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Encapsulate all the information about a dataset. More...

#include "qofid.h"
#include "qofinstance.h"
#include "qofbackend.h"

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Data Structures

struct  QofBook
 QofBook reference. More...
struct  QofBookClass


#define __KVP_VALUE
#define QOF_TYPE_BOOK   (qof_book_get_type ())
#define QOF_BOOK_RETURN_ENTITY(book, guid, e_type, c_type)
 Encapsulates all the information about a dataset manipulated by QOF. More...
#define qof_book_get_guid(X)   qof_entity_get_guid (QOF_INSTANCE(X))


typedef void(* QofBookDirtyCB) (QofBook *, gboolean dirty, gpointer user_data)
typedef void(* GncOptionSave) (GncOptionDB *, QofBook *, gboolean)
typedef void(* GncOptionLoad) (GncOptionDB *, QofBook *)
typedef GList QofBookList
 GList of QofBook.
typedef void(* QofBookFinalCB) (QofBook *, gpointer key, gpointer user_data)
typedef void(* QofCollectionForeachCB) (QofCollection *, gpointer user_data)
 Invoke the indicated callback on each collection in the book. More...


GType qof_book_get_type (void)
gboolean qof_book_register (void)
 Register the book object with the QOF object system. More...
QofBook * qof_book_new (void)
 Allocate, initialise and return a new QofBook. More...
void qof_book_destroy (QofBook *book)
 End any editing sessions associated with book, and free all memory associated with it. More...
void qof_book_mark_closed (QofBook *book)
 Close a book to editing. More...
QofCollection * qof_book_get_collection (const QofBook *, QofIdType)
 Return The table of entities of the given type. More...
void qof_book_foreach_collection (const QofBook *, QofCollectionForeachCB, gpointer)
void qof_book_set_data (QofBook *book, const gchar *key, gpointer data)
 The qof_book_set_data() allows arbitrary pointers to structs to be stored in QofBook. More...
void qof_book_set_data_fin (QofBook *book, const gchar *key, gpointer data, QofBookFinalCB)
 Same as qof_book_set_data(), except that the callback will be called when the book is destroyed. More...
gpointer qof_book_get_data (const QofBook *book, const gchar *key)
 Retrieves arbitrary pointers to structs stored by qof_book_set_data. More...
gboolean qof_book_is_readonly (const QofBook *book)
 Return whether the book is read only. More...
void qof_book_mark_readonly (QofBook *book)
 Mark the book as read only. More...
gboolean qof_book_empty (const QofBook *book)
 Check if the book has had anything loaded into it. More...
gboolean qof_book_use_trading_accounts (const QofBook *book)
 Returns flag indicating whether this book uses trading accounts.
gboolean qof_book_uses_autoreadonly (const QofBook *book)
 Returns TRUE if the auto-read-only feature should be used, otherwise FALSE. More...
gint qof_book_get_num_days_autoreadonly (const QofBook *book)
 Returns the number of days for auto-read-only transactions. More...
GDate * qof_book_get_autoreadonly_gdate (const QofBook *book)
 Returns the GDate that is the threshold for auto-read-only. More...
gboolean qof_book_use_split_action_for_num_field (const QofBook *book)
 Returns TRUE if this book uses split action field as the 'Num' field, FALSE if it uses transaction number field.
gboolean qof_book_shutting_down (const QofBook *book)
 Is the book shutting down?
gboolean qof_book_session_not_saved (const QofBook *book)
 qof_book_not_saved() returns the value of the session_dirty flag, set when changes to any object in the book are committed (qof_backend->commit_edit has been called) and the backend hasn't yet written out the changes. More...
void qof_book_mark_session_saved (QofBook *book)
 The qof_book_mark_saved() routine marks the book as having been saved (to a file, to a database). More...
void qof_book_mark_session_dirty (QofBook *book)
 The qof_book_mark_dirty() routine marks the book as having been modified. More...
time64 qof_book_get_session_dirty_time (const QofBook *book)
 Retrieve the earliest modification time on the book. More...
void qof_book_set_dirty_cb (QofBook *book, QofBookDirtyCB cb, gpointer user_data)
 Set the function to call when a book transitions from clean to dirty, or vice versa.
gint64 qof_book_get_counter (QofBook *book, const char *counter_name)
 This will get the named counter for this book. More...
gchar * qof_book_increment_and_format_counter (QofBook *book, const char *counter_name)
 This will increment the named counter for this book and format it. More...
gchar * qof_book_normalize_counter_format (const gchar *format, gchar **err_msg)
 Validate a counter format string. More...
char * qof_book_get_counter_format (const QofBook *book, const char *counter_name)
 Get the format string to use for the named counter. More...
const char * qof_book_get_string_option (const QofBook *book, const char *opt_name)
void qof_book_set_string_option (QofBook *book, const char *opt_name, const char *opt_val)
const GncGUIDqof_book_get_guid_option (QofBook *book, GSList *path)
void qof_book_option_frame_delete (QofBook *book, const char *opt_name)
GHashTable * qof_book_get_features (QofBook *book)
 Access functions for reading and setting the used-features on this book.
void qof_book_unset_feature (QofBook *book, const gchar *key)
void qof_book_set_feature (QofBook *book, const gchar *key, const gchar *descr)
void qof_book_begin_edit (QofBook *book)
void qof_book_commit_edit (QofBook *book)
void qof_book_load_options (QofBook *book, GncOptionLoad load_cb, GncOptionDB *odb)
 Load a GncOptionsDB from KVP data. More...
void qof_book_save_options (QofBook *book, GncOptionSave save_cb, GncOptionDB *odb, gboolean clear)
 Save a GncOptionsDB back to the book's KVP. More...
void qof_book_set_option (QofBook *book, KvpValue *value, GSList *path)
 Save a single option value. More...
KvpValue * qof_book_get_option (QofBook *book, GSList *path)
 Read a single option value. More...
void qof_book_options_delete (QofBook *book, GSList *path)
 Delete the options. More...

Detailed Description

Encapsulate all the information about a dataset.

Copyright (c) 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003 Linas Vepstas
Copyright (c) 2000 Dave Peticolas

Definition in file qofbook.h.