jpeach: Sent 3 weeks, 4 days, 8 hours, and 40 minutes ago: <cstim> On windows, we're really emulating the build environment that we are used to on Linux, so going from Linux-development to gnucash-on-win is actually easier than going from (normal) Windows-development to gnucash-on-win.
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02:37:12 <d3ity> hey guys, i've got a few hbci questions. Is anyone around that could help me out? I'm confused about what I should select when creating a user for PNC bank
02:41:11 <d3ity> I've tried create keyfile and PIN/TAN but both fail to complete when it connects
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02:47:40 <tony> say anyone here?
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02:52:16 <keeleyt83> hi all
02:52:38 <keeleyt83> would anyone mind answering a question I've got?
02:53:08 <andi5> see the topic: Don't meta-ask, just ask and wait :)
02:54:00 <keeleyt83> this is my first time on an irc :) so ive got no idea. what does that mean?
02:54:23 <andi5> meta-ask is to ask about asking
02:54:31 <keeleyt83> lol ok
02:56:53 <keeleyt83> so i used to download ofx files from my credit card site and load them into my accounting software (money) to reconcile my accounts. i'm not sure how to do that in gnucash without using ofxdirectconnect. is there a way?
02:57:26 <andi5> file > import > ofx?
02:58:50 <keeleyt83> can u reconcile accounts that way, or just import accounts?
03:00:47 <andi5> imho, you can clear transactions that way which helps with reconciliation afterwards
03:02:59 <keeleyt83> gotcha. i used gnucash in xp once and i remember there being a different procedure for importing ofx's.... this will work though. thanks for your help and definition of meta-asking :)
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08:53:02 <dareth> Happy New Years.
08:53:57 <dareth> I want to close down 2007 books, setup 2008 with same account structure, but no data.
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08:54:13 <warlord> personal only? or business?
08:54:19 <dareth> personal
08:54:24 <warlord> File -> Export Accounts
08:54:32 <dareth> I did that, how do I import it back?
08:54:41 <warlord> File -> Open
08:54:52 <warlord> And then you'll need to set up all your opening balanced
08:54:53 <dareth> laugh, knew it would be "obvious".
08:55:02 <dareth> thanks.
08:56:37 <warlord> :)
09:05:37 <dareth> that did it thanks again.
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10:03:59 <User> is there a version of the latest User's Guide printable?
10:05:19 <jsled> User: http://www.gnucash.org/docs.phtml has a PDF of the 1.8 user's guide, which is basically up to date.
10:07:48 <jsled> well, maybe not "up to date". But there wasn't a whole lot of change between the 1.8 and 2.0 docs release.
10:08:16 <jsled> The biggest difference of course will be the screen shots, but the overall form of the UI is about the same.
10:08:50 <User> ok, tks jsled!
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13:12:54 <agorf> hello. is it possible to have multiple currencies in a split transaction? eg withdraw X USD from an account and deposit Y EUR in another account and Z EUR in another account
13:13:41 <agorf> im editing the exchange rate in the EUR transactions but gnucash selects 1 USD = 1 EUR once i click on OK
13:14:53 <jsled> agorf: have you read http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/guide/chapter10.html ?
13:16:00 <agorf> no, not yet
13:16:14 <agorf> im reading http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/guide/basics-entry1.html right now
13:16:25 <agorf> i just thought of trying out stuff as i read
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14:14:22 <andrewsw> happy new year all.
14:14:36 <jsled> happy new year. ☺
14:14:45 <andi5> <:-D
14:14:51 <warlord> Happy New Year everyone.
14:14:58 <andrewsw> what is that little thing jsled
14:15:19 <jsled> u263A: WHITE SMILING FACE (☺)
14:15:34 <andi5> jsled, the first irc plugin for gucharmap
14:15:49 <warlord> What's the compose characters for that?
14:16:10 <jsled> In my ~/.XCompose? <Multi_key> <:> <)> ;)
14:16:43 <andrewsw> huh. my eyes aren't good enough (or my monitor isn't) just looks like a swirl here.
