GnuCash  5.6-150-g038405b370+
Business Overview

API: Business

Business Objects

The GnuCash Business objects, in src/business/business-core, implement certain basic small-business accounting functions. Below follows a summary overview of the objects and the data that they store. These are listed in order of complexity; with the basic building blocks first, and the more complex structures last.


A very simple object, stores strings for name/street-address/phone/fax/email The address is not a separate entity, but is meant to be embedded in other objects (that is, there is no addressbook; there is no address database that is separate from the objects that use addresses; there is no 'foreach' that can be used to iterate over all addresses.)

API: Address


Describes billing terms, that is when a bill is due, and what sort of a discount is applied (if any). The BillTerm object currently supports: – the discount applied to a bill (absolute numeric value), – the number of days until payment is due, – the number of days until a discount expires. – cutoff ?? The proximo type does what ???

API: BillTerm



Pulls together info needed to generate an invoice, including addresses, job, the dates, the billing terms, the amounts, and the accounts to be credited.

API: Entry

Business Design & Implementation Notes

Derek Atkins Version of October 2003

The gncTaxTable and gncBillTerm business objects have parent, child, refcount, invisible field in their structures that deserve some explanation: