GnuCash  4.12-558-g06612b8434
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cap-gains.c File Reference

Utilities to Automatically Compute Capital Gains/Losses. More...

#include <config.h>
#include <glib.h>
#include <glib/gi18n.h>
#include "AccountP.h"
#include "Scrub2.h"
#include "Scrub3.h"
#include "Transaction.h"
#include "TransactionP.h"
#include "cap-gains.h"
#include "gnc-engine.h"
#include "engine-helpers.h"
#include "gnc-lot.h"
#include "policy.h"
#include "policy-p.h"

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Data Structures

struct  find_lot_s


gboolean xaccAccountHasTrades (const Account *acc)
 The xaccAccountHasTrades() method checks to see if the indicated account is used in the trading of commodities. More...
GNCLot * xaccAccountFindEarliestOpenLot (Account *acc, gnc_numeric sign, gnc_commodity *currency)
 The xaccAccountFindEarliestOpenLot() method is a handy utility routine for finding the earliest open lot in an account whose lot balance is opposite to the passed argument 'sign'. More...
GNCLot * xaccAccountFindLatestOpenLot (Account *acc, gnc_numeric sign, gnc_commodity *currency)
Split * xaccSplitAssignToLot (Split *split, GNCLot *lot)
 The xaccSplitAssignToLot() routine will fit the indicated split into the indicated lot, with the goal of closing the lot, or at least bringing the lot balance closer to closure. More...
gboolean xaccSplitAssign (Split *split)
 The`xaccSplitAssign() routine will take the indicated split and, if it doesn't already belong to a lot, it will attempt to assign it to an appropriate lot. More...
Split * xaccSplitGetCapGainsSplit (const Split *split)
 The xaccSplitGetCapGainsSplit() routine returns the split that records the cap gains for this split. More...
Split * xaccSplitGetGainsSourceSplit (const Split *split)
 The xaccSplitGetGainsSourceSplit() routine returns the split that is the source of the cap gains in this split. More...
void xaccSplitComputeCapGains (Split *split, Account *gain_acc)
 The xaccSplitComputeCapGains() routine computes the cap gains or losses for the indicated split. More...
gnc_numeric xaccSplitGetCapGains (Split *split)
 The xaccSplitGetCapGains() method returns the value of capital gains (if any) associated with the indicated split. More...
void xaccLotComputeCapGains (GNCLot *lot, Account *gain_acc)

Detailed Description

Utilities to Automatically Compute Capital Gains/Losses.

Created by Linas Vepstas August 2003
Copyright (c) 2003,2004 Linas Vepstas

This file implements the various routines to automatically compute and handle Cap Gains/Losses resulting from trading activities. Some of these routines might have broader applicability, for handling depreciation & etc.

This code is under development, and is 'beta': we think we're mostly done, and we've tested and "things work for us", but there may still be something missing, and there might still be some bugs.

This code uses a 'gains dirty' flag: A 'dirty' flag on the source split indicates that the gains transaction needs to be recomputed. Another flag, the gains transaction flag, marks the split as being a gains split, and that the source transaction should be checked for dirtiness before returning the date, the amount, the value, etc. Finally, these flags make amount and value read-only for the gains splits. (the memo is user-modifieable).

If the amount in a split is changed, then the lot has to be recomputed. This has a potential trickle-through effect on all later lots. Ideally, later lots are dissolved, and recomputed. However, some lots may have been user-hand-built. These should be left alone.

ToDo: o XXX Need to create a data-integrity scrubber, that makes sure that the various flags, and pointers & etc. match. See sections marked with XXX below for things that might go wrong.

Definition in file cap-gains.c.