14:16:59 <jsled> (or "<colon> <parenright>", more correctly.)
14:17:09 <jsled> It doesn't look so great in this font, either.
14:18:30 <andrewsw> anyone have anymore input on creating separate report-id's?
14:19:35 <warlord> Hmm, that doesn't work for me, but I'm using the default gnome compose settings
14:19:49 <jsled> warlord: Oh, no, it's entirely custom.
14:19:57 <warlord> Ah
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14:51:01 <Semmi> hello
14:51:14 <andrewsw> hi
14:51:23 <Semmi> can you speak german?
14:51:28 <Semmi> i have a problem
14:51:35 <andrewsw> with your german?
14:51:41 <andi5> lol
14:51:42 <andrewsw> hehehe no, I don't speak german
14:51:56 <andi5> me tries hard, each and every day
14:52:02 <Semmi> i want to make my years
14:52:37 <Semmi> i want to make my payroll for the last year
14:53:00 <Semmi> then i want to start new
14:53:22 <Semmi> but alle income and expenses are still there
14:53:26 <Semmi> is this right?
14:53:53 <Semmi> they will never ending?
14:54:03 <Semmi> or must i start a new file?
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14:54:52 <Semmi> i hope you can understand me -.-
14:55:41 <andrewsw> since that's mostly english, I'll try...
14:55:51 <andrewsw> yes, the income and expenses are still there.
14:56:11 <andrewsw> There is not currently any stable code for "Closing books"
14:56:26 <andrewsw> although there is a feature in the lastest svn that does it.
14:56:46 <andrewsw> There are several options available to you if you don't want to try the latest code.
14:57:20 <Def> Is the name of the saved reports file still saved-reports-2.0 in 2.2.2?
14:57:49 <andrewsw> Semmi: you could enter your own txns to zero out the expense/income accounts, or
14:58:00 <andrewsw> you could export the accounts list and start a new file, or
14:58:07 <andrewsw> you could just let them accumulate for now.
14:58:18 <jsled> Def: yes.
14:58:20 <andrewsw> Def: yes
14:58:24 <Def> thanks thanks
14:58:39 <jsled> (IN STEREO)
14:58:46 <Def> My saved reports are not showing up in the Reports-menu
14:58:59 <jsled> Def: did you restart gnucas?
14:59:03 <jsled> gnucash, too.
14:59:25 <Def> Yes, several times...
15:00:42 <Def> Are the template names language specific?
15:00:47 <andrewsw> heh heh
15:01:21 <andrewsw> we've been discussing that lately.
15:01:35 <andrewsw> apparently there were previously translated and now are not, though I'm not sure how or why.
15:01:40 <andrewsw> they were, that is.
15:01:45 <Def> I *think* the reports were saved using an "en" locale
15:02:13 <andrewsw> then that's probably not the problem. why don't you pastebin your saved-report-2.0 file for us...
15:03:03 <Def> They indeed appear to be... Because when I start up gc without defining the nl_BE locale, they are present
15:03:20 <Def> Ok, hang on
15:03:45 <andrewsw> Def: what version?
15:03:57 <andrewsw> oh 2.2.2, carry on.
15:03:57 <Def> 2.2.2
15:05:38 <Def> pastebin.ca is slow today...
15:06:10 * warlord wonders if we should set up a pastebin.gnucash.org? ;)
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15:06:50 <andrewsw> between that, bugzilla.gnucash.org and some yahoo mirroring all of svn.gnucash.org, that should work really well...
15:07:03 <Def> http://pastebin.com/d32e0cf65
15:07:19 *** mcarter is now known as blippy
15:07:20 <Def> brb
15:08:16 <warlord> yahoo mirroring?
15:08:47 <andrewsw> heh. yay-hoo... out on the range some yay-hoo was rustlin' our steers.
15:10:06 <andrewsw> Def: it works in "en", but not "nl". is there any console output?
15:10:20 <Def> Nope, none
15:10:48 <Def> I mean, yes, it works in en and not in nl, but nope, no console output
15:11:05 <cekz> would someone know any documentation where I could learn how to add an expense:interest from a liabilities:loan which doesnt require any monthly capital payment?
15:11:16 <andrewsw> Def: hmmm... some folks get actual crashes from bad report names (apparently).
15:11:44 <Def> Well, there was a dupe report warning at startup, but I deleted it... No messages whatsoever now...
15:11:46 <Def> brb
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15:13:01 <jsled> cekz: Not quite sure what you mean...?
15:13:05 <andrewsw> Def: dupe report warning is significant. Apparently, the names are too similar in Cash Flow -- Last Month and Cash Flow -- This month. Try editing your saved reports file to make those names different at the beginning.
15:13:52 <cekz> jsled, I have a bank loan, which only requires interest payments monthly. I would like for gnucash to grasp the current capital and add the interest every month according to the current balance
15:13:58 <cekz> hope that sentence made more sense
15:14:07 <jsled> Yeah. No can do.
15:14:17 <jsled> Not fully automatically, anyways.
15:14:30 <jsled> It sounds like you know how you want the transactions to look.
15:14:37 <jsled> You can setup the scheduled transaction as such.
15:14:56 <jsled> But there's no "current account balance" function as such.
15:15:06 <jsled> So, computing the interest that way won't work.
15:15:14 <jsled> But, you could have it prompt you for the value.
15:15:45 <cekz> jsled, unfortunately I am freshmeat to gnucash, I wouldn't know how to do that
15:16:04 <jsled> Which part?
15:16:25 <cekz> the part where it asks me for the current capital
15:16:26 <warlord> andrewsw: It would be REALLY cool if each "saved" report had a unique GUID so users didn't have to change the report name.
15:16:35 <warlord> Then again, it would also be nice if we could delete saved reports.
15:16:55 <cekz> jsled, I have read gnucash user guide. Anything else I should read for more complex operations?
15:17:15 <jsled> cekz: Are you familiar with the template transaction part of the scheduled transactions?
15:17:26 <andrewsw> warlord: that's part of it. when a report is loaded (saved or other) without a report-id, well generate a GUID to ID it with so the name of the report doesn't matter.
15:17:29 <andrewsw> I think.
15:17:38 <cekz> jsled, barely, I have added a few just this morning.
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15:18:14 <andrewsw> warlord: and I'll dig into the report-saving code and have it add a GUID as save time for all the newly saved ones.
15:18:24 <jsled> cekz: Good enough. In the credit/debit cells of those template transactions, any string of characters entered is considered a variable, and will result in you being prompted for the value during the "Since Last Run" dialog.
15:18:46 <jsled> Also, basic match expressions [+-/*()] are supported.
15:19:01 <andrewsw> warlord: not sure how that will play with the menu generation, but it should work on the back side pretty easily.
15:19:30 <jsled> So, you could have a monthly SX with a template with "currentbalance * 0.0675" (or whatever the interest rate is).
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15:24:21 <warlord> andrewsw: well, one would think that the menu generation code would only use the report names, regardless of the names.
15:25:32 <warlord> Also, I dont understand the concept of auto-generating report GUIDs. I dont see what that buys you. You want linkability across invocations of gnucash, which means the GUID needs to be persistent. The only time you need auto-generation is when you "save", and then you need to refer back to the original report (by GUID instead of by name)
15:25:55 <jsled> I think that's what he's suggesting.
15:26:04 <andrewsw> warlord: there are reports that don't have ID's
15:26:22 <andrewsw> those are: currently open reports that reference a report template by name
15:26:29 <andrewsw> and currently saved reports
15:27:09 <warlord> IMHO all reports should be given a GUID
15:27:34 <warlord> I.E., if gnucash sees a report without a GUID it should refuse to load it and throw and error.
15:27:58 <andrewsw> hmmm... I was thinking that it would be mean to break peoples saved reports.
15:28:12 <Def> andrewsw: No, the dupe warning was about the "Price NOK" report... It contained a dupe with the exact same name
15:28:17 <andrewsw> It is fairly simple to support those "legacy" reports
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15:28:45 <Semmi> i want to make a new file for 2008 but how i can take my accounts from 2007?
15:28:54 <andrewsw> The problem with those "legacy" reports is they refer to their template by name, not ID.
15:29:02 <jsled> Semmi: File > Export Accounts. Then open that file.
15:29:23 <jsled> Semmi: Note it's the account tree only … no customers, vendors, jobs, &c. No opening balances. Just the account tree.
15:29:49 <Semmi> it's an xml file?
15:29:56 <andrewsw> warlod: but I see no reason to *not* generate a GUID for those older reports on the fly so that users can continue to access them, so long as their name hasn't changed so they can still get at the template.
15:30:18 <jsled> Semmi: yes. Might be gzipped, depending on your Prefs.
15:30:32 <Semmi> no it's a xml file
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15:30:41 <andrewsw> warlord: And it's easy to pop an error dialog on a report that has no report-id saying something like:
15:30:49 <Semmi> but how i make new file with the account tree of 2007?
15:30:58 <andrewsw> "You have a saved report that does not have a proper ID, please refer to ... "
15:31:12 <andrewsw> "and this report may break without warning in future versions of gnucash."
15:31:34 <warlord> Semmi: File -> Export Accounts
15:31:44 <Semmi> i did
15:31:54 <Semmi> so i made a xml file
15:31:56 <warlord> Then just File -> Open it.
15:31:56 <jsled> Semmi: Open your 2007 file. File > Export > Export Accounts. Then File > Open > Open… that file.
15:32:20 <root_> Hi! Can somone save me from a fate worse than death? I'm getting parsin error in gnu cash and a whole year of inputs are in danger of being lost.
15:32:32 <Semmi> THANKS!
15:32:33 <Semmi> :D
15:33:17 <warlord> andrewsw: are you talking about an already open report?
15:33:17 <ThatGuyBob> root_: Can you just open a backup file?
15:33:23 <jsled> root_: what's the file name?
15:33:31 <warlord> root_: what's the FULL name?
15:33:34 <jsled> And, yeah re: backups.
15:33:36 <warlord> (and dir)
15:33:41 <root_> There was an error parsing the file /home/sojo/Desktop/finaldecGNUcash/asofJan08
15:33:52 <andrewsw> warlord: it's confusing...
15:34:05 <root_> it happens when i try to open the account
15:35:01 <warlord> andrewsw: what's confusing? All gnucash reports (.scm files) should have GUIDs, and gnucash should fail to load a .scm (report) without a GUID.
15:35:03 <andrewsw> warlord: okay, for GUID generation, no, not for open reports, they don't need it. They need a way to get to their report template by name even though the report system now refers to reports by report-id.
15:35:41 <andrewsw> what's confusing is that we are talking about two separate thigns at the same time ;)
15:35:46 <andrewsw> things, not thighs...
15:35:54 <jsled> root_: what does `file /home/sojo/Desktop/finaldecGNUcash/asofJan08` say? Are there timestampped files in that directory?
15:36:26 <jsled> root_: if you run gnucash from a terminal like: `gnucash --logto stderr`, is anything printed to the terminal?
15:36:41 <jsled> (Please use http://pastebin.com/ if there's more than a couple of lines to paste...)
15:36:52 <andrewsw> warlord: so we need parallel methods of referencing a report template -- the new nice report-id method and the old name method.
15:37:08 <warlord> Ahh.. so what are YOU talking about? I see a few things: 1) the actual reports. 2) reports left open from earlier versions. 3) saved reports from earlier versions. 4) open and saved reports from new versions (with GUIDs)
15:37:38 <andrewsw> who's on first?
15:37:48 <root_> jsled Yes ther are log files and i get the same error
15:37:51 <warlord> For 1), gnucash should throw an error at start time if it reads a report without a GUID
15:38:06 <warlord> For 2,3,4) yes, you need two methods.
15:38:13 <andrewsw> yes.
15:38:26 <ThatGuyBob> root_: There should be .xac files there as well. Is that the case?
15:38:44 <andrewsw> the second/old method, will *eventually* fail when a report name get's changed or translated...
