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Public Member Functions
MockTransaction Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void * operator new (size_t size)
void free ()
void operator delete (void *trans, size_t size)
 MOCK_METHOD0 (begin_edit, void())
 MOCK_METHOD0 (commit_edit, void())
 MOCK_CONST_METHOD1 (get_split, Split *(int))
 MOCK_CONST_METHOD0 (get_split_list, GList *())
 MOCK_CONST_METHOD1 (find_split_by_account, Split *(const Account *))
 MOCK_CONST_METHOD0 (get_date, time64())
 MOCK_METHOD1 (set_date_posted_secs_normalized, void(time64))
 MOCK_CONST_METHOD0 (get_description, const char *())
 MOCK_METHOD1 (set_description, void(const char *))
 MOCK_CONST_METHOD0 (get_notes, const char *())
 MOCK_METHOD1 (set_notes, void(const char *))
 MOCK_CONST_METHOD0 (get_imbalance_value, gnc_numeric())
 MOCK_CONST_METHOD0 (get_num, const char *())
 MOCK_CONST_METHOD0 (is_open, gboolean())
 MOCK_METHOD0 (destroy, void())
 MOCK_METHOD0 (recordPrice, void())

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file gmock-Transaction.h.

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