GnuCash  4.12-558-g06612b8434
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GncDateTimeImpl Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 GncDateTimeImpl (const time64 time)
 GncDateTimeImpl (const struct tm tm)
 GncDateTimeImpl (const GncDateImpl &date, DayPart part=DayPart::neutral)
 GncDateTimeImpl (std::string str)
 GncDateTimeImpl (PTime &&pt)
 GncDateTimeImpl (LDT &&ldt)
 operator time64 () const
 operator struct tm () const
void now ()
long offset () const
struct tm utc_tm () const
std::unique_ptr< GncDateImpldate () const
std::string format (const char *format) const
std::string format_zulu (const char *format) const
std::string format_iso8601 () const

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string timestamp ()

Detailed Description

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