15:39:02 <root_> jsled The file /root/.gnucash/data/--logto could not be found.
15:39:08 <andrewsw> warlord: but meanwhile we can annoy the hell out of the user to fix it.
15:39:16 <warlord> Yes
15:39:29 *** john has joined #gnucash
15:39:31 <jsled> root_: uh, what version of gnucash are you using? Sounds like 1.8...
15:39:36 <andrewsw> or if we implement report-deletion, then we could go back later and replace those saved reports with a new version.
15:39:49 <jsled> (Also, why are you running anything as root‽)
15:41:00 <andrewsw> warlord: That's probably the ultimate best solution to migration of old reports... implement deletion and then use that to automagically replace old-style saved reports with new versions.
15:41:19 <andrewsw> biab
15:41:24 <john> Sorry to pose a dumb question but how should I handle GIC's. Are they a commodity or a bank CD?
15:42:19 <jsled> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guaranteed_Investment_Certificate ?
15:42:50 <root_> jsled. I tried root to see if it was a permissions problem. Brb. I will log out and come back.
15:43:17 <root_> jsled 2.0.2 brb
15:43:35 *** root_ has quit IRC
15:43:59 <jsled> john: reads like a CD, to me.
15:47:30 <john> Thank you jsled
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15:56:19 <sojo> _root is now back as sojo
15:56:41 <jsled> sojo: if you're not familiar with `su` and `sudo`, you might want to.
15:56:54 <jsled> Er... s/to./to look them up./
15:57:09 <sojo> jsled To answer my last question, yes there IS xac files in my backup
15:57:12 <jsled> sorry. phone call.
15:57:30 <sojo> but they give the same parsing error
15:58:23 <sojo> "There was an error parsing the file /home/sojo/Desktop/novcash/new.20071128095137.xac" to be exact
16:01:49 <warlord> sojo: what's printed in /tmp/gnucash.trace?
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16:04:09 *** sojo has joined #gnucash
16:04:30 <sojo> ouch that booted me for flooding
16:05:27 <warlord> sojo: use pastebin
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16:06:29 <andrewsw> warlord: sounds to me like we're in agreement on the reports. One quick question: in my testing I've just been making up slightly meaningful strings to use as report-id, any thoughts on what to use for the existing reports?
16:06:53 <warlord> I'd just use GUIDs
16:06:58 <sojo> is is a separate proggie? I've never heard of pastebin
16:07:08 <andrewsw> warlord: how do I get one outside of gnucash?
16:07:10 <warlord> http://pastebin.ca/
16:07:39 <warlord> uuidgen | sed -e s/-//g
16:08:09 <andrewsw> ah perfect. thx for your help warlord. hopefully I'll have something ready to go in a couple days.
16:08:21 <warlord> COOL!
16:08:48 <andrewsw> :)
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16:11:14 <andrewsw> I wanna get it done before school starts and my dev cycles get used up learning ... java... blech.
16:12:15 <warlord> Ewww
16:12:54 *** McLANE has joined #gnucash
16:12:55 <andrewsw> I asked one of the profs point-blank "do I need a windows license to complete my degree?"... nope :)
16:16:05 <sojo> thanks on pastebin! My file: http://pastebin.com/m6954dcdf
16:22:22 <andrewsw> sojo: does it fail on all your .xac files? looks like you tried one from back in November... is that the oldest one?
16:23:03 <sojo> andrew: I will try them all. brb
16:23:11 <andrewsw> I don't mean for you to do that.
16:23:23 <sojo> ok i won't
16:23:31 <andrewsw> That could take you a while ;)
16:24:36 <sojo> i have just ten
16:24:48 <andrewsw> when did you last successfully open the file?
16:25:03 <sojo> the 15th of dec
16:25:47 <andrewsw> so look for a .xac with a name of 20071214blahblah.xac and try that one.
16:25:59 <andrewsw> or one from early onthe 15th, perhaps.
16:26:26 <andrewsw> (and FTR, this is something I *can't* help with, just trying to get good diagnostic info)
16:30:40 <warlord> Hmm... No act:type?
16:30:42 <warlord> That's really weird.
