GnuCash  4.12-558-g06612b8434
Data Fields
Transaction Struct Reference

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#include <TransactionP.h>

Data Fields

QofInstance inst
time64 date_entered
time64 date_posted
const char * num
const char * description
gnc_commodity * common_currency
GList * splits
unsigned char marker
Transaction * orig
char * readonly_reason
char * doclink
char * void_reason
char * notes
char txn_type
gint isClosingTxn_cached

Detailed Description


Transaction in Gnucash.

A Transaction is a piece of business done; the transfer of money from one account to one or more other accounts. Each Transaction is divided into one or more Splits (usually two).

This is the typename for a transaction. The actual structure is defined in the private header TransactionP.h, but no one outside the engine should include that file. Instead, access that data only through the functions in Transaction.h .

Definition at line 74 of file TransactionP.h.

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