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Public Member Functions
GncOptionQofInstanceValue Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 GncOptionQofInstanceValue (const char *section, const char *name, const char *key, const char *doc_string, const QofInstance *value, GncOptionUIType ui_type=GncOptionUIType::INTERNAL)
 GncOptionQofInstanceValue (const GncOptionQofInstanceValue &from)
 GncOptionQofInstanceValue (GncOptionQofInstanceValue &&)=default
GncOptionQofInstanceValueoperator= (GncOptionQofInstanceValue &&)=default
const QofInstanceget_value () const
const QofInstanceget_default_value () const
GncItem get_item () const
GncItem get_default_item () const
void set_value (const QofInstance *new_value)
void set_default_value (const QofInstance *new_value)
void reset_default_value ()
bool is_changed () const noexcept
GncOptionUIType get_ui_type () const noexcept
void make_internal ()
bool is_internal ()
std::string serialize () const noexcept
bool deserialize (const std::string &str) noexcept

Additional Inherited Members

- Data Fields inherited from OptionClassifier
std::string m_section
std::string m_name
std::string m_sort_tag
std::string m_doc_string

Detailed Description

Definition at line 124 of file gnc-option-impl.hpp.

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