16:30:52 <warlord> Did you try this data file on windows and then move it back?
16:31:00 <sojo> i got on from 1128 to open
16:31:11 <sojo> I got one from 11/28 to open
16:32:46 <sojo> BTW is is normal to have my file double named? for instance, some are named "new.20071128095137.xac.20071215120703"
16:33:09 <warlord> Wow!
16:33:15 <warlord> That's some filename
16:33:30 <andrewsw> thank bash for tab completion!
16:33:32 <sojo> new.20071128095137.xac.20071215120703.xac i mean
16:33:43 <sojo> i forgot the second 'xac'
16:34:25 <warlord> So it's a backup of a backup of new.
16:34:25 *** McLANE has quit IRC
16:34:54 <sojo> warlord: I don't know WHAT it is, LOL
16:35:44 <warlord> Which word didn't you understand?
16:35:54 <andrewsw> its a 12:15pm 12/15/07 backup of a 9:51am 11/28/07 backup of the file "new"
16:35:57 *** Semmi has left #gnucash
16:37:04 <sojo> warlord: I just know that all that I input from 11/28 to 12/15 is not there either.
16:37:59 <andrewsw> sojo: could you pastebin the listing of that directory? you probably need to open the file new.20071128095137, if such a thing exists.
16:38:13 <warlord> Yes, because on 12/15 you opened a backup file from 11/28.
16:42:09 <andrewsw> I'm off, see you all later.
16:42:11 *** andrewsw is now known as andrewsw-afk
16:42:36 <warlord> later andrewsw-afk
16:42:42 <sojo> http://pastebin.com/d2a260524
16:44:24 <sojo> I tried and I get the "There was an error parsing the file /home/sojo/Desktop/novcash/new.20071128095137.xac." thing
16:44:25 <andrewsw-afk> sojo: looks like you created a file "new" and then on december 9 you opened it's backup instead of the file itself.
16:45:29 <andrewsw-afk> and then you appear to have used that backup file *and* the original
16:45:43 <sojo> so....I've basically lost everything from 11/28 to 12/15 too?
16:46:26 <andrewsw-afk> and it looks like you killed gnucash on 11/28 at 09:51 without properly quitting and have left a LCK file behind as well.
16:47:36 <andrewsw-afk> looks like you used "new" instead of the probably more up-to-date new.2007sdkjfhlkeufhfh.xac file on 12/09 and 12/18.
16:48:02 <warlord> sojo: So, yes, you basically stored your data into multiple data files.
16:48:09 <sojo> What do you suggest? open the last good one and make a fresh account folder and start from 11/28?
16:48:20 <andrewsw-afk> my guess is that all your information is there, but its scattered between multiple files. and are you sure your opening .xac and not .log files? would that generate that error?
16:48:33 <sojo> It was my desire to back up this to another folder that started this mess I think
16:48:49 <sojo> Yes, I'm trying xac files
16:49:29 <warlord> What I suggest: go back to your 11/28 data file, copy it to "new-2", then File -> Open new-2
16:49:38 <warlord> .. and then re-enter all your data since 11/28
16:49:47 <sojo> differnt folder?
16:49:55 <warlord> and in the future, when you open a backup file you'd be best advised to use it for read-only
16:50:00 <warlord> Folder doesn't matter.
16:50:07 <andrewsw-afk> that's probably less work than trying to reconstruct it out of pieces...
16:51:03 <andrewsw-afk> note that gnucash opens the last used file unless you tell it otherwise (gnucash --nofile is highly advised, IMO) so if you open the wrong file and don't switch to the right one, you'll end up using that wrong file automatically next time.
16:51:16 <andrewsw-afk> I'm really afk though. later
16:52:19 <sojo> should I use -save as or export?
16:54:21 *** Zoolooc__ has joined #gnucash
16:57:42 *** Alan_Bell has joined #gnucash
16:59:30 <Alan_Bell> When printing invoices I always go to the options and turn off the action, discount and taxable columns and change the "thank you for your patronage" bit. Is there a way to make this change sticky?
