GnuCash  4.12-558-g06612b8434
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gnc_commodity Struct Reference

An article that is bought and sold. More...

Data Fields

QofInstance inst

Detailed Description

An article that is bought and sold.

A Commodity is the most general term of what an account keeps track of. Usually this is a monetary currency, but it can also be a stock share or even a precious metal. Every account keeps track of exactly one gnc_commodity.

(Up to version 1.6.x, we used to have currencies and securities. Now these concepts have been merged into this gnc_commodity. See the comments at xaccAccountSetCommodity() for more about that.)

This is the typename for a gnc_commodity. The actual structure is defined in a private source file. For accessing that data, only use the functions in gnc-commodity.h .

Definition at line 64 of file gnc-commodity.c.

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