GnuCash  5.6-150-g038405b370+
Style discussion

[codehelpgpg 2004-07-25] Doxygen now copes with addgroup and this page can be handled more easily by splitting the old single comment into repeated comments, split into pages. I've worked on doxygen files in Kate, KWrite and XCode (MacOSX) and the comment highlighting works fine. If you do have problems, particularly when you start a new line within an existing comment, enter a character at the end of the last highlighted line to refresh the highlighting. Some editors have a specific refresh option.

[cstim 2003-03-25] The "Data Structures" page of doxygen doesn't show anything useful for GnuCash. Obviously doxygen only accepts "real" C struct definitions for inclusion on that page. However, all GnuCash data structures are defined somewhere in private headers, and only the typedefs are publicly visible. Isn't there a way to have doxygen show the documentation for the typedefs on the "Data Structures" page? Unfortunately I don't know how.

[codehelpgpg 2004-07-25] Yes, there is a way of linking to these data structures. Make sure that the private header is included in the documentation by including a \file command in the private header file. Then include a short doxygen comment above the declaration. Doxygen will accept both valid C struct definition formats.