17:00:49 <sojo> well, export did nothing. "Save as" made these files: http://pastebin.com/d746e496c
17:00:50 <warlord> Leave the report open all the time or create a custom report.. But in either case you wont be able to make the sticky settings active via the "print" button.
17:01:07 <sojo> .............but when i try to open THESE, I get the parsin error again
17:01:22 <warlord> Where did you save-as to?
17:01:54 <sojo> an new folder
17:02:10 <sojo> called hecash
17:02:10 <warlord> What version?
17:02:55 <sojo> GnuCash 2.0.2
17:03:27 *** Zoolooc_ has quit IRC
17:03:43 <warlord> Whoa! Update to 2.0.5 or 2.2
17:03:51 <warlord> 2.0.2 is way way buggy
17:04:04 <warlord> like data-loss buggy
17:04:09 <warlord> (IIRC -- it's been a long time)
17:04:53 <sojo> thats what came with my distro. How to I upgrade?
17:05:28 <sojo> there isn't a newer version in the repositories
17:05:52 <warlord> What distro?
17:05:57 *** Zoolooc_ has joined #gnucash
17:06:47 <sojo> JAD Jack Audio Distribution
17:07:42 <warlord> WTF is that?
17:08:16 <warlord> If all they have is 2.0.2 then I suggest building gnucash yourself or complaining at your distro that they're WAY behind the ball..
17:08:21 <warlord> Or both
17:08:35 <warlord> But your problem is MOST LIKELY fixed in a later release.
17:10:24 <sojo> ok..........will the later builds work with these older files?
17:13:45 <sojo> BTW JAD is a music creation/editing distro that's base on suse 10.2
17:14:28 *** Zoolooc__ has quit IRC
17:14:35 <Alan_Bell> with a bit of messing about I find I can edit /guile-modules/gnucash/report/easy-invoice.scm to change the defaults on that report, but what .scm file does the print button use, or is it something different altogether?
17:15:05 *** foo has joined #gnucash
17:15:22 <warlord> Of course they will.
17:15:38 <foo> When I select an item in the register to be "Reimbursed Expenses" in the income account... what exactly does this do?
17:15:39 <warlord> Try downloading CRauch's GnuCash packages for SuSE.
17:15:56 <warlord> It uses "invoice.scm"
17:16:20 <warlord> foo: I dont understand your question. What does which do?
17:17:25 <foo> warlord: My bad, what does selecting Reimbursed Expenses do, exactly? For 2007 I used this for products I purchased for clients that they paid me back for... and I think that's the correct use
17:18:23 <Alan_Bell> ah, silly me. I made changes to invoice.scm but that didn't seem to work until I restarted gnucash (probably had an invoice open or something) Thanks for your help.
17:20:07 <warlord> you have to restart for any changes to .scm files to be recognized
17:20:42 <Alan_Bell> incidentally for the benefit of the chat logger, and anyone else who wants to turn off the Action column by default, edit invoice.scm and find the line "g" (N_ "Display the action?") #t)) and change the #t to #f.
17:22:59 <Alan_Bell> I have been manually changing that preference every month for 4 years. I am so pleased!
17:23:35 <warlord> i just always leave the invoice report open with my settings
17:23:45 <sojo> brb i will try that
17:23:58 *** sojo is now known as sojoAFK
17:25:39 <warlord> foo: it's for expenses that get reimbursed,
17:26:05 <foo> warlord: ok, then I'm probably using it correctly :) Hehe, thanks.
17:26:12 <warlord> :)
17:28:51 *** john has quit IRC
17:29:58 *** Zoolooc__ has joined #gnucash
17:35:54 *** ThatGuyBob has left #gnucash
17:37:33 *** twunder has quit IRC
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17:46:06 *** XiXaQ has joined #GnuCash
18:03:00 *** ErKa has quit IRC
18:16:02 *** Alan_Bell has quit IRC
18:21:18 <sojoAFK> Hey, You guys are fantastic! Thanks VERY much for your help. I think I can handle it from here.!
