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Public Member Functions
GncOptionsDialog Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 GncOptionsDialog (const char *title, GtkWindow *parent)
 GncOptionsDialog (bool modal, const char *title, const char *component_class, GtkWindow *parent)
 Constructs a GncOptionsDialog. More...
 GncOptionsDialog (const GncOptionsDialog &)=default
 GncOptionsDialog (GncOptionsDialog &&)=default
GtkWidget * get_widget () const noexcept
GtkWidget * get_page_list () const noexcept
GtkWidget * get_page_list_view () const noexcept
GtkWidget * get_notebook () const noexcept
GncOptionDBget_option_db () noexcept
void build_contents (GncOptionDB *odb)
void build_contents (GncOptionDB *odb, bool show_dialog)
 Populate the dialog's notebook with the contents of odb. More...
void set_sensitive (bool sensitive) noexcept
void changed () noexcept
void set_apply_cb (GncOptionsDialogCallback, void *cb_data) noexcept
void call_apply_cb () noexcept
void set_help_cb (GncOptionsDialogCallback, void *cb_data) noexcept
void call_help_cb () noexcept
void set_close_cb (GncOptionsDialogCallback, void *cb_data) noexcept
void call_close_cb () noexcept
void set_book_help_cb () noexcept
void call_book_help_cb () noexcept
void set_style_sheet_help_cb () noexcept
void call_style_sheet_help_cb () noexcept

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