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Public Member Functions
GncOptionGtkUIItem Class Reference

class GncOptionGtkUIItem Gtk-specific Interface class for Option Widget More...

#include <gnc-option-gtk-ui.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for GncOptionGtkUIItem:
GncOptionUIItem GncGtkAccountListUIItem GncGtkAccountSelUIItem GncGtkBooleanUIItem GncGtkBudgetUIItem GncGtkColorUIItem GncGtkCommodityUIItem GncGtkCurrencyUIItem GncGtkDateFormatUIItem GncGtkFontUIItem GncGtkInvoiceUIItem GncGtkListUIItem GncGtkMultichoiceUIItem GncGtkNumberRangeUIItem GncGtkOwnerUIItem GncGtkPixmapUIItem GncGtkPlotSizeUIItem GncGtkRadioButtonUIItem GncGtkStringUIItem GncGtkTaxTableUIItem GncGtkTextUIItem GncOptionDateUIItem

Public Member Functions

 GncOptionGtkUIItem (GtkWidget *widget, GncOptionUIType type)
 GncOptionGtkUIItem (const GncOptionGtkUIItem &item)
 GncOptionGtkUIItem (GncOptionGtkUIItem &&)=default
virtual void set_selectable (bool) const noexcept override
 Control wether the widget is sensitive.
void clear_ui_item () override
 Clear the data from the widget. More...
void set_widget (GtkWidget *widget)
virtual GtkWidget * get_widget () const
virtual SCM get_widget_scm_value (const GncOption &) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from GncOptionUIItem
 GncOptionUIItem (GncOptionUIType type)
GncOptionUIType get_ui_type () const noexcept
virtual void set_dirty (bool status) noexcept
virtual bool get_dirty () const noexcept
virtual void set_ui_item_from_option (GncOption &option) noexcept=0
virtual void set_option_from_ui_item (GncOption &option) noexcept=0

Detailed Description

class GncOptionGtkUIItem Gtk-specific Interface class for Option Widget

Definition at line 74 of file gnc-option-gtk-ui.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ clear_ui_item()

void GncOptionGtkUIItem::clear_ui_item ( )

Clear the data from the widget.

Implements GncOptionUIItem.

Definition at line 95 of file gnc-option-gtk-ui.cpp.

96 {
97  if (m_widget)
98  g_object_unref(m_widget);
99  m_widget = nullptr;
100 }

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