18:21:35 *** sojoAFK has quit IRC
18:28:32 *** sjc has joined #gnucash
18:51:44 *** sjc has quit IRC
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18:58:35 *** |gunni| has joined #gnucash
19:03:47 *** philsdutchie has joined #gnucash
19:03:47 <philsdutchie> Hello room
19:05:12 <jsled> hello.
19:05:47 <philsdutchie> Hi may I ask a question here?
19:05:47 *** Zoolooc_ has joined #gnucash
19:06:00 <jsled> don't meta-ask ... just go ahead and ask.
19:07:56 <philsdutchie> I cannot get quotes for all the stocks
19:07:56 <philsdutchie> for some it does for some not
19:07:56 *** _gunni_ has quit IRC
19:09:35 *** Zoolooc has joined #gnucash
19:12:29 <jsled> philsdutchie: the `gnc-fq-dump` program can be helpful. Run it as `gnc-fq-dump --help` to see how to run it.
19:13:54 *** gncbot has joined #gnucash
19:14:51 <philsdutchie> my source is yahoo europe, the stocks are all from AEX, however some prices are updating but some not
19:15:01 *** Zoolooc__ has quit IRC
19:16:03 <warlord> Oh, Yahoo Europe grabber is broken.
19:16:06 <philsdutchie> what other source can I use for AEX stocks?
19:17:55 *** gncbot` has joined #gnucash
19:17:55 *** gncbot has quit IRC
19:18:03 *** Zoolooc_ has quit IRC
19:21:18 <warlord> Sorry, I don't know
19:21:55 <philsdutchie> Will the yahoo europe grabber be repaired soon?
19:28:22 *** donfede has quit IRC
19:32:05 <warlord> I dont know. You'll have to ask the F::Q people.
19:33:10 <philsdutchie> ok thnx
19:33:22 *** philsdutchie has quit IRC
19:46:50 *** twunder has joined #gnucash
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20:05:19 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
20:31:14 *** litsunglin has joined #gnucash
20:31:29 *** litsunglin has left #gnucash
21:01:53 <puck> I have my SX's set to create the actual transactions 3 months in advance, if I modify the SX, can I get it to modify all the future transactions that have already been created?
21:02:31 <jsled> no.
21:02:45 <puck> :(
21:02:57 <jsled> in fact, it's worse than that.
21:03:01 <puck> I thought that was going to the answer, but I was being hopeful.
21:03:05 <puck> ?
21:03:26 <jsled> It remembers that 3 months out date as the "last created" date... so you can't even delete them manually and have it re-create them.
21:03:43 <puck> heh, which is understandable.
21:03:45 <jsled> (though it should be a simple manual change to edit the datafile to reset the last-created-on date.)
21:04:07 <puck> Okay, so I'll continue my approach of hand modifying them. I'm about to tweak some of them is all...
21:04:16 <puck> Hmmm, or maybe I do that.
21:15:12 *** kling0n has quit IRC
21:44:07 *** twunder has quit IRC
21:45:31 <jcreigh> I have a Schwab checking account, and when I use my debit card at an ATM, I'm charged the ATM fee by whatever bank owns the ATM, but Schwab refunds me for the amount of the fee at the end of the month. What's the best way to record something like this? What I've been doing is a split transaction for the ATM withdrawal, with, eg, $60 going to "cash in wallet" and $2 going to an "ATM Fees" expense account. Then when I get the refund, I ...
21:45:38 <jcreigh> ... record a "negative" transaction (ie, as a deposit to my checking account) to that account.
21:46:29 <warlord-afk> that works
21:46:34 *** warlord-afk is now known as warlord
21:46:43 *** twunder has joined #gnucash
21:47:03 <jcreigh> it just seems odd to record a negative to an "expense" account...is it fairly normal to do that?
21:47:08 <warlord> yes
21:56:57 *** dbreiser has joined #gnucash
22:25:24 *** Zoolooc_ has joined #gnucash
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22:51:37 *** cristofer721 has joined #gnucash
22:51:54 <cristofer721> is anyone having trouble minimizing gnucash in windows vista?
22:52:21 *** twunder has quit IRC
23:21:43 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
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